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Earthsap Grapefruit & Geranium Roll-On

Earthsap Grapefruit & Geranium Roll-On
Earthsap Grapefruit & Geranium Roll-On
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  • 50ml
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The Earthsap products are made from pure & simple ingredients & essential oils that wont harm or irritate the skin.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.

This product is pure & completely free of lauryl sulphate, synthetic preservatives, animal Ingredients, animal testing and petrochemicals.


Roll onto cleansed skin.


Cetyl alchohol (from coconuts), Glyceral Stearate (from Soybean) Vegetable Glycerine, Sunflower Oil, Soybean extract, Wheatgerm, Citric Acid, Grapefruit Oil, Lavender oil.

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Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 130 reviews

122 out of 130 people would recommend this product

15/04/2024, By Sage
The product itself is great, works really well compared to other natural deodorant brands. This scent in particular smells like dishwasher liquid.
10/08/2023, By LATETIA
Great product
26/07/2023, By Sam
The scent is mild but it does the job. Happy with this product.
13/06/2023, By Noeks
A great fresh smelling deodrant that really works all day. Best of all its aluminium free and full of natural ingredients.
26/05/2023, By Elismarie
I will definitely buy it again. Works great
27/01/2023, By Gillian
I love this deodorant. It has no preservatives in it and it lasts all day, I never have to reapply.
17/09/2022, By Rob
Great and bicarb free so no burning underarms.
24/08/2022, By Christie
Lovely, refreshing smell. However, I was hoping it functioned more like an antiperspirant. Great as just a deodorant though.
18/05/2022, By Angela
Husband likes it!
25/10/2021, By Louise
Been using this deodorant for years, teatree and lemon one and this one.
21/08/2021, By sherele
This is genuinely a great and effective deodorant. I bought it after trying some other brands and even attempting to make my own and it WORKS. Even kept me smelling fresh and clean on some hot and active days. Will buy on repeat.
06/07/2021, By T
Mild fragrance but it works great. I first tired the lavender and rosemary but this one is my preferred.
06/06/2021, By Raine
One of the best natural deodorants I've used. Worth the money and lasts a while.
27/05/2021, By Tatum
Works great. I tried the rosemary one before. This one is less fragrant but works so well.
03/05/2021, By Abby
My fav natural deodorant!
19/04/2021, By Daniela
I love this product so much, it smells amazing, my favorite deodorant scent on the planet!
03/04/2021, By Alishea
A lovely fresh scent, but not as effective as I would have hoped.
08/03/2021, By Remmi
Keeps me fresh all day, love the smell and it is very gently to use on my super sensitive skin
26/02/2021, By Michelle
Great product-this is my go to.
16/02/2021, By Natalie
Have tried so many natural deodorants and this is the only one that works for me, and I particularly love the smell of this grapefruit one. I've been using this brand for years and won't change!
13/02/2021, By Sharon
Really enjoying this brand. It lasts all day. Super fresh fragrance.
13/02/2021, By Sharon
Really enjoying this brand. It lasts all day. Super fresh fragrance.
20/01/2021, By Deanne
I recently tried plastic-free deodorants but found them grainy and sticky and did not enjoy using them. I decided to revert to this, my favourite product even though it comes in a plastic bottle. I usually use the absolutely beautiful lavender and rosemary fragrance, but this one is also lovely and fresh-smelling. It takes longer to dry than a spray deodorant, but it's worth it because you are not applying a lot of harmful chemicals to your skin. It is gentle and does not burn on application. I will not use any other product in future. Oh, and it lasts forever so is really economical too!
07/12/2020, By Terry
This product is awesome, does not leave that sticky feeling and it lasts long. Smells great and it does not have any harmful ingredients.
28/10/2020, By Nokhanyo
Great light scent and controls odour really well
25/10/2020, By Steph
Works really well and smells fab!
20/10/2020, By Lerato
I love the combination of the smell. It keeps me fresh all day without needing to re-apply.
15/10/2020, By Brigitte
I love the fresh citrusy smell - perfect fragrance for summer! Works really well as anti-perspirant. Will certainly buy again.
07/10/2020, By Waj
Nice fresh citrus fragrance. So far seems to be working. Haven't yet tested it out in summer heat.
07/09/2020, By Gabriele
Really like the smell. Can't say it works as well as conventional deodorants, but really not a bad natural alternative.
25/08/2020, By Tarryn
Not the biggest fan of the smell nor the sticky feeling of it under my arms. Sadly wouldn't recommend.
28/07/2020, By Cindy
My 14yr old son loves it!
25/07/2020, By Lina
Smells wonderful. I have tried a different deodrant from FTN that lasts longer though. I would only use this deodrant when I'm not exercising or when it's a lazy day. But perhaps it works differently for different people.
21/06/2020, By A
Have used different ones. - now tried this one and not disappointed at all Enjoy these Roll-on
