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Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

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Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
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  • 1L
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Almond Breeze provide a touch of the almond’s naturally sweet taste without any added sugar in the Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. Made from strictly non-GMO almonds, the Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk is a rich source of calcium and vitamins A, D and E. Enjoy Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk in smoothies, beverages, cereals or even on its own.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.
  • Vanilla flavour is an excellent accompaniment to smoothies and coffees
  • Suitable for vegans and those with lactose intolerance
  • Contains no lactose, dairy, or casein
  • A non-dairy source of calcium
  • No soy, peanuts, egg, gluten or MSG
  • No added sugar
  • Only 138 kilojoules per 220 ml serving
  • No artificial additives or preservatives
  • Non-GMO

Care Instructions:

  • Refrigerate immediately after opening

Did you know? Almond Breeze milk is made with Blue Diamond almonds, which are grown and harvested in sunny Californian orchards. Blue Diamond Almond Growers are part of a cooperative with strong core values: Caring, Creating, Growing and Innovation.

About Milk Alternatives: Find out more on the environmental impact and the nutritional value of the various non-dairy milk alternatives in our Battle of the Plant-Based Milks.


  • ~1 litre


Country of Origin:

  • Made in South Africa
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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 103 reviews

100 out of 103 people would recommend this product

05/02/2024, By Leah
Delicious & I appreciate that it's unsweetened but the vanilla flavour satisfies that taste bud : )
30/10/2023, By Suzette
This is the best non-dairy alternative milk I have ever had and have a monthly order of 40 cartons a month. I have tried all alternatives and always come back to this one - the best on the market, by far!
17/09/2023, By Lynn
The best non dairy milk I have found - must be the vanilla flavour for some reason.
03/06/2022, By Angelique
Very good product, tastes good.
Lasts long.
23/02/2022, By Niki
My daughter loves this vanilla milk for her coffees and hot chocolates. A little too sweet for me
06/09/2021, By Pranesha
Great taste
27/07/2021, By Jacqui W
The unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk is not overpowering in taste which I like. The taste of the vanilla is more prominent in the sweetend Almond milk. It is a good alternative to milk.
20/05/2021, By Jerry
My favourite milk alternative brand and at a good price
02/05/2021, By Michelle
very good
14/04/2021, By Shaylin
Not a fan, couldn't taste the vanilla at all. Would rather just make my own.
18/03/2021, By LynnR
The only almond milk I buy, have not found one I like better.
And ordering through Faithful to Nature means I don’t have to lug heavy shopping bags!
25/02/2021, By Nisa
Doesn't have a strong nutty flavour like all the other brands which makes it perfect to use as a neutral base for all recipes with a subtle vanilla flavour
02/02/2021, By Bianca
Doesn't have a strong vanilla flavor.
17/01/2021, By Laura
Wonderful flavour that works in everything I've tried it with, whether hot or cold drinks.
17/01/2021, By Laura
Lovely taste with the vanilla flavour that is noticeable but not overwhelming. I've used this in iced coffees, smoothies, and hot drinks and have never been disappointed.
02/01/2021, By Monica
Great taste
31/12/2020, By Sam
Lovely tasting
11/12/2020, By Gillian
Ever since developing an allergy to dairy, this is the one brand I found that I got used to drinking. I love that faithful to nature stocks it. So tasty. Please try it.
04/12/2020, By Natasha
The vanilla unsweetened version seems to be very popular as I cannot find them anywhere in-store. So glad Faithful to Nature stocks it!
30/11/2020, By Simone
I'm always happy with this product. It tastes great.
25/11/2020, By Rox
Good product, great brand!
03/11/2020, By Gillian
