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Argan Green Moroccan Black Soap

Argan Green Moroccan Black Soap
Argan Green Moroccan Black Soap
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  • 130ml
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Give your skin a healthy, natural deep cleansing treatment, with this precious black soap from Argan Green. This is an indulgent beauty treatment for your face and body, made with real Moroccan argan and olive oil to leave your skin looking simply radiant. For centuries, Moroccan women have used “Beldi” Black Soap to keep their skin healthy and gorgeous; discover this natural beauty secret for yourself, by creating your very own Moroccan steam bath spa experience right in your own home. Ultra-nourishing and gentle, Argan Green’s black soap is suitable for all skin types, and makes a fabulous anti-ageing treatment.

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  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Helps to revitalise mature skin
  • Made with natural Ingredients
  • Suitable for face & body (avoid eye area)

This luxurious black soap treatment cleanses, detoxifies, hydrates, nourishes and balances your skin, giving you gorgeously silky-smooth results. Everything that goes into this natural formula has its own special skin care benefits.

  • Argan Oil: Moisturises, repairs & rejuvenates the skin; a potent natural healing & anti-ageing treatment.
  • Olive Oil: A rich emollient (moisturiser), full of nourishing Vitamin E.
  • Potassium Hydroxide: Strongly alkali; acts as a pH balancer & cleanser. Made from natural ash.
  • Beeswax: Softens, nourishes & protects the skin.

Did You Know? The original Beldi black soap was first created and used in the coastal Moroccan beach town of Essaouria. It has long been a popular Moroccan Hammam (steam bath) treatment for cleansing and beautifying the skin.


  • Take a hot, steamy bath or shower; your skin must be warm & moist for best results.
  • Apply Moroccan Black Soap to your face & body, using small circular motions.
  • Leave the soap on your skin for 5-10 minutes, to cleanse & unclog your pores.
  • Rinse your skin thoroughly.
  • Use the Argan-Green-Kessa-Exfoliating-Glove-Scrub-p-6326.html" target="_blank">Moroccan exfoliating glove or "Kessa" to gently exfoliate your skin after using the Moroccan Black Soap, for a silky-smooth finish.
  • Rub your skin with the glove in a vertical motion to remove the dead cells. Then rinse your skin thoroughly.
  • Apply a pure Argan-Green-Hasna-50ml-Pure-Moroccan-Argan-Oil-p-5416.html" target="_blank">Moroccan Argan Oil to your skin after drying off, for deep nourishment & hydration.
  • You can use the black Soap daily, but you should only use the Kessa glove once or twice a week.


Olive Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, Potassium Hydroxide (from ashes), Beeswax, Eucalyptus essential oil

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Overall Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars from 89 reviews

