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Oh Mega Smooth Peanut Butter

Oh Mega Smooth Peanut Butter
Oh Mega Smooth Peanut Butter
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  • 400g
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This Oh Mega Peanut Butter is tasty, healthy and oh-so-smooth. It's full of protein-packed peanuts and contains no hydrogenated fat and has no added salt.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.

Simple Ingredients have been used in the peanut butter, each with its unique healthy benefits:

  • Peanuts contain about 25% protein and are rich in nutrients such as folate, Magnesium, fiber, Vitamin E & B3 and is naturally free of trans fats and sodium.
  • Flaxseed oil is rich in omega 3, which is necessary for good health. It has many documented health benefits related to brain function, cardiovascular health, ADHD, vision, skin, hair, etc. Nearly every system in the body can benefit from Flax seed oil’s natural properties, including the cardiovascular system, immune system, circulatory system, reproductive system, nervous system, as well as joints.
  • Honey is a natural and healthy sweetener (low GI) with many anti-bacterial properties
  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant and natural preservative.

Fun Facts:

  • Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of your mouth!
  • Peanuts are not nuts. In fact, peanut are a fruit. peanuts are legumes, which are fruits themselves because they produce fruit encased in a pod.


Peanuts, vegetable oil (Flaxseed), Honey (2%), Vitamin E
Allergens: Peanuts

Nutritional Information (per 15g serving):

  • Energy: 375kJ
  • Protein: 3.6g
  • Glycaemic carbohydrate: 2.3g; of which total Sugar: 0.7g
  • Total fat: 7.4g; of which saturated fatty acids: 1.5g; polyunsaturated fatty acids: 3g; omega 3 fatty acids: 0.4g; ALA: 354mg; monounsaturated fatty acids: 2.9g 
  • Dietary fibre: 1.1g  
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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 142 reviews

