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Earthsap East India Islands Mens Body Wash

Earthsap East India Islands Mens Body Wash
Earthsap East India Islands Mens Body Wash
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Earthsap Men's Body Wash contains a number of different natural oils and spices from the Islands of East India (Java, Sumatra and Bornea) creating a signature range for men.

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This mild cleansing natural body wash is gentle enough for daily use, with the warm fragrance of cloves, aniseed and citrus.


Apply to sponge or cloth and lather onto body. Breathe in the natural aroma, then rinse.


Purified Water, Sponified Coconut Extract, Decyl/Lauryl Glucoside (From Coconuts), Sugar Beet Salt, Oils of Clove, Aniseed, Lemon and Rosemary

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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 61 reviews

57 out of 61 people would recommend this product

27/09/2021, By Euodia
Me & hubby have been using this for a year. Love love love the smell. Doesn't dry our skins out, lathers well.
27/09/2021, By Euodia
Me & hubby have been using this for a year. Love love love the smell. Doesn't dry our skins out, lathers well.
10/03/2021, By M
Great masculine body-wash. Happily passed by resident teen wary of his mothers green experiments! Could it be sold in bulk ?
16/02/2021, By Eroets
Amazing smell for for men and women. Doesn't dry our skin out, but still cleans well, foams well.
12/11/2020, By Johan
Love it and will not buy anything else
31/10/2020, By Elsie
Fantastic scent. My husband and son love this!
27/10/2020, By Jen
didn't like this at all - it feels and smells cheap (which it is not)
11/07/2020, By James
I really enjoy this product. Please never change the recipe! It foams really well, smells great and lasts long too.

It would just be really nice to have the option to by a bulk refill or something like that to prove t the plastic waste from the bottles.
17/06/2020, By yvonne
My partner loves this and I love the smell. Great product.
23/05/2020, By First born
Fantastic mix
07/05/2020, By Mianca
Great body wash for my husband. It’s his new favorite. Smells fresh for a long time
29/04/2020, By Happy
Lovely wash
27/04/2020, By Candy
27/04/2020, By Candy
Wash well
07/03/2020, By Organic
Genius body wash
20/02/2020, By Andrew
Works as well as any other I've used
19/01/2020, By Aid
Good smell
17/10/2019, By Janette
The Earthsap range provides gentle cleansing with wonderful aromas. I don't care that this is supposedly "for men", I use the shampoo as well.
02/09/2019, By CM
My husband loves this range... specially for guys... Great body wash. would make a great gift set accompanied by the rest of the range...
11/08/2019, By Nadia
I keep on buying this for my husband, as well as myself if I want to switch up a few things. Still the best men's smelling product, EVER.
06/07/2019, By Nadia
Still one of the best smelling body wash that Earthsap has ever made.
13/04/2019, By Nadia
Best smelling body wash I've ever smelled before - I bought this for my husband, but I ended up using it too. I love this.
04/02/2019, By Junette
My husband loves this body wash! Great product and it smells good!
02/02/2019, By Ty
I have super sensitive skin and this does leave my skin feeling good, where most shower gels don't. I had seen all the reviews about how great it smells and that is why I bought it but I am really not a fan. The smell wasn't as strong as I was hoping, but that is probably good as I don't like the smell. Reminds me of Old Spice or Aramis. Just a personal preference though.
03/12/2018, By Lara
My husband loves this body wash and I having been buying it monthly. Today I noticed it has Palm oil in it, so I can no longer include it in my monthly purchase. :(
21/11/2018, By A
My favourite scent for my husband. It smells like heaven in a bottle.
15/10/2018, By Catherine
I bought this for my boyfriend, and although it did not foam as much, he liked the product very much. The scent was really lovely and not overpowering as most commercial products are. I thought that this scent was particularly great for winter as it is spicy and rich.
18/09/2018, By Sharlene
It's hard to convert my hubby to organic products, but one thing that won him over is this body wash. He suffers from dry skin which itches. Since using this body wash the itch is gone and he refuses to go without it.
10/09/2018, By Elizna
Got this for my husband and he loves it.
03/07/2018, By Sandra
I've been buying this for the last 3 years for my son now, it's great body wash, good foaming, and the smell is subtle but very pleasant.
22/06/2018, By Ria
Really good body wash
05/06/2018, By Estelle
Bought this for my son in law; he absolutely loves it and says it is the only wash he can use on his beard that does not make him itch.
03/05/2018, By Larisa
Smells great, good consistency and it doesn't make my skin itch.
26/04/2018, By mike
love it.
04/04/2018, By Melisha
My boyfriend absolutely loves this body wash - it lathers nicely and has a great scent which is not too strong.
22/03/2018, By Healthy Girl
03/03/2018, By Luane
Love the spicey scent but also a product that lasts as it foams well and doesn't dry out the skin like other branded products.
27/02/2018, By Karen
Hubby has been using this for ages. Smells great and cleans well without drying out his skin.
02/02/2018, By Cheryl
Love this product. Initially bought it for my husband and sons, now I love it too. The fragrance is masculine, but very acceptable for ladies too! Great for my septic tank.
30/01/2018, By SunStar
Bought this, with the body lotion for my dad. He loves it. Leaves a lovely clean, refreshing scent on the skin.
14/01/2018, By Monique
The first few times i bought this, this fragrance was amazing, it was my favourite shower gel...but then the last time i bought it it was...not as good anymore? I've never bought it again since, but maybe one day i'll give it another try, maybe i got a bad bottle (not that it smelled bad but it wasn't AS good, like they changed their formula or something). Lathers well though, no other complaints.
30/12/2017, By SunStar
My dad loves this body wash. Smells great and fragrance lingers.
27/12/2017, By Mieke
My bf loved it. Smells great and lathers well.
06/10/2017, By Elsie
Great fragrance and my husband loves it.
31/08/2017, By Anel
Hubby is not the biggest fan of this scent.
31/08/2017, By Cherona
My boyfriend keeps buying this, so it's gotta be good :-) It does have a lovely fragrance too.
06/07/2017, By Cristina
Love the spicy smell of this product. Doubles up very well as bubble bath too given there aren't really any bubble eco-friendly bubble bath products out there.
18/03/2016, By Brian
Someone had left this product in the mens shower at a campsite and after using it I was so impressed that I bought some. For me, it is very pleasant and effective. I would not hesitate to recommend you give it a try!
28/01/2016, By Janine
I bought this for my hubby. This has such an addictive, sexy smell. Can get enough of the smell!
27/04/2015, By Kate
If you are picky about what scents you like, I would recommend smelling this in a shop before buying. I find the scent, while described accurately in the product description, is VERY strong and cloying. I like the products I use to be quite subtlely scented, and this is not.