86 out of 89 people would recommend this product

04/07/2023, By Nicolene
Love this product. My skin feels and looks great. Have been using it for a couple of year now.
17/10/2021, By Verona
Seen no difference. I don't like the packaging. Also harsh on the eyes.
05/02/2021, By Zanela
Good for wrapping
15/11/2020, By Angelique
18/10/2020, By L
It definitely cleanses well. A little goes far. It is good value for money. My skin feels smoother after use. It has helped pigmentation marks. It had definitely helped with blackheads and severely congested skin. My acne however, is worse. I’m hoping it’s an adjustment period or healing crises and that perhaps it’s getting worse before it’s better. But overall, for the price you pay, this is a worthwhile product.
23/08/2020, By Rosanne
Works brilliantly . Good buy. Cleanses very well and skin feels amazing
12/08/2020, By Bongi
I'm circling back to this product 5 years after I last used it haphazardly. I am older and wiser and patient enough to follow instructions and put the product into a good routine. Its done wonders for pigmentation and sebaceous filaments and white heads that I tried so many things to help restore. Deeply cleanses but not abrasive. And allows all products afterwards to seep in deliciously. For combination dry skin that needs good cleansing its been a wonderful product to come back to. Those Moroccan Mamas knew what they were doing with this recipe. And the price of it as well as how far it goes just speaks for itself.
11/08/2020, By Chanelle
Lovely product. Cleanses, as well as leaving the skin moisturized but not oily
03/08/2020, By Given
Havent used it much...but so far all is still going well
Will come back and update you
10/05/2020, By Thandi
27/04/2020, By Nontobeko
Love this- when used as per instructions works effectively on face . I thought it would sting because of the way eucalyptus but not . I tried it on my hair and found that it was hard to wash out. Would recommend if just for skin
26/03/2020, By T.Mitropoulos
This product is great for sensitive skin. Deep cleanses and makes my face feel soft and clean after a wash. And, a little goes a long way!
21/02/2020, By Mel
I love this stuff! Really helps with Keratosis Pilaris on arms and legs.
10/01/2020, By Helper
Top stuff
21/11/2019, By Zonelle
Best face mask ever! It's become a staple in my diy home spa days!
19/11/2019, By Ame
Great product, gives skin a deep cleanse - i use with my konjac sponge to get an all over exfoliation. Rinse eyes well!
02/10/2019, By Thulisani
Great product! I use it to wash my hair and it works so well. It leaves my hair and scalp squeaky clean. I love it!
02/10/2019, By Yaseera
it is a really good product. Make sure to use with good moisturizer if you're using it on your face. Good price too!
24/09/2019, By Good
Good soap but not easy using in the shower though
11/09/2019, By Sara
My absolute go to cleanser time after time. Leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. Just watch out for getting it in your eyes - like any other soap it does sting. But wow - my skin is looking super!
20/08/2019, By Thulie
This soap works wonders, my skin is cleaner&pimples free.
05/08/2019, By Deborah
Leaves your skin smooth and clean, literally squeaky clean! Try not to get it near your eyes as it does burn.
25/06/2019, By Caterina
It does the job, but holy hell does it burn if you get it in your eyes! So be sure to take your eye makeup off first before using it. I didn't love it I'm afraid, took me a long time to finish the tub.
20/05/2019, By MrsBell
