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Faithful to Nature Adult Bamboo Toothbrush

Faithful to Nature Adult Bamboo Toothbrush

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Faithful to Nature Adult Bamboo Toothbrush
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Why Faithful to Nature loves it:
Faithful to Nature Adult Bamboo Toothbrush with clear bristles leaves your mouth fresh, and squeaky clean with the latest in sustainable technology. Our toothbrushes feature a biodegradable bamboo comfort grip, and recyclable bristles made entirely from castor bean oil. Polish those pearly-whites, and reduce the petro-chem plastic with Faithful to Nature’s new bamboo toothbrush for adults.

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  • Eco-friendly toothbrushes made from 100% sustainable materials
  • Totally plant-based oral hygiene for grown-ups
  • Biodegradable bamboo handle
  • Hour-glass grip for unparalleled comfort
  • Bristles made from Castor Oil
  • Wavey bristles clean those hard-to-reach places
  • Effectively removes plaque for a bright, white smile
  • Thoroughly cleans between the teeth
  • Helps to prevent tooth decay, & bad breath
  • Waste-free packaging
  • Suitable for vegans & strict vegetarians


  • Apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to the bristles.
  • Brush in small, circular motions over each tooth.
  • Don’t forget to brush your cheeks, gums, tongue and palate!

Care Instructions:

  • Store vertically, with the bristles on top to extend lifespan.


  • Handle Length: 18,5 cm
  • Handle Width: 1,2 cm
  • Bristle Strength: Medium


  • FSC Certified Bamboo, Polyamide 1010*.
  • *Made using 100% Castor Oil.


  • Boxed in a recyclable cardboard box, certified by the FSC, and printed with plant-based inks.

Country of Origin:

  • Made in The People’s Republic Of China.
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Overall Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars from 161 reviews