17/06/2020, By Karen
Great natural roll on. Does have a fruity scent but not over powering.
12/06/2020, By Dee
Fantastic natural deodorant.
02/06/2020, By Cindy
All my sons & hubby use this range: great odour control with a subtle fragrance.
27/05/2020, By Susan
Love this range. This is my second scent I’m trying. All smell good.
22/05/2020, By First born
To the tee
21/05/2020, By danielle
I was nervous about using a natural deodorant but have not been disappointed.
14/05/2020, By Hanlie
Very good!
09/05/2020, By Ana
Reliable protection
04/05/2020, By Sunshine
Smells fresh and doesn't leave a sticky residue under your arms. My boyfriend and I both use it as the smell is not overpowering (feint).
27/04/2020, By Candy
Well formulated
18/04/2020, By LYNN
14/04/2020, By Schwalbie
Used this for the first time some weeks back and love it so much that I am ordering another with our current order from Faithful To Nature. It is gentle, has a lovely perfume and lasts as a deodorant.
07/04/2020, By Mrs Fox
works so well
03/04/2020, By Natalie
It works! No chemicals! Perfect
16/03/2020, By Raaziqa
works well to disguise smelly underarms.Lovely scent.
15/03/2020, By Mrs Fox
very happy
14/03/2020, By Pat
Best deodorant I've used and it lasts forever.
12/03/2020, By Matthew
Smells great, but I do find the smells fades after a few hours, and it leaves stains on the underarms of the shirts (I just put it on a few minutes before putting on my shirt), but otherwise great
23/02/2020, By Anne
the smell is divine and i prefer to use this in winter. it is as good as it gets for a deodorant, that does not contain aluminium.
23/02/2020, By Anne
the smell is divine and i prefer to use this in winter. it is as good as it gets for a deodorant, that does not contain aluminium.
19/02/2020, By Kirsty
Really wonderful product, just personally don't like the smell. I prefer the lavender.
18/01/2020, By esma
My 3. bottle. Smells amazing and best of earthsap deodorants
18/01/2020, By esma
My 3. bottle. Smells amazing and best of earthsap deodorants
15/01/2020, By Su
My go to roll on. Works well, no residue once it dries. Doesn't cause underarm to darken.
07/01/2020, By HM
I absolutely Love the scent of this deo . I prefer this one to the tea tree and lemon . It Works very well during the winter and cool days . I’m a little disappointed that it doesn’t work so well in summer . You have to keep reapplying as it doesn’t last very long . But overall , it’s a great product !!
05/01/2020, By Zaheer Ismail
03/12/2019, By Heather
My first eco-deodorant that I've ever tried and it's so luxurious. Smells heavenly and goes on gently.
25/09/2019, By Su
It is effective, doesn't leave a residue. Will buy again.
Only downside The packaging looks like an air freshener or cleaning product.
11/09/2019, By Melis
I am not sure about the Earthsap roll on yet. This is the second one I've tried and I'm not 100% sold. I perspire quickly and often, and I don't think the roll on will safeguard me.
26/08/2019, By Lianne
My favourite deodorant.
Smells fresh and its safe to use.
11/08/2019, By Nadia
I bought this fragrance and the Lavender one, and I just love both of them. Already left a review for the other one. I really recommend Earthsap's products. No matter what. My life has changed for the better since using natural products.
26/06/2019, By B
Lovely fresh smell. Great for light use.
16/05/2019, By Alison
Love the smell and to know it is all natural.
07/05/2019, By Nompumelelo
Love the smell of this deodorant, definitely my favourite of the entire range. Plus it does not stain my clothing.
24/04/2019, By Evgenia
It works, you still sweat though, but without unwanted smell. Sounds natural
24/04/2019, By Jenna-Lee
It completely removed any BO (smell), does not prevent sweating but your sweat will not smell. NO stains. Definity worth it. Just in a plastic container...
22/04/2019, By simone
great product!!!
12/04/2019, By Anne
Smells very nice and refreshing! Perfect for light use! Does not leave any stains
15/03/2019, By Sarah
This smells divine! Works in winter or at home doing low maintenance things. But this roll on is not cut out for loads of sweaty times. Wouldn't recommend to athletes or those in very hot climates.
10/03/2019, By Lisa
This is good as a deodorant but not great as an antiperspirant, especially in our hot weather. I now use mine only in winter, or if I'm willing and able to re-apply several times during the day. Unfortunately, I am yet to find a deo available in South Africa that provides both deodorising and antiperspirant effects.
02/03/2019, By Pat
This product is great!
It has a good scent and leaves you "odor confident" all day!
18/02/2019, By Michaela
I love this brand, but unfortunately this product was a huge miss for me. I loved the idea of using an all-natural deodorant but with this it just smelled like I hadn't showered for days. The initial scent is lovely and fresh though. This product would work for someone who is not an excessive sweater
23/01/2019, By Glenda
Happy with this product, my first time to use it. Gentle fragrance and works effectively.
22/01/2019, By Nass
Effective, subtle scent, non-abrasive. Would buy again.
15/01/2019, By Cindy
Two of my four sons use this deo and love it.
31/12/2018, By Daniela