After developing an allergy to dairy and an aversion to coconut milk, switching to Almond breeze vanilla flavour has been the best decision of my life. Since stores back home do not stock adequately and regularly, Faithful to Nature is my go to. Thanks so much for the wonderful service.
02/11/2020, By Chanel
Nicest tasting almond milk by far!
31/10/2020, By Ari
27/10/2020, By T
Great for smoothies, beverages, cereals
27/10/2020, By Aria
Great product
27/10/2020, By Aria
Great alternative if you lactose-intolerant
25/10/2020, By Amrah
Tasty with an extra kick of vanilla
22/10/2020, By Portia
Drinking this milk is always pleasant for me, especially because of the vanilla smell as well. I’d recommend this milk to everyone who doesn’t want to drink dairy milk and is looking for a better and tastier alternative
15/10/2020, By Chantel
Good tasting vanilla milk. Great for coffee
09/10/2020, By Zam
Great taste in my green smoothie. The vanilla flavor tricks your brain into thinking you are drinking something sweet.
05/10/2020, By Thine
So good
04/10/2020, By Y
I can't wait for this to be restocked
17/09/2020, By Kerry
Subtle vanilla yumminess in my smoothies! Almond breeze is the best! Just wish we could get the small sizes in SA.
20/08/2020, By Amz
Yummy alternative to the standard. I love using the vanilla to make my turmeric or raw cacao hot drinks and with the simply delish choc dessert. Tastes yum in coffee too.
15/08/2020, By Meghan
Great in vegan baking and coffee
11/08/2020, By Shaune
I loved this!
03/08/2020, By Elizabeth
20/07/2020, By ar
best almond milk i have found in SA. Just a bit pricey
15/07/2020, By Rebecca
Great stuff, just wish there were less additives and preservatives
14/07/2020, By Michelle
Vanilla teas and coffees in the cold weather. Perfect.
18/06/2020, By Natasha
Great taste.
10/06/2020, By Jules
For me, there is no difference in taste between this and the normal unsweetened almond milk. It doesn't warrant the extra calories
07/06/2020, By Chantal
Great in coffee and hot cocoa
07/06/2020, By Annie
Great taste. Guilt free.
29/05/2020, By Lindelwa
Sgpuld consider selling 6 packs
19/05/2020, By POSH
Almond milk is still an aquired taste for as is any other milk alternative. i love this brand out of the rest i have experimented with. it is great in my porridge.
13/05/2020, By Andrea
Has a vanilla taste
11/05/2020, By Deidre
My favorite brand of almond milk! I love the hint of vanilla in this one and especially makes desserts taste even better.
10/05/2020, By Jessica
I love it! Was skeptical to try out dairy alternatives but am pleasantly surprised. Not as creamy as I would like, more like skimmed milk. But the taste is great, and I love the vanilla hint it has.
08/05/2020, By Leah
Love the vanilla hint - always makes things taste sweeter, guilt free
06/05/2020, By Elder
Prefer Rude Health
06/05/2020, By Juli
04/05/2020, By Alex
My fav milk subsitute and i looove the vanilla.
04/05/2020, By Elisa
03/05/2020, By L
Rude Health almond milk is superior in taste
25/04/2020, By Alex
love this product, the vanilla makes is so special.
25/04/2020, By Martine
This is by far my favourite unsweetened Almond Milk. Delicious in everything!
23/04/2020, By Angela
The best almond milk there is! Lovely vanilla taste
17/04/2020, By Larvan
When it's too costly to make your own almond milk, this is a suitable replacement. Tastes good mixed in smoothies, with green powders etc. Not a fan of it in my coffee though.
17/04/2020, By K
Almond Breeze is overrated in my opinion. I prefer Rude Health milk alternatives.
07/04/2020, By Alex
Get lil extra to add to ur morning rooibos or ur breakfast cereal. The vanilla really makes it special. Love it so much!
13/03/2020, By Duané
My go-to! Lovely flavour
06/03/2020, By Nix
I just love the touch of vanilla in this version
04/03/2020, By Shopper
Great product and well priced through FTN
28/02/2020, By Pixie~K
It's a favourite for with cereal, overnight oats and drinks!
31/01/2020, By Organic
09/01/2020, By Euphoria
Not sweet at all and does not compromise the taste of whatever your add it to. I dont miss cow milk because of it
20/12/2019, By Kim
DELICIOUS! This is my first foray into almond milk and I'm so delighted that it tastes perfect in cereals & in my coffee.
20/11/2019, By Susan
Hell yes, this is what I was looking for in my coffee. Not sweet but so tasty.
15/11/2019, By Zohan
Excellent product, very tasty when mixed with other things. On its own, taste a bit like watered down milk, but if you diabetic or vegan, this product is perfect alternative when mixed.
