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Kuro-Bo 100% Natural Charcoal Water Filter Koins

Kuro-Bo 100% Natural Charcoal Water Filter Koins
Kuro-Bo 100% Natural Charcoal Water Filter Koins
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KURO-Bo has created the ultimate next generation of eco-friendly water filter for the busy and active South African. Usable wherever, whenever, and in whatever, these activated charcoal koins are the first of their kind in the world; a completely plastic-free, cartridge-free and recyclable water purification solution, small enough to pair with any resusable bottle you choose. Activated charcoal, or Binchotan, attracts and draws out positively-charged toxins from your water, while depositing beneficial minerals and balancing an acidic pH. Each pack of charcoal koins lasts for 3+ months and can be used multiple times a day in up to 1L of tap water.

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  • Simple, cartridge-free charcoal filter design
  • Minimal, functional and portable
  • Purifies ordinary tap water in a 100% eco-friendly way
  • Removes bacteria (e.Coli), toxins & chemicals, including chlorine, lead & mercury
  • Balances the water’s pH level, if acidic
  • Enriches every bottle of water with bioavailable minerals like Calcium & Magnesium
  • Improves the taste of your tap water
  • Can be used in any reusable bottle to suit any lifestyle
  • Opt to pair with KURO-Bo's Go-Eco glass water bottles (550ml or 1L) for 100% natural and portable purified water on-the-go
  • 1 pack of charcoal koins (4-5 koins) lasts for 3+ months – depending on quality and quantity of water purified
  • All charcoal koins in the pack should be added to up to 1L of water at a time
  • Koins & packaging are 100% biodegradable and recyclable
  • Charcoal also makes an excellent dehumidifier & deodoriser in damp areas of your home
  • Used charcoal can be repurposed as garden fertiliser


  • 4 x koins per box


  • Remove the Kuro-Bo koins from their packaging & boil it in a shallow pan of tap water for 10 minutes.
  • Allow the charcoal to cool, then fill your water bottle (up to 1 litre) with tap water. Add the charcoal koins (4 -5 koins, depending on the weight of the charcoal).
  • For best results, allow the charcoal to rest for 3+ hours, although they start purifying immediately, either at room temperature or in the fridge.
  • After 1 month of daily use, reactivate your charcoal koins. Simply boil it again for 10 minutes, allow them to cool, and reuse as before. 
  • Repeat the reactivation again after 2 months of daily use.
  • After 3 months of daily use, if your water still tastes refreshing and pure, keep using your koins and boil each month. Otherwise recycle & replace the stick.
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Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 58 reviews

57 out of 58 people would recommend this product

18/09/2023, By Jasmin
Impressed by the simplicity of this product and I have confidence my water is filtered from nasties after a couple of hours.
25/06/2023, By louise
it doesnt filter the water, it's not a filter. definitely doesnt remove any particles floating in the water. its best to first filter water with an actual filter and then maybe use these to enhance the quality of your already firtered water. i wont be buying these again. i think its a gimmick sorry to say. wish id done more homework before getting over excited about these.
30/12/2021, By Vanessa
Love how simple it is to use these Koins. Water tastes amazing.
26/12/2021, By Gemma
I love these! I've used the sticks before but they always get sideways glances from friends given the shape. The coins are a little more benign looking and work well!!
29/03/2021, By Tammy
Works well, it does take a little reminder to boil your koins every month. Love using it in my 1 litre water bottle.
25/03/2021, By Juliette
Works well
06/03/2021, By Waterwise
Love these. Sometimes use them in 7l jar instead of the big stick. Makes a huge difference. To the taste. Makes me feel better knowing I'm not drinking chemicals and heavy metals.No longer need to buy distilled water for appliances.
02/03/2021, By Jasmin
These are really great and maybe it's because of the quality of the tap water in my area, but they last a bit longer than one month before having to reactivate the charcoal again. Which is fantastic! Highly recommend.
24/01/2021, By Stephanie
I have noticed a marked improvement in the quality of my drinking water after using this product. Prefer the taste of my filtered water to most bottled water I have bought previously. I am a satisfied convert!
16/01/2021, By C
Makes the water clear and taste deliciously clean
24/09/2020, By Sarah
Very small koins will fit in any bottle. My water tasts great. Happy I found this alternative
14/09/2020, By TJ
Great product. I can taste the difference.
10/08/2020, By SV
Really happy with this product, I could taste a difference in my water, slight but noticeable.
14/06/2020, By Dirk
I will give it a 5 star based on peoples reviews. I am using it the way it should be used and only use the charcoal water. My girlfriend can taste the difference, but I can't
11/06/2020, By monique
Really makes a difference to the water, I cant go a day without it
10/06/2020, By Simone
Tap water tastes like bottled water after being filtered with these joins. Highly recommend if you do not trust drinking tap water! Save lots of $$ in the long run.
29/05/2020, By Rock
Best filter
23/05/2020, By Anel
It works as well as advertised. I just didn't realise how small they would be (the type to fit into a bottle). If you're looking for something to add to a water filter, try for the bigger sticks.
15/05/2020, By Bianca
I’ve been using these disks for the past 6 months or so.
I’ve even bought them as a gift to a friend.

These disks have completely changed the way I drink water. I used to spend a ton of money on bottled water; and not to mention the eco effect!