I bought this as an alternative to oil cleansing whilst travelling and I have found myself turning to this instead of the oil cleansing most days. It is tricky to use in the shower as you do not want it running into your eyes - the burn! and I don't always wait the suggested 5 minutes before washing off but despite that have found it leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth without the dry feeling or regular soap. It also goes a long way - after a week of use there is barely a dip in the tub.
09/04/2019, By Astra
My daughter has psoriasis and her face looked absolutely terrible. Nothing worked. But after I received this wash I was still scared to use it. What if it inflamed an already bad skin condition. But.... After just 2 washes, there was a huge difference in her skin. This product is absolutely stunning. Love it
29/03/2019, By Vivi
Gives clean skin without drying sooo much like other black soaps. Though I have not used on body, it's gentle on skin (face). Reduced breakouts during monthly hormonal changes. Wish it came in bigger packs.
27/03/2019, By Ginette
Great product, it leaves my skin feeling squeeky clean. The only down side is having to wait in the shower, otherwise it's lovely!
22/03/2019, By Nicki
Leaves my skin feeling really clean and soft.
22/03/2019, By Becca
A little goes a long way - this product is silky, but not oily to the touch, and spreads easily. My face feels very smooth after applying it, especially when used in combination with the Argan Green Kesser Glove which I bought at the same time. I have had really bad adult acne for the past year, and while this did not necessarily improve the acne, it also did not make it worse. I did find that the gentle exfoliation has helped with the scarring and pigmentation, although I use the glove only twice a month so as not to irritate the acne.
22/03/2019, By Lily
This product is absolute gold!! I use it as a face wash and a mask it’s improved my skin 100%.
13/03/2019, By Stella
Makes me feel squeaky clean, literally. Feels authentic and I really enjoy using it daily.
19/02/2019, By anonymous
Great soap
01/02/2019, By Lané
This is an interesting soap with a rather unusual texture, but I love that it makes my skin squeeky clean and has no sulphates that strip your skin of moisture.
11/01/2019, By Healthy Living
Made my skin feel soft and clean.
04/12/2018, By Danny
Works really well when combined with a loofah/ scrub
04/12/2018, By Danny
Works really well when combined with a loofah/ scrub
30/11/2018, By Becca
In April, I went off the pill for the first time in 12 years and my face went crazy - the worst case of hormonal, adult acne I had ever experienced, worse even than my teenage breakouts - acne all over my cheeks, jawline, neck, chin and forehead. Nothing worked - retanoids, benzyl peroxide, topical antibiotics - and I had bad side effects from these dermotologist-prescribed treatments, like excema and photosensitivity. I love how gentle this product is for my sensitive, reactive skin. I was nervous to try it as I didn't know if it would cause side effects or make my acne more inflamed, but it didn't. I always used Cetaphil Cleanser for Oily Skin (recommended by my dermo), and my face would feel completely stripped afterwards - dry, tight, even itchy. But with this product, I feel completely clean and soothed. It is not an oily product, despite its texture and appearance (similar to a body butter), and your skin feels clean, but not greasy afterwards. I use it combination with the Argan Green Kessa Glove and follow up with the Bee Natural Acne Assist. The combination seems to be working wonders for my skin.
13/11/2018, By Geo
Nice soap
12/11/2018, By Liora
Lovely soap
31/10/2018, By Ginette
Used it for the first time and my skin feels squeeky clean!
20/08/2018, By J
I first bought this because:

