Robyn’s Top Picks For July

Hello Faithful Fans

My name is Robyn and I am the director and one of the founders of Faithful to Nature. Apart from the fact that Faithful to Nature is my baby in every way (don’t know how my 3 year old son feels about this 🙂 ) I am truly passionate about trying new natural and organic options on the market. I get asked all the time what I am currently using so this is the start of a series on my top ten picks of products I’m loving that month.

Tea of Life Rose Geranium Raw Kombucha


Tea of Life Rose Geranium Raw KombuchaBeing a big fan of kombucha I was taken to tea heaven with the new variants from Tea of Life. The rose geranium flavour, apart from having great therapeutic benefit has such a refreshing taste – I am really impressed. For those new to the kombucha train – do yourselves a favour and get a ticket. While it is an acquired taste for many, it is quite addictively refreshing and has fantastic health benefits. Instead of arriving home at the end of the day, ready for a glass of wine to decompress from work – reach for a kombucha and you will be doing cartwheels around your kids for the rest of the evening.

La Bio Idea Organic Lemon Juice with Lemon Oil


La Bio Idea Organic Lemon Juice with Lemon OilI start every day with a cup of hot lemon water and I enjoy it so much more when I am using organic lemons. The fact that I now have organic lemon juice on demand no matter whether I am travelling or whether I have been able to find organic lemons or not, is one of those little “big” wins in my day 🙂

Prince Albert Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L


Prince Albert Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1LOk folks, please note this is not an organic oil. The oil is harvested in a pristine environment but carries no certification. Even so – with an abundance of customers requesting that we stock it, I decided to buy myself a tin and see what all the fuss was about. This is hands down one of my most cherished ingredients in my kitchen now. Never one for salad dressings, I am finding myself dressing everything in this exceptionally creamy oil. It really does have a superior taste. I’m on my second tin already and the first has been repurposed into a very funky cactus pot – I’m an easy date when it comes to beautiful vintage style packaging, and this little number is no exception.

Lovebug Shower Cap


Lovebug Shower CapThis is such a simple yet innovative product that has made hair washing so much more enjoyable. I don’t actually believe in washing my son’s hair often – the natural oils in his hair regulate the cleanliness of his hair well. The downside of this (I think its’ from this) as that he has a big problem with water in his face and as a result we both dreaded washing his hair. But not anymore… 🙂

Superfoods Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds

From R99

 Superfoods Organic Shelled Hemp SeedsMy son and I are vegetarian and so without further ado the high protein content of hemp makes it a prized superfood. But what I really love about hemp seeds are how easy it is for me to sneak them into my son’s food. I mix them in his breakfast; in his trail mix and I garnish all his cooked food with them. A total score, for what I call “Clever Mommy Tricks.” (To get equipped with more clever mommy tricks, check out our articles on nutrition hacks for kids and superfoods purees for babies.)

Ayate Natural Washcloth


Ayate Natural WashclothI am a total convert to the benefit of scrubbing my body daily. It negates the need for lots of lotion and keeps your skin healthy and soft. I was really excited about trying the ayate wash cloth and it works so well – I now own two: one for my bath and one for the shower. It gives a great scrub; is not abrasive and is very easy to clean.

The Natural Lab

From R39

The Natural LabThe natural lab are totally rocking it, in my opinion. I was sceptical at first because the products contain sodium benzoate (accepted by all certification bodies, but with some contention) but have been totally won over. I’ve tried both bodywashes and both hand washes and will continue stocking up my bathroom with these guys. They products feel great on my skin; smell sublime (like seriously sublime) and are just so affordable. I always do a little skip and dance when such great alternatives come onto the market priced within the same brackets as their synthetic counterparts. No more excuses for all those who have not crossed over to the greener grass 🙂

Mbiri Skincare

From R55

Mbiri SkincareMbiri skincare is one of the newest kids on the block and after being given the entire range to sample, I am converted, as is the rest of my family. The products have been created with the dry Namibian climate in mind, using precious Namibian myrhh and even the bodywash will leave your skin feeling moistursied. Think nourishing; high quality luxury skincare that is probably a third of the price it could be! Sold.

Badgers Gold Honey

From R53

Badgers Gold HoneyBadgers gold honey is not only priced right but tastes amazing! We are a sugar-free household but tear through honey and our honey consumption has definitely increased since we discovered this awesome farm.

Nuance Bottom Lid Carafe


Nuance Bottom Lid CarafeI actually bought this elsewhere a while back so was totally stoked to see my procurement team bring it on. But it such an innovative design that will add all sorts of potential to the drinks you can serve. Due to the fact that the bottom opens, you can add in all sorts of fruit or veggies to infuse your water with. The top of the carafe has been designed in a way that only the liquid (rather than the added bits) pour out into your glasses. It’s a real crowd pleaser and we use it all the time!

This is my son helping me make mint and strawberry water with it.

Nuance Bottom Lid Carafe - Cassian

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  • Shahalam
    Posted at 21:43h, 14 December Reply

    I am beyond eexctid to now be a subscriber! Doesn’t it feel special to receive a precious box of goodies every month like it’s your birthday? And knowing that the products are eco-friendly makes it a guilt-free pleasure!

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