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Crede Jojoba Oil

Crede Jojoba Oil
Crede Jojoba Oil
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  • 100ml
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This gorgeous golden jojoba oil is so wonderfully hydrating, giving your skin the moisture it craves without clogging your pores or leaving you feeling greasy. Crede Jojoba Oil can be used as a moisturiser for your skin and hair, a makeup remover, a cuticle treatment and a luxurious massage carrier oil. It’s suitable for all skin types, and especially beneficial for acne-prone skin, as it helps to remove impurities and unclog the pores. Crede’s all-natural jojoba oil will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and healthy. With natural vitamin E and SPF4, it combats the signs of ageing too.

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  • Cold-pressed jojoba oil
  • Contains natural vitamin E
  • Has a natural sun protection factor (SPF4)
  • Prevents premature ageing
  • Easily absorbed by the skin
  • Protects against moisture loss
  • Helps to unclog pores & remove impurities
  • High in myristic acid, a potent anti-inflammatory
  • Gentle enough to use on the delicate skin around the eyes
  • Safe for use on all skin types

Did You Know? Although we call it an oil, jojoba oil is technically a liquid wax; it’s very similar to the skin’s natural oil or sebum, which is why it works so beautifully on our skin and hair!


  • Use as a carrier oil for aromatherapy massage.
  • Use as a moisturiser & makeup remover.
  • Store in a cool, dark place. Use within 1 year of opening.


  • 100ml


Country of Origin:

  • Made in Israel
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Overall Rating
4.9 out of 5 stars from 201 reviews

199 out of 201 people would recommend this product

03/04/2024, By Mpho
This is the best oil hair and skinny, because it is quickly absorbed and not oily
10/02/2024, By Justine
Love this oil as addition to my face serum.
05/11/2023, By Kiki
Always love their products
28/10/2023, By Coreen
Best massage and body moisturiser ever
23/10/2023, By Dinny
Great quality carrier oil especially for the skin & hair.
19/09/2023, By Mack
Good moisturizer. Soaks into the skin. Doesn't cause breakouts.
05/06/2023, By Genna
First time using pure Jojoba oil and I am really impressed. For someone with eczema it moisturises and hydrates so well without an oily look and gentle for the face. I will keep using it.
27/05/2023, By Tshepo
Great quality product. Excellent value for money. use it for my baby's hair, works like magic.
24/04/2023, By Lauren
Love this lightweight oil. Good for the skin. And the price is very reasonable for the 100ml bottle
15/02/2023, By Talita
This best quality product at an amazing price! I use it in my face serum and my skin lives it!
06/11/2022, By MW
I absolutely love this oil - I use it on my face & hair
06/11/2022, By MW
I absolutely love this oil - I use it on my face & hair
18/09/2022, By Linda
Very soothing for dry skin
09/09/2022, By Rachael
Such a beautiful oil at an affordable price! I use it when making essential oil rollers
04/03/2022, By Nooran
Awesome stuff
01/02/2022, By Yvonne
Excited to use this luscious oil in diy wax wraps.. Thank you!
20/10/2021, By Chelle
Lovely oil to use anywhere on the body. My preference is to use it as a nighttime treat for my face and hands. Sometimes i also use it as a body oil for a full body treatment. Does the job and keeps my skin hydrated and supple. Cannot do without it
10/08/2021, By Heidi
A good , clean product. I use it all over my body in winter and it sure helps for the dry skin.
08/08/2021, By Mar
Great bottle nozzle that controls the release of the oil.
12/07/2021, By Julia
Very good product!
03/06/2021, By Veganschmegan
This is all my hubby and I use to moisturize our face. It absorbs quickly and is a great moisturizer all year round.
29/04/2021, By Janine
Use this for making my own skin care products. So silky smooth
08/04/2021, By N
It was a great addition to my skincare routine
01/04/2021, By Diana
My skin never purged! I was expecting like a major purge since I have very oily acne prone skin....but so far so good. I mix it with my Shea butter, tea tree and rosehip’s been a month no acne, my skin is well moisturized!
25/03/2021, By JC
I mix jojoba oil with shea butter to make a moisturiser for my face, my skin is feeling soooo hydrated. Better than any commercial skin products.
15/03/2021, By Lynn
Wonderful product. I use it with my body lotion keeps my skin moist.
15/03/2021, By Jolene
Amazing. Easy to dispense which ensures you use minimal. switching from coconut oil to this will be a lifelong change.
23/02/2021, By zukiswa
I’ve used other brands but they’re not as good as this one. My skin loves it
17/02/2021, By Nokue
This calls for re-purchase
07/02/2021, By Nokue
Lovely oil that works well with my skin: I use it in my homemade facial cleanser and moisturizer, and also in my body wash. I will definetly buy again
05/02/2021, By Greenie
29/01/2021, By Layla
This has saved me from dry skin. Especially in colder periods. Definitely recommend!
28/01/2021, By SALMA
the price range is excellent
26/01/2021, By Chester
I can’t live without this. I use it on my skin and hair, and to remove makeup
23/01/2021, By Noms
I love this oil. It leaves my skin feeling supple & soft
20/01/2021, By marweya
really great product, used with Soil rose hip oil. Its and amazing combo for skin.
19/01/2021, By Karen
Great price and works really well
18/01/2021, By Bridgette
Love how it feels on my hair. Great product.
09/01/2021, By Chanie
This product is amazing for my skin!
My skin feels so hydrated and smooth
06/01/2021, By Duané
So far happy with the purchase!
01/01/2021, By Olwethu
I used it as a night moisturizer. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and not greasy at all . Good result
31/12/2020, By Mirriam
Great and affordable
28/12/2020, By Dru
It came beautifully packaged and I received a free sample of a probiotic as well. This is the first time that I have used Jojoba oil and I love it. It makes my hair smooth and soft. Will buy again in the new year.

