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ButtaNutt Almond Milk Bottle 1L

ButtaNutt Almond Milk Bottle 1L

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ButtaNutt Almond Milk Bottle 1L
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  • 1L
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Why Faithful to Nature loves it:
ButtaNutt Almond Milk is buttery smooth goodness made from local South African almonds. This silky smooth, dairy-free milk alternative makes gorgeous golden lattes and velvety flat whites. It’s also excellent over breakfast cereals and in smoothies. Sip on something a little more sustainable with ButtaNutt Almond Milk Bottle.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.
  • All-natural, plant-based nut milk
  • Locally sourced Ingredients
  • Unsweetened
  • Dairy-free
  • Soy-free
  • No added Sugar
  • Suitable for vegans and strict vegetarians

About Milk Alternatives: Find out more on the environmental impact and the nutritional value of the various non-dairy milk alternatives in our Battle of the Plant-Based Milks.


  • Shake well.
  • Pour over muesli, granola, cereals or as a foundation for plant-based smoothies.

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Refrigerate after opening and consume within 5 days or before the date of expiration.

Did you know? ButtaNut chose HDPE plastic bottles because they are more readily recyclable in South Africa than other complex packages that use a combination of paper, foil and plastic.


  • Nett Volume: 1 Litre.


Please Note:

  • This product is not for baby or infant feeding.

Allergens: Tree Nuts.


  • Bottled in recyclable HDPE bottles.

Country of Origin:

  • Made in South Africa from Local Ingredients.
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Overall Rating
4.9 out of 5 stars from 95 reviews

94 out of 95 people would recommend this product

29/02/2024, By Roger
The ButtaNutt Almond milk is far more palatable than other similar products and really gives great flavour to breakfast cereal while still providing the lactose free benefits.
22/02/2024, By Lizz
Very good price and the most amazing brand of almond milk. A very good milk alternative if you are sensitive to lactose. I will definitely be ordering this again
19/02/2024, By Maike
This is a great milk, it is light brown in colour and tasts really great. Ideal for your coffee or smoothy.
14/02/2024, By Mich
For the price and not containing sweetener or oil which is hard to find, this is the best oat milk I've found.
09/02/2024, By Kasoo
Happy with the product
08/02/2024, By Monz
My favourite of the Buttanut range!
06/02/2024, By LB
Apart from the delicious taste and versatility of this almond milk, I love that it is locally made. I had to give up gluten and dairy for a period of time and used this milk for muesli, porridge and my morning latte. While I can eat dairy again, I have stuck to this milk because it tastes so good.
09/11/2023, By Danielle
This is my favourite milk, blends so great with coffee and tea and even froths with a handheld frother.
27/10/2023, By Julie
This is by far THE best almond milk on the market - the taste is superior to all the others, love it!
26/10/2023, By Michaela
Very good, has a oat taste
19/10/2023, By Holly
Creamy and smooth milk, not watery like all the other almond milk brands I have tried.
16/10/2023, By Phils
Great product and price (bought on special). Quick delivery via pargo. Will continue to buy!
13/10/2023, By Busi
Tastes good
13/10/2023, By Michelle
Been drinking it for over a year
Love it
12/10/2023, By Chantelle
Tastes great but mainly oat milk - need to read labels carefully
03/10/2023, By Shan
Honestly the best almond milk (And I love the macadamia milk) that ive ever bought!

