Pure Simple Stain-Go Citrus Soap

Pure Simple Stain-Go Citrus Soap
Pure Simple Stain-Go Citrus Soap
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This soap is made from pure palm, coconut and olive oil to make a hard bar of soap that cleans thoroughly without damaging even the most delicate fabrics. Citrus oils have been incorporated into the recipe for their effective cleaning, degreasing and antibacterial properties.


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This very effective stain stick will remove everyday stains such as food, wine, lipstick, grease, etc from clothing, nappies, table cloths, bed linen, etc.

All Pure Simple soaps are handmade using only the finest natural vegetable butters and oils, are fully biodegradable and are specially formulated to be mild and gentle on the skin. They contain no artificial additives, preservatives, cosmetic fragrances, synthetic surfactants, mineral oils or petroleum based ingredients.

Please Note: The palm oil used in this product is sustainably sourced and certified by the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).

Where possible, ingredients are sourced locally to minimise the carbon footprint and to support environment friendly principles. In keeping with these environment friendly principles, all bar soaps are packaged in biodegradable and compostable bio-plastic bags.

Please Note: Always test fabrics for colour-fastness before use.

Did you know? Caustic soda (also called lye or sodium hydroxide) is used to turn oil into bar soap but 72 hours after it is made the caustic soda is neutralised - no more oil - no more caustic soda - just pure mild safe-to-use bar soap. All PURESIMPLE bar soaps are cured for 4 - 6 weeks before being sold.


Palm oil, coconut oil; olive oil, water, lye, citrus essential oils

Please Note: The Palm Oil used in this product is RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified.

