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Hey Gorgeous Vitamin C Boosting Serum

Clean Beauty Choice
Hey Gorgeous Vitamin C Boosting Serum
Hey Gorgeous Vitamin C Boosting Serum
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  • 30ml
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Formulated with choice ingredients known for their ability to boost skin collagen and skin lightening and brightening, this Hey Gorgeous Vitamin C Boosting Serum is a potent anti-oxidant that helps rid the skin of free radicals which cause damage and premature ageing to the skin. Vitamin C serum is proven to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, making your skin appear more youthful, vibrant and alive. It’s antioxidant properties can also improve skin damage caused by the sun, as well as helping your skin’s rate of exfoliation for a brighter, smoother complexion.

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  • A water based serum made with a powerful 22% L-Ascorbic Ratio
  • Boosts the skin’s supply of collagen
  • Brightens skin and lightens age spots
  • Potent anti-oxidant
  • Helps rid the skin of free radicals which cause premature ageing


  • Apply a small amount of serum (A Dropperful) into the palm of one hand.
  • Rub palms together to activate the vitamin C
  • Gently pat onto the skin with upward motions until serum has completely been absorbed by skin.
  • Use twice daily, morning and night.


  • 30ml


  • *Antioxidant Micro-Clustered Water * Squalane * 22% L-Ascorbic/MAP 
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Overall Rating
4.1 out of 5 stars from 130 reviews

