Faithful to Nature Turns 12: Robyn Shares Her All-Time Top 12 Eco Products

Faithful to Nature is celebrating its 12th birthday this October 2018! Yes, we’ve reached a cosmically historical number on our journey of growth.

As we all know “ONE” is the first number of the number list. It represents birth, new beginnings and self-motivation. The number “TWO” is representative of, believe it or not, faith and belief. It signifies one’s purpose and the emotive meaning behind action. While focusing within the realms of peace, harmony and duty.

WOW. Having said this, we can’t imagine how our 12th year could’ve have been a more significant and memorable one. Throughout our journey there has been one unfailing factor that has fed life into our growth, and that has been our faith to nature.

And the meaning behind the number “TWELVE”, you ask? It is to leave old habits behind and look forward to new things. With this in mind, we implore you to join us in ditching the plastic straws, the chemical-laden cleaners, and other toxic tools, to inspire a world where our actions are to the best of our own benefit, and that of Mother Nature’s.

In celebrating 12 years of greener, healthier living, we bring you our inspiring founder’s top twelve eco products of all time – these are the Faithful to Nature goodies she simply cannot go without!


1. Oh-lief Natural Aqueous Cream





“Gentle and effective for the WHOLE family – a product we seriously cannot do without!” – Robyn Smith

2. Oh Mega Cashew Nut Butter







“Add some cinnamon and banana and it’s just nom, nom, nom for all the troops!” Robyn Smith

3. Back 2 Nature Face Wash







“Ticks every ethical box (plastic-, palm oil- & cruelty-free; made locally, is vegan AND all natural) and still trumps every cleanser I’ve ever tried.” – Robyn Smith

4. EcoEgg Laundry Egg… with a hint of fresh linen







“In terms of cash spent, quality of results & eco-friendliness, this is hands down the best & most effective detergent I have found. Brilliant!”  – Robyn Smith

5. Boody Women’s Brazilian Bikini Underwear – Black







“Once you go bamboo, you stay bamboo! The quality of Boody’s clothing essentials never fails to deliver!” – Robyn Smith

6. Wazoogles Vanilla Sky Superfood Protein Shake







“We all love starting our day with this delicious ‘unicorn magic’ ;)” – Robyn Smith

7. Simply Bamboo Adult Toothbrush




“Truly works like a charm and doesn’t cost the Earth. The whole tribe are happy!” – Robyn Smith

8. Akan Moringa Capsules







“Massive gratitude to the mighty moringa and its noticeable boost in my energy and health.” – Robyn Smith

9. Happy Earth People Red Lentil Fusilli Pasta








“A vegetarian mama’s dream come true!” – Robyn Smith

10. Earth Products North Atlantic Dulse Granules









“Massive health benefits with a mild flavour makes this an essential immune-boosting ingredient in my family’s meals.” – Robyn Smith

11. Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor











“My guiltiest indulgence by far, but golly the results are mind-blowing!” – Robyn Smith

12. bam+boo All-In-One Baby Nappy – Giraffe & Monkey







“Reusable nappies that are so clever and so pretty, I want to tell the world about them!” – Robyn Smith

We hope you derive as much joy from using these products as Robyn does! Happy green living, and thank you to you, our incredible community of eco warriors, for supporting Faithful’s journey to reaching another birthday milestone!


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