140 out of 142 people would recommend this product

02/02/2022, By Tasha
Let's just say this is all my kids want on their bread for school :)
25/01/2022, By Natasha
Our fav nut butter. My kids love the smooth & creamy taste
19/01/2022, By Bev
I love that this is a natural peanut butter with real ingredients and no evil preservatives. It is very creamy and satisfying plus makes really delicious, grain-free choc-chip peanut butter biscuits. Also proudly South African.
11/11/2021, By Yla
Not your average peanut butter. Really smooth. Love the flavour
25/08/2021, By Nicolene
Super smooth and it goes nicely with my morning oats.
12/07/2021, By Pia
A firm favourite in our household - can be a bit runny, so we keep it in the fridge.
08/07/2021, By Dawn
Best peanut butter without any added ingredients. My kids love it
11/04/2021, By Gina
Delicious, smooth and tasty. Doesn’t stick to my palate :)
06/04/2021, By Debra
This is delicious, I love it
05/04/2021, By A
It's good, a bit too thin and runny for me though.
18/03/2021, By Ruth
I love it.
02/02/2021, By Bianca
26/01/2021, By Zanele
23/12/2020, By Elizabeth
Good peanut butter. Tasty and versatile.
27/11/2020, By J
Very tasty peanut butter, and the healthiest I can find.
26/11/2020, By Jeannie
Delicious! Love the honey and flax addition.
25/11/2020, By Rox
Great Product
28/09/2020, By Kelly
I really don’t have to say anything else.
02/09/2020, By Sanet
Tastes delicious. But beware, you have to stir it quite a bit before using it. Consistency very watery in comparison to normal peanut butter. That aside, I love this. No added nonsense, just a jar of peanuty goodness!
26/08/2020, By Cindy
Our daughter hides Oh Mega's Peanut Butter as soon as it arrives. She nurtures the bottle like a living being!
20/08/2020, By Yaseen
Absolutely LOVE Oh Mega products!
28/07/2020, By Pam
Yum Yum Yum. Nothing but nuts. Creamy, tasty with no nasty ingredients. The smooth peanut butter is perfect for baking and spreading on toast. Much nicer than the usual artificial ingredients found in non organic brands.
27/07/2020, By Greenie
27/07/2020, By Yusuf
23/07/2020, By Cindy
Really tasty! Blends well with smoothies because of its runnier texture
19/07/2020, By Barbara
delicious, definitely ????
19/07/2020, By Barbara
delicious, definitely ????
15/07/2020, By Rebecca
Good and good for you. Love that its palm oil free and comes with extra vitamin
18/06/2020, By Kristen
11/06/2020, By Lisa
Best peanut butter in SA
03/06/2020, By Melize
I bought this for my husband and he loved it. It is his favourite brand of peanut butter.
01/06/2020, By Caela
As a self-proclaimed peanut butter enthusiast and having experimented with multiple brands, I can honestly say that this one takes the crown in being the tastiest and most soul-hugging! It has a great runny consistency (unlike most peanut butters) which makes it perfect for drizzling over breakfasts and other meals!
31/05/2020, By Jess
Love the consistency, texture and taste. My peanut butter of choice.
22/05/2020, By Getruida
Worst peanut butter ever. Tastes rancid and tastes more like bad tahini than peanut butter
16/05/2020, By Dawn
Peanut butter of choice
14/05/2020, By Victoria
This product is delicious. All the goodness without the guilt, love that it does not have palm oil in it!
06/05/2020, By RaynieJ
Really delicious PURE peanut butter. Just be careful it is a lot more runny than normal peanut butter and catches you at surprise when it drips off your cracker:P Super great in baking as well.
06/05/2020, By Glad
Best in town
06/05/2020, By Nonhlanhla
Near perfection
03/05/2020, By Katie
Nice but would prefer if there was no added oil.
01/05/2020, By Marie
Fantastically delicious and smooth without the sickly sweet of the commercial stuff. I really like the runny texture.
24/04/2020, By A
Lovely peanut butter, would be perfect if they omitted the vegetable oil.
16/04/2020, By Laurie
I bought this for my hubby. Likes the taste but says its a bit runny
15/04/2020, By Rentia
Love this peanut butter! Easy to spread on anything.
07/04/2020, By Getruida
Love this natural peanut butter. So tasty and better than that commercial stuff.
06/04/2020, By Blue
Lovely peanut butter
01/04/2020, By Terry
Too grainy and sweet for me, but an alternative to the commercial stuff
31/03/2020, By Kasia
This gorgeous peanut butter will convert even the most tenacious PB haters. Spoonfuls of joy in a jar.
13/03/2020, By Duané
Love this one and the crunchy one, my ultimate favorite peanut butters!
11/03/2020, By Chad
This is how peanut butter should be. It is smooth soft and tasty. I love it.
09/03/2020, By Koala
Loving this peanut butter sauce :)
29/01/2020, By RaynieJ
So delicious! If you’re used to conventional peanut butter this will taste a little different at first, but you get over that quickly. It’s pure and has all the good stuff!
19/01/2020, By Aid
04/01/2020, By Nicole
Delicious taste. Just sweet enough with the honey. I keep mine in the fridge which firms it up a bit. Good for eating and cooking. Good price. Glass jar!
22/11/2019, By Justin
My bottle was a little runny, but may be a batch as it is not mass produced. Perhaps got more Omega 3. But still really delicious, healthy and definitely not dry.
06/11/2019, By Kim
So rich and creamy..loved it
30/10/2019, By Shannon
Soo good! Unique peanut taste, it tastes like it's real peanuts, unlike other peanut butters
11/10/2019, By MICHELLE
Best peanut butter! Smooth & creamy and delicious.
28/09/2019, By Cazz
And just when I I wanted to order after spending my valuable time reading every single review.... NO STOCK?.... I thought that only happeNed in my local Spar and Pick n pay
04/09/2019, By B
This is lovely smooth peanut butter. So great it is not full of preservatives.
03/09/2019, By Britt
I love this peanut butter - what more can I say?
Definitely recommend this to all nut butter lovers
22/08/2019, By Bee
Best peanut butter I have had. You will not regret buying it.
07/07/2019, By Dawn