Thank you for the great service and products.
19/12/2020, By Karabo
18/12/2020, By Lona
This, here, has made my hair grow quite a bit. I just keep cutting my hair, but I would definitely recommend!
14/11/2020, By Chantal
02/11/2020, By KB
Great moisturizing oil and versatile too. Currently using it on my cuticles and it's awesome.
25/10/2020, By Eretia
23/10/2020, By Sam
Nice product
23/10/2020, By Pearl
Amazing product, very versatile
22/10/2020, By Ams
High-quality product. Personally, I use this for making a make-up remover oil and as a skin moisturizer (combined with sweet almond oil and a few essential oils) for my very sensitive facial skin, and it works wonderfully. Great service, fantastic packaging (all boxes, tape and padding fully recyclable material, glass bottle fully recyclable and only the lid made from plastic - high-quality materials making it appropriate for re-use when the product is finished), the product was delivered very timeously (ordered late Sunday evening, delivered Monday afternoon).
15/10/2020, By Alia
I love this oil. You can use it on your whole body. It is great for hair and skin!
15/10/2020, By Leigh
Good value for money and I think it helped with hydration and pimples.
13/10/2020, By FiercePatty
This oil absorbs easily and helps with hair growth.
12/10/2020, By Annette
Super hydrating and very versatile. Also well priced
08/10/2020, By Heidi
Discovered a week ago I could use Jojoba oil on my face as a moisturiser. I just happened to have a bottle of this. My skin is glowing, soft, soothed and not dry. I live in a very hot place and this goes on easily under makeup. I wash and put toner on my face, splash some water on my face to moisten it and apply the Jojoba oil and blend in - the water helps absorb the oil better and I am left with amazing looking skin.
05/10/2020, By lerato
Good versatile oil
03/10/2020, By Genevieve
Perfect carrier oil
30/09/2020, By Sameera
Use this for my hair and it's never looked as healthy as now
28/09/2020, By sravya
I've started incorporating it into my hair care and it has helped nourish my dry scalp and strengthened my hair. Would recommend for both skin and hair
02/09/2020, By Lonski
I have short hair, but since I started using Jojoba oil, my hair just won't stop growing. It's actually amazing
29/08/2020, By Nancy
28/08/2020, By Tebogo
27/08/2020, By Healthy Bean
I love this oil and apply it to my face every morning with a drop of suitable essential oil. It's nourishing for my skin but never leaves my face feel greasy.
24/08/2020, By Tam
24/08/2020, By Kas
Love it
23/08/2020, By LT
Works great for moisturizing your face! Also useful as a carrier oil
20/08/2020, By noluntu
I am using this as an oil cleanser at the moment and it is lovely
20/08/2020, By Tillie
I like Crede's products and this one does not disappoint.
12/08/2020, By Janice
Amazing product, use it for my face and it’s working perfectly with my skin
11/08/2020, By Demi
Perfect for skin and hair.
11/08/2020, By Alida
Use it as a carrier oil for my other essential oils
06/08/2020, By Greenie
05/08/2020, By Vossa
Great oil and works well as a carrier oil for other essential oils.
27/07/2020, By Sylvia
I'm in love with the product ????
27/07/2020, By Greenie
22/07/2020, By bunny
My sister always swears by this so i decided to try it in conjunction with my almond oil especially now in winter,still yet to see the results,but the combination feels great on my skin.
06/07/2020, By K
Top quality, light oil.
03/07/2020, By Gill
Thrilled with this jojoba oil. It feels good when applying to my face.
30/06/2020, By Nokuphila
I had not realised the "çold-pressed' part in the description, so its solid. will devise means of warming it up and liquidating it.
26/06/2020, By Desiree
Awesome. It's going onto my list of favorite carriers
24/06/2020, By Amy-Thorinda
Literally my favorite!!!
22/06/2020, By Antoinette
Good moisturizing oil. Not sticky
08/06/2020, By Miemadoll
Great oil for face, body & hair
07/06/2020, By Tamica
I struggle with dry skin and small pimples on my forehead which I can never get rid of and I put on some of the oil and within 2/3 days a massive difference!
07/06/2020, By Mabophelo
Oh my gosh!!! I love, love, love this product. Used it in my DIY oil cleanser recipe because i'm transitioning into a natural non-toxic lifestyle and this is the best oil that works well in my facial cleanser. Good value for money and quality is amazing.
01/06/2020, By Leigh
Moisturizing oil
31/05/2020, By Alida
Fell in love with this product, will definitely order again.
22/05/2020, By Stash
Highly recommend as a replacement for normal face lotions, keeps my skin hydrated and I can see improvement in my acne scars!
22/05/2020, By First born
Works excellently
22/05/2020, By Fran
good quality
19/05/2020, By Sandesh Elaine
19/05/2020, By Jojo
Versatile product -very useful.

