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Credé Black Cumin Oil (Black Seed Oil)

Credé Black Cumin Oil (Black Seed Oil)
Credé Black Cumin Oil (Black Seed Oil)
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  • 100ml
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Black Cumin Oil is amazing for those pesky allergies because it's a natural immune booster and if taken in regular doses, helps with numerous ailments. Used, throughout history, as a powerful healing antidote for everything from colds and flu, to cancer, it's definitely one of those all-rounder remedies you keep in the kitchen cupboard.

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Used as part of balanced, healthy diet, Credé Black Cumin Oil has many amazing benefits:

  • Powerful immune booster and doesn’t have a negative effect of autoimmune disorders
  • Helps body to produce bone marrow
  • Effective against allergies
  • Works on digestive imbalances, liver problems and asthma
  • Helps with acne, colds and flu, nervous tension, tired muscles, back ache, arthtritic pain, hair loss and sinusitis
  • Can also be used for colic (babies)
  • This oil has been called “a remedy for every illness except death”!
  • Today scientists have conducted research that shows that black cumin oil fights cancerous tumors, making it true a natural healing marvel.

Did You Know? Hippocrates used black cumin oil for digestive disorders and some of the oil was even found in Tutankhamen’s tomb.


Use with other foodstuffs or on its own. Add to salads, smoothies, yoghurts, juices, or fresh vegetables. Keep refrigerated. Use within 2 months of opening. Adult dosage - 5ml (1 tsp)


  • May interact with other medication. Consult your doctor before use.
  • Do not heat. Not suitable for baking or frying.


  • Cold-pressed black cumin oil
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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 91 reviews

89 out of 91 people would recommend this product

10/02/2024, By Tasneem
Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Peace Be Upon Him) stated "This Black seed is a cure for all diseases except Death."
10/02/2024, By Tasneem
I plan to use this for my acne prone skin and overall health. I have firm faith that it will work because of what Muhammad PBUH has stated. It is very popular in various traditional medicines such as Unani and Tibb, Ayurveda, and Siddha.[75,76] It is the black seeds referred to by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who once stated, “The black seed can heal every disease, except death”.
06/11/2023, By Sue
Absolutely love this product. My husband and I take a daily dose every morning and I sometimes take a dose during the day.
I have recommended to my family who have now also started to use it and are already seeing the benefits
18/10/2023, By Flor
I love
11/09/2023, By Lisah
It's an amazing product for almost 6days now I have seen so much difference regarding my health. Thank you to Faithful to nature for making sure that I get my order in time.
02/08/2023, By Bruna
excellent product
17/07/2023, By Michelle
I love this product and just knowing that it is benefiting my body makes me feel even better!
27/01/2023, By Jeni
A good product and easy to add to smoothies. Getting used to the taste!
08/11/2022, By Andiswa
I gave this to my husband who had backpain, this product helped him
15/08/2022, By Bra James
No flu for me this year even though everyone around me was coughing and sneezing.
15/08/2022, By veronav
I used this oil to clear up my chronic sinusitis and to shrink a large nasal polyp. After reading on a website that one can open up the airways by rubbing it in the nostrils, I decided to do something new. I used an empty commercial nasal spray bottle with a screw top, added 50ml of lukewarm distilled water and 1/8 teaspoon pink himalayan salt. I then added only one drop of frankincense oil and 10 drops of black cumin oil. At first I used this several times a day until I could feel the congestion clear up. But best of all... the large nasal polyp in my nostril shrunk considerably so that I can breath easy again. Try it. It really works!! But please remember to shake the bottle every time before using it.
15/08/2022, By Verona
Fantastic for internal and external use
15/08/2022, By Jody
This is oil is simply amazing - I have introduced it to my entire family. Mom now 70 experienced hormonal imbalances (hot flushes) she has noticed that the hot flushes have stopped. My dad 71 is experiencing good health minimal ailments and as for me , have not had the normal hectic pms cycles and we all have been on it for approximately 1 month only.
15/08/2022, By Gail
I love the oil because it’s not that oily even when I use it as a moisturizer on my face. Can’t advise on results as yet because only using it for a few days. Trying to find the best way to consume it, if anyone have ideas please let me know.
15/08/2022, By Max
My household stayed flu-free through winter season while we were taking a teaspoon of this every morning and I think that says it all considering our co-workers were all sneezing and snuffling. One of the best (and cheapest) immune boosters I've ever tried. My acne prone skin has benefited slightly from it too, although I'm only on the lowest dose and haven't tried it out topically yet. Will definitely be trying out other applications and uses.
15/08/2022, By Khwezi
I have been using the drops for a week now.. the taste is not that bad hey.. I don't have much to report on because its been a week.. the delivery was quick though