20/10/2019, By Gcins
Nice for smoothies
29/09/2019, By Catherina
Nice vanilla taste.
27/08/2019, By Candice
Best tasting vegan milk alternative on the market.
I love the vanilla flavour . Tasted great on granola and in coffee.
Love it.
27/08/2019, By wainie
better than the normal almond breeze i order, as it does not make my tea or coffee taste almondy!
27/08/2019, By Adene
I am so grateful for the unsweetened version of this product. The vanilla flavor is subtle but definitely present and it's the perfect addition to coffee ~ both hot and iced.
I have found that frothing up the milk with a hand whisk helps to enhance the flavor.
30/07/2019, By Robin
Best tasting Almond Milk and long shelf life :)
20/07/2019, By Dineo
I've used this almond milk for years. I've tried others. It's my preferred choice.
02/07/2019, By Cassandra
Tastes great and added benefit of vanilla. goes great in coffee or breakfast!
31/05/2019, By Cami
Such a treat in my coffee
16/05/2019, By Blue
My whole family drinks this. More expensive but definitely better choice than dairy for us
14/05/2019, By Junette
My favourite brand of almond milk
08/04/2019, By Daleen
The vanilla taste is very slight, but still very good nut milk.
31/03/2019, By Jo
I actually love this product and have bought it a number of times as I am lactose intolerant. However, I recently read about the impact that the production of almond milk is having on the environment, particularly in drought stricken California where this product is made (it actually is not made in SA even though the description in here says that). So I am hoping to find an alternative really soon! But for the environmental impact I would have given it 5 stars and bought it regularly going forward!
18/03/2019, By Semone
I have always been a fan of flavouring my coffee differently now and then for a change so discovering this unsweetened vanilla almond milk has made me one happy girl. Its so delicious that even my 10 month old prefers his cereal with a splash of this instead of cows milk.
14/03/2019, By Joy Christine
my fave almond milk brand. super lowcarb and tasty. hope FTN will have the chocolate almond milk unsweetened version though.
05/02/2019, By Vanessa
I really like the flavour of this milk. It's a firm favourite!
03/02/2019, By Lané
The vanilla is not very strong but it is a lovely nut milk.
28/11/2018, By Sabrina
Love this so much!!! The flavour is so nice and better than any almond milk I've had. Faithful to Nature is also the only store, from what I can tell, that sells the unsweetened vanilla almond milk as apposed to sweetened so I appreciate that. However you can find this brand cheaper at PnP and Dischem just not the unsweetened vanilla.
23/10/2018, By saamiyah
Extremely delicious. On the downside very pricey.
22/10/2018, By Carina
Love the vanilla flavour! 10/10
16/10/2018, By Angele
For me, this product was an excellent way to “start” myself on almond milk. Love the taste and it makes pretty decent milk froth too!
28/09/2018, By Sandra
We are moving towards a plant based diet, and we are really enjoying this milk. Its also great for our heart health.
11/09/2018, By Chantelle
Vanilla taste is lovely but personally don't like the almond aftertaste
26/08/2018, By Leigh
What a great addition to the almond breeze family- flavor variations are always great
22/08/2018, By A
Happy I got it Nice tasting, when you want to alternate from the plain almond milk

18/08/2018, By Max
It's a lovely vanilla twist to a tasty milk, and it's also nice to be able to alternate. Amazingly, it is also sugar free!
17/08/2018, By Nadia
Have't seen this one in the shops near me so I wanted to try it.
03/08/2018, By Kim
So good!!!
26/07/2018, By Subhashini
Love this product! Have tried various brands, but the ingredients, taste and texture of this is the best. Great for kids and in coffee!
24/07/2018, By Alisa
First time having the Vanilla Almond Milk - very good - would buy it again.
24/07/2018, By Taryn
Great taste, the nut flavor is not overwhelming like a lot of other brands on the market. I took 1 leaf off because it is one of the more pricey almond milks.
21/07/2018, By meryl
oohhh! it’s here! finally! oh so very excited! Tasted it in 2013 and it’s delicious!!! Pleaseeee get the unsweetened Cocoa one too :) Thanks :)

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