117 out of 130 people would recommend this product

06/12/2023, By Illona
I bought this serum in August and I'm so impressed with how it makey skin feel. I have a mature skin and was sceptical about the product, but very surprised.. I use it every night and my skin feels smoother with a slight glow. I can definately recommend for a nature skin
13/06/2022, By Mich
This product makes my skin feel great. Didn't realise how moisturizing it was until had few day break between finishing old one and repurchasing. Am glad I read reviews as the consistency would've put me off. I find if my face is damp while applying it locks in even more moisture. Only reason not giving 5 stats is because is it doesn't tell you to apply sunscreen after which is super important!
30/03/2022, By Michaela
Good product. Consistency is more of a water texture as apposed to standard serum. Works well and definitely lightens and brightness the skin.
23/11/2021, By Philippa
Works really well. Has a high percentage of vitamin C and the price is decent for such a high percentage. I have seen results in my skin from this serum. Just be prepared for a serum that feels exactly like water so application takes a bit of getting used to.
26/08/2021, By Inge
I agree with the disappointed comments on here regarding the texture of the product. Labelling it as a serum is very misleading. It's just distilled water (obviously with the added ingredients) but I was very disappointed as I was expecting a serum texture. Would definitely recommend a name change!
05/07/2021, By CBS
If you're expecting - as I was - a traditional serum texture, then this is vitamin C serum is not for you. It's pretty much like patting vitamin enriched water into your skin. I believe there are richer vitamin C serums out there and I will not purchase this again. Surprised it's received a Clean Beauty Choice stamp and that's labelled "serum", possibly vitamin water would be more appropriate?
01/07/2021, By Erina
Not Good
21/06/2021, By Erina
So disappointed,its just water,a waist of money
27/05/2021, By David
Awesome product that is at a great price compared to most of the other brands.
18/05/2021, By Candice
Loving this product, especially that it gets a thumbs up from my Dermatologist ????
13/05/2021, By Adi
Really like this serum, amazing price point D it leaves my skin soft and glowing!!
27/03/2021, By Bianca
It makes my skin so smooth and soft
05/02/2021, By Alison
I hardly saw a difference
02/02/2021, By Steph
Didn't smell like anything and is rather unassuming, but it leaves my sensitive skin feeling light and refreshed
28/01/2021, By Els
Love this product
22/01/2021, By Cassie
08/01/2021, By Diana
I love this, got it as a gift for a friend and she loves it too :)
05/01/2021, By Heather
Cool and refreshing on my skin, helps with lines and age marks
04/01/2021, By Alla
Would def buy again, thanks!
09/12/2020, By Chel
Love the range. Great to firm skin
07/12/2020, By Kay
EXTREMELY important to use sunscreen after this product as it makes your skin photosensitive. I don't see a warning for this in the description and its a really really important step if you decide to use anything with vitamin c
25/11/2020, By Rox
bets serum I've used!
14/11/2020, By khanyi
10/11/2020, By Meg
I was a little shocked with the consistency of this product as it's basically like water. I was expecting a creamier more serumy consistency. I have been using this product every second night for the past month and I can definitely feel a difference in my skin. It feels more plump and hydrated. I use aloe vera gel during the day for natural collagen generation and I use this at night in conjunction with my simply bee night cream and eye rejuvenating oil. My skin has less lines and feels a lot healthier. I am so pleased with this product.
29/10/2020, By Nontobeko
I've been using this serum for years now & it remains one of my top product. My skin improved within the first week I started using it & I've stuck with it since.
25/10/2020, By Raeesa
25/10/2020, By Zaynab
Great for keeping skin hydrated
24/10/2020, By Bernadette
This has helped my skin so MUCH
23/10/2020, By Tana
My skin loves this one
23/10/2020, By Tanja
Works well
17/10/2020, By Rebecca
I am so disappointed in the Hey Gorgeous face products. Gave me an all over my face rash after 4 uses.
06/10/2020, By Maria
28/09/2020, By nandi
for its price i feel there are better
20/09/2020, By Lindz