Texture is milky and quite liquid, sort of like a hair conditioner. Lathers nicely.
24/02/2015, By Anton
Earthsaps range is so good and so wonderful and this is no exception. This shower gel has an amazing subtle fragrance that lingers.

Foams lovely and cleans well. Sponge used is best. Does not dry.

Has a masculine note but women who like CKNY should love this.
10/02/2015, By Jessica
Let me start by saying that I LOVE the Earthsap shower gels - they smell great and are gentle enough for my sensitive skin. My favourite is still the Tea Tree Peppermint one.

This one, however, was a huge disappointment.

Based on the other reviews, and my experience with Earthsap, I expected a lovely scent. instead I got a shower gel with almost no scent. I can smell it if I put my nose to the bottle opening, but actually using it in the shower is a non-event. Very disappointing.

Maybe I got a bad batch?? Not going to waste my money on this one again.
06/01/2015, By Carissa
Love the smell and foams nicely. I am very impressed with the ingredients as well. Highly recommended!
05/11/2014, By Brenda
Great smell - for him or her.
Love all your body washes. Well done Earthsap
19/09/2014, By Thavashni
This body wash has a great smell, both my husband and I love it.
21/06/2014, By Diane
Ive just ordered my second bottle, together with the deodorant and body cream. all for me. I love the scent; its not too masculine at all. Perfect for all the spicy women out there!
27/09/2013, By Santie
I adore this body wash! I got this as a treat for my hubby and I love how the smell lingers on him. The bottle also lasts and lasts and is real value for money!
12/09/2011, By Masadi
This smells subtle and sexy - I love it!
19/08/2011, By Jenni
I really like this shower gel - it has a lovely subtle scent. Slightly sweet with a touch of spice - & not overwhelmingly spicy. I originally bought it for my brother, but ended up using it myself too!
04/02/2011, By Carma
Fantastic smell! My husband loves this product, it foams well and I love to use it myself too!

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