155 out of 161 people would recommend this product

28/07/2022, By Jo
wonderful product- I have been using this product for ages! they last so long and I never feel guilty throwing them into the compost when I am done
28/07/2022, By Mel
Great alternative to plastic brushes. Would be nice to have a choice of hard/medium/soft.
28/07/2022, By Renee
Have purchased various bamboo toothbrushes but keep coming back to this basic lightweight version. Works well with the new tooth tabs. Easy to use and lightweight to travel with.
28/07/2022, By Werner
Love it! So great throwing out the plastic ones!
28/07/2022, By Donna
Very happy with my purchase. Gives me peace of mind too.
28/07/2022, By Leda
Good-quality toothbrush, but softer than I'd expect from a 'medium'
28/07/2022, By Jill
Everyone should be using bamboo too brushes to protect our enviorment
28/07/2022, By Dikeletjo
First time using it. Bristles are very soft and gentle on the teeth and gums.
28/07/2022, By Courtney
This is by far the best tooth brush I have ever used. The bristles are gentle against your gums and I love that the whole brush is eco friendly!
28/07/2022, By Shelley
Happy with this product…I use it between uses with my electric toothbrush
28/07/2022, By Iman
Bought this for the first time and I'm loving it so far!
Love that brushing my teeth doesn't leave me feeling guilty about the environment anymore!
28/07/2022, By Keoratile
Best toothbrush I ever owned
The bristes are perfect in all ways
It really is a must have
28/07/2022, By Caitlin
Absolutely love this toothbrush! It’s the only toothbrush I’ve found that has both a bamboo handle as well as non-plastic and biodegradable bristles. The bristles are effective at cleaning the teeth without bending or wearing down too quickly. Definitely recommend to anyone wanting to switch to a plastic-free toothbrush.
28/07/2022, By Verena
Great toothbrush and have bought a few over time already
28/07/2022, By Gabrielle
i use bamboo toothbrushes and have done for years. This is good. I long for the alternative where the bristles are also biodegradeable
28/07/2022, By Merlind
I converted to a bamboo toothbrush a few years ago and will never look back
28/07/2022, By Shan
Works well
28/07/2022, By Neischa
Best toothbrush
28/07/2022, By Sue
Love the bristles
28/07/2022, By Melissa
I love my FtN toothbrush! It makes me feel great knowing that it's not made from plastic and won't end up in a landfill or the ocean. I recommend 'sealing' the bottom of the brush with nail polish (also helps you to see which brush belongs to who!).
28/07/2022, By marlene
Love the wooden feel. Really durable and lasts longer than normal ones you buy in shop
28/07/2022, By Felicity
These toothbrushes are amazing! been using mine for over 6months now and still have plenty of wear. Just ordered more.
28/07/2022, By Reyn
Great toothbrush and awesome that it's 100 recyclable.
28/07/2022, By Gail
I am very happy with this toothbrush. It is comfortable to use and gentle (not too hard). I am glad that it is not plastic!
28/07/2022, By Chanique
We love the bristles but both my husband and I feel that the head of the toothbrush is quite big
28/07/2022, By Mina
Great toothbrush, nice & soft. Definitely buy again.
28/07/2022, By Ina
Love this product!!!
28/07/2022, By Tam
I've tried many bamboo toothbrushes, and this one is good. Has firm bristles so it cleans your teeth well!
28/07/2022, By Sunanri
Great product, saves environment. Bristles just right for my gums. Love the bamboo. Bristles last long. Wouldn't go back to plastic brushes.
28/07/2022, By Ivana
Great product, leaves my teeth feeling clean and what I love most about it is that it is Eco-friendly and has no plastic
28/07/2022, By Jacqui
What a great toothbrush! The bristles are perfect - not too soft, not too hard and the handle is very comfortable to use. I'll definitely buy again.
28/07/2022, By Michelle
Nice toothbrush but definitely more soft than medium.
28/07/2022, By Lisa
Good for the environment, gentle on the gums
28/07/2022, By RC
so glad I found an eco friendly toothbrush that works well!
28/07/2022, By T
Unfortunately when I opened my product it was a little bit moldy and I was not able to use it. The faithful to nature support team was quick to respond to me and gave me a full refund. Always impressed by their great service!
28/07/2022, By Cassandra
Great! Lasts long
28/07/2022, By Shandre
A bit big, but overall a good product with soft bristles.
28/07/2022, By Shandre
A bit big, but overall a good product with soft bristles.
28/07/2022, By Barbs
Cleans very well - just the right size and bristle strength.
28/07/2022, By L
Does what it’s supposed to ????
28/07/2022, By Started
28/07/2022, By Louise
Great quality, the brush is just perfect, not too soft or too hard.
28/07/2022, By Sivu
Great Product
28/07/2022, By Mics
Absolutely love this product! Would definitely recommend
28/07/2022, By yusus
great product
28/07/2022, By Irony Police
Ironic that a product that’s “Faithful to Nature” is made in China and shipped to SA. That kind of negates the positive environmental impact you’re trying to make.