Not a traditional oil serum. Absorbs quickly into skin. What has worked well for me is pumping a few drops of product onto my face rather than onto my palm as instructions suggest on the bottle. My skin looks brighter. :) I wouldn't recommend as a serum but more a toner...
14/09/2020, By Angie
Recommended !
05/09/2020, By Y
Finding a product with a high enough concentration of Ascorbic Acid is difficult. Finding one at a good price like this is nearly impossible. This is a fantastic product. It is on the more watery side but the consistency of it does not matter much when the actual product works great.
28/08/2020, By Nikki
24/08/2020, By Ta
I have been wanting this
16/08/2020, By Kelsey
I love the consistency and the packaging. I've just started using this product and I can't wait to see the results
12/08/2020, By Leen
Love this brand and love the product.
01/08/2020, By Lara
A great product that leaves my skin feeling so refreshed!
20/07/2020, By Fatima Vicente
Great product and at a reasonable price.
17/07/2020, By Meyerine
I love how fresh and young this product makes my skin look and feel! Would recommend it to all my friends! I use it in combination with the facial cleanser.
16/07/2020, By Candice
I haven’t used a vitamin C serum before so I wasn’t expecting the watery consistency. It’s early days still but I’m definitely seeing a positive difference to my skin.
08/07/2020, By Amy
This product has made a massive difference to my skin.
24/06/2020, By Refiloe
I was not expecting the watery consistency. I don't have an issue with it because I already have oil that I apply so I guess it works in this case. But I don't know if I'll buy it again. I prefer cream and oil based rather. But overall its a good product.
20/06/2020, By Sophie
17/06/2020, By Rebecca
I think its a great gentle vitamin C serum. There is barely to no fragrance and its been great for my sensitive skin. I keep it out of direct light in a drawer and the serum has stayed nice an clear. The packaging is great as well. good value for money
03/06/2020, By Jemaine
Still early into using it, but it seems to be working its magic already. It's just a tad too watery for me.
24/05/2020, By First born
Real stuff
21/05/2020, By Kamani
I love this serum. it makes my face look brighter and has been slowly helping with old acne scars.
13/05/2020, By Nozipho
This product used to be better
12/05/2020, By L
Not for me. The watery consistency is not my vibe. Since buying this I’ve realised I’m definitely prefer a cream or thicker serum. Not enjoying using this at all. I find I end up squirting out too much product, as it’s hard to control the amount that comes out due how watery it is.
29/04/2020, By Portia
I like the watery consistency which moisturises nevertheless and the long term benefits include a brighter and even toned complexion.
17/04/2020, By Jarel
Earlier this product was almost clear now it more orange and not has effective
01/04/2020, By Bongiwe
04/03/2020, By Lizette Combrinck
Wow, just love love this product. It's so light weight and not oily at all.
04/03/2020, By Cath
Awesome Awesome product!!! Skin definitely looks glowing & younger. Can see a difference within first month. love the buy 1 get 1 promo
04/03/2020, By Elsie
Love the watery consistency of the serum. Very easy to use product
27/01/2020, By Looksie
It’s an amazing product. Light and no smell. Delivers all that it is said to do.
Suitable for all skin types.
08/01/2020, By Landi
I bought one, and got one for free - great deal. I've replaced the top with a spray head which is much easier to apply.
Makes my skin feel fresh, smooth, and much clearer
03/01/2020, By Zaheer Ismail
Well done
18/12/2019, By Sam
It’s a very watery consistency however I have been using it for a week or so and I can see a slight difference. Happy with it.
31/10/2019, By Es
Yes it's watery, but that's why I love it. I use it along with my sunblock and concealer and it does not leave my face clogged up and oily after an hour or two (usually the case with other serums), so it's perfect for those with oily and combination skins. Just ordered my second bottle and will use it as long as they make it.
27/10/2019, By Kate
Love this product!!! Nothing wrong with the watery consistency (imagine applying it like aftershave) and I can already feel a huge difference in my skin after just three weeks. I have used it with the jade facial stone roller.
25/10/2019, By Tyler
I bought this because it was on special and my heart sank when I read the reviews but I decided to make up my own mind because it is such a good special.

