Earthsap Tea Tree Face Wash

Earthsap Tea Tree Face Wash
Earthsap Tea Tree Face Wash
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  • 250ml pump bottle
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Gently cleanse your skin and prevent blemishes with this pure natural tea tree face wash from Earthsap. Tea tree oil kills bacteria and helps to control breakouts, making it a great natural choice for acne-prone or oily skin. Wash away dirt and grime and greet the day with fresh, clear skin and a sense of confidence. This facial cleanser is mild enough for daily use, and packaged in a convenient pump lid bottle.

  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Proudly South African

This natural face wash includes no animal ingredients, no petrochemicals, no synthetic fragrances and no artificial dyes. The blend of fully biodegradable, botanical ingredients is formulated to be gentle on your skin and kind to the environment.

  • Tea tree oil is antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial. It’s long been trusted as a natural way to cleanse the skin and prevent acne.
  • Calendula oil is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps to heal the skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes.


Purified water, saponified coconut extract, decyl/ lauryl glucoside, calendula oil, salt, tea tree oil.

Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 52 reviews

50 out of 52 people would recommend this product

24/05/2017, By Jaz
The product is gentle on your skin and it does not dry out your skin like most eco-friendly face washes.
23/05/2017, By Sarah
Very good face wash. Using it for 3 weeks now and my blemishes are fading slowly slowly but only thing is that its pretty drying for winter weather if you have dry skin.
09/05/2017, By Priya
Love this product - works wonders and it's super gentle. Doesn't leave my face feeling tight! This is going to be my new face wash. Already ordered another bottle.
23/03/2017, By Jennifer
This product works very well and its affordable. In fact it works a lot better than some very expensive products.
23/02/2017, By Alexa
I love this product it has saved my skin.
28/01/2017, By Sue
I will never buy anything but this face wash ever again! Helps clear up my acne, but does not dry out my skin. My skin feels wonderful after use and is left glowing. Smell or lack of it was something to get used to, but that does not take away from this otherwise perfect product!
23/01/2017, By Diana
Love love this facewash. Started using this face wash about two weeks before I went off birth control as it was no longer helping with my acne. I was so nervous I was going to breakout again but this product minimized the breakouts. It did dry out my skin the 1st week or so but after that i had no issues. I am ordring another bottle and other products to try.
09/01/2017, By Steph
I love the fresh clean smell of this face wash. While using it my skin rarely had a breakout. I especially love this wash after gym when my skin is really sweaty and possibly covered in bacteria. Only negative for my sensitive skin was that it did dry my skin out a bit. This wash is probably best for oily skin types.
04/01/2017, By Beatrice
Its an oily skin friendly face wash but not very gentle to eyes like other tea tree products.
09/11/2016, By Cherie
I have battled for so long to find a good face wash that works for me; this is a great product it leaves my skin clean and fresh and manages my oily skin so well. I love it and will continue to use it.
29/10/2016, By Angelina
Smells not so great. But this is amazing. More affordable than the other organic cleanser I was using and more effective. I could feel my face being cleaned and it did not dry out my skin at all. My skin is clearer and more smooth. Will definitely use this over and over again.
16/10/2016, By Cheyenne
Lasts me ages as I only need a little bit. Removes dirt and make up. Love the tea tree smell
06/10/2016, By Viana
This cleanses very well and didn cause irritation or allergic reaction. However it did seem a bit drying on my dry skin. I do think it will work well for other skin types and it has a very reasonable price.
24/09/2016, By Karin
Perfect product - effective but gentle, lasts long ... great value as well.
22/09/2016, By Elizabeth
I have been conditioned to stay away from foamy and soapy face cleansers as I suffer from Rosacea. However, this face cleanser actually works better for me than all the cleansers I have previously tried. Removes all make-up, and doesn leave my skin dry. A life-saver
19/09/2016, By Nancy
I have sensitive skin that reacts immediately if a cleanser is too harsh or drying, but this product is gentle and effective. It removes makeup thoroughly. I especially like that you only need a small amount to achieve results, which means this cleanser is excellent value for money.
15/09/2016, By Anushka
This product saved my life! About two weeks into the first bottle my skin cleared up almost completely! I use it only once a day ( before bed) and it does dry my skin out a little bit (and I do have a very dry skin) but other than that it works fantastic! Removes make up just as well! I have been using this product for about 4months and theres no sign that I ever suffered from acne.
28/08/2016, By Samantha
Ive been very impressed with this face wash. The pump bottle is great convenient the soap foams very well. I enjoy the fresh clean smell of the tea tree oil. This product has also really helped keeping break outs at bay. My only problem was with using this product twice a day it made my skin a bit dry, so I substitute one wash for the carrot face wash (same range equally as nice) this has worked perfectly for my skin type. Highly recommended.
23/08/2016, By Mahlatse
its a great product and Im very impressed with the results!!! I had a terrible acne prone and breakouts. Im loving the results on my face.
16/08/2016, By Jennifer
I like this face wash very much.
05/08/2016, By Ikho
I felt I needed to use it together with another facial scrub...didn meet the expectations I had after reading all the reviews :(
04/08/2016, By Faith
I bought both this Earthsap Tea Tree Face Wash with the Toner and have been loving it!:) It leaves my skin feeling nice and fresh! Having an acne prone skin, I had tried a lot of products, most that were very harsh on my skin.
Glad I found this, even though my skin is not completely cleared of blemishes yet, I am starting to notice the difference on my skin tone, getting more even and blemishes slowly going away. My complexion is really improving!!:)