28/07/2022, By Bob
Really good quality
28/07/2022, By Sarah-Jane
Great product
28/07/2022, By Aria
Great product
28/07/2022, By Carika
Not only is it a stylish looking toothbrush, it is made of bamboo and fully biodegradable. Saving the planet one toothbrush at a time.
28/07/2022, By Zizi
Literally the most comfortable toothbrush I’ve ever used. It’s so ergonomic, so light and the bristles are great. Beats any Colgate or Oral-B by far. And the materials it’s made from just make you feel that much better.
28/07/2022, By Verena
Nice toothbrush and not too soft. Have ordered again
28/07/2022, By Skye
Love it! Feels and looks way better than a plastic toothbrush. It cleans better too and of course it's way better for the environment. There's no reason not to buy this. Perhaps the price. It is affordable of course but I wonder if it's possible to make it cheaper because I have bought a bamboo toothbrush for half the price on another website.
28/07/2022, By Nicole
I really love this bamboo toothbrush, I've tried a few different brands of bamboo toothbrushes, and this is definitely the easiest and most efficient clean!
28/07/2022, By Fallon Courtney
really good and biodegradeable
28/07/2022, By Nicole
Such a nice toothbrush. And the bristles ain't plastic.
28/07/2022, By HM
First time trying the bamboo toothbrush, and I like it
28/07/2022, By Monique
Love my toothbrush, it's the same price as a regular toothbrush so it's an easy start to becoming plastic free.
It is a weird texture in the mouth because it's a natural material but you get used to it and it works really well.
28/07/2022, By Leighton
It is a nice toothbrush, it makes the mouth feels fresh for the first time.
28/07/2022, By Sonja
Happy with the purchase, thank you :)
28/07/2022, By Miemie
Best toothbrush ever. I'll keep on buying it.
28/07/2022, By Claudine
Love the eco-friendly concept and these are a great way to kick-start ones eco-friendly lifestyle change.
28/07/2022, By Heather
I do enjoy the bamboo brushes but find they need replacing fairly often.
28/07/2022, By Nisha
Household fav
28/07/2022, By Jamie
Bought the FTN toothbrush twice and on the second buy it arrived with a patch of mold on the handle. The mold has since spread because of the water and the handle of my toothbrush has a black patch on it now . Really gross! :( Not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but more care should be taken with the storage of these toothbrushes. Especially because it's a personal care product that's used everyday. Don't think I'll buy a toothbrush from the FTN brand again. But other than the mold I like this toothbrush.
28/07/2022, By Sonja
Good quality but don't like the bottom getting mouldy.
28/07/2022, By Banner
28/07/2022, By Louise
I love this toothbrush, its durable, the bristles are excellent quality, the price is on par, i am happy ????????
28/07/2022, By Candice
I've bought several of these. Good toothbrush and lasts long. Price is the cheapest bamboo brush you can find, with all materials being biodegradable.
28/07/2022, By Sweeks
I’ll be buying it again.
28/07/2022, By Paige
I've been buying these toothbrushes regularly and will continue to do so. It's one step we can all take in reducing our plastic waste.
28/07/2022, By Carla
Bought these for my son and I and it is such a good product and it's not plastic. Will definitely recommend it and definitely purchase it again.
28/07/2022, By Greenie
28/07/2022, By AnnaD
Lovely eco friendly toothbrush with a good grip. The bristles may be a bit on the hard side but it actually reminds me to not brush too hard.
28/07/2022, By smith
Nice grip
28/07/2022, By Cindy
Bought this for my 14yr old son: he didn't like it - said he didn't like that the bristles are so hard and that the wooded handle is so rough in your mouth.
28/07/2022, By Courtney
Perfect travel toothbrush, it is compact and super easy to write on to avoid brush confusion.
28/07/2022, By Brenda
This is a good toothbrush and helps me to make my plastic footprint smaller.
28/07/2022, By Aimee
Plastic-free is a win for me : )
28/07/2022, By Moni
I think I'm on my fourth one of these, never going back to store-bought toothbrushes ever again! Cleans my teeth really well.
28/07/2022, By Tammy
Great so far! Happy to cut out another plastic item from my life
28/07/2022, By Leanne
Great for a beginner.
28/07/2022, By Chantie
The bristles are so nice and soft, and... it's PLASTIC-FREE! How can I not recommend it?! :)
28/07/2022, By Lauren
My fiance and I are happy with our brushed. One of the best bamboo brushes we have used.
28/07/2022, By First born
Eco friendly toothbrush
28/07/2022, By Khanya
Excited, it treats my smile bones good.
28/07/2022, By Christine
The bristles are hard enough to clean effectively and soft enough to be comfy. Also branded initials into the wood with some fine heated metal and a lighter to not mix them up - works great!
28/07/2022, By Merlind
I have loved using bamboo toothbrushes from the moment i got my first one. This one is no different
28/07/2022, By Stacey
