Robyn’s Top Picks in February

I’m still on a mission to find healthy products that make our busy lives just a little easier and as always am totally inspired by how much innovation is happening in the health and eco industries. These are some of my top picks for the month.

  1. Just Peachy Dried Paw-Paw

This unpreserved dried papaya is one of my favourite finds for my whole family. It is not tooth-burning sweet like most dried fruit and comes with a cocktail of awesome health benefits. It is immune boosting and eating paw-paw after a meal makes for better digestion and prevents bloating and chronic indigestion.

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2. Boody Eco-wear

I absolutely adore this whole range of certified bamboo clothing. The clothes fit well; feel amazing on my skin and it’s a pleasure to be able to get one more thing from Faithful to Nature rather than having to go to travel all the way to the mall for a pair of synthetic socks. I started with just a pair of the ¾ tights; and have slowly grown to include the whole range I love Boody so much!

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3. Nutritional Yeast

I cannot get enough of this stuff. My son and I eat very little animal by-products and it’s such a tasty source of essential vitamin B, folic acid and protein. It tastes like a crunchy dry cheese topping and is delicious on salads; snacks and cooked meals. I sprinkled it on the salad in the image below.


Health Connection Nutritional Yeast 50g pack of 3 (150g), R64

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4. Nakd Cashew Nut Bar

This is a fantastic find for lunchboxes and food on the go. It contains only raw cashews and dates. I keep a few in my backpack and always have some handy for rushed mornings when I’m struggling to find inspiration of what to pack my son for school!

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5. Good Hemp Milk

The name says it all – hemp milk is a great alternative to dairy and taste great in our morning smoothies. It’s free of allergens like lactose, soy and nuts, plus it’s loaded with health-giving omegas.

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6. Spaza Homeware

We’re kicking back to the old-school days with this awesome range of food savers and I love it. We would obviously never use cling-wrap or tin-foil in our home, and these are so much easier to use than finding the right storage jar and ultimately just using and washing more containers.

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7. Skruba Veggie Gloves

This is another innovative way to make life easier and healthier around the kitchen. The gloves allow you to clean your fresh produce while retaining the nutrient dense skins of most vegetable. Just throw them in the washing machine when they need a clean. One size fits all, so everyone can get involved – I must note that they are quite big on my small hands, but it’s not an issue for me!

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8. Eco.kid Daily Conditioner

The whole Eco.Kid range has been designed to include essential oils that prevent lice – and there have been a lot of rounds of lice making their way through my son’s school this summer. I was actually advised by another mother how grateful she has been for this keeping her daughter’s long hair lice-free and so bought some for my son. Works like a charm – I just do a quick spray each morning and we have been very (very) fortunate that the little critters have not made their way anywhere near our home!


Eco.kid Daily Leave-In Hair Conditioner (For Kids Hair) 500ml, R270

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9. Absolute Organix Oil Pulling Oil

If you are into oil pulling, I’d be very happy recommending this. I love the added spearmint and the fact that the coconut oil has been ozonated. For those new to oil-pulling, it is the ancient Ayurvedic oral care practice of using natural oils to clean the teeth and detoxify the mouth. As you swish the oil around your mouth, it literally “pulls” out nasties like bacteria, viruses and toxins, leaving your entire mouth cleaner and healthier. We have loved how great our mouths feel since starting this and I can’t imagine that it will ever not be part of our oral hygiene.

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10. BREW Kombucha

I’ve spotlighted a range of kombucha before, as those who follow my picks will know – I love kombucha! I recently decided to give the BREW range a try and it’s quickly become a firm favourite. I love that it comes in glass bottles and the tea always has a consistent mild flavour.

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