This is one of the few deodorants that has a scent I like! It is so natural and fresh smelling, and does not have that sickly sweet smell that many deodorants have.

It combats underarm odor like a bomb, I have found it to be more effective than conventional brands. AND, towards the end of a long day it just diminishes in strength of smell. It doesn't combine with your sweat to make that awful BO+deo smell.

Have been using it for years, and I am so happy to have a deodorant that smells amazing, works, and is not filled with aluminium. Thank you Earth Sap for the awesome product! Please never stop making it : ).

17/12/2018, By Marie
I have been using this roll-on for a few years now, it works for me. I will in really hot wheather apply more often. It never irritates my skin, not sticky and does not stain.
23/11/2018, By Kim
Unfortunately I had a very bad skin reaction to this deodorant which was very disappointing as I loved the smell. If it was not for the reaction, I would definitely still be using this deodorant.
23/11/2018, By R
Not bad at all, nice smell. However, I have found that the tea tree & lemon flavour works a bit better for myself & spouse (& seems to last / hold for longer).
15/11/2018, By Saskia
I had very high hopes for this product, but unfortunately it did not work. It smells lovely and it's very gentle on your skin, but after a few hours it feels and smells like you didn't put deodorant on at all.
19/10/2018, By Cindy
My 14year old son sweats quite a lot and this really helps with odour control.
16/10/2018, By Ilze
Love the smell and gentle on skin.
03/10/2018, By ELMARIé
I love this product. Been using it for 2 years. Tried a few natural ones and find this one far superior. I do not have to re-apply, even in summer. Will not change soon.
10/09/2018, By Jenna
Loving this clean fresh smell - not quite sure if it will be effective in the humidty of south coast summers but now for winter it is lovely. so glad to find products that do no harm to animals -
07/09/2018, By Emma
This is a really lovely, clean, fresh and light product. I would definitely recommend it.
07/08/2018, By Carol
Love the fresh and lasting fragrance
05/08/2018, By Emma
The natural ingredients mean that I don't have any uncomfortable skin reactions. You do need to reapply on warmer days but the citrus smell is lovely.
11/07/2018, By Cindy
My teen boys use this and love it.
22/06/2018, By Ria
Natural and soothing on the skin
20/06/2018, By Leani
I was skeptical about using a natural roll-on, but was pleasantly surprised when it actually worked. Smells awesome and lasts very long for someone that actually sweats a lot. Will never go back to conventional roll-on again. PS. my friend loves it too.
13/05/2018, By Lisa
I was on the verge of returning to conventional products after trying a number of natural products, none of which worked, but then I found this. It smells fresh and does the trick. I rarely feel the need to reapply.
30/04/2018, By ELMARIé
I have tried a few natural deororants and this one is the very best. I used to use Mitchem so my standards are high. I lead a fairly active life and this one has never let me down. It is soft on my skin and smells fresh. I do not think I will change to another product anytime soon. Earthsap has very good products.
17/04/2018, By JD
I bought this for my 8 year old daughter. Young ladies have sensitive skin - fortunately this roll-on has not resulted in any skin issues for her. She likes the fruity smell although I agree with other reviewers that the fragrance does not last all day so a person would need to reapply.
13/04/2018, By Maryke
Its freshness lasts only until I get to the office. It is OK for winter months.
03/04/2018, By Larisa
Does not even last until mid-morning for me, but I do need a heavy duty roll-on. Smell is very nice.
28/03/2018, By Vanessa
This is my favourite deodorant! My husband and I are not heavy sweaters, but this works wonderfully for us all year long. I love the smell!!
22/03/2018, By Juicer
Great smell & works much better than any other natural roll-on that I have tried.
06/02/2018, By Lauren
I have tried a few natural deo's but this one works the best. Lovely smell and lasts well. I keep one in my bag for "top ups". I would rather have to re-apply than use a product full of nasties.
26/12/2017, By Mandy
Really impressed with how long this deo lasts during even hot days. It has a lovely refreshing smell.
18/12/2017, By Sugesi
This product did not work well for me. I sweat a lot maybe! But I have found another product that works extremely well. I am not sure if they sell it here.
Salt of the Earth- Natural roll on and deodorant.
21/11/2017, By Ciska
Worked very well for me
25/10/2017, By Natascha
The smell is refreshing and not overpowering. It lasts well, I've actually had to re-apply less in hot weather than the usual off-the-shelf deo that I used to buy. It's very gentle on sensitive skin. I'll try the rest of the range for sure!