I have been happy with this toothbrush. Particularly happy that the bristles are recyclable too!
28/07/2022, By Juanita
The bristles are hard and it works well with natural toothpaste. The wood is a bit rough, especially around the head which is hard on the sensitive skin of your tongue and the inside of your lips.
28/07/2022, By Hanny
cant wait to try
28/07/2022, By Rayne
This is a great toothbrush alternative if you like a hard bristle brush. It takes some getting used to and just adjusting how hard you brush your teeth, as it can be quite hard on the gums.
28/07/2022, By Kayla
Super happy with this eco swap. The brush is a little small but I don’t mind.
28/07/2022, By Victoria
Love this toothbrush
28/07/2022, By Lientjie
Great product! Very effective and inexpensive and to no cost to the environment.
28/07/2022, By Qudsiyyah
Works well and is aesthetically pleasing.
28/07/2022, By Vicki
The bristles were too hard for my liking and the handle went moldy from storing in a cup.
28/07/2022, By Abigail
Overall an okay bamboo brush. The brush held up well but the bristles and shape of brush does not give me a satisfactory clean and I really perservered. Judging by the reviews I think there could be a variance in bristle firmness - I found them too soft and I don’t like firm brushes but these were so flexible that they splayed out and my teeth weren’t getting clean enough everywhere.
28/07/2022, By Jules
Best tooth brush I've ever bought and environmentally friendly
28/07/2022, By Janine
like charcoal bamboo brushes more
28/07/2022, By Cam
I really like it because it's not soft brussels like the toothbrush I had before. Feel like it cleans better
28/07/2022, By Bronwyn
Well priced for a bamboo toothbrush. I find the bristles are just firm enough. Absolutely love that it is completely biodegradable.
28/07/2022, By Gabby
Great environmentally friendly toothbrush, lasts long and inexpensive.
28/07/2022, By Gabby
Just as good if not better than ordinary toothbrushes. This is my second time ordering, the previous one lasted extremely long. Just the handle started to get moldy so make sure it gets to dry properly (do not store in a cup)Love that it's environmentally friendly and the natural feel of the bamboo.
28/07/2022, By TAZ
I really like this toothbrush. I think the britsles are just firm enough for effective cleaning but not too hard. I do think that maybe the shape of the bristle cluster could have a different, more ergodynamic design , perhaps smaller with some height variation for a more comfortable feel in the mouth and against the teeth .
28/07/2022, By Orignal
28/07/2022, By Ilze
I love this product.
28/07/2022, By Aurora
Well-priced and not plastic!
28/07/2022, By Candice
After trying one of these toothbrushes out, I bought my entire family one for Christmas. I love that they are 100% biodegradable and they are great toothbrushes too!
28/07/2022, By Anel
Great bio toothbrush (note the bristles are not compostable), with medium hardness bristles.
28/07/2022, By Louise
Won't buy again. Love the bamboo idea but the bristles are way too hard and it doesn't feel like it's cleaning enough. Probably because it hurts brushing with it. But love the more "natural" idea. It seems like its working for most but I think I will stick to my Jordan Natural toothbrush.
28/07/2022, By Iman
Works well. Pretty standard results but still does a thorough cleaning job. Firm bristles May take some adjusting to, a gentle hand would be better for those with sensitive gums, but other than that I truly enjoy the toothbrush.
28/07/2022, By Andrea
What's not to love? Does what a toothbrush is meant to do without doing all the polluting crap it's not meant to do.
28/07/2022, By Priscilla
The best bamboo toothbrush I have ever used!
Ok, so I've only tried one other brand :)
The handle is nice and smooth and the bristles are firm and soft. Or maybe smoothe is a good description for the bristles too.
28/07/2022, By Taryn
Cleans well and I love that it's biodeu
28/07/2022, By Star
Cool toothbrush, love the look and bristles, just make sure the toothbrush holder is clear of any water because it gets mouldy - which I forgot about after making the switch! This just proves it is biodegradable though, so I will continue to use this brand
28/07/2022, By Carla
Awesome toothbrush, will buy again
28/07/2022, By Helper
28/07/2022, By Roux
It won't improve your oral hygiene but it's not going to hurt it either just a v normal toothbrush.
28/07/2022, By Taryn
Love that it's biodegradable. And it looks pretty. Those are it's best features. Brushes your teeth in an average way. Would love some varied height in the bristles to get to the hard to reach places.
28/07/2022, By CATH
very nice, works well. just the right 'hardness' and size.
28/07/2022, By Bella
This is the best toothbrush I have ever used!! Love the wood and the bristles are just the right strength. Highly recommended!!
28/07/2022, By Alna
Die Bamboo tandeborsel se hare is goed, dalk bietjie sag. Die bamboes
gedeelte is nie glad genoeg nie en werk soos fyn skuurpapier op my lippe
