Dehydrated Water Kefir Grains

Dehydrated Water Kefir Grains
Dehydrated Water Kefir Grains
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Make your own delicious kefir at home even if you’re dairy intolerant. Kefir grains are highly beneficial organisms that have been used for ages past to create a health-giving probiotic fermented drink that can actually colonize your intestinal tract with beneficial bacteria that promotes good digestion, gut health, boosts immunity, and can even enhance your mood. Did you know that water kefir is different to milk kefir? This culture allows you to make dairy-free kefir using coconut water, sugar water or fruit juice (the bacteria munch up most of the sugars).  A tasty, natural way to supplement probiotics that’s super easy to make.

  • Natural
  • Vegetarian
  • Made Overseas

Please note: the image shows kefir grains that haven been hydrated and fed, the grains you will recieve are dehydrated and will need to rehydrate and feed for a few batches of sugar water before they are plump.

Important Instructions: if you're a newby at making water kefir, take a look at the full instructions here.

  • 1 x 1g sachet shelf stable dehydrated reusable culture
  • Makes up to 1 litre water kefir with every batch
  • Cultures on the counter at 20°-30°C
  • Easy to use, the starter grains can create a new batch of water kefir every 24-48 hours
  • May be used to culture sugar water, fruit juice, and coconut water
  • Flavour has a natural, light zesty tang with a slight fizz
  • The sugars in these drinks will feed the bacteria, leaving very little sugar by the end of the process
  • Water kefir makes a fantastic non-dairy alternative to dairy milk kefir
  • Can be flavoured to make a range of delicious beverages, or as an ingredient in many recipes
  • Non GMO

Tip: The actual water kefir (the liquid, not the grains) may be used to culture non-dairy milks for a non-dairy milk kefir alternative, as well as culture delicious nut cheeses! 

Why can you make more than one batch with this starter culture?

Culturing kefir is like having a little plant that you need to keep feeding - and it grows too! This culture can be re-used as it is a living organism that feeds on sugars. Once you have cultured your liquid you remove the SCOBY (start culture) and put it into the next batch so it can keep feeding. This is how you can keep making kefir indefinitely with the same starter culture. It will keep growing bigger so that you will need to divide it at some point. You can even give some away as a gift once you have enough. Kefir just keeps on giving. 

If you are just starting out making water kefir for the first time you may want to take a look at the Water Kefir Starter kit also available at Faithful to Nature to see what tools you’ll be needing.

Health benefits of kefir:

Imbalanced gut flora can result in blood sugar imbalances, sugar cravings, weight gain, poor immunity, low energy and digestive disturbances. Kefir grains contain yeast and bacteria existing in a symbiotic relationship. Drinking kefir colonises your gut with a healthy, balanced community of microflora, with many health spin-offs.

  • Enhances hydration and colonises your gut with healthy strains of beneficial microflora
  • Promotes a wide variety of potent microflora that is believed to be even more potent than those found in yoghurt (yoghurt bacteria feed beneficial bacteria as they pass through, kefir actually provides the beneficial bacteria that stays in your gut)
  • Contains beneficial yeasts that are known destroy pathogenic yeasts such as candida
  • Cleanse, purify and strengthen the intestinal walls and helps your body become more resistant to dangerous pathogens such as E. Coli, salmonella and intestinal parasites
  • Helps assimilate nutrients in the gut and enhance the usage of certain trace minerals and B vitamins
  • Gluten & Dairy-free

Diabetics: as most of the sugars in the liquid are used up by the bacteria, some diabetics can tolerate water kefir, but it would be better to use less sugary bases such as coconut water rather than pure fruit juice which has much higher sugar

Re-culturing coconut kefir: Coconut water does not have enough sugar and minerals to sustain water kefir grains long term on its own, and they will usually stop producing good coconut water kefir at some point. A solution to this is to alternate every couple of batches with a sugar water recipe to give them a nice boost and keep them strong

Some water kefir history…

Water kefir has been used for many centuries, so long in fact that it’s exact origins are hazy, it’s thought to come from Mexico. They are similar to milk kefir grains but are not interchangeable as they are distinct and separate cultures with separate origins. Some other names for water kefir include: Bees, Japanese Water Crystals, Graines Vivantes and Balm of Gilead.

Please note: you cannot transfer water kefir grains to ferment dairy milk as they are not the same type of cultures


  • Gluten-free
  • Manufactured in a facility that also produces products containing soy and dairy


Organic sugar, Live active cultures

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02/01/2017, By Clint
I highly recommend this site to anyone who is seeking excellent customer service, high quality products and superb product delivery.
I placed my order on a Tuesday, before 8am, and the delivery arrived the following day, at 10:30am. This company truly lives up to what they promise.
The Kombucha starter kit, water kefir grains and milk kefir grains have flourished, producing many litres of the probiotic drinks.
A very satisfied customer.
Thank you Faithful to Nature.
17/10/2016, By Rencia
Love the fact that you
e able to buy dehydrated water kefir grains here!
14/10/2016, By Angelique
Very happy, product is doing far better than what we thought. Re-hydrated within about 2 days and is growing like mad.
14/08/2016, By Ant
I was really excited to receive these grains as I have had much success with both Kombucha and Milk Kefir- but can get it right ! :( The grains seem to be fully hydrated and have multiplied( I have about a cups worth) but they don seem to be culturing! I have followed the instructions 8 times and all I end up with, is what tastes like sweet water! Any attempts at a 2nd fermentation makes no difference.
I had been buying a locally produced water kefir so have been anticipating that lightly sparkling drink with a mild fermented taste but alas- no joy!
I am going to give it another bash, but wondered if you could advise?
Otherwise I think Ill research storing them and try again when I feel more enthusiastic. Will keep you posted- hold thumbs!
27/06/2016, By Sandra
Used half my packet to get started because I was worried that the first batch would not grow or something would go wrong but the water kefir just keep getting more! Love drinking it and no problems to maintain.
02/05/2016, By Kerry-Lee
I started with great excitement and my grains grew and my water keifer has been so much fun, so easy to make and is a lovely product to sell in my yoga studio! Im now experimenting with different flavours... such a fun project for kids too... and you just cant mess it up!

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