I will write a proper review in a month's time
15/08/2022, By Saloshni
Using this oil externally, head to toe. Very happy with this buy. Does not cause any irritation to daughter's eczema prone skin. Not to keen on drinking oils will rather try the capsules to test health benefit of this so-called miracle oil.
15/08/2022, By Cam
This oil is amazing. I only use it externally for massaging as I have low blood pressure. It has helped for joint pains, menstrual cramps and whatever muscle pain I have had.
15/08/2022, By Melanie
This is truly a miracle of nature. My mother uses this to rub onto her feet that always seem to burn after walking long distances as a result of her nerve endings. This oils cools it down almost immediately. She is uses it as an all-rounder, internally, externally such as to put on her feet and mix with her shampoos.
15/08/2022, By Tebogo
I had a cough for a few days, my throat was sore and scratchy too.
I mixed a teaspoon on this oil together with a teaspoon on raw honey one evening, and by the next morning, my cough was gone. I had the mixture again the next morning and by the afternoon my throat was also better.
15/08/2022, By mbali
I have more energy in one week of use , I hope to feel a lot better soon
15/08/2022, By Singh
The best price, especially when buying in bulk.
Ive returned again to buy more.
15/08/2022, By Sharni
After a week of use this has sorted out my itchy scalp- and cooled it down as well. The smell is a little overpowering, so for my first few applications, I diluted the oil with a little castor oil. On the bottle it does say the product will last only two months after opening, so I hope to find more uses for it.
15/08/2022, By Melanie
My husband have always been suffering of terrible sinus issues. This really makes a difference for him. My mom uses it because this really helps with her burning foot-soles. We just swallow it in a teaspoon and have a glass of juice afterward or a fruit.
15/08/2022, By Yvette
I have been on this oil for a month now and AMAZING results. I'm more regular and don't suffer from blottedness any longer. Just a spoon in my yoghurt in the morning and happiness!
15/08/2022, By Ayanda
This being my 3rd bottle, I am thoroughly enjoying this oil. I've been using it for about 6 months now and my face is loving it. I also use it to brush my teeth as well as ingesting it. I've used it for sinus, works great. Used on cuts and acne and it does really work.

Don't expect it to work over night, but also depends on your frequency of use. But be sure it does work.

And for its benefits, it's worth the money.
15/08/2022, By Ilona
This oil is great for the skin, it is amazing , doesn't leave an oily residue, use it day or night doesn't feel heavy and does not clog the pores. Would definitely recommend it to anyone with acne prone / sensisensitive skin
15/08/2022, By Sue
I firmly believe that this is the "secret ingredient" for me being able to maintain my health both mentally & physically during a very very difficult year
15/08/2022, By Kelly
i loooooove this flavour and smell. i dont use it consistently enough to notice if it has any benefits on me but i will definitely buy again
15/08/2022, By Pauli
I cannot use Omega 3 oils due to allergies. Have a very dry skin so need oil in my diet.
This oil is amazing in my daily breakfast smoothy.
I put a squeeze of lemon with the whole mixture and find it makes the oil taste less, although the taste was not over powering.
15/08/2022, By Cindy
I bought the Black Cumin Oil because I've heard so much about it's fantastic and almost miraculous health benefits, and with my fiancé struggling with digestive issues, as well as his fear of colon cancer as his dad passed away from it, I thought it would be a good addition to our daily routine. I won't lie, initially the taste is a little scary, so much so I actually googled to make sure it was supposed to taste like that because it almost tastes as if it should be toxic lol I was happy to find this is in fact how it is supposed to taste! We now have a tablespoon of it every morning on an empty stomach mixed with a teaspoon of raw honey and a little hot water in a shot glass, and it is much more palatable.