1) I wanted to try black soap
2) Kirsty's review back in 2015 made me laugh:

"for the love of all that is good and holy, avoid the eyes! In the shower I find that a single trickle down the forehead that reaches the eyes is enough to cause painful burning with the power of 1000 suns. Please be careful to avoid the eyeballs."

As a result, I avoided the eyeballs (thanks, Kirsty!) and discovered the magic of this soap. I leave it on my face while washing my hair, and my oily skin feels new and clean afterwards. It seems to work better when left to do its work for a few minutes. The clean menthol smell clears the sinuses too.
13/07/2018, By Priya
I'm so glad I found this "soap". It has made such a tremendous change on my skin. My skin feels so clean and smooth. And it lasts such a long time! Mine lasted 4 months.
27/06/2018, By A
Am enjoying it so much, that it’s now part of my shopping list
20/05/2018, By Susan
This is the 2nd time I’m reviewing this soap. It is simply the best facial cleanser ever and lasts for ages. Skin feels super clean afterwards, not a bit of make-up left. My favorite by far!
10/05/2018, By Johani
This is such a lovely cleanser, I can't imagine anyone not liking it. Makes my skin silky soft and cleans very well.
31/03/2018, By Zonelle
This is a fantastic face mask which works beautifully for my son. Used to have so much problems, now everyone complements me on my skin. Lovit!
19/03/2018, By Noxolo
I cleanses skin very well, its not over drying, my dark marks look much lighter, but I have acne prone skin and it didn't help minimize my break outs
05/03/2018, By Claude
A really good value product. Leaves my skin feeling well cleansed without a dry, tightness. As other reviews have warned, keep away from your eyes, it does burn if it gets inside your eyes. Overall, I really love it and will certainly incorporate this as a staple. So glad I tried it.
12/02/2018, By jmac
i think this product is great.i am thoroughly enjoying using it as it seems to help clearing my sinuses when massaged into skin. Will buy again.
29/01/2018, By Lady Bug
Great at exfoliating, however, does have quite a harsh drying effect for those with already dry skin.
14/01/2018, By kira91
A good wash for your face. But was hoping that it would get rid of my black heads on my nose area. So that sucks. Not sure how to use it yet and I normally use a creamy cleanser, but will try to it every now and then. Think this could be used as a soap when for when I'm going camping or travelling. Don't think I will buy this again as I think this will last me a long time.
29/12/2017, By IRM
A little goes a long way. Avoid getting it into your eyes, it BURNS. Nonetheless leaves face feeling clean.
08/12/2017, By mother of rabbits
I bought this product for my mom, it is a bit rich for my early 30's skin. I must say when i next saw her I immediately noticed the difference. She has sun damage and dryness, but after using this product for 2 or so weeks, her complexion was even, lighter and plumper. She uses this with a facial brush (handheld, body shop)
29/11/2017, By Math Guru
I ordered 3 jars of this product. Advertisement said jar = 150 ml, but I received 130 ml. 20 ml short. This cannot be legal. Where is my 20 ml?
29/11/2017, By Mihl
Love it
24/11/2017, By Cam
Purchased my first tub in September. I cannot begin to tell you how much this soap has improved my acne prone skin. Although I was on a topical antibiotic for my skin, nothing commercial was working to calm the acne. I dreaded having to wash my face as it would itch and even burn and would dry out. Two months later I have calm happy skin and my acne is improving as is the resultant dark spots.
11/11/2017, By Mel
This is my favourite face soap, I have three going at once in case I run out.. one in the shower, one at the basin and one by the bath! The price is excellent and it really works well. Just keep it out of your eyes!
06/11/2017, By Angelique
This is my favorite to wash my face with. Can't get enough. It cleans well compared to other products. I've been using it for years and once in a while I'd try something else and I end up coming back. My face feels cleaner and it doesn't dry out my skin like other products.
06/10/2017, By TJ
Liked this so much I bought some for the cupboard in case FTN ran out of stock
06/10/2017, By Tracey Joy
Very effective but be careful not to over do it if you have very sensitive skin.
08/07/2017, By Natasha
This is the only product that has worked for my acne, it may cause an initial break out but my skin has never been this clear!
06/07/2017, By Mia
Broke out after the first use. But it made my skin really soft and glowy.
05/07/2017, By Rahimah
As a newbie to this soap I was not sure if I was using it correctly but just continued as per the instructions. You can feel the moisture and the oils in the soap (which don't make it greasy) as you apply and wash it off. I love the mentholy smell it has as well as the way it leaces the skin feeling deeply cleansed (not stripped- which is vital for those with thirsty and sensitive skins like mine) and smooth and soft. A new addition to my skincare regimen!
13/06/2017, By Machi
I am using this soap for my face only. It cleans well.
I also found that it is not as effective for the body as other moroccan black soaps I've used in the past. I am convinced by moroccan black soap but will not buy this brand again.
04/06/2017, By Susan
My husband and I both use it on our faces and l love it. Cleans your skin 100% and it feels mouiturised afterwards. We're hooked!
01/06/2017, By Zemy
I began using the product two weeks ago and so far so good. It has given my face that beautiful glow and it is also gentle on my skin. I am very satisfied with the result thus far.
