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Cheaky Co - Orbs Dark Chocolate

Cheaky Co - Orbs Dark Chocolate
Cheaky Co - Orbs Dark Chocolate
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Price From: R32.99
  • Multiple Size's

Why Faithful to Nature Loves this Product:
Cheaky Orbs are a unique and hearty snack, locally made using protein-rich chickpeas and ethically sourced direct trade cocoa beans. Savour the smooth, bittersweet dark chocolate with a lightly crunchy roasted chickpea centre. These more-ish vegan treats are free of artificial additives, preservatives and flavouring. Packaged in eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.
  • Dry-roasted chickpeas enrobed in dark chocolate
  • Sustainably sourced, direct trade cocoa
  • No preservatives
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Certified Halaal
  • Palm oil free
  • Suitable for vegans and strict vegetarians

Why Faithful to Nature loves this product:

  • We love Cheaky Co - Orbs because they’re an amazingly innovative way to use the mighty chickpea. Similar sweets from certain big brands are made using palm oil, artificial flavourings, and can be up to 65% pure sugar!


  • Enjoy as a snack by themselves or get creative with your Orbs!
  • Mix into your favourite smoothie bowls, and muselies.
  • Top waffles, ice-cream, yoghurt for added texture and flavour.

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


  • Available in: 65g & 195g


Typical Nutritional Information: per 100 g.

  • Energy (kJ): 1999
  • Protein (g): 11,8
  • Carbohydrate (g): 36
  • of which Total Sugar (g): 21,8
  • Total Fat (g): 26,9
  • of which Saturated Fat (g): 15,6
  • Cholesterol (mg): <5
  • Dietary Fibre (g): 18,1
  • Sodium (mg): 67

Allergens: Made in a facility that uses peanuts, soy, cow’s milk and wheat (gluten).


  • Packed in FSC certified paper cartons, printed with plant based inks,and sealed within a recyclable clear packet.

Country of Origin:

  • Made in South Africa.
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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 90 reviews

84 out of 90 people would recommend this product

05/09/2023, By Calista
Finally tried it and loved it. I have now joined the orbit of orb-obsessed.
17/08/2023, By Nicola
delicious healthy snack
07/06/2023, By Chantel
Who knew chickpeas would be this good. Light and crunchy with a chocolate coating. A must buy
06/12/2022, By Erin
Delicious! Very more-ish
29/11/2022, By Penny
Seriously delicious! My kids love them too
13/07/2022, By Cheney
look no further for gluten free snacks that actually taste great!
13/07/2022, By Cheney
look no further for gluten free snacks that actually taste great!
14/04/2022, By Riv
So yummy!
14/03/2022, By AMANDA
Didn't get that nice "more-ish" experience from this product at all. The chocolate coating is bland and tasteless. I have tried several vegan dark chocolate brands recently, and this one doesn't compare well.
13/03/2022, By Dia
Wasn't sure what to expect from this but I was actually quite happy with the product. The chickpeas aren't overwhelming and the chocolate tastes good. Not my favourite thing but it's a fun experience
13/03/2022, By Dia
Wasn't sure what to expect from this but I was actually quite happy with the product. The chickpeas aren't overwhelming and the chocolate tastes good. Not my favourite thing but it's a fun experience
25/10/2021, By Anne-Marie
I was so excited to receive these "wonderful" snacks according to all reviews. Everyone in my household finds it distasteful (the chocolate is horrible) and the chickpeas are hard to chew and even hurt your teeth. We are all dark chocolate lovers and is not unfamiliar with the bitter taste thereof.
22/10/2021, By Ruth
Incredibly delicious! Vegan friendly too. Will definitely order ago
20/10/2021, By charlene
Very yummy
22/09/2021, By Liana
I'm in love with these orbs! Yummy chocolate with an amazing crispy chickpea center. Makes me think of Woolworths chuckles, just a healthier, vegan version.
06/09/2021, By Trish
Most enjoyable chocolate with the crunchy centre. Who ever knew vegan candy could be this tasty!
22/07/2021, By Gailin
Orbs, in all the flavours, make the perfect gift for my friends, family and colleagues - a luxury treat thats healthy and tasty.
19/07/2021, By Tess