Overall Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars from 48 reviews

43 out of 48 people would recommend this product

20/02/2018, By Carla
Amazing! Works wonders on my child's white school shirts and socks and even removes most stains on my husband's overalls. Doesn't last very long in my house. And safe to use without gloves and I hate wearing gloves.
18/02/2018, By Paige
Love this product! Works incredibly well to remove stains and marks! I have even been given clothing by friends who couldn't remove stains so that I could try ---and it works every time!
08/02/2018, By Peter
Very effective and fast stain remover. Works like magic!
06/02/2018, By Harriet
Works very well for handwashing. Have been getting the worst bits off my daughter's white school shirts with this and a nail brush...perfect!
Good lather, soft on hands, lovely smell and a little goes a long way.
Stock up for day zero and the hand washing fest!
05/01/2018, By Gail
Very effective product and great scent.
05/01/2018, By Gail
Very effective product and great scent.
19/12/2017, By Jess
Great to clean cloth pads and cloth nappies! Affordable and works very well.
20/11/2017, By Corinne
Love this soap
31/10/2017, By Blossom
Effective and cost-effective
31/10/2017, By Victoria
Everyone needs one of these! I use it on my messy babies clothes... Scrub, rub, soak for a little bit, wash and tadah! Clean as a whistle. I bought the buy 2 get one free special some time back, landed up giving away two just to prove to friends how well it works.
17/10/2017, By Tracey
Super affordable and gentle on the clothes (and skin).
13/10/2017, By Zelda
I absolutely love this. It works well for stain removing. My husband works in construction and it removes some of the toughest stains.
27/09/2017, By Nevashini
such a good soap, too bad it has palm oil in it. I won't be repurchasing or recommending. the acquisition of palm oil is utterly destructive to our planet.
24/09/2017, By RdP
This works great on baby and toddler related stains. Nice to keep in your bag if there's an accident and you need to act fast to prevent stubborn stains as well. Doesn't require too much intense scrubbing and soaking to get stains out.
15/09/2017, By Cath
Unfortunately the main ingredient in this product is Palm Oil, a product responsible for the deforestation in Indonesia.
05/09/2017, By CreativelyMe
This is a fantastic soap. It takes a bit of getting used to, as it doesn't lather as much as standard soaps, but once you've figured it out, it removes sweat, blood, oils, and those weird gardening stains you can't quite figure out. I do some later/scrub alternating prior to popping everything in the machine and the items come out stain free :)
30/08/2017, By Winifred
Works well
06/08/2017, By Melissa
The first week of using this product and I am fairly happy with the results. I am keen to see what using this product is like on materials over an extended period of time.
01/08/2017, By Alexandra
Love the fresh fragrance... gentle soap
13/07/2017, By Nathalie
This little bar works wonders and lasts for a long time, bought my second one last week.
27/06/2017, By Maninie
The best soap to hand wash delicate underwear! This is my first experience with a natural soap/cleaner and I have been pleasantly surprised.
27/06/2017, By Lumi
This is one laundry product that my domestic worker keeps asking for a repeat of for a few years running !
14/06/2017, By Louis3
Would DEFINITELY recommend this product!
My 1 year old Daughter can not use any washing powder on her clothes then she itches and this is not only great for stains, but it works lovely, lasts long and I will definitely buy more of these!
In BULK!!!!!!!!!!
LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!
24/05/2017, By Tamara
This soap generally works very well. We use it extensively in place of washing powder when we travel, but also for stain removal at home. It lasts really well and deals with most stains. The only stain it does NOT work with is red wine - for some reason it turns red wine stains blue. Otherwise, it's pretty good.
01/05/2017, By No Muck
I love it! I've had great success with just rubbing it on stains and then washing. The bar will last a very long time!
15/11/2016, By Joyce
I bought this soap to help with babys clothes stains. It lathers easily and removes most fresh food stains, even blood....however it is a little harder to remove food stains that are a few days old. Nevertheless this is the soap for me when I hand wash my babys clothing that has stains. Would recommend it!
27/09/2016, By Sue
So thrilled with this laundry soap. Have old, ironed in stains that its been able to remove. Best product ever!
24/09/2016, By Karin
Amazing - works so well!
26/03/2016, By Peter
Frankly, I am amazed at how effectively this bar removes dirt and stains from almost anything. A great product.
13/03/2016, By Liezel
My mom absolutely loves this product! Not only is it brilliant with stains but the price is right and you only use a little each time so it lasts well
23/02/2016, By Grace
Removes all the stains and smells lovely, even though I prefer more herby scents.
19/02/2016, By Kate
I got a grease stain of my favorite t-shirt, but this bar got it out chop chop after two other products had failed!
27/01/2016, By Bronwyn
After reading all the glowing reviews for this product i had high expectations... and after using it, my expectations were exceeded! I have a toddler that is constantly getting her clothes filthy. This laundry soap works like a bomb! So happy with my purchase.
01/09/2015, By Chantelle
Love the smell, gentle on hands and works effectively , ,lathers well and handy size to scrub, especially collars. . Makes doing laundry a pleasure. :-) Bought one for my Mom too and she is happy with the results. :-)
06/05/2015, By Neil
Does the job quite well I must say
18/04/2015, By Lelanie
a piece of magic - this is what this is! I am amazed that a natural product can work so well. My kids socks were ruined from them walking without shoes and Ive been struggling forever to get them clean again. This soap got it clean in one shot and even more good news.... my hands don feel dry after using it at all!
12/03/2015, By Tamarin
this product has saved many clothes! My house cleaner actually asked me to buy more as nothing works like it!
19/11/2014, By Amelia
This is by far the best stain remover Ive ever used - I recommend it to anyone will babies/children/stains! :)
02/08/2014, By Linda
I have found this bar very effective in removing stains from clothing. I always keen a few in the cupboard so for us to not run out.
28/04/2014, By Liesl
I am very impressed with this soap. Its gentle enough to use on my babys garments (she suffers from eczema, so we only use natural products on all skin and clothing), but removes stains effectively.
19/03/2014, By Deborah
I used this soap on a focati rug. It lathered and cleaned beautifully.
19/09/2013, By Angela
Brilliant product! Not only does it remove recent stains, but also old ones. I can highly recommend this product!
07/09/2011, By Chanell
For my laundry, this stain remover is great! Will definitely keep on buying it :)
16/08/2011, By Felicia
This stain removing soap really works very well. It is also great for cleaning stubborn grease like a stove! Great value for money because it lasts really long.
20/07/2011, By Nirvana
I tried this product and although it works I found it a bit inconvenient for me so Ive been using Puresimple Stain Treater - Citrus Fresh Liquid instead
27/06/2011, By Roane
This soap works well on general stains and messes, and also on the bamboo inners of our Mother Nature nappies, but it doesn work so well on the waterproof outers.
08/03/2011, By Anel
I am not 100% sold on this product. I had stains on the white bull denim my sofa is covered with and it didn't remove them. I'm also not besotted with the idea of lye on my hands...a bit gimmicky in my opinion.
05/03/2011, By Anita
This stain removing soap is amazing! It takes any stubborn stains from clothing, and it even removed a red lipstick mark from my carpet, which no other cleaner could shift (I had tried several others). Fantastic value for money!

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