Since using these, I haven’t bought a single plastic bottle of water!

Completely changed my life.
06/05/2020, By Mergan
My last set of coins contained 1 that couldn't fit in the Kur-Bo bottle, whichever angle I tried. It is no fault of Faithful To Nature. It is completely the fault of the supplier Kuro-Bo.
28/04/2020, By Vicki
Makes such a difference to the taste of tap water!
02/04/2020, By Winner
Makes water much better
06/03/2020, By Daniela
These little guys are super easy to use, you can pop them in a water bottle or a jug, - and they are small enough to fit through the mouth of most bottles! yay : ) They also make the water taste so much better
09/02/2020, By Orignal
Filters well
31/01/2020, By Vanessa
Bought these the other day. Easy to use and my water tastes great.
27/01/2020, By Kara
So easy to use and just so much more affordable then Other filter symptoms and the water tastes so nice!
16/01/2020, By Support
29/11/2019, By Mandy
Changes the taste of the water and makes it more refreshing to Hydrate.
28/11/2019, By Laurie
Cant't live without it!
25/11/2019, By L
These def work!
23/10/2019, By Tanya
Improves the taste of tap water significantly. After the water restrictions in C.T. I'm reluctant to go without them. Great product!
06/09/2019, By Mergan
I detect no noticeable difference, except for a slight charcoal taste.
31/08/2019, By Laurie
I bought the charcoal sticks and the large container for my kitchen counter, so went the whole hog and bought these to put in the fridge door water dispenser. All in all, great purchase.
24/08/2019, By Samantha
Absolutely love this product.
08/08/2019, By CManser
Love this product! It makes my water taste amazing and it's so great knowing that it purifies as I drink. I tell everyone I know about these cool koins.
23/05/2019, By Annette
These came in handy when the refill cartridges for our water filter were out of stock. They make the water taste great! I also like that they can be re-used for 3 months, making it good value for money. Will definitely be trying the larger charcoal stick too!
31/03/2019, By Pia
Love this! First time buyer, and I'll be coming back for more. We already filter our water, but I use these for my personal drinking water, an extra layer of filtering - and it makes the water taste so delicious I keep wanting more.
15/03/2019, By Suzie
Cant drink tap water without it! Second time buying it
23/01/2019, By Ashleigh
Great product. My husband also uses them at his office now for his water bottle. Makes room temp water taste much better he says.
26/11/2018, By Bee
Amazing product.
Amazing packaging.
Amazing brand.
05/11/2018, By Carmen
Very happy with this product takes that weird taste out of the tap water.
10/08/2018, By Simone
A really great, easy to use water filter system! I wasn't sure how well it would work but I noticed the taste difference after filling up my first bottle. Cleaner tasting, metal free water. I bought the Kuro-bo 1L bottle to go with the koins. They were however, smaller than depicted and would probably fit through the neck of a normal glass consol bottle.
10/08/2018, By Tamlyn
You can really taste the difference in your water! I'll definitely be ordering these again.
06/08/2018, By Celina
have been using for a few months now and just love how clean and tasty my water is.
17/07/2018, By Hez
Definitely a product to have in ones camping box ... a really great product which is easy to use.
09/07/2018, By Simone
I must admit that I was dubious when I read about this product. Well, I'm a convert now. The water really is softer, smoother and tastier. This has been my best eco-buy for this year!
06/06/2018, By aneesa
great product! so convenient to use
30/05/2018, By Presha
I cannot drink tap water directly from the tap anymore. I can instantly taste the difference. Also filters quicker than the sticks so perfect on the go. I use it with the Kuro-Bo 1 litre bottle and it’s ideal for my desk at work.
24/05/2018, By Karen Coetzee
Combined my activated charcoal Koins with gems. Loving it!!
24/05/2018, By Dawn Little
So happy with my 'coins' . I bought them for our holiday trip......we saved a fortune on bottled water and we're so happy with the taste of our coin filtered water......needless to say we are now using KURO-BO every day at home. Thank you for the amazing product
25/04/2018, By Jackie
Our whole family uses KURO-Bo and we couldn't imagine living without it.
10/04/2018, By Celina
Great buy. Makes your water taste super clean and smooth. Love it. This is my second batch and will keep ordering most definitely.
29/03/2018, By Abigail
Our family travel a fair amount. Whether it be around South Africa or elsewhere in the world. We simply love this product, we have finally eliminated the need for purchasing water in plastic bottles. We take 4 or 5 stainless steel bottles and alternate them while we are away, with the Koins inside constantly cleaning the water. Best tasting water and best for you. Its seriously a win win!
09/03/2018, By Caroline
I am using it and the water tastes delicious!
07/02/2018, By Bavisha
For a long time, I have been using a water jug filter. Until I read about KUTO-Bo charcoal. I will always use this product now. My water tastes great and can feel it is doing wonders for my body. Love it!
02/01/2018, By Bernice
so far its been great. We do use a filter for our main drinking water at home, but I use this in our drinking bottles when we travel! its been great
02/01/2018, By NV
If I could give it 10 stars, I would. My water has never tasted to good. It is worth the cost. However, at the back of my mind I can't help but wonder over the environmental cost to making charcoal ...

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