Having one product on my dressing table allowing for less clutter
18/05/2020, By ngwedi
Lovely oil, quickly absorbed.
17/05/2020, By kim
Not greasy at all, skin absorbs right away
15/05/2020, By Jana
I use it mostly on my face in the evening and my skin loves it. Helps with keeping your face moisturized but also against inflammation for me. My boyfriend also used it after shaving and it works really nice for that too
14/05/2020, By Melissa
best jojoba
10/05/2020, By Real
03/05/2020, By Zee
Perfect oil for skin and scalp
01/05/2020, By Nadia
This is my second bottle. Great carrier oil.
28/04/2020, By Koko
Moisturizes and nourishes the skin and leaves it soft... I love this product !!
26/04/2020, By Candy
Real oil
23/04/2020, By Dee
Excellent for many different uses - massage, facial cleanser, carrier oil, and the list goes on.
23/04/2020, By Binta
This is my first purchase of this Jojoba oil and I've been using it for about 2 weeks as my night 'cream' and love the way it absorbs into the skin so quickly and leaves my skin feeling smooth and nourished
29/03/2020, By Green
18/03/2020, By Taryn
This is my most favourite oil. It is a staple in my home. I use it as a make-up remover, cleanser and moisturiser. It is the best.
15/03/2020, By Green
I agree that the plastic stopper is very important. Kindly bring back the plastic stopper.
24/01/2020, By Nirvana
So I've been using this product for years as an oil cleanser with good results. Although the last bottle I purchased was good in terms of the oil, they have now done away with the plastic insert dropper that sits in the bottles opening. While this is good for the environment it now allows some product to flow back into the bottle when you try to pour some out in your hand which leads to contamination (I saw that water also got into the bottle due to the my hand being damp at times). My bottle ended up contaminated with mould which I only realised after I had a strange rash for about a week. If I purchase it again I will try to insert one of those plastic dropper things from an old essential oil bottle. I also ended up using much more than usual because you can precisely control how much you pour out.
16/01/2020, By Cassandra
This product has become a staple in my home. I use it for everything from skin moisturizers and cleansers to hair mask and carrier oil. It's affordable, high quality oil and so versatile.
14/01/2020, By Bianca
Great quality oil and the best priced brand. Jojoba is great for my skin and all skin types, because it’s closest to our skins natural sebum and easily absorbs. I use 2-3 drops daily and my skin loves it!
10/01/2020, By Lolli
Lovely oil
03/01/2020, By Helper
Well done
30/12/2019, By Getruida
Breaks me out.
14/12/2019, By Dina
Nourishing oil without making you actually look oily.
29/11/2019, By Kim
This is a great oil. Perfect for removing makeup. It is also the best moisturizer as it doesn't leave your face greasy.
27/11/2019, By earthy
Very moisturising
27/11/2019, By earthy
Very moisturising
08/11/2019, By Cebile
I use this for my hair and skin. Its lightweight. Definite repurchase
05/11/2019, By Amori
Lovely product, ideal for acne prone and dry skin. Will most definitely purchase again.
04/11/2019, By My no 1 oil
Great oil!!!
04/11/2019, By Adel
lovely moisturizing oil, non greasy and absorbs quickly. I use it on my face and on my cuticles.
30/10/2019, By Niki
This is a fantastic oil. It absorbs easily and it's not greasy.
28/10/2019, By Ashlee
My skin is not dry any more
24/10/2019, By MsJay
After having read about Kylie Jenner's love of jojoba oil as part of her daily beauty routine, I decided to give this one a try. Little did I know the magic of this potent oil! (Just google 'jojoba oil benefits' to see for yourself!)

