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Bio-logic Hair and Body Soap

Bio-logic Hair and Body Soap
Bio-logic Hair and Body Soap
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  • 100g
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Don’t be shy to use this refreshing soap for your hair and body alike. Bio-logic Hair and Body Soap is specially formulated to target skin bugbears such as rashes, fungal infections and dandruff using 100% natural ingredients and the moisturising, healing qualities of sustainably sourced palm oil. Natural essential oils of rosemary, tea tree and thyme are antifungal, helping to soothe itching while acting to kill yeast and are coupled with the antibacterial and cleansing power of bentonite clay to deep cleanse your skin and scalp of toxins and chemicals. Keep unwanted skin problems at bay without the harshness of artificial chemicals such as triclosan, just the potent effects of natural herbs.

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  • 100% natural formulation
  • All natural Ingredients
  • Suitable for body and hair use
  • Sustainably sourced Palm Oil is very healing and hydrating for skin
  • No harsh chemicals that can be absorbed, or irritate your skin
  • Pleasant, clean, natural fragrance that won't get up your nose 
  • Natural antibacterial essential oils: contains no triclosan

Formulated to combat rashes, fungal infections dandruff and rashes:

Bentonite Clay deep cleanses, drawing out toxins and disinfecting

Rosemary, tea tree & Thyme acts to kill yeast and fungus, while alleviating itching and deoderising


Palm Oil 43%, Sunflower Oil 21%, Olive Oil 9%, Water 15.5%, Lye 9%m, Beeswax 2%, Bentonite Clay 0.5%, Rosemary, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Rosemary & Thyme herbs                        

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Overall Rating
4.3 out of 5 stars from 43 reviews

