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Faithful to Nature Shea Butter - 1kg

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Faithful to Nature Shea Butter - 1kg

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Faithful to Nature Shea Butter - 1kg
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  • 1kg
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Why Faithful to Nature loves it:
Faithful to Nature Shea Butter leaves the skin soft and supple with a long-lasting and radiant glow. Shea butter is rich in oleic, stearic acids, vitamin A and E. Use it to soothe & smooth your skin, hydrate your hair and nourish your nails. This shea butter is grown sustainably in Ghana and its production is used to empower rural women and local communities. Take a moment to yourself and deeply nourish your skin with Faithful to Nature Shea Butter.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.
  • Raw, unrefined shea butter
  • Wild harvested
  • Grown sustainably in Ghana
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Unfragranced
  • Hydrates dry skin, hair & nails
  • Protects & soothes chapped lips
  • May help to soothe eczema & acne
  • Great for stretch marks, fine lines & wrinkles
  • Supports skin elasticity
  • Boosts natural collagen production
  • Supports the skin’s natural barrier function
  • Non-comedogenic (won’t block pores)
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Suitable for vegans and strict vegetarians

Please note: Raw, unrefined shea butter has a naturally earthen, nutty smell and is a sign that the product has not been exposed to excessively high temperatures, or treated with chemical deodorizers.


  • Soften a dollop in the palm of your hand before applying to your face, body
  • or hair.
  • Apply as often as desired.

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


  • For external use only.
  • Shea butter is not a known allergen.
  • Stop use and consult a doctor immediately in case of discomfort.


  • 1kg.



  • Held within a recyclable plastic container (1kg).

Country of Origin:

  • Product of Ghana
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Overall Rating
4.9 out of 5 stars from 95 reviews

94 out of 95 people would recommend this product

04/06/2024, By Dot co dot za
This is my go-to moisturizer-ointment, always have some in my bag, literally use it from head to toe for everything and lasts a long time. Insect bites, dry skin, dry hair, no problem, shea butter is amazing, the products on the market don't come close.
28/05/2024, By Vhee
I love how this makes me feel.
13/04/2024, By Beth
Fantastic product for all over skin hydration.
Highly recommend.
27/03/2024, By Lev
Gorgeous smell, has a light smell and makes my skin super soft!!! A winter must have!
23/03/2024, By Mika
This Shea butter is absolutely delicious on my skin and has everything my skin needs to stay healthy. Used on its own or blended with an essential oil for a calming Meditation with Lavender or a spiritual Awakening with Frankincense... it's my go to for all my moisturizing needs.
02/02/2024, By Maxine
This is really wonderful and great quality. Such a lovely product, and the price for the quantity is amazing!
01/02/2024, By Zukiswa
As it is natural I am trying to get away from all these products with added substances
29/01/2024, By Zee
I started using this shea butter 3 years ago because of my eczema and it has never dissapointed. I melt it and mixe with almond oil and essential oils. I always have some in a small container that fits in my purse to use as a lip balm and hand cream. Some goes to my hair. I can't imagine myself without it.
11/11/2023, By KUFRE
This Shea Butter is a very good natural and organic product that my family and I have been using for the last 3 years as our facial cream and for my children's hair cream - when modified.