It cleared my adult acne for good, and since it's super moisturising and easily absorbed without leaving any greasy residue, I also apply it prior to my normal moisturiser whenever I feel my skin is in need of some TLC. Seriously, folks, this one is a lifesaver!
14/10/2019, By N
Repurchased over the years now and can't go without. Love mixing with toner for a face mist.
09/10/2019, By Austin
I use a bit on my lips and it keeps them moist all day.
09/10/2019, By Ashwin
I like the smoothness of this oil.
09/10/2019, By Mishka
Very high moisturizing effects of this oil ensure that it lasts for a long time once applied to the skin. It does not stain clothes and has a very comfortable feel.
09/09/2019, By Fay
Excellent product. It's thin and runny. I mix it with castor oil.
03/09/2019, By Cat
I have been struggling with adult acne for 30 years. Tried so many products, some so harsh it stained my towels. Nothing worked. A while ago I decided to switch to natural skincare products. And I'm so glad I did! I use jojoba oil as a moisturiser by simply applying it with cotton wool. My acne is not completely gone, but my skin is more balanced. No more shiny, oily skin. Seems weird that an oil can be the answer to my problems, but so far so good. On my second bottle now.
29/08/2019, By Megan
Used this in an attempt to soothe my skin which was going through a breakout of note and after the first use I noticed a difference. Honestly one of the best products I’ve used. My skin is clear now and feels completely nourished.
21/08/2019, By mrs murphy
This oil is fabulous for nail, hair and skin. I have been using it on my nails for less than a week and can totally see a difference already. I mix it with marlula oil for my dry skin and it feels amazing.
02/07/2019, By Ganaan
Good for mixing with other thick oils like castor oil, making it thinner.
02/07/2019, By Petra
This oil is really nourishing for dry skin. It absorbs well on its own as well as when added to body lotion.
27/06/2019, By Mpumie
I love this oil for my face. It absorbs very well and does not leave skin greasy and shiny. Great product.
23/06/2019, By Claudia
good quality and value for money - excellent skin conditioner especially during winter months
28/05/2019, By Melanie-ann
A brilliant oil for curly hair! A little goes a long way and it leaves my curls leaving lusciously soft and touchable.
29/04/2019, By Vivi
Can't stay without it. For skin, for hair, good moisturizer and absorbs well.
18/04/2019, By Lorette
08/04/2019, By Newbie
Good quality oil, versatile and great on my skin. Absorbs well with no oily residue.
05/04/2019, By Jenni-Lee S
Fantasist Jojoba oil that does miracles for my hair - can also be used on skin.
I find jojoba oil to be less greasy, so it's a good oil for overnight sessions.
Will be buying this again.
09/03/2019, By Vovo
Surprised that it worked for my acne prone skin, I chose this oil to do a oil cleanse and oh man did my skin respond positively to it. It’s my go to so far, will be trying other oils when done with this.
09/02/2019, By Nthabiseng
Fantastic oil for multi-purposes. It's great whether added to your face wash, hair care or diy face oil. I love it!
31/01/2019, By Tete
My most favourite oil. I use it to cleanse and moisturise. It is soft and gets absorbed easily leaving no oily residue.
26/01/2019, By charlene
Soft oil good for skin and hair and does not leave oily residue
16/01/2019, By Jamie
