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Robyn Talks More Trash: New Products for a Waste-Less Journey

As a family it has been a long time since we’ve indulged in any kind of single-use plastic, and I do pity any unsuspecting waiter who tries to give my 6-year-old a straw, as they will certainly be schooled by him on why that sucks. I’ve almost 100% weaned myself off Woolies, we eco-brick and grow most of our own greens. And yet our little family of four humans and two big dogs is still generating about 2L (1 x 2L bottle) worth of eco-bricked plastic waste a month! With our passion and efforts to go zero waste, any single product or solution that I can get my hands on, even if it is to reduce just one plastic packet or container a month, makes me do a happy green dance.

At Faithful to Nature, we strive to always bring you new and innovative ways to ensure that you can make the most eco-conscious decisions with your buying power, as well as empower you on your own waste-less journey.

So, I’ve put together some of my favourite new finds supporting our minimal waste lifestyle:

  • Pouch Love Reusable Food Packs: These are a must for any crunchy mama out there wanting to make portable food for their babes on the go.
  • The Natural Scrub Pad: It really does clean pots and pans without any scratching.
  • Steely Triple Insulated Coffee Cup: It’s beautiful and versatile, keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. What’s not to love?
  • Glass Acacia Storage Jars: Any eco-goddess knows that glass is the new gold and although these are a bit of a splurge, they are just so gorgeous.
  • Bamboo Long Handled Dish Brush: Sleek and efficient, plastic sponges be gone.
  • My Zero Waste Kitchen Book: This easy-read is filled with fun and practical tips on producing less food waste that has gone a long way in our home.
  • Zero Waste Home Book: Bea Johnson is a total rockstar and I have really loved reading more about her humble journey to a waste-free life, and in the process picking up loads more tips on waste-less living.
  • Back 2 Nature Toothpaste: Proudly South African, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, honestly, what’s not to love? I’m fast becoming a total groupie of this awesome plastic-free brand.
  • Gudsheet Toilet Paper: TP may be the most humble product in a house, but by changing over to a plastic-free brand we are saving about 12 bags a month from existing on the planet for the rest of our lives, and then some.
  • The EcoEgg: I’ve saved the best for last. People, if you have not invested in one of these then you better get on it. Seriously mind-glowingly awesome. Say goodbye to buying any detergent and say hello to beautifully scented; softer and much more planet-friendly laundry. I just loooooooove it!

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“Natural plastic-free dental care be soooo very fly ??✨?”



“Beautiful organic products in gorgeous packaging deserve to be given a new life!”

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