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Sodium Phytate

saturated cyclic acid

Sodium Phytate

Other Name(s):

CAS# 14306-25-3; Phytic Acid Sodium Salt

Sodium Phytate is made using phytic acid and sodium as the two raw materials. The sodium is isolated from salt using electrolysis and the phytic acid is commonly extracted from plants including legumes and grains.

Is Sodium Phytate Faithful to Nature?


Sodium Phytate is a natural ingredient and can serve a vital role in cosmetic and cleaning formulations. It is readily biodegradable and is made using renewable resources.

Benefits: Why is Sodium Phytate Used?

Natural Alternative

Sodium Phytate is a natural replacement for EDTA, helping soften water.


Sodium Phytate is biodegradable (by fungal activity).


Sodium Phytate helps stabilise cosmetic formulations by preventing undesirable reactions.

Skin Benefits

Sodium Phytate helps in balancing oily skin, improving skin elasticity and in smoothing out skin tone.

Sodium Phytate is used extensively in a wide range of natural and organic personal care ranges and appears on ingredient lists in shampoos, body cleansers, moisturisers, liquid hand soaps and much more.

Sodium Phytate is made by reacting phytic acid and sodium in aqueous solution.

Sodium Phytate is not suitable for use in anhydrous cosmetic formulations (formulations which don’t use any water).

Notice: The information provided here is not intended as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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