The product arrived and while it was watery like everyone mentioned, I do feel it is a good product. The company then got in touch to advise how to use it and I was blown away that they made the effort to reach out.

I find it hydrating and cant wait to see the long term results
25/10/2019, By Sue
Like the consistency of the product, even though it's watery it's absorbed easily. Makes my skin feel smoother and brighter.
20/10/2019, By Linz
I’m a little disappointed in the product, feels like I’m just rubbing water on my face without even a hint of a smell. Sadly it was an utter waste of money which I’m bummed about.
14/09/2019, By Shoki
This was my first serum, so I had no expecttions. I really love the consistency and have grown to like the water feel on my skin. My skin has some changes(great), but a little bit of the hyperpigmentation still remains. Still giving it a thumbs up!!!!
13/09/2019, By Ruth
Very disappointed. It so watery, its difficult to believe there is anything of value in it. Definitely would not classify this as a serum. Not worth the money for me.
08/09/2019, By Refilwe
My new obsession, Im on my second bottle and my skin is brighter and tighter. I get so many compliments on my skin, do not let the watery texture fool you this product is powerful. Results started to show after 2 weeks of consistent use.
06/09/2019, By Mari-Sune
I think this might only be water....I purchased this months ago and it never made a difference to my skin. It smells like nothing, it is literally runny like water, and your skin doesn't feel anything special afterwards, it feels like you just tapped water onto it. I wouldn't really recommend this product unless you believe in the placebo effect and believe that this will help. Their banish and repair serum feels much better.
21/08/2019, By Christie
My absolute favourite skin product of all time. I have bought many bottles over the last fee years. A bottles lasts me 2 months. Can't live without it. Scars have faded and skin looks bright
15/08/2019, By s.j
Feels like water, looks like water and does the same thing as water does. Hope this isn't a scam and I ended up paying good money for distilled water .
15/07/2019, By Talita
Very light serum and not oily at all. My skin feels great!
08/07/2019, By Carolyn
I am still getting used to the watery consistency but overall I think it is a good product. I have only been using it for a week or two so I guess i might need more time before I see any results.
23/06/2019, By Mshibe
It's light and Matt, keeping my skin soft and not oily. Great product.
14/06/2019, By Alex
Definite difference in my skin texture , haven’t seen a major difference in pigmentation yet
07/05/2019, By Joy
Not using this product for long but I love the way my skin brightens up after. It's a little water, but that helps with the pressing into my skin as I don't need to rub. It's easily absorbed and leaves no residue.
09/04/2019, By Marelie
As other reviews mention, this serum is watery and has an almost metallic scent - this is not something I'd rate it on, to be honest. The serum did make my skin look a little brighter and overall helped the texture as well. It however didn't do anything for the hyperpigmentation. Perhaps it's supposed to be used in conjunction with other HG products, which I didn't do.
09/04/2019, By TamG
So far I am very happy. I’ve been using the product for about a week. My skin just soaks this up. I’m using on my face and décolleté and have noticed fine lines have improved already. Love the hey gorgeous products
01/04/2019, By Sheila
So far good, was a bit worried as haven't used this product before seemed very watery, but after 5 days can see it is helping skin. I use in mornings with HG Vit C Moisturiser
22/03/2019, By Nicki
Love this product, skin glows.
07/03/2019, By Sim
It's watery indeed. So watery that it runs down your fingers faster than you can apply it. But if you can master the viscosity challenges, this is a must have for acne scars and sun spots! Unlike other pigmentation creams, it's not overly oily and will not clog your pores. It's exactly what I've been looking for. Have only been using for a week, but I've had no breakouts from it, and I certain it will work for my scars and sun spots. A total treasure.
03/03/2019, By Christie
Very watery. I would prefer it a little thicker. Absorbs well though. I use it twice a day, after cleansing and before moisturizing.
07/02/2019, By Rebecca
I love that this is a lightweight serum- almost watery. It doesn't feel greasy or heavy.
24/01/2019, By Christie
Iv'e been using this on and off since 2017. The only reason I ever I go off is to try new products and EVERY time I keep coming back to this product for the glow that it gives my skin. When I am using this serum I literally get compliments on how bright and glowing my skin is. This is defintely a holy grail green product.
28/11/2018, By Elle
Good value for money and lasts well.
27/11/2018, By Itsmisskeri
This serum leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and it's light formula has made it a firm favourite.
12/11/2018, By Lee
Love using this before applying my cream. Very lightweight and smells amazing
09/11/2018, By Sandesh Elaine
Very nice lightweight waterbased serum. Prefect to used after dermaplaning and dermarolling
02/11/2018, By Rashmika
Was good. Consistency is a bit weird.
31/10/2018, By Lovely
I add it to my masks. It's a bit to strong directly onto my skin. I break out
26/10/2018, By Sasha M
Sorry. I rated the wrong serum. Haven't used this 1. The one that I meant to rate was the hey gorgeous lightening serum.
26/10/2018, By Sasha M
This serum is quite watery and very thin. Skin is dry after use but I've rated it so well because it works so well. I'm Indian and have patchy uneven skin tone. This works extreamly well to lighten and brighten my complexion. Will definitely buy again.
30/08/2018, By Piera
Wonderful product. I use it every morning before moisturising and my skin feels smooth and silky.
31/07/2018, By Thirosha
Love the Hey Gorgeous range of serums. They keep my skin moisturised without the heavy oily look.
23/07/2018, By AG
This is one of my favourite skincare products. It is a simple formula that produces excellent results. It has helped improve my hyperpigmentation much quicker and more noticeably than any of the other products Ive tried. It is watery, which I really like as it absorbs quickly and doesnt leave a tacky, shiny finish. Also, it doesnt irritate skin or cause me to break out, like some vitamin C products do. I will definitely purchase again.
12/07/2018, By Katelin
I just love this Serum, my skin looks radiant. Only down side is that it makes your face sticky for a while after applying it.
29/06/2018, By Daniela
Such a disappointment. So watery and unpleasant, with no fragrance, and HG normally has such amazing fragrances in their products. My skin went all dry after week and the pigmentation is way worse. I feel like it is wasted sitting on my shelf being unused.
14/06/2018, By Kate
It is okay. More a toner (water consistency) rather than a serum.. I use this as a toner because of the consistency... I haven't really noticed a big difference in my skin because of this - but it does feel fresh and nice on my skin before I apply my cream.
04/06/2018, By Marna
I love this featherlight serum – it is almost instantly absorbed and leaves skin satiny smooth. I have been using it for 2 weeks and can see & feel an improvement. A colleague just remarked on my "glow" and asked what I am using! The watery consistency doesn't bother me in the slightest.
04/06/2018, By H
This watery business is not working for me. I don't see difference on my skin and how do you "apply" water to your face? Ugggg, no.
12/05/2018, By El
A previous fav serum of mine, sadly now a very expensive watery liquid
26/04/2018, By Cindy
Love the watery consistency of this product. Feels like the Vit C is good on my skin. I think its lightened my pigmentation. Difficult to tell with other products Im also using. Sinks in well. I use day and night before moisturizer. Had brilliant service from Hey Gorgeous regarding questions.
10/04/2018, By Liz
If you haven't used watery serums like this it needs some getting used to - I apply it straight after cleansing, then seal it in with my moisturiser. Seeing good results after two weeks of use: skin is more even toned and is even starting to have a bit of a glow. I have very sensitive skin and eyes and have had no reaction to the product at all - huge plus in my book
16/03/2018, By B
More a watery consistency than a serum. Haven't used it long enough to see if I would replace my Obagi serum with this.
08/03/2018, By MzAmz
Just feedback. I love this product. I have tried it for the a good few weeks with my dermaroller and I can see an improvement in pigmentation around the mouth area.

