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Nautica Organic Neem Oil

Nautica Organic Neem Oil
Nautica Organic Neem Oil
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Neem oil is an excellent moisturizing oil and contains various compounds that have insecticidal and medicinal properties. It is used in making shampoos, toothpaste, soaps, cosmetics, mosquito repellants, creams and lotions, pet products like pet shampoo, etc. It also contains vitamin E, other essential amino acids and some percentages of fatty acids. Neem oil is used for treating many skin diseases viz. eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies, etc. and is being studied for making contraceptives in India. A compound found in Neem Oil and neem leaves extract- 'Salannin', has been proven to be safer but more effective insect repellant than DEET. Neem provides protection from not only mosquitoes, but also from biting flies, sand fleas and ticks.

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Please Note: Although neem oil is unlikely to have effect in small doses; users must be aware that it is sometimes used as a contraceptive when applied internally, so is best avoided by pregnant women or those seeking to conceive.

Neem oil has been used for hundreds of years in the controlling of plant pests and diseases. Many researches have shown that the spray solution of Neem oil helps to control common pests like white flies, aphids, scales, mealy bugs, spider mites, locusts, thrips, and Japanese beetles, etc. Neem oil also works as a fungicide and helps control powdery mildew. Some people have also experienced good results with Neem oil spray on black spot. Orchid owners use pure Neem oil spray to control pests like mealybugs, spidermites, etc.

One of the main Ingredients in Neem seed Oil is Azadirachtin that works as an insect growth regulator, thus preventing the larval stage to molt into an adult. As Neem is very bitter in taste, it also works as an antifeedant, thus making the leaves sprayed with it very distasteful for the bugs to eat, and the bugs choose to starve themselves rather than to eat the leaves treated with Neem.

Neem Oil is bio-degradable and has proven to be non-toxic to mammals, birds, bees or earthworms. It is biodegradable and breaks down easily and quickly. Neem has also proven to be not harmful to adult beneficial insects, since it primarily affects only plant sap-sucking insects, which feed upon the treated plants. However it is recommended that care should be taken not to spray Neem Oil solution when Honey bees and the larvae of beneficials like ladybugs, etc. are present. Neem Oil spray like any other oil spray can also burn leaves if sprayed in sun.

This Neem Oil is cold pressed and certified organic.

Pure Neem Oil is for external use only. Test a small area before using Neem Oil.

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Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 84 reviews

80 out of 84 people would recommend this product

27/08/2021, By Amban
I would rate it zero. The "oil" is solid. Comes in a dropper bottle so I cannot use it because nothing comes out.
13/08/2021, By Jp
Good oil, will be buying again.
26/06/2021, By Daphne
I've used this with great success on myself for the odd skin problem and it works wonders. My animals and plants have also benefitted. A little goes a very long way.
29/04/2021, By Palesa
Great product for natural pest control in veggies!
02/03/2021, By Judy
Great for my plants
24/02/2021, By Abigail
Definitely works at keeping the mosquitos away.
12/02/2021, By thea
I used this oil on my babies skin
he had scabies
but now and then he will still scratch
he has very bad marks due to that pimples
after using neem oil mixed with coconut oil he has completely stopped scratching and the dark marks on his body left by the pimples is getting lighter thank God for this neem oil I have tried so many products but this oil is the best and it worked after 2 weeks of applying it once a day.
06/01/2021, By Rochelle
I am using this as an organic bug repellant for my vegetable garden
to 1L of water add 10 drops neem oil, 10 drops clove oil, 10 drops eucalyptus oil and 10 drops sunlight liquid. spray onto plant
29/12/2020, By wakarimaska
It's neem oil so it's smelly. But it works effectively & is organic. I use it on body & plants as required.
30/11/2020, By Noeks
SO glad I have at last found a natural repellent for stinkbugs in the garden and hopefully other unwanteds. Happy to hear it is useful for so many other things as well.
18/11/2020, By Kubashni
Love it
01/11/2020, By Gowwaa
Good for hair growth.
15/10/2020, By Alia
Although it has a very herbal smell, it has helped with the growth and restoration of my damaged hair.
25/09/2020, By Chelle
Second time around ordering this oil.
It is moisturising and works well.
Highly recommend this product
19/09/2020, By D
Healed my Pityriasis rosea so so thankful to Godfor this and faithful to nature
17/07/2020, By Kbear
Great for hair and affordable
25/06/2020, By Thandokazi
I love the secured cap! I use it to oil my navel. I'll give it a try for my dry scalp. Good thing I'm in the house, it doesn't smell nice, but I appreciate that it is organic ♡
31/05/2020, By Isabel
Perfect oil to ease the tummy
28/05/2020, By Heather
Dandruff buster
22/05/2020, By First born
Lasts quite long
29/04/2020, By Shinead
Good for reflux
27/04/2020, By Bronwyn
Real cleaner
04/04/2020, By Green
Just apply where specifically required
01/04/2020, By Winner
01/04/2020, By Bridgette
I had psoriasis/eczema on the back of my scalp down to my nape. The treatments I got from my doctors did not help. Over the space of 3 years when I was struggling with the condition, I lost all my hair and it was completely bald.