The only criticism i have is regarding the bottle, its a little hard to pour without messing down the side of the bottle just a little.
26/09/2023, By Mon
The best almond milk I've tried - and I've tried many!
20/09/2023, By Lenti
I ordered my almond milk and it came so swiftly! This is a high quality plant milk with a very natural, enjoyable taste. I know that I'm putting quality into my body when I use this brand of milk. Being able to buy in bulk also saves me money!
14/09/2023, By Rhandzu
Taste good on its own but I use it for Oats as well
05/09/2023, By ANGIE
Great for smoothies
02/09/2023, By Jasmine
Super delicious. It’s the best I’ve tried. It also had way less additives than other brands.
31/08/2023, By Lorena
I am not happy with the way this product is presented as there is plain Almond Milk and there is the Oat and Almond combination. The main icon is showing Almond whereas the fine print on the other image says Oat and Almond. These are 2 variations of the almond milk option. As a result, I received the wrong order :-(
27/08/2023, By Marle
A good alternative if you want to cut out milk. You have to get used to the taste with coffee, but is is lovely with tea or protein shake and smoothies
27/08/2023, By Marle
A good alternative if you want to cut out milk. You have to get used to the taste with coffee, but is is lovely with tea or protein shake and smoothies
18/08/2023, By Michaela
Has an oat taste to this product, but very happy!
13/08/2023, By Carol
The best tasting almond milk ever. My family can’t get enough
12/08/2023, By Magriet
This is the most rich, delicious and reliable almond milk on the market. The bottle is also fully recyclable!
12/08/2023, By Magriet
This is the most rich, delicious and reliable almond milk on the market
10/07/2023, By Tanja
Great taste and a smooth texture. It goes well with cereal, coffee, or anything else you would like to add, even baking. Plastic bottle can be easily cleaned and reused.
23/05/2023, By Beverley
This is a firm favorite Gives smoothies a great spicy flavor & you only need a small amount.
23/05/2023, By Beverley
This is a firm favorite Gives smoothies a great spicy flavor & you only need a small amount.
20/04/2023, By Binta
I purchased 4 bottles of ButtaNutt milks on special and think that I may never look at another brand! The almond milk has a less watery texture and more full flavour than the brand I usually buy. I love that it has no nasty additives. Looking forward to trying the other flavours in my order. Delicious in my morning smoothy and coffee.
20/04/2023, By Binta
I purchased 4 bottles of ButtaNutt milks on special and think that I may never look at another brand! The almond milk has a less watery texture and more full flavour than the brand I usually buy. I love that it has no nasty additives. Looking forward to trying the other flavours in my order. Delicious in my morning smoothy and coffee.
17/04/2023, By Magriet
I have tried multiple products and this is, by far, the best Almond Milk available on South African shelves. Rich and creamy, so it works well in smoothies or mixed drinks for the kids (like Nesquick). It foams very well for cappuccino's and never separates in heat. It also stores well, is locally made and the bottle is fully recyclable. Win-win!
10/02/2023, By Louise
I was surprised to see that as per the ingredient lists of all the nut milk 'out there,' this one is the only one I've spotted that does not contain canola, rapeseed, or sunflower oil/lecithin - even within Buttanut's range. It is also relatively higher in actual almonds than other almond milk brands I've come across. From the perspective of inflammation, it's now our choice of nut milk.
14/11/2022, By Sally
Best almond milk available!
09/11/2022, By Ron
Love the whole Buttanut milks range - its all I buy now!
04/11/2022, By Jeanne-Marie
One of the best alternative milks around and locally produced! Amazing for camping trips as it doesn't need refridgeration!
04/11/2022, By JM
Best priced almond milk. Love that it is unsweetened. Little bit obsessed with my milk, my family knows not to use MY milk! :-)
26/10/2022, By Annuscha
Smooth, creamy and a delicious nutty flavour; just yummy!
25/10/2022, By Annuscha
There’s a reason why this milk is available everywhere and yet out of stock often - it great tasting and long lasting.
Great team at ButtaNut too! Absolutely recommend
28/09/2022, By J&L
Works well in baking and cooking alike!
21/09/2022, By Zane
Great tasting and long lasting. use it with cereal or with coffee. Definity my favorite Almond Milk on the market.
18/09/2022, By Zoe
Great product
15/09/2022, By Bev
Buttanut Almond milk is the best on the market
08/09/2022, By Christie
Really tasty, almond milk. Love that it’s not bitter like some brands.
25/08/2022, By Sindis
This wa excellent discovery since im on cancer treatment,i drink a glads before i sleep its very nutritious
14/03/2022, By Mummy
Mine! Gimmee. Gimmee. This almond milk is simply spectacular. You have to buy it to try it. You will not be disappointed
14/02/2022, By Reine
I've bought this product before. I didn't know Faithful to Nature sells it. Now I do. I ordered two bottles. For anyone who is moving away from animal milk, it's really lovely to have in the home. I don't use it for tea and coffee. I do use it as a refreshing drink and with moring oats. It is partially oat-based as a product, so very east to add to on's breakfast regime. Good price too.