I noticed a few changes in the first week, but thought surely it couldn't work that quickly, but it definitely seems to!! I feel invigorated, and before I constantly felt fatigued and sluggish, I also notice less hair being left behind in my brush, and it seems to be helping with my mucous issues as well! My fiancé has seen a noticeable difference in his digestive/bowel issues, and is elated to finally have something that works!
15/08/2022, By Rayhaan
This is an essential part of a daily routine, helps with everything!
15/08/2022, By Carol Anne
Unfortunately this oil stopped me sleeping, even though I took it in the morning. I tried repeatedly going on and off it and every time I took it within a day I could not sleep again, so have had to give up. However I have friends who take it and they are OK with it, so its probably my hyper sensitivity. I have no idea why it keeps me awake. I also cannot take colloidal silver as it causes my (replaced) knee to swell and get very painful... but nobody can explain it. So Im probably just weird. I am disappointed that I can take this oil, but it just doesn agree with me.
15/08/2022, By Alexandra
I take a teaspoon whenever Im feeling a bit low ebb and it seems to do the trick. I quite like its earthy peppery flavour too.
15/08/2022, By Lyn
I found it works well if I rub it on my skin, as well as consuming it.
15/08/2022, By Victoria
This oil is amazing, We give God Almighty Lord Jesus Christ His Glory for this creation. The oil has eliminates bad breath and bleeding gums, reduces depression and anamia, soothens out old skin lumps and regulates painful periods, maintains hair soft and strong, all these in one family. We are all amazed, and we will definitely continue using this oil.
15/08/2022, By Priya
Taste is nasty... However the effects are wonderful. Got rid of a cold quite rapidly. Also makes you feel energized and good for digestion. Will buy again.
15/08/2022, By Surita
Gugu - Im just posting regarding your comment about your cystic acne. I did a lot of research on this which pointed me to the use of Saw Palmetto. It inhibits the hormone conversion of (term removed due to banned terminology) which in in turn inhibits the overstimulation of your sebaceous glands. I highly recommend it, it changed my life! Do a bit of research for yourself and try find a good quality supplement. Solar and Flora Force are good ones. Wishing you loads of success on this. I know how awful cystic acne is!
15/08/2022, By Adele
Both my mom and I got the flu early in the season, and though we got better, it just did not leave us, until we started using the Black Cumin Oil every night before bed. Finally rid of the cough. I have also noted that my periods are less painful, and also the appearance of cellulite has minimized since I started using the oil. Had some bad nightmares whilst using the first bottle, but by the time we opened the second one, the dreams were something of the past. This is now a staple. Just feel more healthy and energized.
15/08/2022, By Petrha
Amazing Product! My mom had a cold, she took 5ml of this 3times for 2 days and the next day her scratchy throat and runny nose cleared up. It even worked for my sinus and hay fever allergies! More effective than any other product I previously used. Im so glad that I dont have to take harsh medications anymore :D
15/08/2022, By Lebogang
My daughters hair was shedding a lot, in less than a week of using it she shedding has dramatically lessened.
15/08/2022, By Shaazia
I actually only learnt that our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) had said that the black cumin seed is a cure for every disease except death - on your website so thanks again FTN, you guys are amazing!! Our prophet (PBUH) also said that its best taken with honey, which makes alot of sense as it helps the taste of it go down better...

Folk medicine have been trying and testing black cumin seeds and oil for decades and many people recommend that for those with a sensitive tummy, heat the seeds on low heat to sort of remove the art taste and to take it with honey..