The only peanut butter I buy. I think it is a reasonable price too
06/07/2019, By Natasha
Love this peanut butter. My kids love it as well. Will definitely buy again
10/06/2019, By Vanessa
First time buying this peanut butter, and will definitely buy it again! Tasty and oh so smooth. Love it!
08/06/2019, By megan
Natural, smooth and tasty
11/05/2019, By Jordana
I really like this peanut butter. The best part about it is the added flax seed oil which gives this peanut butter more omega 3s.
23/03/2019, By Nina
This is by far the best tasting and the smoothest peanut butter I've ever had!
07/02/2019, By archilulu
Best tasting peanut butter I've ever had! Love the fact that it has no salt in it
03/02/2019, By Lané
This takes some getting used to as the oil tatse is a bit strong, but I love that it doesn't contain extra sugar and nasties.
21/12/2018, By Zee
Love these balls. These are the best flavour - the combo of apple and cinnamon is delish and the centre in this is the gooeyist!
07/12/2018, By Roxy
very yummy
18/11/2018, By Michelle
The best peanut butter - I eat it straight from the jar, it's such a treat!
31/10/2018, By Saj
The best peanut butter for the whole family. This is my third jar and I will keep coming back for more.
27/10/2018, By Carmen
Love the taste, and it's awesome that it comes in a glass jar
15/10/2018, By Jessica
I only opened this jar the other day, more so for my puppy than anything else (to give her some medication) she didn't care for it. I think this does taste very different to store bought peanut butter's so it'll take some getting used to. I like knowing that what we putting in our bodies is a healthy alternative and that I know exactly what incredients are being used, so getting used to a different taste is worth it. (Just hope my puppy get's onboard with this too) :)
14/10/2018, By Megan
Who doesn't love peanut butter?
12/10/2018, By Leoni
We love this product. After tasting it we cannot go back to any other brand.
07/10/2018, By Rose
Find the smooth peanut butter separates quickly and not so easy to mix in. Use this one for baking prefer the crunchy. The taste is just as good though.
19/09/2018, By Nicole
We love this peanut butter except that it's quite runny from the added oils and I am not a fan of keeping it in the fridge. Lovely for baking and smoothies, not that great as a spread. Still enjoy the taste of it though.
29/08/2018, By Redbow
Tasty, healthy & smooth to the very end.
20/08/2018, By J
This peanut butter is regularly on our shopping list. It spreads well, and one of our favourite ways to use it is for peanut butter and syrup on toast. It's quite sweet if you're used to the salty supermarket variety. A non-sweetened version would be a winner!
17/08/2018, By Hazel
Very satisfying & filling on toast
12/08/2018, By L
Love the taste but it's a little bitty. Would be nicer if it was super smooth.
08/08/2018, By Gina
My go-to peanut butter for years now. Always a winner! A great nut butter range overall.
02/08/2018, By Chantelle
Makes my breakfast smoothies so much better and thicker.
26/07/2018, By Liesl
It tastes more like peanuts than other brands. I eat it with honey. I love it, my kids love it. Its a win!
24/06/2018, By Annelien
It does taste nice although a bit dry on it's own
07/06/2018, By Ron
I buy tonnes of the stuff - this one and the crunchy variant! LOOOOOOVE this peanut butter - it beats all others in terms of value for money...
21/05/2018, By Lindsey
I Cannot live without this peanut butter in my pantry - one of thee tastiest and nutritious ones i have come across!
13/05/2018, By Lisa
I love this peanut butter. It's my preferred brand. It comes in a runnier consistency than many more conventional peanut butters, which I think speaks to its more natural ingredients.
09/05/2018, By Paige
This is my 2 year olds favorite!
02/05/2018, By Jessica
Yummy and very tasty, better that previous once used. And oh so smooth.
25/04/2018, By Linia
We love this product but we have trouble finding the big tub which we love to buy in Paarl. Could you please advise on how we can order the large tubs!! It is not available in the stores in Paarl.
19/04/2018, By Penny
Prefer this to store bought peanut butters and it's a healthier alternative without the sugar and sodium, just plain love it.
31/03/2018, By Tia
Great peanut butter spread
26/03/2018, By Simone
I love how raw it tastes. You can literally taste the peanuts! It is so much better than the usual peanut butter you find in stores. I love them on my rice cakes and in smoothies. Or I just have a spoonful after my workout. Love it! I keep it in the fridge on hot days because it is quite runny.
16/03/2018, By Abigail
I find this really yummy! I only ate pnb without added sugar previously so if you are used to that it will be different but the raw taste is very tasty. Nice not too runny consistency. Great on rice cakes.
09/03/2018, By CLG
My go to Peanut Butter, tasty, affordable, and healthy.
03/03/2018, By Fathima
Delicious but definitely prefer the crunchy version.
27/02/2018, By Rox
Delicious - will never eat 'normal' peanut butter again!
24/02/2018, By Mo
This spreads well but the taste is unusual if you're used to roasted peanut butter. I couldn't get used to it so tried to palm it off on my bestie, she tried it and didn't like it either. But it's very viscous and spreads thinly, so I ended up slathering it on both sides of peanut butter sandwiches. I use it every now and then, but just couldn't get used to that raw peanut taste. :/ I did buy their almond butter though, and that's delish!!
07/02/2018, By Livia
When buying this product, keep in mind that it will not taste like the sugar and salt-loaded peanut butters you buy at the supermarket. But you will get use to the taste and love it! I don't buy any other peanut butter - this is the real deal!
04/02/2018, By Anon
Love the taste and texture
26/01/2018, By Amy
My absolute favourite peanut butter of all time!
Great in smoothies and on toast.

