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The Harvest Table Pure Argentinian Bovine Collagen Granules

The Harvest Table Pure Argentinian Bovine Collagen Granules

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The Harvest Table Pure Argentinian Bovine Collagen Granules
90 reviews Add review
Price From: R240.00
  • Available In: 180g, ,300g, 350g, and 700g.

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Price From: R240.00

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The Harvest Table’s Pure Argentinian Bovine Collagen Granules rejuvenates hair, skin and nails from within! This neutral tasting collagen powder is packed with 8 essential amino acids to support optimal cell renewal. As part of a balanced diet, a high-quality collagen supplement can help you recover faster from exercise and even improve digestive health. 

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  • 100% pure hydrolysed collagen peptides
  • Pasture-fed
  • Neutral flavour/taste
  • Excellent source of protein and essential amino acids
  • No additives, fillers or preservatives
  • Bottled in reusable glass jars
  • Refill packets (excluding label stickers) are Home Compostable 
  • Unflavoured
  • Gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians

The Harvest Table Difference: The Harvest Table sources its bovine collagen with full traceability. Every batch of their collagen can be traced to full veterinary records ensuring that the animals were properly cared for and were not subject to hormone treatments.

Benefits of Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides:

  • Powerful natural joint & cartilage support
  • Relieves arthritis symptoms & joint pain
  • Anti-ageing benefits for skin
  • Promotes strong nails, healthy hair & better skin elasticity
  • Improves digestion
  • Potent anti-inflammatory effects
  • Reduces wrinkles & improves skin elasticity
  • Strengthens arteries
  • Promotes muscle mass
  • Promotes organ health
  • Promotes better sleep


  • Mix 2 level tablespoons with water or juice and thoroughly mix in a blender, shaker or with a fork for 20-30 seconds until fully dissolved.
  • For best results, consume 1-2 servings daily, with one serving post exercise.
  • Can also be blended into your favourite smoothie or mixed into your morning coffee.

Care Instructions:

  • Reseal the lid tightly after opening.
  • Store in a dry place out of direct sunlight.


  • Available In: 180g, ,300g, 350g, and 700g.


  • Pure Bovine* Collagen Peptides.
  • *Pasture raised, grass fed.

Typical Nutritional Information: per 16 g serving

  • Energy (kJ): 244
  • Protein (g): 15
  • Glycaemic Carbohydrates (g): 0.32
  • Total Fat (g): 0
  • Dietary Fibre (g): 0
  • Total Sodium (mg): 45

Country of Origin:

  • Product of Argentina.
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Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 90 reviews