Also there was a study done on mice who had radiation treatment done, and those who have been given the oil with honey had better results than those who had been given the oil alone but ofcourse they all had better results than the mice who didnt have any oil at all...

Anyway, its a great daily supplement for any health conscious person..I am currently breastfeeding, and boil 1 tsp of seeds in water let it steep and add a tsp of oil too with 2 tsp honey , it helped my milk production better than anything else Ive tried and also noticed an overall difference in my energy levels..highly recommended
15/08/2022, By Lungisa
Great as a supplement. I have been having a cough that will just not go away! This has helped a great deal with that. Oh...and its amazing for skin and hair!
15/08/2022, By Mavis
Crede black cumin oil worked very well for me when I was coming out of hospital diagnosed with liver failure. I was very weak and no energy at all but once I started using it, I discovered some HUGE changes. I was full of energy the whole day and when I went back for my appointment in hospital I was told I had improved with my liver function, and I must say I was very pleased with my outcome. Just two weeks ago I had flu and I used my MY MAGIC TOOL again and as usual it did not let me down the following day I was A for AWAY.Thank you to Crede Black Cumin oil.
15/08/2022, By HBV
Super impressed with this product. Was intrigued to use black cumin oil after I read so many good things about it. I can see some difference in my energy levels after using this oil for 2 weeks. Excited to see its long term effects….
15/08/2022, By Habeebat A
Miracle in a bottle
15/08/2022, By Angelique
It tastes as it smells: horrible! And its not for anyone with a sensitive stomach. It burns and leaves a nasty taste in your mouth that is difficult to get rid of. If you want a more gentle anti-bacterial drink/supplement, Id suggest drinking ginger tea.

This is a brilliant product for skin and scalp treatments. Before washing my hair (use as once a week treatment), Ill massage black cumin seed oil into my scalp. The result? No more itchiness! Reduced dryness and scalp stays fresh and less oily for longer after wash. I imagine it will also be good for fungal infections and lice. It definitely works for mild dandruff, and the scent is not that bad - medicinal and potent, but having it on your head feels like you
e doing something good for your scalp.

On facial skin, its oily, but it keeps acne at bay. Best mixed in with an oil-based serum like Victorian Gardens rosehip healing serum, or make your own with black cumin seed oil and boabab oil, with a bit of calming lavender essential oil to counter the stimulating scent.

Great product! It also lasts a long time. Will buy again.

Again, please note that this is not a miracle product, no matter what people say, and that it can replace a healthy diet and lifestyle!
15/08/2022, By zintle
it really is a miracle oil. I just add a few drops to my face cream I felt the difference in just two days and I also take a teaspoon twice a day its also effective on sore muscles...:)
15/08/2022, By Reyghana
This is the greatest immune booster ever used! Is it possible that Faithful to Nature could add the words Peace be upon him in brackets after mentioning the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

Thanking you in advance
15/08/2022, By Sufinnah
Before taking cumin oil, Id get a flu/cold every month but since Ive been taking 1tsp every day for the past few months, I haven had a flu or cold since! Ive recommended this oil to everyone who has complained to me about an illness and Ive had great feedback. This oil has become a part of my life!
15/08/2022, By Gugu
I have been taking this 2 tsp's a day. One in morning and one at night. As I suffer from cystic acne, this somehow reduces the inflamation on the cysts. I also apply 2 drops topically on the cysts, and it stops the burning and reduces inflamation. Great product! I just wish it could completely rid me of the horrible cysts on my face!
13/02/2021, By John
Whoever came up with this idea of Faith-to-nature was truly a Mad genius.....Keep it Up.
19/01/2021, By Zee
Take a teaspoon morning and evening... Definitely helps with allergies. If you can afford to, go with the bulk bottle (250ml) as it works out quite cheaper.
09/12/2020, By Marco
Love the taste and keeps me healthy!
02/12/2020, By MK-1
This is a powerhouse, but if you're ingesting it, be aware that you may cause an imbalance on your bodies Omegas between 3 and 6.