18/05/2017, By Zola
Great product ever!
I'm on the second tub, and I don't regret using this soap. I had hormonal breakout, and since using this soap, I haven't experienced any. My skin is smooth and glowing.
03/05/2017, By Mo
it works but u need to be patient. initially I had a breakout with my first use cause it brings all the impurities to the surface. After a week or so it starts really working. softer< glowing skin. it helped reduce my blemishes as well.
28/02/2017, By Carole
I use it only on my face but am extremely happy with the results. Using twice a week - after using it for second time my skin is glowing and polished.
29/09/2016, By Sara
I was a little dubious at first when I opened the pot up and saw the soap inside - not what I was expecting at all. But... Ive been using the soap for a 2 weeks now and following the instructions to leave it on damp skin for 5 minutes (this is key!) and I am happy to report that my skin is looking clearer and brighter. I will definitely be using this going forward. I just wish it came in bigger pots - as Im only using it on my face for now, but would love to use on my body too.
13/09/2016, By Narissa
I love this product. I use it daily on my face and really helped get my hormonal breakouts under control. Must buy with a kessa glove to get the full worth, and follow with an argan oil. My skin feels like satin after using it with the kessa glove - should be done once or twice a week depending on your skin. I find once a week is good because the silkiness is maintained for the week, especially in areas that tend to get bumpy during regrowth.
22/08/2016, By Elaine
Im very impressed with this product. I have hormonal acne, and very sensitive skin, and I can see a big improvement in my acne and the texture of my skin. I use a tiny amount 2 - 3 times a week, leave it on for 5 minutes and then I rinse it off and gently wipe my face in circular motion with a face cloth, and afterwards my skin feel clean, soft and smooth. Its a very gentle product, but don get it into your eyes and nose ;-)
12/08/2016, By rihandi
I have only been using it for a couple of days but I’m in love. It doesn’t dry out your skin and it feels very luxurious and removes every trace of makeup and gunk. At first I wasn’t sure because it sure looks odd for soap but buy it, try it. You will love it (don’t let it get into your eyes!) Will definitely re-order. I don’t even use my regular facewash anymore.
27/07/2016, By Lily
I don often review but PLEASE try this if you struggle with hormonal acne. I have used this on my face (once or twice a day depending on my time) for 2 months now, and my skin is perfectly clear. I went on the pill which definitely helped with reducing the spots on my face, but I still always got a few in a cycle which would take a long time to heal. I also use it as a spot treatment overnight if I feel something coming up - and then it never really arrives. Honestly I have tried SO many expensive products and nothing has been as effective in clarifying my face. My skin has never looked better. I use a little face oil first, and massage this soap in on top of that. Wait 3 - 5 mins then wash off. Avoid eyes, and wash your eyes out in the shower if it gets in - it stings! Other than that, this has been a miracle-worker for me. Thanks, Green Argan!
24/05/2016, By Bonolo
I received my very first order from FTN yesterday and after using the soap only once i have a brightness that makes me feel awesome. Will write more after a few weeks (or sooner).
08/03/2016, By Inebelle
I use this product every second day and I must say it cleanses my face beautifully. It is like a deep clean :). Highly recommended. My face is literally squeaky clean!
21/01/2016, By Sharmila
I have very dry skin that tends to look flaky. I have tried many body scrubs and exfoliators but the most effective ones tend too be too harsh. I had noticed before that Argan oil lotion seems to loosen the dry skin and hoped I could use this product for exfoliating. It works beautifully! Apply it, let it soak for a few minutes then scrub down with a bath scrunchy or mitt. Very happy with my smooth moisturised skin.
13/01/2016, By Megan
I cannot believe the difference in my skin after using this product for a week! It is not dull, pores are reduced, there is no left over make up when i use toner. My complexion is somewhat more youthful. Love this product.
31/12/2015, By Sindy
I bought the product based on the rave reviews from other users. Unfortunately it didn work that great for me. My skin would become oily during the course of the day and I also had breakouts.
It does leave ones skin soft and supple but I think Ill go back to my clay and rooibos soap; its excellent.
02/10/2015, By Louise
This soap is amazing! I initially bought it to use on my body before exfoliation. But it’s also wonderful on my face. It resolved the hormonal breakouts on my chin area which a dozen other products couldn’t do. I use it daily and it makes your skin feel wonderfully clean and refreshed.
18/09/2015, By Vivien N
I wish this soap came in larger quantities. I want to use it all over my body but don want to have to order 3 jars per month.
I used this soap on my face first. I tried to follow instructions but didn leave it on long enough. I went into the shower with no visible/active pimples on my face. I used this soap and came out with a couple.
My theory: This soap was in the process of removing impurities from my pores when I rudely interrupted it by washing it off. It brought a lot of impurities to the surface, Even my blackheads were greatly reduced.
next time I will leave it on for the recommened time and will get better results.