88 out of 90 people would recommend this product

02/04/2020, By Liz
Love this in my smoothies. Excited about the health benefits.
02/04/2020, By Zani
I've tried a number of other collagen products before stumbling upon The Harvest Table which is now my favourite. I love the neutral taste an easily dissolvable granules.
30/03/2020, By mkay
Am using this product for my c section recovery .. I must say it works . I don’t have any constipation issues my skins elasticity is better than before and the pregnancy marks are fading away on my body ...
29/03/2020, By sakeena
A little pricey compared to others but i like its green packaging and it doesn't have any funny after taste or flavor when i add it to my tea. Invest in yourself!
29/03/2020, By Karen
Dont know if I had a bad batch, but the smell and taste were off.
19/03/2020, By Rowena
This is the only collagen I use. It is awesome. I've seen huge improvement in my skin, hair and nails.
19/03/2020, By Ally
I bought this product for my pensioner parents. It is now the second time I've bought it as my parents totally love it. Mum says the pain in her joints are easing up a lot.
18/03/2020, By Johanna
This was my first time using this brand and I really enjoyed it. I mixed it into my oats each morning.
18/03/2020, By Sarah
I love the product. It dissolves well, I'll definitely buy it again
18/03/2020, By Sarah
I love the product. It dissolves well, I'll definitely buy it again
14/03/2020, By Brendon
Very nice product......great taste and easy to use
13/03/2020, By Zozo
Absolutely wonderful. What I love about this product is that it dissolves very easily and because it is tasteless you can add it to any meal.
12/03/2020, By Karusha
Too soon to tell if its working but so far so good. Love the fact that there is no taste.
11/03/2020, By Simone
Simply amazed by this product. It has only been two weeks since I started using this product, my skin and nails look and feel great. I highly recommend women using this product to improve skin texture and to help build up stronger looking nails.
09/03/2020, By Nikki
Add it to my coffee and it doesn't affect the taste, easy to mix in. Love this
08/03/2020, By Cecilia
it does not have a taste, nor changes the consistency of the drink you put it in. best collagen out there
06/03/2020, By Saretha
I use to get a lot of back pain, now I hardly notice it and I'm not even half way through my 350g jar. Truly amazing, tastes like nothing as well. Added bonus
03/03/2020, By Sarah
I have struggled for years with my skin and I have been using this in my morning coffee for the past 3 months and have seen a dramatic improvement! My face is smooth, without having to use expensive products that break the bank. I have recommended this to so many people, by far my favourite product on this site!
02/03/2020, By Tessa
I love this brand especially because of their earth conscious packaging which includes home compostable refill bags! How amazing!!
01/03/2020, By Roz
Pure top quality collagen powder. Neutral taste. Very happy, thanks!
26/02/2020, By Kim
Excellent product. Pleasant, subtle taste that mixes well. Definite evidence that this products quickly and effectively reduces inflammation in joints.
26/02/2020, By Rai
Fantastic product. Very easy to use with no taste and the benefits in skin tone; hair and nails is very evident. I have noticed a definite difference in muscle recovery after exercise as well in joints
Will definitely be using going forward
24/02/2020, By Kate
I've tried a few collagen products and this one is genuinely easy to dissolve and has no taste. My hair, nails and skin are definitely the best they've been for a while. Hoping it's having an effect on the joints too!
17/02/2020, By ch
I have Rosacea, and on advice of my Dermatologist I am not using any anti-aging products as this irritates the skin. Other than using some healing oils from faithful to nature, I have also started using the collagen with Vit c every morning and can definitely confirm that my skin is much better what breakouts and irritation is concerned, then there is all the other benefits as well. I am on my second bottle and will continue definitely continue. read about the benefits in LCHF forums as well
15/02/2020, By Terry
I have had a split going down my thumb nail for 3+ years, keeping it short and filing it down made no difference, it got to a certain length and would split again.

After about a week of taking the product, the split had completely gone. An added bonus is the skin under my neck looks decidedly less wrinkled than it used to.

I'm not sure about the long term benefits but from what I have witnessed thus far I am very happy.
14/02/2020, By Jo
I'm not sure about this yet as i haven't seen any changes
13/02/2020, By Eranthe
Really great collagen! Very easy to use in my morning coffee because it is tasteless and dissolves easily. Loving all the great benefits from this awesome product!
13/02/2020, By Chantal
Love the collagen - it dissolves quickly, and is completely tasteless. I also found that my skin and even my hair feels and looks better! My only issue is that the refill packet quality is not that great - when I tried to open it, the sealing section broke. That's my only complaint though, it's an amazing product, and I'll definitely buy it again!
12/02/2020, By Mon
Great product, definitely notice a difference in my skin. Tasteless and easy to dissolve.
08/02/2020, By Samu
This product is tasteless and dissolves easily. Yet to see the results
08/02/2020, By Thia
I really love this product and would highly recommend it. The granules dissolve easily, virtually tasteless and I can see the improvement to my skin within a week.