Great vegan snack option- and its so damn tasty! As so many vegan snacks are pretty bland. I love all the Orbs varieties:)
05/07/2021, By Miriam
My kids adore these choccie orbs, and its dark chocolate!
30/06/2021, By Bianca
Just had to drop a recommendation! Orbs chocolate are really GOOD
28/06/2021, By Ruth
How did i only meet these choccie Orbs now?! What a yummy healthy treat
27/06/2021, By Esther
Delicious alternative to ordinary chocolates. Love the crunchy taste!!
25/06/2021, By Tina
So delighted to have "stumbled" across these DIVINE snacks!
Guilt free snacking for mom (me) and my kids!
22/06/2021, By Sandy
I got gifted a large 90 gram boxes of these divine ORBS - what an absolute delight. Im trying all the flavours!
21/06/2021, By Stacey
Discovered Orbs! great honest tasting snack option for vegans, yah!
17/06/2021, By Anthea
Ive got to hide it from my kids! Perfect lunch pack school snack, and office snack for me.
17/06/2021, By Hayley
Dark chocolate with roasted chickpeas - the ultimate vegan bite
14/06/2021, By Sammy
Finally! Dark choc decadence thats healthy ... and vegan. LOVE these
06/05/2021, By Cindy
Choc Orbs, my go-to healthy treat!
19/04/2021, By Lara
Can't get enough of this.
01/04/2021, By Ruth
Such a great snack! Not too sweet at all.
14/03/2021, By Lauren
Great snack in a cute package. But price for the amount you get makes it quite a luxury snack.
24/02/2021, By M
Cool, crunchy, little snack
28/01/2021, By Dan
So yummy snack
05/01/2021, By Fran
Utterly divine and super crunchy. Even my kids enjoy them.
29/12/2020, By Chantal
Tasty, crunchy - great snack, for kids too
10/12/2020, By Zest
I never expected the humble chickpea to shine like this! What a fantastic combo - biscuity-crisp chickpeas and delicious dark choc. My new fave choc snack. It's hard to stop eating these - no wonder they also make the larger box! It's cheaper to order them directly from CheakyCo, though.
09/12/2020, By Shell
Love the combo of chickpeas + choc
02/12/2020, By Yvonne
So yummy and 100% vegan!
25/11/2020, By Rox
Great Product
18/11/2020, By Grant
like dark chocolate chuckles
14/11/2020, By Zander
04/11/2020, By Tyler
It's bomb
04/11/2020, By Tyler Wolff
It's bomb
30/10/2020, By Yusus
30/10/2020, By Yusus
27/10/2020, By SaharaSnow
Awesome snack
27/10/2020, By Dani
Delicious chocolate!
27/10/2020, By Aliyah
Delicious chocolate!
27/10/2020, By Harry
Decided to mix up my usual choc coated peanut addiction, and damn, these were next level!
27/10/2020, By Frank
Have always been a malteser/chuckles fan, but seeing these with the added benefits of chickpeas, they may be my new favourite.
26/10/2020, By Thasmine
Unique snack
26/10/2020, By Thasmine
I love this so much
26/10/2020, By Devan
Wickedly addictive without harmful ingredients or allergens.
17/10/2020, By Michaela
Wasn't sure what to expect, but the crunchy chocolatey combo is a MASSIVE winner.
17/10/2020, By Kelly
First time trying something these, and I'm very glad I got the bigger size because I don't think I could have lived with just 65g - amazing!
16/10/2020, By Tanja
This is an amazing, wholesome snack
15/10/2020, By James
Can't believe I've never tried something like this before,. Chickpeas!? Sold.
15/10/2020, By Marvin
Great crunch, and delicious chocolate! :D
15/10/2020, By Shirley
Tasty little treat with perfect crunch.
29/09/2020, By Linda
14/09/2020, By Gillian
Please sire, can I have some more
12/09/2020, By Renate
29/08/2020, By Miriam
These are so delicious. Super crunchy and with a generous chocolate coating that will totally satisfy your cravings. I'm a big fan of dark chocolate so these are perfect, not too sweet and healthier than similar products. It's also great that they are made in SA and vegan. I believe they are totally worth the price.
29/08/2020, By Duané
A favorite! I love the taste.
20/08/2020, By Duané
Simply delicious! I love this one!
19/08/2020, By Heleni
Not worth the price.
15/08/2020, By Talya
Really enjoyed these, little expensive though but still good.
07/08/2020, By Jacki
Not that tasty, especially for he price.
02/08/2020, By Greenie
27/07/2020, By Mel
Crunchy, but maybe a sweeter chocolate. But that is just me..
27/07/2020, By Elle
I just love these! wish I had tried them sooner
23/07/2020, By Kym
Yummy, this is a great vegan treat
30/06/2020, By Ryder
nice texture , but very overpriced and needed to be sweeter
27/06/2020, By Sian
I love the crunch. I'll definitely buy more in future. They seem like they would be tasty on ice cream.
14/06/2020, By Claudia
I'm so sad that I didn't more! I love how dark and bitter the chocolate is and the crunchiness of the chickpeas. I've roasted chickpeas before and had them as a snack, but of course I'd much prefer this version!
12/06/2020, By Deidre
Love these! They’re super yummy and definitely one of my favorite snacks
03/06/2020, By Sam
It’s too expensive for the amount you get and the chickpea is too hard.

Didn't like it
03/06/2020, By Budge
A pack only lasts a sitting though :)
30/05/2020, By Tammy
I enjoyed these. The first couple are a bit weird but once you keep eating them they're nice. Very crunchy and not too sweet.
25/05/2020, By Minnits
So delicious and felt good eating a healthy snack.
25/05/2020, By Minnits
So delicious and felt good eating a healthy snack.
22/05/2020, By Bronwen
Such a lovely snack, they don't seem to last very long.
22/05/2020, By B
The box is a bit small, though they are very tasty.
12/05/2020, By Deidre
These are absolutely amazing! I love snacking on them, chocolate and chickpeas is the combo we all needed.
11/05/2020, By Jana
Delicious and has almost 12g of protein! So you'll feel good about finishing the whole box!
04/05/2020, By James
Really good. Didn't initially think a chickpea and chocolate combo could work, but these were delicious.
04/05/2020, By Laura
Didn't enjoy. Chickpeas are too crispy, hurts your mouth and chocolate has an odd taste
04/05/2020, By Ana
Delicious, so delicious
04/05/2020, By Adene
These are the absolute BEST!! And I have been waiting patiently for them to be listed on FTN :-)

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