It has a slightly runnier consistency than normal, but if kept in the fridge it is great on toast.
03/01/2018, By Lindsey
Yummy peanut butter! Needs to be stirred a bit, but otherwise, great. Is awesome in smoothies!
31/12/2017, By Sam
Amazing, great taste.
23/11/2017, By Tali
Absolutely loved it.
03/11/2017, By Ruth
All time favourite - perfect every time !
01/11/2017, By Michelle
Love this peanut butter. Happy to have found a brand that is natural, tastes nice and has no "funnies" added. Kids love it too.
14/10/2017, By Mariam
Very smoothe and light compared to the normal supermarket brands. Spreads easily.
03/10/2017, By desiree
Im a peanut butter junkie...what a treat.
30/09/2017, By Amber
Great consistency, great taste. My dogs love it as a treat.
13/09/2017, By Jennifer
A fantastic peanut butter - great consistency and great taste - and healthy as well :)
30/08/2017, By Zia
I love this peanut butter, it doesn't make your mouth feel dried out like the ones in the stores. I keep it in my drawer at work for those late afternoon snacks.
18/08/2017, By Anel
Absolutely love this peanut butter - will never buy another brand again!
16/08/2017, By Teresa
Probably the best tasting Peanut Butter I've come across, the fact that it's Organic just makes you that bit happier...
01/08/2017, By Linda
Tastes really creamy. Natural and especially good for men, as peanuts contain androgens, that help with male libido, impotence and infertility.
26/06/2017, By Bradley
This peanut butter just tastes better than any other brand. Love the taste and consistency.
13/06/2017, By Alida
my family enjoys this product, especially our little two year old boy.
05/06/2017, By Nadz
Takes some getting used to, but tastes very good and pure.
26/10/2016, By Bayan
All you need to know is that this stuff is the good stuff.
06/10/2016, By Nodeane
I love peanut butter. So this product is really working for me. thank you
28/08/2016, By Karien
very tasty and healthy
30/05/2016, By Neo
This tastes like peanuts. I am shocked to think my entire life I thought I knew what peanut butter was. Now this is the real deal and tastes delicious!
10/04/2016, By hassana
excellent product.
08/02/2016, By Andre
Love by everyone in the family. Be careful since its runs out fast due to being a fantastic quick snack on a table spoon.
25/06/2015, By Andri
I was afraid that my two fussy boys would not like it. They didn even realise they weren eating regular store-bought peanut butter. Id get this product again. :)
23/06/2015, By Suresh
This is the best peanut butter Ive ever had.
15/06/2015, By Page
It is the best peanut butter Ive ever tasted, only contains a few ingredients which are healthy unlike the other commercial peanut butters out there.
31/05/2015, By Anton
This is as a reviewer says THE BEST PEANUT BUTTER ever! Makes you wonder what is in the other commercial brands!
28/05/2015, By Heidi
I love this peanut butter but I noticed that the pranut butter is being sold at Spar for cheaper so I find that a bit annoying as now I would rather buy it from them than on this website! And Im such a bug fan of this website:(
18/04/2015, By Nici
This is by far the best peanut butter Ive ever tasted in my life! That little bit of honey in it makes it divine. I can stop eating it.
17/04/2015, By Louda
Love this peanut butter - wouldn buy any other again :)
26/03/2015, By Tracy
The BEST Peanut Butter ever! Both the smooth and crunchy variety is a staple in our home and has to be re-stocked often - from making pbj sandwiches to adding into smoothies and raw desserts, or eating it straight out of the jar. True goodness!
25/03/2015, By Daleen
We have come to love this peanut butter, will become a staple in our house.
29/12/2014, By Anita Helberg
Really tasty and pure. I will definitely buy this again.
24/10/2014, By Esther
We love the taste and the texture. Tastes waayy better than supermarket stuff! Real grond(earth)-boontjie(nut) flavour.
03/10/2011, By Charmaine
This is delicious! I love it! It tasted great on toast, or with bananas.
23/08/2011, By phiwe
Delicious and very sweet
03/05/2011, By Charnelle
Love this peanut butter.
07/04/2011, By Bonita
My 14 year old son loves this peanut butter. When I told him that it contains honey, he said that he knew there was something different about it.

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