However the packaging for the refill bags have poor structural integrity. This is the second time I’ve purchased the 300g refill and it’s arrived broken. I love that they use environmentally friendly packaging but the seams are not wide enough and as a result the bags tear very easily. Increasing the width of side seams should solve this problem.
08/02/2020, By Lindy
Great product. You can use it in anything!
06/02/2020, By Nelzabeth
Love this product. Since I have been using it no more joint pain and stiffness in the joints. Will recommend it.
05/02/2020, By Nero
Repeat buyer, I have seen improvement in hair & skin within a week or two. No taste at all, I simply add 1 teaspoon to my morning coffee. Dissolves instantly. Bought it to help with large pores on the face - it does magic.
29/01/2020, By Kim
I actually love the very subtle taste which is unlike other stronger tasting collagen granules that I've tasted. Dissolves easily, and is my new favourite health product. Ordering more!
25/01/2020, By Ray
Dissolves easily and tasteless. I’m using it for 2 weeks now, so yet to see results
24/01/2020, By Edwina
Only been using this for a week, so can't see any changes yet. But it mixes easily in my smoothies and is tasteless, which is great!
23/01/2020, By Gerda
THE best collagen product on the market. I've tried quite a few and this product shows a beautiful effect very quickly. Extremely satisfied!
20/01/2020, By Amoré
Love to ad this to my pea protein smoothie, it makes it nice and creamy with some aded cocoa powder and other super foods. Also find it to be a great substitute to cream my coffee with it instead of dairy.
16/01/2020, By Zunique
Very satisfied. I've experience a burst of energy which is great as a working lactating mum.
16/01/2020, By Nix
I am still on my first 700g jar, but have started to notice new hair growth at my hairline, and my skin is noticeably softer, especially my elbows :) have placed a second order ..
06/01/2020, By Anita
This is the best product I have found on the market due to it not being sweet and full of sugar. I does not have a taste and dissolves easily into a glass of milk before bedtime. My nails are growing for the first time in my life and the nail technician commented on how strong my nails are. Hopefully it is working its magic with my bones and joints. Great product highly recommended and good price.
06/01/2020, By Elizabeth
Dissolves easily in cold or hot drinks and is tasteless and does not leave any gritty bits in the cup. After two weeks I see some gut improvement, but too early to tell for skin, nails and hair.
26/12/2019, By Kirstyn
It is still early days but so far I am happy with this product as it has no taste and dissolves easily :)
26/12/2019, By Penny
Since childhood days i have always struggled to drink anything that may have an odd taste. I just gag. However these granules are SO easy to take! Mixed in water and drink it just like that!! Bland-no after taste. The benefits are great. I am happy.
20/12/2019, By T
Happy that it has no taste, dissolves easily in my coffee. Not sure if it works yet. Only been using for 2 weeks.
18/12/2019, By Jean
So far so good, to early to tell. Works great in my morning green juice
18/12/2019, By Michelle
I’ve been using this for a month now and my skin is firmer and my hair thicker. I haven’t noticed any difference with my joint pain but I’m hopeful.
17/12/2019, By Marlize
Dissolves easily in my coffee and no taste at all. Early days in using collagen, will come back when the results start showing.
16/12/2019, By Annie
It has really helped my joint pain and my skin, hair and nails have never been healthier.
15/12/2019, By Maretha
I've read that you should NOT dissolve this into hot drinks because it changes the composition, so we're dissolving it into milk or kombucha. It's an amazing product. My skin hasn't looked this great in 10 years!
15/12/2019, By Cheleigh
Easily dissolves in coffee. Flavorless and seems to be doing wonders for my skin and nails.
14/12/2019, By Carmen Hoff
Quick dissolving and seems to be helping my skin and nails.
14/12/2019, By Rethabile
Dissolves very fast in my coffee. My skin is glowing and everyone has noticed the difference in my skin!
13/12/2019, By Tj
Almost done with our second jar; the entire family is finding this product beneficial for various reasons (hair, skin, nails, joints, digestive). Great and easy to use supplement; worth the price for sure.
13/12/2019, By Didi
I love this product! Only been using it a few weeks, and my nails are growing like crazy, my joints feel a whole lot better, and I just generally feel great! I don't know if I'm Imagining it, but my skin looks and feels better to me, too. I just sprinkle it over my breakfast every morning, and it actually makes my breakfast taste creamier! Would highly recommend this product!!
13/12/2019, By Lilani
I feel so much better and I didnt know I was not feeling much better.
09/12/2019, By Monique Nienaber
This collagen is tasteless and easy dissolvable. I use it in my coffee every morning with no after taste. I have noticed my skin is plumper and my nails are stronger.
09/12/2019, By Tanya
Great addition to my full cream yogurt breakfast every morning
08/12/2019, By Kate
By far the best collagen I have tried. Not only is it tasteless, but it dissolves in hot or cold liquids like a DREAM. Plus, my nails are so strong and I constantly have to trim them because they grow too fast! My hair is shiny and skin is glowing too. Plus it doubles as a support for gut health as well as caring for joint health. Definitely recommend.
07/12/2019, By Johanne
Tasteless and works great!