23/01/2022, By Beverley
Great for smoothies but always out of stock.
30/11/2021, By Lauren
Trying to find good plant-based alternatives to the milk we use day to day and after being really disappointed by the flavor of a couple other brands, I decided to give this a try as a last attempt. Pleasantly surprised and definitely our new go-to!
08/11/2021, By Shelley
This is one of the nicest almond milks around. Have tried all of the range, and are all great, especially the Oat milk.
11/10/2021, By Caddie
This almond milk is fantastic! I love it! I don't love plant based milks really, but this one is superb. I like that there's no oil in it. It gives a real luxurious texture to your hot drink- I also use it in my Cocoa Fair cocoa powder, and its luxury all the way!!
(Only downside its always very hard to find it in stock)
10/09/2021, By Mel
I have tried a few brands and I have to say it's a great contender. Well-done. I will be trying out the other flavours.
02/08/2021, By Paola
hands down the best almond milk on the market
20/07/2021, By Adrienne
Tastes great! Perfect milk alternative and wonderful in smoothies :)
14/07/2021, By Samantha
My favorite brand plant based milk
12/07/2021, By Kate
First almond milk that I've found that froths nicely using a milk frother/Nespresso machine. Lovely taste!
29/06/2021, By Marilize
Coffee is finally delicious again! This is the best almond milk I've had, and I've tried many...
24/06/2021, By Susan
Good value for money and great taste!
26/05/2021, By MK-1
This is the best in taste and consistency. I will be buying more. I've drank a lot of other nut beverages, but this one truly blew me away.
26/05/2021, By Niyaaz
One of the healthiest almond milks on the market. No added oil and sugar
24/05/2021, By Jenece
Excellent value for money. Honestly, this is my favourite milk alternative. I have tried so many - some much more expensive - and this wins. I make tea/coffee with it daily and I am very happy with it. The macadamia and oat milks are also really good! If you haven't yet, give them a try! I personally haven't had issues with bottles leaking - probably been through at least 2 dozen bottles.
22/05/2021, By Kishanda
Very tasty. I’m very happy. Moving away from animal products and it’s tricky to find many replacements but this was a good choice and delicious in tea and coffee etc
20/05/2021, By Amanda
The bottle is plastic not great and when layed on its side or shaken, it has a tendency to leak. But the taste is great
29/04/2021, By Genie
Creamy, rich taste. Works great for frothing.
29/04/2021, By Bethel
At first it was my favorite after trying many brands. But then I notice the bottle unstable and leaks milk when slightly shaken. Also the residue still remains in tea after shaken properly.
29/03/2021, By JoyChristine
Great almond milk brand to try. Love it!
24/03/2021, By Beverley
Great in smoothies. Not keen on a plastic bottle though.
22/03/2021, By Paola
Best almond milk on the market - no added oil, no rubbish. And it's local, which is superb.
22/03/2021, By Kareesha
Delicious! Just straight out of the fridge : )
18/03/2021, By Susan
The best almond milk by far!
16/03/2021, By Saskia-Jo
It is fairly priced compared to all almond mills however it is the nicest tasting one by far. The product isn’t too watery. It has a creamy taste and foams perfectly for a cuppachino
01/03/2021, By Jenna
This almond milk is great. it is good value for money and is of excellent quality. It smells and looks different to those bought at supermarkets. There is also no added vegetable oil (unlike many others) which makes it suitable for Keto / Banting. Recommended
23/02/2021, By Tash
The BEST almond milk I have tried!! It’s so delicious and I just LOVE the packaging but my favourite part? It’s made in South Africa! Yay!
30/01/2021, By Jenna
This is my new favourite almond milk. It is so much creamier than any other I have tried and it is competitively priced too
22/01/2021, By Gillian
I love their range
18/01/2021, By Noelene
Love this almond milk. Best in coffee and smoothies. Good price aswell
11/01/2021, By Tanya
This is my absolute favourite almond milk,it has a sweetness to it that I love, you literally can just drink it on it's own,sooo tasty!!!
05/01/2021, By Duané
I love this milk!
31/12/2020, By Sam
Love this almond milk
28/12/2020, By Lucky
Pure stuff
23/12/2020, By Susan
Love this! I have it in my coffee and it is delicious!
17/12/2020, By Lise
Great flavour! Love the combination of oats and almonds, but should be called oat milk as the quantity is higher, but I personally prefer oat milk so I'm very happy.
11/12/2020, By Gillian
I love this. Nice for coffee tea hot cocoa porridge or to drink as is.

09/12/2020, By Candice
Very tasty, nice to use for a day to day diary substitute- however it doesn’t foam well for your
Well priced
25/11/2020, By Lollipop
Absolutely delicious, the best tasting one I've tried
10/11/2020, By Elreza
Best almond milk I've tried!
31/10/2020, By kim
27/10/2020, By Cornelia
Great for smoothies, beverages, cereals
27/10/2020, By Aria
Great product
27/10/2020, By Aria
Great alternative if you lactose-intolerant
26/10/2020, By Ayanda
Fantastic ingredients
25/10/2020, By Mary
Delicious, would definitely recommend.
11/10/2020, By Nosihle

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