Expensive, but a worthy investment as Jojoba oil has so many uses. A little is all you need for it to be effective. I use it to moisturise my face and it absorbs well, and doesn't leave my face super oily or shiny.
10/01/2019, By Freak of Nature
Great product and well priced. I use it as an over-night moisturizer and make-up remover.
03/01/2019, By Sandra
I have oily skin (all year round) and this oil has been such a help! I use this as a moisturizer and it doesn't leave me oily, in fact, it provided me with just the right amount of moisture my skin needs. I'll definitely be purchasing this again.
23/12/2018, By zama
I use it on my face and it has been absolutely amazing.
19/12/2018, By Anne
I use this product so much and I love it. It strengthens my hair and leaves my skin feeling really great.
19/12/2018, By Elizabeth
It really helps to moisture my hair and leaves my hair soft.
15/11/2018, By Mich
I can't believe a product so pure and natural makes for the best make up remover ever! My skin also feels so much more hydrated and nourished using this as a make up remover. Love using it as a body moisturizer for dry skin areas. What a wonderful product.
05/11/2018, By Oil addict
Feels good on my skin, i also use it on my afro hair, makes it soft...
02/11/2018, By Leoni
I absolutely love this brand and this oil never fails. I add it to both my skin and hair oil mixes with great results
26/10/2018, By anonymous
I bought this for my acne and add it to my clay mask that I apply once a week. Really works on acne breakouts
10/10/2018, By ragani
Good quality carrier oil for massages. Also perfect as a moisturizer for sensitive skin and as a makeup remover
02/10/2018, By Chelsea
Amazing oil. it worked quite well on my oily skin. It absorbs into your skin quite fast.
01/10/2018, By Kaydee
Lovely carrier oil, as well as cuticle oil. We’ve also started using it to assist with healing and moisturizing tattoos. FTN also has it for the best price.
24/09/2018, By Carina
I have tried a few oils for my oily and prone yo breakout skin. This oil by far has been the best. Does not clog pores and does not give break outs. Leave skin soft.
20/08/2018, By Hk
Great for my skin
11/08/2018, By Sugesi
Great affordable carrier oil.
13/07/2018, By Elmari
Great carrier oil. Amazing to mix with your essential oils
11/07/2018, By Jo
My boyfriend uses it to moisturise his beard, and he love it.
18/06/2018, By Liza
Great quality oil at the best price! Will not find it cheaper anywhere else.
13/06/2018, By Pia
Can be used as carrier oil or directly applied to the skin.
06/06/2018, By Michaela
Beautiful oil and really well priced. Works beautifully as a cleanser (with some castor oil) and feels amazing as a moisturiser! Definitely will repurchase.
06/05/2018, By Kay
Good carrier oil. And great to make beauty DIYs.
11/04/2018, By Getruida
I love it, I just ordered one and im excited to try it .
03/04/2018, By hahmeenah
good but oil wont come out of the dropper, hence need to open bottle to use.
12/02/2018, By Donna
Really lovely to use to dilute essential oils as it doesn't have a strong smell!
06/02/2018, By Sanele
I bought this oil to use as a moisturizer for my face after reading so many good reviews about it, but unfortunately it didn't work for me, it just broke me out real bad. I had to discontinue use.
28/01/2018, By Fiona
Great product
23/01/2018, By Nerita
Super hydrating and affordable.
21/01/2018, By Ziyanda