The smell is a little earthy but it doesnt linger. the texture is kinda gummy, you don even expect it to soap up but it makes a nice thin lather. Despite its deep cleansing, its not as stripping as you would think. Which is saying something as I already have dry skin.

Its gentle enough to be used on the delicate eye area but stings terriblly if you get some in your eyes.

All in all, its a great product.
16/09/2015, By sasha
I have rosacea, and this product burnt my skin, leaving it red for days. I thin it even gave me a few more spider veins. NOT pleased.
14/08/2015, By Zonelle
This range was recently on a sale and since Ive been looking so long for a natural alternative I though Id give it a try. And wow, am I happy I did! The difference was apparent in my opinion immediately and after using it for a week or so now my skin just keeps improving, Im using this soap in conjunction with the Argan Green Hasna Argan Clay and Rooibos Soap and the Argan Green Cleansing and Exfoliating facial pad. I pour a bath (with Epsom salt and essential oils - heavenly! The Epsom salt provides much needed magnesium through dermal absorption which help you de-stress, relax and prepare you for a great nights sleep) and put on this soap as a mask. After sufficient time I rinse this and then use the exfoliating facial pad and my skin transforms into this amazing looking smooth as silk sensation. That is saying a lot as Ive been struggling with my skin for quite some time, I believe I have found the solution and Ive basically tried everything! You don want to exfoliate every day so on the in between days I use the Argan Clay and Rooibos soap as cleanser. Amazing product, affordable and totally worth it! As moisturizer I use just a drop of pure Vitamin E oil around my eyes, and there you go! Perfection!
22/07/2015, By Rosa
This is the real reason why Moroccan and other Arab women have such fabulous skin! Facials oils only work to a quarter of their potential without using this in my opinion.

I tried this product out because I felt that I needed to do more about my dry skin and was never impressed with the results I got from professional facials. I work in entertainment so I need products that clear out the junk that gets slapped on your skin by various make-up artists- a lot of the products they use in South Africa are horrible for your skin (just so you know) and I even had a dermatologist warn me not to use them or at least get them off my skin fast. I have found that paraben-free products work best and so I try to ensure thats what my personal everyday regimen consists of.

I have now been using this black soap on my face and neck for about two months so Ive really had time to monitor the results. I use it every night, though I used it twice daily to start off with just to get into seeing the benefits quicker. because my skin is of the dry type I follow it up with exfoliating with my plain konjac sponge, which I still use by itself in the morning. I quickly found that my skin became softer and smoother, as well as more toned and youthful. The rosehip facial oil and night cream I use are absorbed much better I think and my pigmentation cream is doing its job more effectively. I don have problems with blocked pores and congestion any more and even though I have gotten the odd blemish while PMSing, it was not a disaster like before. I even had good skin while I was stressed and sick and that has not happened in my adult life.

Bottom line: my pores appear smaller, my skin more vibrant and smoother, and the forehead wrinkles I was starting to worry about disappeared. Skin that is turning thirty looks closer to twenty, which is great! Make-up sits better on my face as though I already have a really good primer on.

I really recommend this to everyone out there. Yes it smells quite herbal, but youll be washing it off very soon and the benefits to your skin are worth it. This would be my ring to a desert island product.
22/06/2015, By nicki
I love this product, it leaves the bathroom smelling medicinal but fresh. It foams fairly well and feels wonderful and it does not dry your skin like some commercial soaps
04/06/2015, By Lize
I am so impressed with this black soap. My skin feels amazing, and the price is so good. I use it only on my face and neck, and only once a week do I scrub as well. My skin is silky and soft, and my oily t zone is gone! This is now my facewash.
13/04/2015, By Orateng
Ive had this product for a short while now and its got my skin feeling fresh and supple. I still get breakouts but I love how gentle it is on my skin.
09/03/2015, By Ingrid
I have been searching for black soap to buy locally ever since my vacation in Morocco. This stuff is really amazing - its a complete body treatment that nourishes; detoxes and very gently cleanses leaving you will long term benefits of a ph balanced and soft skin.
25/02/2015, By moira
I love this black soap. I use a small amount on my wet face, rub gently until it makes a type of paste and leave for a few minutes while I brush my teeth. Then rinse of with warm water. No more breakouts, just soft smooth skin.

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