Its only been three weeks now of using both products: On first 2 weeks I made a huge error of trying a new lotion that caused crazy breakouts. Im on my 3rd week without that lotion, my face is getting clearer again. Thank goodness I found the culprit!
So my advise: if getting both the cleanser and toner, make sure to get a good natural light lotion for more effective results. Im loving what Im seeing on my face now:)
24/07/2016, By Natalee
Satisfying product.
22/07/2016, By Izelle
I have only recently started using this product, but thus far I love that it has a refreshing herbal scent from the tea tree oil and leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and clean. I have very sensitive skin and generally struggle to find face washes that will not let my skin react. I find this face wash to be gentle on my skin and I love that it has natural ingredients in it.
29/06/2016, By Christelle
A really great face wash that really leaves your skin clean without feeling dry. And great value for money too!
23/05/2016, By Abigail
I like this face wash so much that I even want to bath in it. It makes my skin feel so rejuvenated. Love love love it
05/05/2016, By Nanje
I like this face wash. It works well and my skin feels clean and fresh afterwards. And it is a bonus that it natural ingredients.
03/05/2016, By Gillian
Love this facewash, ive been using it for years! When my new stock arrives, i add an extra 4 drops of tea tree oil to give it a bit more kick! Love it and highly recommend it!
19/04/2016, By Robyn
This really is a great product. It cleans all my make-up off, leaves my skin balanced and it really does the job. Coming from Dermalogica I see no need to go back and will continue to use Earthsap Tee Tree face wash.
18/04/2016, By Jodi
Im so impressed with this product. I decided to purchase it due to a terrible breakout I had, and 2 weeks later, the inflammation is gone, and no new additions to the embarrassment.
I was reluctant to try the product assuming that price = effectiveness, but man!! This is more value for money :)
15/04/2016, By Renate
I get little dots here and there on my face and got a nice break out after a eyebrow wax. This product was amazing for the spots. Could see a difference in about 5 days. It however, does make my face feel dry and stiff, so I am looking for the perfect face cream to use with this acne rescue-er
16/03/2016, By Stacey-Lee
I was warned (after purchasing ) by a friend that this will have a drying effect on my skin. I am not sure if its the combination of the face wash and Herbaways moisturiser but my skin is not dry at all. I am still in the process of switching over to organic make up but this facewash is the only one Ive found that manages to get my mascara cleanly off my lashes and doesn leave black smudges under my eyes. Im very happy with this product.
12/03/2016, By Lauren
For the price, this cleanser really delivers. It foams well, cleanses very effectively, and doesn leave skin feeling dry. Had got this to try between my usual more expensivd one, but I think Ill be sticking with it.
04/03/2016, By Mia
Nice smell, quite plain tea-treeish, fresh, does the job, i like it.
06/01/2016, By Janel
I have very sensitive and acne prone skin. My best friends pimples :( are with me 24/7. Ever since Ive started using this face wash I noticed that my face started looking like a proper face. It became clearer and not so red. It lathers very well, so don pump too much. Cleans the make up in one pump, after the cotton pad with toner is clean, I was amazed.
06/01/2016, By Shelley
I absolutely love this facewash. I have been looking to save a bit of money an a few areas and this is incredible value for money. I love the smell and my skin has had no reaction to using it. I have insanely sensitive skin that lets me know loud and clear when I have used something it doesn agree with. But this just leaves my skin feeling awesome and looking clear. Love it!
23/11/2015, By Jenny
Wonderful product that foams well and cleanses thoroughly without stripping the skin. Gentle enough for me to use even while I am using Retin A. Great product!
10/11/2015, By Sally
Best natural facewash Ive found in SA
15/10/2015, By Marie
I am very happy with the face wash. My daughter also uses it and it has been great helping with blackheads. Would highly recommend it.
12/10/2015, By Kathy
Due to pimple breakout in my forties, I was desperate for something to help. This facial wash is mild, leaves my skin feeling healthy and pleasant and its the first thing thats really helped reduce my spots. It doesn dry out the skin nor does it cause irritation and I have sensitive skin!
08/10/2015, By Catherine
This is a fab and gentle cleanser- perfect for sensitive skin. It doesn strip your skin of its natural oils, but manages to clean really well. Nice subtle scent too!
06/10/2015, By Jennifer
Usually face washes are too harsh on my skin, leaving it feeling dry. But this one does not. It cleans well, without drying out my skin.
03/09/2015, By Bianca
Absolutely Love this Facewash !!!
11/08/2015, By Anel
I will never buy another face wash! Awesome product!
17/07/2015, By Kate
Very nice product, does not dry out skin...
09/07/2015, By Anton
A superb face wash. Deep cleans without drying out. Foams nicely. Value for money. Nice fresh smell.
27/01/2015, By Meagan
Gets my face clean with make up, doesn dry out my skin, very good.
21/01/2015, By Elaine
I also think its a great cleanser. Its very gentle on my sensitive skin, and it doesn leave my face dry or tight.
21/01/2015, By Julie
This is the best face wash I have tried, I am devoted to it. It clears and balances my sensitive/ combination skin perfectly and doesn leave it feeling dry. Excellent product.
13/01/2015, By Shannon
This is a great product for my sensitive skin. The smell took awhile to get used to but cleanses really well, doesn irritate my skin, lathers up nicely. Will definitely buy this product again!!
26/08/2014, By Juanita
As always Earthsap offer great value for money products and the face wash is no exception. It is really gentle on my skin and does a good job
15/06/2014, By Andrea
I suffer from vey bad acne, and Ive opted for natural products. This face wash is very gentle, removes dirt effortlessly . Tea Tree Oil is really good and now that its a form of a facewash - even better !

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