We have got very good results.
06/11/2023, By Jeanne
Love this product and the size makes it really economical! I use it every night and my skin has been amazing! Its so great to know that there is nothing toxic in this product and its pure goodness that goes on my skin!
29/10/2023, By Liska
The 1 kilo tub is excellent value for money. I use Shea butter as the base for my deodorant and also body butter and am extremely happy with it. It's wonderfully moisturising and can be used even on sensitive skin. FtN's tub is excellent quality and I would highly recommend ot to any and everyone.
29/10/2023, By Liska
This big container is such good value for money! I'm a big fan of shea butter and use it as the base for my homemade body butter and also for deodorant. It's rich and deeply moisturising and a little goes a long way. I would highly recommend it to anyone and especially for those with sensitive skin.
28/10/2023, By Rue
The best shea butter I have ever used. Wonderful smell and texture. Great for skin and hair!
27/10/2023, By Aya
I've bought plenty of these by now. I melt a bit and place it in separate containers. After melting, it's smooth and easy to apply. I use it as a full body moisturiser. Great!
23/10/2023, By Tamz
Great value for money. This product has helped so much with scars and stretch marks
22/10/2023, By Mem
I like it but quite hard , especially in winter, so need to mix with oil to soften , so spreads better.
22/10/2023, By Zay
The best skin product by far!!
16/10/2023, By Chanel
Beautiful moisturiser, velvety smooth on my skin. I use this on myself, my toddler and baby and love how it combats dry skin, leaving it glowing and healthy.
15/10/2023, By Martinette
Great quality and good price!
14/10/2023, By Marietjie
The smell is great for shea butter ✨️
09/10/2023, By Chela
Love this product! It's the first time I am using pure Shea Butter and my only regret is that I did not purchase any sooner! This natural, vegan, environmentally sustainable and cruelty free moisturizer is such a balm to my skin, and I love the subtle nutty fragrance.
04/10/2023, By Phoebe
I love this shea butter. Natural and thick, really good for mixing with other oils for a fabulous moisturizer.
02/10/2023, By wakarimaska
Excellent product - from the quality to the price. Keep it up please :)
19/09/2023, By Tieho
I absolutely love this shea butter - its definitely worth it.
15/09/2023, By Inga
Have been using Shea butter for more than three yrs. My daughter only uses it since birth never had a problem with her skin nor her hair. Read up the benefits of using Shea butter and which oils will enhance whatever you trying to do and whip up your Shea butter trust me you will never go back.
28/08/2023, By Esther
I have been buying shea butter from F2N for a long time and it never disappoints. I use this product for my hair and face and it does wonders for both.
23/08/2023, By Rah
It's a 2 in 1 product..I use it on hair and body..great save!!!
16/08/2023, By Xoliswa
I have tried almost every oil that exist on my skin but could not change the dryness until I bought this product within few days of trying this shea butter I'm happy and my kids mouth were dry and cracking now I see a difference...
16/08/2023, By Tay
I have tried almost every oil that exist on my skin but could not change the dryness until I bought this product within few days of trying this shea butter I'm happy and my kids mouth were dry and cracking now I see a difference...
14/08/2023, By Mariné
Love it! And love the price
09/08/2023, By Elmarie
Loved it. The whole family did. I gave away to the kids when the schools reopened.
07/08/2023, By Marina
Wonderlike produk vir my vel, hakke en selfs my hare (ek maak my eie haarmasker; resep op YouTube). Ook gerustellend om te weet hierdie sheabotter word op 'n etiese manier bekom. Baie dankie! <3
01/08/2023, By Carmen
Great product! I have been using this for the past 3 years, I have eczema and shea butter heals it completely. This product is great to reduce stretch marks or when you are pregnant, it makes the skin elastic so you do not get stretch marks.
I use this on my son as well.
26/07/2023, By Lulu
It's too early to tell but love it on my body moisturizes well but didn't feel good on my face.Because I have an oily face it just felt heavy on my face.besides the face it's nice butter.
04/07/2023, By Ntokozo
shea butter my go to lotion , it does wonders to my dry skin . my family loves it
20/06/2023, By Janie-Leigh
No words can explain how well this product works. It's rich and luxurious. My skin absorbs it all and it is not oily. It is a bit hard but scooped a little in a glass jar and let the jar sit in hot water to let the shea butter melt, mixed it with a another oil and this mixture is also absorbed easily by my skin with no residual oil. The shea butter is also much softer and easier to apply.
20/06/2023, By Janie-Leigh
No words can explain how well this product works. It's rich and luxurious. My skin absorbs it all and it is not oily. It is a bit hard but scooped a little in a glass jar and let the jar sit in hot water to let the shea butter melt, mixed it with a another oil and this mixture is also absorbed easily by my skin with no residual oil. The shea butter is also much softer and easier to apply.
11/05/2023, By FTN-er3
It's soft once you rub it in your palm,I'm not sure if it's because of the cooler weather right now. The scent doesn't stay long on skin. It makes my skin soft and not oily.
11/05/2023, By Buz
I swear by this shea butter. I use it on my hair, face & body. Literally from head to toe. I bought the 1kg for our newborn because I know it will do wonders on our baby’s skin.
05/05/2023, By Joseph
I have used this product over and over. It helps our skin and faces glow. It is purely organic and unmixed shear butter.