en tong. Soveel so dat my tong gebloei het.
28/07/2022, By lucy
love this the bristles are nice and soft really enjoy my new tooth brush
28/07/2022, By erin
I absolutely love these! And I feel so much better using something that is saving the planet.
28/07/2022, By FerrisBueller
Good quality product which does the job. I will never go back to a plastic brush after using these.
28/07/2022, By Vera
A bit too big
28/07/2022, By Alexis
I love this product so much but a value bundle would be nice since the point of using this product is to cut out single use plastic toothbrushes so some more convenience would elevate it.
28/07/2022, By Tim
Got one from a friend a few months ago and would definitely order another one (just have!). Bristles are a little soft the the rest of the feel is great! Makes an everyday task eco-friendly
28/07/2022, By Ayesha
The best natural toothbrush i have used. The firmness and surface area of the bristles are great compared to other brands I have used. Easy to clean the tongue and teeth.Handle is great, comfortable feel in hand.
28/07/2022, By MsJay
I bought this toothbrush for my dad, and after one month's use he is still all (sparkling) smiles. He would describe this toothbrush as having a nice, firm grip and an overall joy to use.
28/07/2022, By Kaydee
Very nice handle and toothbrush, would definitely recommend. Looking forward to a 100% eco friendly option one day. These bristles cannot be composted and must be put in your eco brick. Very happy with the purchase!
28/07/2022, By vegie
It works as well as any toothbrush, good to know it won't just the environment too much when I eventually throw it out.
28/07/2022, By Megan
The best toothbrush. Very good!
28/07/2022, By Lauren
I've used it twice and both times it's made the corner of my mouth bleed. Very disappointed as I bought 6 for us adults and same for the kids but I'm too scared to let my kids try them now.
28/07/2022, By Marilee
Bristles way too hard.
28/07/2022, By Peter-John
Winner toothbrush.
28/07/2022, By Gill
Love this toothbrush, comfortable to use & happy using it
28/07/2022, By Emeline
Really great to find a reasonably priced good quality eco-friendly toothbrush. Will definitely buy again.
28/07/2022, By Kerry
keeps your teeth clean while helping keep the earth clean!
28/07/2022, By Tiffany
Head-over-heels in LOVE with this product!
Amazing quality, strong bristles, and completely biodegradable.
28/07/2022, By Nicole
Good toothbrush. Happy with the size of the head. The bristles are harder than I prefer. This is probably considered a medium. Feels even better that it doesn't have plastic.
28/07/2022, By Ray
A sturdy toothbrush with soft bristles. It should be suitable for those who prefer or need to use brushes with soft (rather than medium) bristles.
28/07/2022, By Colleen
Good brush, and great that it's 100% biodegradable, though would prefer an option with softer bristles.
28/07/2022, By ansie
Love the grip of this toothbrush. will definitively reorder in future.
28/07/2022, By Ray
I've been using it for a few weeks now, and it's still going strong. Clearly lasts very well.
28/07/2022, By Meagan Athena
Love it
28/07/2022, By Ashley
Love the brush. Would personally like the option of a slightly harder bristled brush - as I find these very soft.
28/07/2022, By Barbara
This is my second bamboo toothbrush and I am just as happy with this one as the previous one! The bristles work just as well as the bristles on a normal plastic toothbrush. Will definitely keep buying this eco-friendly option!
28/07/2022, By Lisa
My whole family has moved to these bamboo brushes and we ALL love them. Grateful for eco friendly brushes that do the job with gusto!
28/07/2022, By Chantelle
Great eco friendly product
28/07/2022, By nazzi
i love this eco brush. makes me and my teeth feel good
28/07/2022, By Jean
I have been using bamboo brushes for years. They are my first choice, soft on the gums and as recyclable as I can find in toothbrushes,
28/07/2022, By CM
Love the design, the feel and the ecofriendly factor....Love it...
28/07/2022, By Bhavash
Pleasantly surprised, much nicer than I expected it to be. Will definitely order one for my husband when he needs a new toothbrush.
28/07/2022, By Khanya
love these, have been buying them for over a year now and will never go back to plastic toothbrushes
28/07/2022, By Khanya
love these, have been buying them for over a year now and will never go back to plastic toothbrushes
28/07/2022, By Jeanne-Mari
Nice thick handle and medium bristles. Not bad at the price. Will definitely order these for everyone in our house again!
28/07/2022, By Lesley
Besides getting the job done nicely, this natural bamboo toothbrush with its recyclable castor bean oil bristles just feels right - no nasty Petro-chem plastics here!
28/07/2022, By Amoné
Good quality
28/07/2022, By Michele
I must say at first I thought I wouldn't cope with a toothbrush that hasn't been designed for ultimate comfort and protection. I was wrong! The Faithful brush is just perfect!

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