21/10/2017, By Annlerie
Another lovely fragrance in the deodorant range. I sometimes have to reapply but as it is a natural deodorant, I really don't mind. Will order again.
16/10/2017, By Sonja
Lovely fresh smell. Works well combating excessive sweating. Soft on sensitive underarm skin.
29/09/2017, By SunStar
Haven't used it in Summer, but so far it's effective all day. Love the fresh scent and definitely my favourite in the Earthsap deodorant range.
30/07/2017, By Paige
Great natural deodorant with a lovely fresh smell. So much better for your body than conventional deodorant.
17/07/2017, By Janneke
Not very long lasting during the summer, so I just reapply. Citrus scent is great.
09/06/2017, By Amy
I heart the smell, fresh and natural, and it works for me as well as any conventional deodorant.
30/05/2017, By Sharyn
This is the first time I've used a natural deodorant with a scent (only used the crystal one before) and its been great. I really enjoy the scent. Its mild and doesn't interfere if I'm wearing perfume. It lasts too!
02/03/2017, By Vanessa
Love the fresh smell. Works well enough to keep on buying it.
09/09/2016, By Correne
I thought I would love the smell but I stopped using it. Perhaps my body just doesn agree with it. I also found that it doesn stop my from sweating like my usual roll on. I have gone back to using conventional roll on until I can find something else more suitable.
22/08/2016, By Mic
Very nice citrus ,fresh smelling. Needs to applied a few times a day.
22/04/2016, By Candice
Im not a fan of roll on deo, but its important to think about the environment in everything that we do. It takes some getting used to, takes a while to dry, but it does a good job. I like that it doesn leave any marks on my shirts under the armpits!
08/03/2016, By Sherryl
I bought the grapefruit and geranium Earthsap roll on as well as the lavender as wanted to try both. Though the grapefruit and geranium does contain some lavender oil, I don smell it.
No rash, no burning, not sticky and smells fresh and is lasting well. Never used the lavender roll on as the perfume just put me off which is strange as I love the perfume of fresh lavender.
I ordered more of the grapefruit and geranium and my daughter now enjoys its freshness as well.
16/02/2016, By Catherine
I love the smell of this one- super citrusy and crisp. Works really well :)
23/11/2015, By Patricia
The first couple of hours are great ... but after a while theres a funky smell (which is ironic since odours have never been a problem for me)
I guess if you reapply during the day it should be fine.
11/10/2015, By Jessica
This deo smells incredible. So fresh and clean and citris. Absolutely perfect for summer. Ive been using it for 3 days now, in this hectic heat wave, and while it is not an anti-persperant, it is a fantastic deoderant. I do reapply in the afternoon, but it works really well, no bad body odour getting through!! I have already showed it to my mom and once she smelled it, she asked me to order her one too. My mom is really picky, so this is a great endorsement from her :-)
28/08/2015, By Biffie
I have a problem with rash under my arms. Used different products over the years - and this the best of them all!
18/04/2015, By Nici
This is by far the best roll-on Ive ever used. The citrus smell is so uplifting in the mornings and energizes you through the day. Its awesome!
22/10/2014, By Esme
The smell of the roll-on is so refreshing and is not overwhelming. I live in the tropics (hot and sweaty!) and found that this roll-on does not last as long as commercial brands, but Id rather use this natural and safe roll-on than more synthetic ones. Obviously, the effect of the roll-on is dependent on activity levels and temperature. Im sure it would work even better for office days and in winter.
24/06/2014, By Juanita
I was very skeptical about ordering the roll on but after using it for a few days i was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked.will not go back to my usual brand. Been a very busy few days with a lot of running around and no funky odors hehe. Great product and i love the smell you get when applying it
12/06/2014, By Kim
I LOVE the citrus, zesty smell of this deodrant! Like the other two reviewers it doesn quite last the whole day but I don mind topping up on a product that contains no aliminium.
24/11/2011, By Michelle
I love the smell of this deoderant.
13/08/2011, By Linda
This product smells really nice, but doesn't last more than an hour or so. I won't buy it again.
12/08/2011, By Ninette
like it!
28/03/2011, By Sands
I like the innitial smell of this product, but unfortunately it doesn't work for me.
It just doesn't make it through the day, and I find myself needing to freshen up wuite regularly.

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