I use to buy 2-3 (1kg) cups each time. My wife recommended it
17/04/2023, By Don
Makes skin soft and smooth
12/04/2023, By Cand
I love this product. Be aware that it is PURE shea butter, so it is thick and doesn't have a scent. You need to rub it in your hands to soften before applying to your skin or hair, but once you've rubbed it in, it absorbs beautifully (my skin has been a little dry with the weather change). I use it on my hands all the time and love it. You can add your own essential oils in. Good value for money.
06/04/2023, By Tania
Really enjoying how soft my skin is feeling. Great value for money!
02/04/2023, By Marliza
You cannot go wrong with this product. It is absolutely amazing for your skin and for this price very budget friendly
30/03/2023, By Rosanne
I love the FTN Shea Butter. It is easy to use. So luxurious and works so well. My whole family uses this products for different skin issues and we all agree that it is brilliant.
30/03/2023, By Tanita
Love this product! great quality
29/03/2023, By Catherine
Love this natural shea butter and like the larger size. Winter is fast approaching and this will be great for dry skin.
27/03/2023, By Dustin
Really great product, good quality butter, I use it to make whipped body butter and it works perfectly
22/02/2023, By Eunice
The best shea butter, just add essential oils of my choice for fragrance and ready to apply on my body, I know what I am what using on my body because I know the ingredients used on my body shea butter.
08/02/2023, By Nicci
My daughter and I use this for our dry skin and this is definitely a winner.

My skin enjoys this product ❤️❤️❤️
01/02/2023, By Nadia
This was my first time buying shea butter and so far it's been working really well! I've made my own homemade body butter and been using it everyday since! I highly recommend this product since it's in its complete raw form. It says un-fragranced, however I do get a faint nutty smell now and again. I don't mind it, but for those who do not like the flavor, heads up!
06/01/2023, By Shan
Great. Great price
12/12/2022, By Sharda
A money saver. To every DIY fan
Makes money saving Body Butter and moisturizer
08/12/2022, By Kathy
Perfect moisturiser.
08/12/2022, By Gen
My "Go To" as a gift for a cherished loved one or close friend. So economical, with endless uses, and oh so skin friendly. I'm phasing out all my usual moisturisers in favor of FtN Raw Shea Butter! Great product ... Keeping my eye out for a promotion
02/12/2022, By Lover of Nature
Thanks so much for your love. I could feel it in the way my order was packaged.
30/10/2022, By Merlin
I love this butter. It can be a bit hard in winter but a dash of coconut oil and its perfect. I add essential oils. My favourite at the moment is geranium mixed with black pepper.
13/10/2022, By Tarr
This product is amazing! I do not know why it has taken me so long to get into this product but I am 100% committed now! I don't even see the need to use sunscreen because this product is so rich and thick. It leaves my skin feeling like silk and I can feel the protected layer it offers. Amazing product I definitely want to make my own body butters from now on.
12/09/2022, By Melinda
This raw shea is great for DIY body butter - a mild nutty smell and it melts down and whips up easily. I use 1 cup at a time so the tub lasts a long time and is well worth the price! The resulting body butter absorbs well and keeps my skin moisturized all day. I had eczema flareups and this helped me! Hubby and friends enjoy it as well.
01/09/2022, By Tyron
The delivery service was excellent. The product is perfect for what I need. It is creamy when used correctly and all natural. To see more useful tips to use shea butter naturally for your skin, view my pinterest @tyronpretorius95
01/09/2022, By Wiitnizzle
I was able to purchase this 1kg Shea Butter while it was on sale and duuuuude what a freegen score!! the quality is delicious, the packaging is lovely and i love reading the intentional label. I've been sharing the butter with my friends and family and there's still so much inside.. so much abundance, thank you!!
31/08/2022, By Sandra
l have been applying this product to my entire body, heard to toes.

l do notice changes on my skin, its getting smoother, my dark spots seem to be fading,