I purchased this neem oil in desperation after doing my own research. After a month, the irritation and redness went away. By the second month, it was completely gone and my hair started to grow back.

I'm writing this review over a year later. My hair is growing back and the eczema has never returned! I would highly recommend this product to those who struggle with scalp problems. It is a natural healer that will ensure that your scalp issues don't return and it promotes healthy hair growth at a very fast rate.
20/03/2020, By Rudolph
06/03/2020, By Go
Use frequently
27/02/2020, By Gabby
I mix it with a bit of coconut oil before using it on my skin. Great for breakouts, ingrown hairs and boils.
06/01/2020, By Elizabeth
Neem with a dash of soap (as emulsifier) and water sprayed on our and the cats' bedding and around our house sorted out a bird louse problem in less than two days. We found that it keeps the mosquitoes at bay as well. A mixture of neem, shea butter and cedar oil works well as a rub on mosquito repellent. Neem in water also takes care of bugs on the garden herbs.
30/12/2019, By Helper
Hard to find
29/11/2019, By Nicky
I find it hard to get past the smell but it works really well for spot application on zits.
27/11/2019, By Karen
This product has saved my dogs (GSD) skin that has allergies to everything. He skins has rashes and her ears yeast and with this product, she is healthy all the time as long as we use it.
22/10/2019, By Kay
very good quality - wish they would make more oils. Use neem on many things - from plants to my own body. It does smell but... that's what neem is.
29/09/2019, By Pink
I’ve been using this for my dry scalp ( in combination with some coconut oil). Really helps. Neem doesn’t have a great scent but that’s what makes it Neem. Smell doesn’t bother me.
20/09/2019, By Nadia
I bought the larger bottle this time. I'm trying it on my hair and am curious to see how it can help with black spot on my veggies.
14/09/2019, By Susie
Bit smelly but has yet to see if it works for hair loss.
10/09/2019, By Wendy
Undecided about this product. It does not come out the bottle easily.
04/09/2019, By Vanisha
Product is amazing and really helped with my hair loss. Stinks abit but it’s totally natural and worth mild smell, that washes away easily.
26/07/2019, By Sue
So happy to have found this; used in my own skin products as well as on my animals.
Made a brilliant anti-bacterial cream in conjunction with other essential oils
07/06/2019, By Karen
After trying everything from the vet, I use this product for my GSD that has alergies and her fur is growing back nicely.
13/05/2019, By Holly-Anne
Never used this before now, but it works so wonderfully! Smells bad but add in some essential oils and that problem goes away too. I use it on my plants and in a home-made mosquito repellent spray and it's fantastic at its job.
05/05/2019, By Barb
This really helped my eczema. I mixed it into my homemade face balm. Masked the slightly musty nature-smell with other essential oils.
27/04/2019, By Chantelle
Worked great for spider mites, rose rust and aphids. Just be sure to not make the mixture too strong when using on roses, as it damages new leaf growth. Also worked wonders on my lemon tree!
18/03/2019, By Carmen
Fantastic product, so many uses
13/03/2019, By Stella
Works wonders on my dogs to keep ticks away, and it's a good addition to the medicine cabinet. Love it!
26/02/2019, By Zsuz
Using this for my Staffie as a natural tick / flea treatment. Works for me and my dog does not need to take those poisonous chew tablets.
15/02/2019, By Nicola Anne

