Ditch the Drama & Increase Your Energy Levels

The entire universe is alive with energy. We are surrounded by energy. We are energy. And this energy vibrates. All particles are merely vibrations of energy and even the atoms that form objects and the substances that we call solid are made up of 99.9999% space. By having this realisation, we start to understand that we are constantly surrounded by a universe of choices; like attracts like and particles of a similar vibration will be attracted to one another.

So, here’s something to mull over; What is your vibration? What kind of a vibe are you giving off? How do you resonate and what are you attracting into your life?


Recently, I’ve started walking my dogs in the (extremely ordinary) hills close to my house. You would hardly call it a “magical” walk. The path is sandy with low shrubs and not much in terms or flora around, but each and every time I go out, I seem to return home with pocketsful of crystals. Truth be told, this isn’t a unique experience for me; my pockets are usually heavy with crystals and beautiful stones I collect everywhere. Crystals are my thing. My eyes seem to be drawn to them and I find them literally littered on pathways all over the place. It always amazes me when I look down an find a perfectly formed quartz just lying there, especially when I see people just walk by it.

But the reason I find them while others don’t is because I actively look for them. I resonate a desire to find them. I care about crystals; so I find them. At the same time, there is so much that I don’t notice, because I don’t intentionally want to notice anything else. Where is my intent? Vibration? Vibe?

Stay with me here. It’s a simple metaphor. If that path is your life, what is it that you care about? What frequency are you resonating at? What are you taking note of and thereby attracting?

And when I ask; “What is it that you care about?”, I don’t mean on an intellectual level.  Dig deeper and answer it from the viewpoint of where are you investing your energy. What do you talk about? Who do you talk about? What gives you joy? What is taking that joy away? What are your triggers? What is it that you care so much about that you allow it to distract you from noticing the treasures on your walk? What is the drama?


If we understand that everything is energy, then the saying, “I have no energy” is paradoxical in nature. It’s just not correct. We all have energy. We are energy. What matters is the quality of our energy. We are the masters of our energetic fruits. The quality of our energy comes down to our choices and what we intentionally choose to care about.


So, let’s get to the point and address the elephant in the room. Drama. If you really want to bring about a change in the quality of your energy and ‘find more’ of it, are you identifying these pockets of drama and releasing them?

Choose to let go.

One final piece of food for thought: Choosing to bring good quality energy into your life doesn’t just affect you; since we are all energy, you could say that we are all entangled and meshed together in an ocean of energy. This means that your positive energy will ripple and influence those around you. And in the same sense, because you are part of this ocean, your ripple will come back, and you’ll receive a dose of your own good energy.

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