39 out of 43 people would recommend this product

19/01/2022, By Jackie
I had a strange rash on my leg and no amount of cortisone cream or creams the Doctor gave me got rid of it.
I started washing my leg with this soap and within a week the rash had gone.
It now has a permanent position in our bathroom.
20/10/2021, By Gerda
The soap is really not working on my hair. I've got long fine hair, and can't get the soap washed out, it leaves a heavy tacky feeling. I'm really struggling with an itchy irritated scalp, and hope that this soap will be the answer, but unfortunately doesn't work for scalp eczema. Fortunately will be able to use as a body soap, seems nice for that purpose.
15/02/2021, By Christina
Great product, had battled to find a soap to use for my 1 year old who had a rash on her back. Started using this and within a week her skin was improving. We only use this soap now and haven’t had a problem since.
11/01/2021, By Desire
I can't really decide. Sometimes it leaves my hair feeling waxy and oily other times it's quite okay it also doesn't smell nice, but it's really good for using as soap.
30/10/2020, By Qudsiyyah
Nice and convenient that it can be used for both hair and body.
13/09/2020, By Paula B
My Mum & I have always had very dry scaly skin. This soap is THE BEST! Beats Clarins, Le Mer, Chanel “sensitive” soaps on our view. No itchy skin on climbing out the shower. Pure bliss.
My mum uses it on her hair which is short and fine. She has eczema. Found it made her hair a little oily initially but loves the relief it gives her now. I have long hair and add an egg cup of coconut oil to a sulphate free shampoo, together with peppermint, lavender and tea tree oils which does the trick.
03/08/2020, By Banner
Excellent bar
17/11/2019, By Lorindi
What a perfect soap to.use on sensitive skin. A miracle for psoriasis.
17/07/2019, By Tania
This soap smells lovely and worked really well with clearing up spot rashes I had
13/07/2019, By Alexandra
Perfectly fine as a soap, but terrible for me as shampoo. I have thick wavy hair, and this made my hair very greasy at the roots, even after trying to use it for over a week for my hair to get used to it.
27/06/2019, By Lyn
Enjoying the convenience of an all in one bar.
26/06/2019, By MJ
Great product. I love the smell and knowing that I'm not exposing my skin to gross chemicals gives me a really good feeling. This soap did dry out my hair a little bit after the first few washes, but afterwards it kept my (fairly oily) hair cleaner for longer than any other shampoo I've ever used and my hair is back to being softer and healthier than ever before. Additional, possibly the best positive: no plastic.
18/03/2019, By Kate
I really like this soap but it did not work on my hair. It is super nice on my skin though. It would be great if it was plastic free.
16/03/2019, By Terry
It has palm oil in it.
15/03/2019, By Cat
Wonderfull soap.
05/03/2019, By Chrizane
Good to use as body soap. Didn't work on my hair at all, as it left a feeling of product residue and hair felt weighed down. The soap lather can be described as somewhat stickier than soapy.
03/03/2019, By Annette
This is a nice soap with a great smell but I tried it for my hair because I wanted to see how it works for dandruff and dry scalp. I don't know if I used it correctly but it left a residue on my hair. I have a pixie cut but have thick hair. So it didn't work for my hair but it's a good shower soap.
19/02/2019, By anonymous
Great soap
13/11/2018, By Gail
Nice soap
12/11/2018, By Sara
Lovely soap
26/10/2018, By Jessica
I have shoulder length hair and I found that although this lathers well, it takes quite a lot of time to get enough foam to wash my hair. Compared to shampoo, this easily takes five times longer to wash my hair. It left my hair soft, but greasy at the back. Perhaps because I missed a bit because it doesn't soak in well. If I had short hair I think I would love this. Also, it isn't packaging free, as it comes in a plastic wrapper. Smells lovely.
15/10/2018, By Inge
My husband refuses to use anything else again. Will re-order.
08/10/2018, By Angela
Lovely as a body soap but not too sure about it as a shampoo bar.
20/09/2018, By hayley
At first I was can a bar of soap do this?.. but I was pleasantly surprised. Hair was clean and shiny and. Soft.
03/09/2018, By Danielle
Works really well. Doesn't leave hair and skin feeling dried out. Awesome product!
06/07/2018, By Lindsey
Happy to finally be able to purchase a product that is plastic free and that works really well!
26/06/2018, By Getruida
I like this product. Its economical and does the job well
26/06/2018, By Natascha
Very good for sensitive skin, it helped a lot to heal my breakout-prone skin and lighten the scars. It did seem to be effective as shampoo soap even though I don't use it for that very often. Pleasant, very light herb smell, I'll buy this again.
19/06/2018, By Getruida
This product is good however some improvements can be made
17/05/2018, By KomboKatjie
This does not burnt my scalp at all which is great! Will keep using this for a while to see how well it does over time, but looking really good so far!
07/05/2018, By Eve
Love it, having just one thing to use in the shower saves so much time in the mornings
21/11/2017, By mart
Great product very impressed, love it use it, every day, for body and hair.
21/10/2017, By Leeanne
I'm very impressed with this soap, it smells divine and lathers beautifully, I like the addition of the rosemary as they serve nicely as an exfoliatior. The soap also lasts for a long time so it's great value for money.
06/10/2017, By TJ
Very gentle as a soap but not strong enough for a shampoo in my case
29/09/2017, By Sue
Nice soap with pleasantly herbaceous smell. The bar is more slimy compared to other soaps, but it foams nicely and didn't dry out my skin (I even used it for my face and my skin is quite sensitive). Great for shaving. Unfortunately it did not work for me as a shampoo (normal to fine hair) which is the main reason that I bought it - left my hair a bit brittle and waxy.
27/09/2017, By Wanjiru
I used this for my Afro-textured dreadlocks. IT worked wonders by removing build-up and cleansing my hair. For application I grated it and dissolved it in warm water because the friction from using the bar directly isn't good for my hair. I think it foams much better this way. Lovely smell too!
06/09/2017, By Janine
This soap didn't work as a shampoo for me but shampoo bars don't tend to work for me even with the acv rinse so it wasn't expected. I do however love this soap as it gives a luxurious lather and love the nice clean smell. Does not dry out my very dry skin. Will definitely buy this again.
31/08/2017, By Jemma
This soap is amazing, it leaves my skin feeling great and it works so well on my hair that i cannot bring myself to use normal shampoo anymore. I will definitely be buying more. It would be nice if it was not wrapped in plastic but rather in a cardboard box
24/07/2017, By Rose
Love the soap but it would be amazing of they could ditch the plastic packaging.
25/05/2017, By Malikah
I really love the fact that, after using this on my hair, that I don't need a conditioner. The smell that it leaves on my hair and body is so soft and natural. I will never let chemicals touch my body again, natural is definitely the way to go!
04/01/2017, By Beatrice
This soap works better with conditioner to give hair a shiny finish. Anyway its a good dupe of LUSH.
10/07/2016, By Mariam
The soap has a lovely anti-bacterial smell but it feels good knowing this is a natural soap. Skin feels really clean after use. Does not lather too much but this is fine as the amount of lather produced isn an indication of its efficiency. Would be good if this product was sold at a discounted bulk price as the only con is that it finishes too quickly.
20/05/2016, By Sheri
This soap was really good. It has a soft buttery texture. It smells amazing. I used this for my hair and it didn dry or tangle it. I prefer this soap than the Kaylan ones. Will be purchasing this again.

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