I love it though
02/12/2020, By Emma
I got this for my partner who has really bad psoriasis on his scalp, and it really helps to keep the flakiness at bay. I love the herby smell, it smells like a pine forest.
21/11/2020, By Carey
This is a good product. I like the cumin flavour but the oil taste is something to get used to. I will buy again though, for the benefits black seed oil has.
29/10/2020, By Yusus
great product
07/08/2020, By Thatgirl
Good product, many benefits
23/07/2020, By Sasha
I use this oil to ease asthma symptoms. It has a great kick to it and works very well. I am really happy with this product.
12/06/2020, By Offred
Great product, I really feel it helps with my immunity.
09/06/2020, By Marelize
I bought this to help with my boyfriend's eczema flare-ups. I rubbed it into his scalp and it really helped with keeping the flakiness at bay. The taste is very strong so if ingesting I would add it to a drink.
01/06/2020, By Talent
Home remedy genius
17/05/2020, By Dawn
Fresh stock with a small bottle
09/05/2020, By Real
Best health drink
06/05/2020, By Wesley
Such a great cumin oil. Love it
05/05/2020, By Samantha
Perfect for my Shebutter overnight balms I produce
02/05/2020, By Thaveshnee
Good product
28/04/2020, By Happy
A spoon per morning
21/04/2020, By alyl
Love it
13/04/2020, By Moca
Best Oil ever. I even use it on my face as a moisture and it took away my dark marks and I add some in my hair as my hair is really thick.
17/03/2020, By Stephanie
My go to for sore throat, colds, flu and coughs. Very versatile works well on skin, hair and face too. Just good stuff.
10/03/2020, By zamo
great product just not great on taste
31/01/2020, By Organic
27/12/2019, By Helper
27/12/2019, By Helper
How's that for an oil
28/09/2019, By Roux
Tastes rather bad, but it's easy to overlook the taste because it works
04/06/2019, By Neo
i only bought this product because of the beautiful reviews i read here. i must say that there is nothing good i can attest to this product. it tastes awful and i couldn't even finish the bottle. i tried to apply it to my son's ring worms but did not work. i will not repurchase again.
10/03/2019, By Naca
Nice product
06/12/2018, By Ash
I bought this because it was R20 cheaper that the one I usually buy. It is by far a very weak version of the real thing. This is a 25% as potent as the stuff I get at Indian stores. I think that perhaps they are adding another oil to the final version.
15/11/2018, By Catherina
A strong woody,but the results are worth it. Cleared up last bit of chest infection and improved asthma symptoms.
19/10/2018, By vanessa
i am hypothyroid, this seems to be working well as it helps with inflamation
22/09/2018, By Tricia
My doctor picked up some pre-cancerous cells so I went on a mission to do what I could to improve my health. I was very happy to find this product that is a natural immune booster and helps to fight cancer. I add it to my morning smoothie and know I am doing what I can for my health
17/07/2018, By Sasha
I absolutely love this oil! I either eat it straight from a teaspoon or use it in my smoothies. Whenever I use this oil, I notice my breathing (asthma symptoms) are much better. The taste is a little strong, but that's how I like it.
08/07/2018, By Haseena
One of the best natural home remedies around. Very versatile, multiple uses!
27/04/2018, By Sam
Great oil
13/04/2018, By Gcins
Great for hair growth and as a chest rub for the kids
30/03/2018, By Ann
An amazing antidote
19/01/2018, By Carish
great for the skin!!!
12/01/2018, By Monique
So many health benefits of this oil...tastes really funky though but the benefits are worth it
01/12/2017, By Shakirah
This is an excellent product and so well priced too. I used the oil as a health tonic and immune booster, a tsp of oil with a tsp of honey in a mug of hot water and I feel it gives me extra energy and mental clarity and stops a cold and sore throat, in its tracks.

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