06/12/2019, By Aysha
Definitely has a neutral taste compared to other brands, dissolves easily. I noticed improvement in my nails (stronger and grows faster) , my hair is also looking shinier and feels healthy. Has improved my eczema greatly. Highly recommend for skin conditions.
02/12/2019, By Kate
Just recently started using this product. It is easy to dissolve in almost anything but I do not find it to have a "neutral" taste. That being said, I am new to collagen powder and have heard that it usually has an extreme taste, which I wouldn't say this one has. If the benefits are there the taste is most definitely worth it.
01/12/2019, By Natasha
Amazing product with a neutral taste.
28/11/2019, By Cari
Love this collagen, dissolves easily unlike Lifematrix and leaves no after taste. Will continue using this brand.
28/11/2019, By Roxanne
Bought this for my mother in law. She seems to like it, no complaints! Thanks for a great product!
26/11/2019, By Mo
Ordering this for the second time - easy to dilute in my morning cuppa and made a true difference to my hair, skin and nails. The Refill bags are great value and love that the bags are compostable and fully degradable, so no guilt when filling up my glass bottles with this one
22/11/2019, By Tarkie
Great quality! It dissolves very fast in my yogurt and there is not aftertaste.
17/11/2019, By Thia
I've been using this product for a week and am impressed by how easily the granules dissolve compared to Lifematrix and Sally-Ann Creed collagen powders. There's also no taste at all so it works well in juice, coffee, or even plaint water. I can see a slight difference in my skin, it feels and looks a little firmer but its still too soon to really see a big difference. I will review again once I have finished the bag. I also love the glass packaging, which makes it a lot more convenient than a bag.
15/11/2019, By Melo
Dissolves easily and taste not as strong as previous one I've switched over from.
12/11/2019, By Tanya
After a month of use I can definitely feel a difference in my facial skin - Plumper/smoother!
12/11/2019, By Natalie
Ive been using another brand the switch to Harvest Table. It is by far the best collagen I've used. Love it
06/11/2019, By Lu
Well priced, good quality collagen. No taste and blends well in coffee.
01/11/2019, By Mo
Have not used this product for a full month yet, but so far happy with healthier hair, skin and nails
31/10/2019, By Tanya
Using for the first time so will get back to you in a few weeks about achy joints (the only reason for 4 stars). Great in yogurt as I don't do coffee and love the glass container.
28/10/2019, By Bernadette
love this product. just add it to my coffee because it has no taste. love the container. just started using.
28/10/2019, By Faithful
I've only used this for two weeks, but I am impressed with the results so far. My joint pain and overall mobility has improved.
24/10/2019, By Waxy waves
Really no aftertaste which was my biggest fear! I usually add it to a cup of organic tea
23/10/2019, By Kate
I absolutely LOVE this product!!! I bought a big jar via the Birthday Sale. I've tried a lot of other ranges and this is by far the best in quality (it is completely tasteless and hardly has any smell). I would say it is the closest to Great Lakes which is very well-known American brand for about half the price and extra bonus it comes in glass. In addition, the product comes in granules (not powder), so it dissolves like a dream. I add it to everything from smoothies to soups.
23/10/2019, By ElisabethB
I love the fact that it does not change the flavour of what ever you mix it with :)
23/10/2019, By Nick
Mixes very well in coffee without causing any lumps and adds no flavour
09/10/2019, By Molly
Ohhhh i might just be in love. Loove the packaging and the inside as well of cause.
04/10/2019, By Sam
I love this product in my coffee! Dissolves really easily and is tasteless.
03/10/2019, By Justin
I love how I can so easily add it to my diet with no hassle at all and no sacrifice on taste. Packaging is great too!
03/10/2019, By Sean
I started using The Harvest Table collegan and cannot believe the positive effects after only 4 weeks. I also like the earth friendly packaging, good to see companies taking our environment seriously.
03/10/2019, By Rob
This product is easy to use and has no flavour so it does not effect the normal taste if your food. I add it to my smoothies, shakes, coffee and yogurt. I like that it works with hot and cold food and drinks.
03/10/2019, By Donnae
The Harvest Table collegan has changed my life. No more aches and pains! My skin looks and feels amazing and my nails and hair have improved so much. This is a good, no nonsense brand. Well priced and does what it promises.
03/10/2019, By Heather
I have had 2 x hip replacements and The Harvest Table Collagen and bone broth have taken away all my aches and pains. Excellent product and service. Thank you
03/10/2019, By Catherine
I have found the inclusion of Collagen in my daily diet life-changing. I was starting to get Arthritis in my fingers and after 3 weeks on this product it started resolving. Now I have no pain! The granulated form is so easy to use and because it the granules have no flavour I can add them to my cereal or yoghurt without the flavour being affected. I absolutely love this product - it has changed my life!
02/10/2019, By Sandy
I absolutely love The Harvest Table's Collagen granules! They dissolve so easily into my morning coffee and don't change the flavour. And the earth-conscious packaging is just amazing.

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