15/02/2019, By Nicola
I use neem oil for my 4 beautiful german shepherds as a flea and tick repellent and on any skin ailments on my kids and myself. Smell isn’t great but way better than any toxic products and does no harm, only good!!
15/02/2019, By Nicola
I use neem oil for my 4 beautiful german shepherds as a flea and tick repellent and on any skin ailments on my kids and myself. Smell isn’t great but way better than any toxic products and does no harm, only good!!
17/01/2019, By Stephanie
I simply cannot live without Neem oil. This product specifically is a no nonsense, well priced version. I add a few drops to my shampoo bottle for an itchy scalp and use it in the bath water for my little one after a long day playing outside. Neem oil is a magical thing!
07/12/2018, By Sweety
I heart about how good it is for youre hair and skin that is why i use it
05/12/2018, By ZAZA
Back for more, and will keep returning. I am so grateful i found this.
It does have a pungent smell but it really does work beautifully
26/11/2018, By Samantha
Strong scent but oh so effective. I use it to nourish and smooth dry skin and to combat mosquitoes. Works like a charm.
03/11/2018, By wendy
I got an allergy rash all over my skin and it was so red and itchy, Someone told me about Neem oil so I tried it with wonderful results, I heard it also repels mossies.
29/10/2018, By J9
The only effective natural deterrent for ticks! Apply a drop or 2 to your dog's collar, harness or paws and ticks stay far away! Also a miracle spray (a couple of drops diluted in water) for keeping all pests of organic gardens!
26/10/2018, By Nadia
It stinks but I don't care because it works! A 5 month long rash is nearly gone now. Oh, and the acne has reduced tremendously. About as close to a miracle in a bottle as you can get.
21/09/2018, By Amber
Neem oil is amazing!
13/09/2018, By Tanita
Love this product we use it for soo many things
06/08/2018, By Marissa
Used this on some insect bites as well as in my home made deodorant with great effect!
06/08/2018, By Marissa
Used this on some insect bites as well as in my home made deodorant with great effect!
14/07/2018, By Khanyisile
Im still using it i hope its gonna work fine on me
05/07/2018, By J
Mom to two incredible kids, we've had our fair share of lice bouts . A mix of neem (i love nautica's quality and value) , coconut oil and some tea tree ir lemon or couple drops of something to lift the heedy neem. Smother everyone's hair at the same time. Wrap in cling film and chill together, bake do whatever for a few hours. Then in succession fine/lice comb through hair and wash out. Ultimate results a final comb if you can . Neem kills all stages so just check in 5 -7 days and repeat if necessary :-) usually not tho
04/07/2018, By Samantha
Neem oil is the Queen of the essential oil kingdom. Anti-septic, healing, anti-bacterial, nourishing and soothing. The smell isn't great but it is highly effective.
25/06/2018, By Hilda
Wonderful oil, use it on my dogs to keep ticks and fleas away, on family for any scalp issuesJust a little mixed with jojoba oil after washing on damp hair, works beautifully
13/06/2018, By Samantha
Neem oil is a skin saviour. Not the best scent, but highly effective. It hardens at cooler temperatures - run the bottle under hot water if this happens.
04/06/2018, By Jennifer
the smell is horrible! I bought this because i suffer with scalp psoriasis and it didnt do much. maybe i need to use it more frequently before i see any results
14/04/2018, By Hilda
Use this oil as a hair nit preventive and on my dogs to keep them tick and flea free.
19/12/2017, By Marinda
The smell is very unpleasant, but for the way my skin h as improved, I can live with it. I mixed it in a beeswax lotion that I made and added other essential oils to try to mask the smell. it improved the smell, but I don't think anything will make the oil smell good. I'm happy with the results so all is good.
25/11/2017, By Wilna
I am allergic to the world and good quality, earth friendly products has given me comfort and confidence. So I am reviewing each product so that others can share the experience.
The general appearance of my skin has improved and it feels less iritated. Strong scent so I mix a couple of drops with my body lotion.
Loving it!