and my face, l cannot complain, l am happy with what am seeing this far
31/08/2022, By KufreO
This shea butter is original, organic and is at a cheaper price compare to those in many other shops. I often buy two at once when there is a promo on it.
29/08/2022, By Prudence
This product leaves by skin soft and smooth, I highly recommend. And, at such affordable prices, I bought for my sister also.
25/08/2022, By Ntsiki
I suffer from alopecia and sensitive skin. I believe that everyone is unique and so our needs, with home remedies I can make what suits my needs.
19/08/2022, By The greatest
It's been fantastic on my hair and skin
05/08/2022, By Julie-Anne
No more dry skin! Value for money
28/07/2022, By Ayesha
Fantastic quality. Best organic Shea butter I have purchased in South Africa and I have tried many brands.
28/07/2022, By NADENE
Used it during My pregnancy and it made my tummy look so good.
08/07/2022, By Tabie
I love the shea butter. In just 5 days my skin was feeling smooth. Will definitely buy this again.
02/06/2022, By Tumelo
To think I was diagnosed with eczema,then I started using this sheer butter. Now my face looks ravishing,my hands looks 10 years younger. My mom and sister even started using it. I'm grateful
27/05/2022, By Lucy
The quality of this shea butter is absolutely impeccable. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth.
27/05/2022, By Jackie
The shea butter is often quite hard, especially in winter, and it takes a long time to apply. But for someone with very dry skin like me it's worth the extra effort! I'm also sensitive to any preservatives in other creams, so this is product is really tailor-made for me.
13/05/2022, By Boitumelo
It is always refreshing to shop with Faithful To Nature. I am rating you guys for quick delivery, attention to packaging in the most sustainable way and for the best quality products. Your shea butter is fresh, creamy and just the quality I need for my skincare Formulations!
16/04/2022, By Zama
This shea butter is different to the last one I purchased. It is softer and has less of the nutty scent, it just seems refined. But I'm still happy with the product, the outcome is still the same. My skin is always glowing and it feels good.
16/03/2022, By Faithful
The Shea butter is actually good for my hair and skin , it is an all rounder cream that is I use it for the whole body and also as hair cream. It works Wonders . The 1kg tube lasts me for about 2 years , thus good value for money
31/01/2022, By Sabu
This shea butter is great for skin and hair. It is great for sealing moisture into my 4c hair and leaves my skin and hair feeling smooth and soft. My sister used some and is also singing praises.
14/01/2022, By Mmampe
I have used this butter a number of times, and I have very happy with the results! What I do is to melt it down and then proceed to add a combination of carrier and essential oils. Then I put the jar in the freezer or fridge to solidify, then I use it daily on my skin. It works very well and makes my skin supple and soft.
27/12/2021, By Mishka
Rich and smooth consistency leaves skin hydrated with a sheen
16/12/2021, By Carol
Love this Shea butter. Mixed it with herb infused oils for easy application.
13/12/2021, By Nelz.
I love this product. It has helped alot with moisturizing my extremely sensitive skin without it having any breakouts. Really enjoying it with my family . It is worth it.
13/12/2021, By Nelz.
I love this product. It has helped alot with moisturizing my extremely sensitive skin without it having any breakouts. Really enjoying it with my family
12/12/2021, By Kathleen
Very good value for money!
11/12/2021, By Colleen Pansegrouw
I use shea butter a lot in making body butter for myself & as gifts. Will continue to order it.
06/12/2021, By A3L
Loving this Shea Butter! Made my own whipped body butter with some frankincense and myhrr EO's to help my cortisone-damaged skin recover and retain moisture. I love how far a little goes- it melts in your hand and spreads well once soft.
22/11/2021, By Tammy
I absolutely love this product. I use it from head to toe. I made diy whipped butter with a mixture of oils. I use to sealant on my hair.
18/11/2021, By Hester
Love love love!! Why did it take 43 yrs for me to find this product!!! Using it on my entire is amazing! So many uses and benefits....highly recommend
18/11/2021, By Hester
Love love love!! Why did it take 43 yrs for me to find this product!!! Using it on my entire is amazing! So many uses and benefits....highly recommend
02/11/2021, By Eva
I love this product and don't know how I lived without it.
11/10/2021, By Busie
Actually I knows this Shea butter because of My mum Mrs Leticia Paris the one who use faithful to nature products but this time I ask her to give me some of this Shea butter to try. Oh my God what a product. I can’t explain how miracles it is. My skin is like a new born. That’s why I ordered mine to try with kids. But I don’t have doubt. Super amazing. Please faithful to nature Adopt me to be yours for ever
10/10/2021, By Maria
Wonderlike produk
01/10/2021, By Zaynab
Love this product. Works as a soothing moisturizer from head to toe. I gifted my friends little tubs of it. I also use it for my baby as a nappy cream. Its a miracle product
30/09/2021, By Birgitta
My feet never felt this soft additional I also did a foot feel and foot repair using skin Republic products and I am amazed how my feet are so soft.
27/09/2021, By Bonny
Amazing product and real value for money. I can highly recommend this Shea Butter
18/08/2021, By Zay
This Product Is A Winner! My Friends, Family And I Useit All The Time. Thank You Faithful To Nature ❤️❤️❤️

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Faithful to Nature is an online retail store, specialising in a wide selection of natural supplements, vitamins, superfoods and health-related products. Our green team is all about helping you unlock your full potential to live a healthy life; however we are not medical professionals. Please do consult your health care practitioner when seeking medical advice. Some products may be manufactured in a factory that also produce gluten, nuts and dairy products.

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