I think it is too fragrance though and maybe you can hold back on the fragrance. Also be clear that people should keep the product away from the eye area. I wish I was told that because I hard to learn the hard way. I never rubbed it on my eyes but it moved in that direction causing discomfort. Also recommend to users that they should apply their eye cream before applying this product. That information would have made it easier.
05/03/2018, By Madeleine
I love this product, I am using it now for 2 weeks and can already see and feel the difference!
03/03/2018, By Tesh
Finally a vitamin C serum that actually works. I took a chance or ordering this as I really did not like the hey gorgeous vitamin C toner but this has proved to be really really good. The reason I gave it 1 less star was because of its incredibly watery consistency which makes it very difficult to apply. But other than that it absorbs fantastically it has no older and it makes my skin incredibly Smooth after application where it almost feels like my skin is poreless. Will purchase again
08/02/2018, By Gcinani
A noticeable reduction of pigmentation on my face since I started using the product early January. The bonus is that it is affordable
06/02/2018, By Patsy
I just enjoy applying it, I can feel it penetrating my skin, you can use it on its own honestly, its perfect and not oily
06/02/2018, By Harriet
OK so the deal with water based serums are, you have to apply them first. They will not penetrate oil based products. Apply this to a clean face, just spray a couple of drops into your palm, warm up with your hands and apply to face and neck. Then apply moisturizer and oil based serum, if necessary. I have definitely noticed a difference since using this. My skin is smoother and more even toned, and I have noticed less hormonal breakouts. Vitamin C is an essential component to your beauty regime once you are over a certain age.
04/02/2018, By EK
I absolutely love this 'serum' (that doesn't really seem like a serum at all, it's extremely watery)
besides that, i do feel that it has evened out my skin tone and lightened my pigmentation.
26/01/2018, By Melanie
I give it 5 stars for effectiveness and 4 stars for consistency cause it is a little watery so difficult to apply.
16/01/2018, By mariam
Although I have read good reviews about this product, I was rather disappointed with this product, my skin didn't feel or look different with this product. And I have been using it for over a month. It didn't improve the texture of my skin and I didn't like the consistency of the serum. Overall I wasn't impressed. I won't be buying this again!
29/12/2017, By Madelein
Although the packing is very nice. I was rather disappointed with this product, my skin didn't feel or look different with this product.
It didn't improve the texture of my skin and I didn't like the consistency of the serum. Overall I wasn't impressed. I won't try this again.
11/12/2017, By Amanda
Absolutely nothing gets better than this serum, HONESTLY!

I now have a radiant glow, less hyperpigmentation and my skin is no longer dull.
08/12/2017, By Amanda
I bought 2 these at once because I knew it would be worth it.
Not a single regret.
And my skin? Evened out, Blemishes gone,,smoothy, glowy,velvety.

No regrets!
13/11/2017, By Manda
My first time using a Vit.C Serum and I am hooked! At first it seems to be a bit watery but after I went on Hey Gorgeous website and read about the product I completely understood why that is. My skin is glowing, and I am loving it!
06/11/2017, By Melissa
Ok, so the first time that used this I thought it was just water in the bottle! It is so light and clear compared to other serums that I have used before. This serum is amazing. It is gentle and lightweight and will not leave your skin oily during the day. I have seen an improvement in my blemishes as well as fine lines. Will definitely be repurchasing this!
30/10/2017, By Elma
This serum is definitely a winner. I am on my second bottle and can't imagine not including this in my routine. My skin is clear ,and wrinkles ( i only have around my eyes ) seems less noticeable. This serum seems pricey at first , but have to admit it is worth every drop . Love it , would definitely re purpose and have recommended to a lot of my friends.
09/10/2017, By Naz
This is the first serum I have used and it seems good. I guess I should have started using it years ago because it has definitely made a great difference in my skin. My skin feels moist with a beautiful glow. I just used three drops. It's great!
27/09/2017, By Lindsay
I received my Vitamin C serum yesterday afternoon & used it before bed. When I looked in the mirror this morning the first thing I noticed was the colour that returned to my face! My cheeks were rosy and my skin had a glow that was just amazing. I'm looking forward to see the long term effect of this product & will write a followup review in a couple of weeks, but so far I am very impressed :)
14/07/2017, By Christie
Brilliant! I just got this bottle yesterday and after one use I woke up with visibly brighter skin. Even people at work are asking me what I have done. Its amazing and for the high quality it is VERY affordable compared to similar products in the market.
24/05/2017, By Arline
Really nice little serum, i did notice on occasion i went a tiny bit red (only used at night though) but maybe it was something else...
My skin looks great and will repurchase for summer when the sun is stronger
03/11/2016, By Grace
Loving this serum, is is non oily, light and goes on easy.
I have been using it for 2 months now and my skin has a natural glow, my freckles lighter and wrinkles has improved. Has a metally scent at times, but worth it!
29/09/2016, By Prashnee
I love this serum. It is light and has made my skin look and feel lovely.
10/09/2016, By Christine
Very light, spread easily, visible results, used with vit c toner and cream, my skin look very healthy and less wrinkles

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