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Flora Force Herbal Cough Mixture

Flora Force Herbal Cough Mixture
Flora Force Herbal Cough Mixture
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Coughing and a sore chest is one of those unpleasant respiratory symptoms that can keep you up all night. Flora Force Herbal Cough Mixture eases up respiratory symptoms such as congestion and irritated air passages, while loosening up mucous and opening your airways so you can breathe more easily. It is also extremely soothing for sore throats and chests that have been coughing non-stop. This formula contains Pelargonium, a local traditional herbal medicine that fights infection and inflammation by acting as a natural antibiotic. You can use Flora Force Herbal Cough Mixture safely if you are taking part in sports or are diabetic, and for your kids too.

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  • A natural, sugar-free alternative to conventional cough mixtures
  • Contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners, comes in an alcohol base
  • Floraforce creates top quality herbal tinctures
  • Provides relief from coughs and bronchial infections when you have colds and flu
  • Helps loosen phlegm and removes mucous in your lungs
  • Soothes soreness in the throat and chest caused by repeated coughing
  • Treats chest symptoms resulting from bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping cough and TB
  • Can be used by patients with HIV who have recurring chest infections
  • Contains Pelargonium, known in Zulu as Umckaloabo, which is a local traditional medicine used to treat chest infections


Adult: Take one teaspoon two to four hourly when needed, or as prescribed by a qualified/registered health care practitioner.

Children under 8 years: ½ teaspoon three times daily or as prescribed by a practitioner

 Dilute in a little water for small children


No cough mixture should be used continuously without consulting a practitioner



Glycorrhiza glabra: contra-indicated in hypertension.

Lobelia: contra-indicated if on heart medication.

Marrubium: contra-indicated in pregnancy

Prunus serotina contra-indicated and should not be used in early pregnancy

Pregnancy and Lactation: please consult with a healthcare practitioner before using the Herbal Cough Mixture.

Drug, herb Interaction: For persons on any of the following drugs please consult with your practitioner.

Prednisone: Glycorrhiza glabra may prolong prednisone activity and prednisone related side effects.

Digoxin: Glycorrhiza glabra may have effect of extra potassium loss when large amounts consumed.

NSAIDs, Aspirin and Ibuprofen: Glycorrhiza  glabra flavonoids can have protective action on GIT membranes 

Potassium depleting drugs (loop diuretics and thiazide diuretics) Glycorrhiza glabra may potentiate side effects of these drugs

Side-effects and special precautions:

None reported on product.

Known allergy to any of the ingredients

Known symptoms of over dosage and particulars of its treatment: Nausea and vomiting. Treatment: stop intake, symptoms will abate; supportive: drink water.

Storage instructions: Store in a cool dark place below 25ºC. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


100ml: Each 5ml of Cough Mixture contains 26mg Pimpinella anisum EQUIV, 1490mg Glycorrhiza glabra aqueous EQUIV, 52mg Inula helenium EQUIV, 52mg Marrubium vulgare EQUIV, 52mg Prunus serotina EQUIV, 52mg Pulmonaria officinalis EQUIV, 52mg Pelargonium sidoides Herb EQUIV, 15mg Thymus vulgaris EQUIV, 52mg Lobelia inflata EQUIV,30% Alcohol v/v.

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Overall Rating
3.9 out of 5 stars from 11 reviews

8 out of 11 people would recommend this product

18/06/2020, By Charlene
I have been having problems with flem on my chest for a while, this cough mixture really helped with loosening the flem on my chest.
20/05/2020, By Sandesh Elaine
really good
02/09/2019, By shalla CM
Love this, fast-acting cough mixture, this winters best friend...
16/05/2019, By Blue
Recently discovered this and now use it for my whole family. I love anything that's natural and preservative for my family and this really works
16/10/2018, By Karien
i love the taste, haha , liquotice like, my childrens also take it with not much hassle, sometime i mix it with honey for smaller children
and it works well for coughs, i also give it to loosen mucus when noses get stuffy
05/09/2018, By Deidre
I used this for our whole family right through winter as soon as one of us started with a cough. My son had a really bad cough and was over it within 3 days. The taste is quite strong, but not bad at all. Reminds me of liquorice and tastes much better than the other sickly sweet cough medicines. If you are used to homeopathic drops and other natural medicine, the taste will not put you off.
04/06/2018, By Virginia
Firstly the taste is really terrible, it didn’t make me gag or anything but I found myself really reluctant to take more. I noticed that it did loosen up the phlegm and my coughing subsided a little bit. I suppose it depends on the person and condition.
25/01/2018, By Keren
This tastes absolutely awful. There is no ways i could get my daughter to take this without her gagging. I took it to try finish the bottle when I got ill, but it didn't help at all for my cough. I found the best was just a spoonful of honey before bed mixed with propolis or echinaforce. I won't buy this again.
28/08/2016, By Karien
works very well for my children,
22/06/2016, By Lyn
Literally, the foulest thing I have ever tasted. Ever. I could not bear to take it more than once.
17/04/2016, By Titilayo
It tastes horrible. The aftertaste is even worse. But it works amazingly well. I desperately searched here for something natural after my cough went into my chest. I didn want to end up with bronchitis and end up going on antibiotics. There were no reviews so I took a chance. It arrived the day after I ordered it (thanks F2N!) and I used it three times the first day combined with steaming. I could already feel a huge difference the next day. Two days later, I am completely fine but i will use it for a few days longer just to be safe. I will always have this on hand from now on. Highly recommended.

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