09/11/2017, By Azraa
This oil really works when mixed with jojoba and rosemary oil as an effective scalp and hair mask. The smell is not amazing, rather earthy but manageable.
03/10/2017, By Jani
Combining Neem Oil with Tea Tree Oil sorted my dog's skin condition. A pity about the smell! ;)
30/08/2017, By Manie
I use it for my plants as a organic pesticide and it works for avids ,white flys and more
22/08/2017, By Melissa
This smells absolutely horrible and doesn't moisturise at all. I add a large amount to my lotion every morning, but by the middle of the day my skin is dry and itchy. Has made no improvement in my acne.
05/08/2017, By Elaine
I mix Neem oil with Argan oil and use it as a night moisturiser. I can see a big improvement in my hormonal acne. I think the Neem oil works very well with Argan oil and my skin feels moisturised and soft. I don't know why people complain about the smell, it's not a bad smell. I just find it very difficult to get the oil out of the bottle, maybe it's just a very thick oil.
16/07/2017, By DLakzin
To be honest, the smell is not as bad as people would say it is. and the product works wonders even as child birth control make research. you can even add the oil in lubricants for child birth control,yeast infections, and also STI. it just have a natural herbal smell that's all.
18/04/2017, By Ru
My son struggled with an itchy, flaky scalp for years – doctors think it's some type of eczema but couldn't help us find anything that works. Until I discovered Nautica Organic Neem Oil. After a few uses his scalp has cleared and it is 3 months already and no sign of flaky, itchy scalp! Stinks but worth enduring the smell :)
22/09/2016, By Lerato
The smell is unbearably foul. But this oil is working, in 1 week Ive seen huge improvements to my combination dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.
I use it as a cleansing mask mixing 1 spoon honey neem oil with 1 teaspoon tumeric powder and yoghurt, only at night.
My acne has dried up and new breakouts are less. Inflammation and redness have lessened tremendously. I use the BEE Natural head to toe as a moisturiser, topped by Victorian Garden Pearberry for pigmentation. So far, this routine has worked best for me.
08/09/2016, By Lateefah
Some smells are so bad that it can make you nauseous and I was worried that this would be the case because of the reviews! It does smell terrible but didn make me sick at all :) I use it only at night and it has calmed the sensitive areas on my skin. I also get bad rashes under my arms and this soothes it immediately which is a great relief as I don like using cortisone too often. Just make sure to spray some perfume on your clothes if you
e using this during the day!
22/06/2016, By Hope Liezel
My daughters immune system was compromised after contracting chicken pox, she then developed several boils on her buttocks, which was sore and spreading. It took 3 days of using neem oil twice daily and keeping the individual boils covered, for all to clear up. My medicine cupboard is never without this awesome oil.
04/04/2016, By Philippa Jane
Excellent oil. Absorbs instantly. Skin condition I have suffered from Dermadox (picked up in hospital) for 18 months almost cured after using neem oil for 5 days. Thank you.
27/08/2015, By Vanessa Malvicini
I was looking for a way of controlling the ticks on my animals and did use it either pure or mixed with canola oil and tee tree oil. I used it on cattle, dogs, horses and I have the impression it is working. The animals love it and allow me to put it everywhere. This morning a cow was also kissing/licking me to thank me for using it instead of the poisonous stuff we use instead. A good way of keeping poisons away!!
26/02/2015, By Quintin
For 15 years I have been struggling with scalp psoriasis. I have tried many different treatments with varying levels of success. Though pharmaceuticals, while treating the symptoms, only worsened the condition or caused unwanted side effects like dry hair or hairloss.

When someone gave me a bit of this Neem oil to try as a treatment it worked as well as all the pharmaceuticals Ive tried with no noticed side effects. Ive been using this for 3 months now and can say that my psoriasis is fully under control. I haven had discomfort in all this time and still haven noticed any side effects.

And I have grown accustomed to the odd smell. Whenever I smell it I am reminded of the blessed healing we get from nature.

From the depths of my heart, thank you Faithful to Nature!
10/02/2015, By Olivia
This oil gave me the worst skin rash known to entire body was enflamed and covered in a red pimply rash, very itchy and really awful. No warning signs on the bottle. It took my skin a month to look almost normal. This was a very severe allergic reaction. So please ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients first, before fully applying.
05/09/2014, By Coemar
Smells terrible. Used it once as lotion and never again. Not sure if it worked as a moisturizer or not.
10/03/2014, By Justine
Unbelievably foul smell although works like a bomb on pimples (mix with tea tree to mask smell). Amazing for lice and also little hot spots on pets. If you can deal with the smell or blend it with other oils, healing benefits of Neem oil are phenomenal - it works quickly and effectively :-)

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