That's how my skin feels every single day. Great value for money and I've not gotten any complaints.
19/12/2017, By Aj
13/12/2017, By Saloshni
By far the best oil I have tried. Light, non greasy and leaves skin silky soft. Love this oil, ordered my second bottle.
07/12/2017, By Lucy
Amazing oil! I have used this in cleansers, hair oils and loads of other stuff. It is absolutely moisturising and lovely to use. Makes my skin incredibly soft.
12/11/2017, By Chelle
Great product to use. does not leave the skin feeling greasy or sticky and it really does help with dry skin.
09/11/2017, By Azraa
Great jojoba oil for skin and hair and great as a scalp moisturizer when mixed with neem oil. Does not leave my hair oily after washing.
08/11/2017, By EVE
Works great as a facial serum and hair moisturiser.
31/10/2017, By Lorenzo
Crede jojoba is one of the oils (actually a plant wax) that I buy consistently - it's an effective skin cleanser, moisturiser, hair treatment and sorts out any skin inflammation. I've been using this for ages - and this price is the best I've found!
08/10/2017, By khanw
This oil does what it claims. Not a hug fan of the scent but manageable. I'm quite happy with the quality and price.
11/09/2017, By Ronel
Did wonders for my dry skin. It smells lovely and it was the first winter that I had no problems with my skin.
05/09/2017, By Natasha
A lovely product. Nice to use on its own, or add it to your moisturiser. Also soothes my scalp eczema.
31/08/2017, By Button
Excellent stuff - I am of the "older generation" and really battle with dry skin - especially my arms; this has helped tremendously. Love it and a little goes a long way.
13/08/2017, By Lee
Very moisturizing for my hai but it is a bit toi thick.
11/08/2017, By Lindsey
This is a really nice oil for the face, body, and scalp. Non irritating and not greasy.
27/07/2017, By Mimi
I used in for my DIY face serum this winter and it has worked beautifully for my sensitive acne prone skin. Mixed it with some rosehip and lavender oils for a silky nourishing serum.
18/07/2017, By Nadia
locks in moisture especially in the harsh winter months . love the price too.
12/07/2017, By Cole
Some people say there's no smell with this oil, but to me it smells like cold pizza crust. And it made my hair extra staticky after I'd bought it to combat cold dry highveld winter weather. All that said, the quality and the price are clearly good and this makes a really nice, light skin oil.
05/07/2017, By PS
Excellent quality, good price.
25/05/2017, By Pam
Good for locking the moisture in your hair.
12/04/2016, By Meeresbriese
The oil absorbs easily into the skin and it contains natural Vitamin E.
07/04/2016, By Lindsey
I have just started using this as part of my daily skincare routine after washing my face with honey. Its moisturising without being oily. I had a bright red eczema patch on my forehead on Monday. Its Thursday now and it is a light pink colour with minimal dryness and it is definitely smoother. It claims to be anti-inflammatory and I can definitely see that it is. I look forward to using this for years to come.
14/11/2015, By Bearded Nirvana
I used this to make my own beard oil, my beard is soft and healthy. my skin is really moisturised as well.
01/08/2015, By Vanessa
Ive been using it on my legs and feet, which are usually very dry in winter and I can really see the difference.It also works well as a carrier oil as it has a very smooth consistency.
26/07/2015, By Deborah
Used this in my body butter and for scalp treatments, super moisturizing! Will definitely buy again
15/05/2015, By Grace
I haven used it on its one yet, but have mixed it with other oils and it performed well. Perfect consistency, almost no smell.
31/01/2015, By Debbie
This oil is simply fabulous! I use it on my whole body, and face, and it leaves my skin wonderfully hydrated and soft. It is not oily at all and it is quickly absorbed. I use it also as a carrier oil for Lemon Grass to rub under my feet at night to help me sleep. It nourishes my feet also and leaves them baby soft.

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