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The Figary Dried Fig Slices

The Figary Dried Fig Slices

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The Figary Dried Fig Slices
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Price From: R31.99
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Price From: R31.99

Carefully selected for optimal ripeness, before slicing, dehydrating and packaging these tasty fig slices. This is all done by hand, on a family farm on the banks of the Breede River. Preservative and additive free, drying helps to intensify the natural flavour and sweetness of figs, while ensuring you have access to this nutrient-packed treat all year round.

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  • Handpicked and sliced figs are dehydrated to intensify their flavour and sweetness
  • Figs are rich in fibre, low in sugar, and rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Dried figs are a lower calorie snack (lower than dates, which are in a comparable category)
  • Dried figs help to remove harmful oestrogen from the environment


  • Available in: 60g & 200g 


  • 100% Dehydrated Figs
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Overall Rating
4.9 out of 5 stars from 151 reviews

151 out of 151 people would recommend this product

23/06/2022, By Tracy
These really are the nicest dried figs I've ever tasted. The way they slice them thinly is also lovely. Just wish they were more affordable!
18/06/2022, By Annemarie
I LOVE these! Satisfies my sweet cravings in a healthy way!
04/04/2022, By Cindy
Very delish!
06/03/2022, By Louise
Love these
29/01/2022, By Cindy
What a fabulous healthy treat. My kids polish a bag in no time. :-)
24/09/2021, By Ayesha
Always buying this for friends and family. It's so tasty!
20/09/2021, By Shelley
Delicious healthy snack
31/08/2021, By Teresa
my favorite snack
20/08/2021, By feroz
excellent product. will be ordering more
12/08/2021, By Trix
Eee, I don’t like them sweet like this?
04/08/2021, By Chris
Love these! Healthy tasty snack, and of course loved the free bag thank you.
27/07/2021, By Carla
Figary, Figaro, in my heart I just know. A splendid solo and appetising addition to most breakfasts should there be any left by sunrise
27/07/2021, By ilette
I loooove these
22/07/2021, By Sam
I wish I'd ordered more! My absolute favourite.
19/06/2021, By Teresa
I like them so much that I can't stop eating
17/06/2021, By Teresa
my favorite snack
14/06/2021, By Ginny
Absolute treat. What a delightful healthy alternative to sugary sweets & aids with stubborn IBS.
26/05/2021, By Niyaaz
Adds really great texture and flavour to salads
06/04/2021, By Gugulethu
pricey but totally worth it.
31/03/2021, By Deborah
I love this product. Great tasting, and in perfectly sized slices. It's pricy, but worth it. The packet doesn't last long in my household.
26/03/2021, By Heather
Tasty, too few in the packet, they disappear
22/02/2021, By feroz
excellent product delicious taste. very impressed with the delivery
21/02/2021, By Sajidha
Very healthy
26/01/2021, By Angie
Delicious and will order again
29/12/2020, By Gwen
I love these , no additives and honestly really delicious
26/12/2020, By Lucky
Excellent quality
26/12/2020, By Priscilla
These dried figs are so tasty. Will definitely order it again.
24/12/2020, By Kealeboga
I ordered three packs of these last time,the first pack was excellent as always however the last two packs the figs were a little moist and had not dried out completely.however they were still delicious and that's why I ordered three more packs again
09/12/2020, By Penny
These dried fig slices are without a doubt the best dried figs I've ever tasted. My husband said they look like cardboard, but they are anything but that! They are full of flavour, soft and totally delicious!
07/12/2020, By Tasneem
Not too wet. Not too dry. These are perfect.
03/12/2020, By Lea
Best dried figs I have ever tasted. Great for sugar cravings.
29/11/2020, By Naomi
Love this, its perfect. Very good quality
29/11/2020, By Naomi
Love this, its perfect. Very good quality
29/11/2020, By Naomi
Love this, its perfect. Very good quality
29/11/2020, By Marlena
Got this as a sample and love it!! Nice and chewy texture, very fresh taste. More than LOVE it completely. Would like to purchase larger quantity when I do
29/11/2020, By Nothemba
Very nice
24/11/2020, By Natasha
I received this as a gift and immediately put it on my Favourites List. It is absolutely yummy delicious! It tastes like real farm figs - the way they used to be when I grew up. This will be on my order list every month from now on!
27/10/2020, By Aliyah
26/10/2020, By Verena
Love these figs!!! Always great
26/10/2020, By Amy
So delicious! Highly recommend!
07/10/2020, By Justine
I bought these slices for my mom and she absolutely loved them! The packet was finished within a few days!
20/09/2020, By Jenine
So delicious and a surprising little crunch.
30/08/2020, By carol
1st tried the smallest packet - w0w -delicious. Took care of my sweet tooth in a healthy way - have now graduated to a larger packet. Can definitely recommend this product.
20/08/2020, By Julia
These are the most delicious dried figs I’ve added. All natural and not packed with lots of extra sugar like others usually are.
11/08/2020, By Lorinda
These are some of the best dried fruit I ever tasted and will definitely order more.
04/08/2020, By Alex
I am addicted to these, they are so delicious. They are a bit hard/chewy and the skin is a little tough -compared to the soft figs at Woolies for instance- still the flavour is very nice and sweet, but not overly so.
30/07/2020, By Ilka
These are just fantastic, so delicious, once opened they don't last long.
27/07/2020, By Greenie
27/07/2020, By greenie
20/07/2020, By Verena
Buy them again and again!! Great tasting!!
28/06/2020, By Sam
It's soo tasty unbelievable. Like eating crispy caramel.
25/06/2020, By Amy
Yummy and easy-to-transport!
17/06/2020, By Caleb
Ahh, dried fig slices.....This has amazing health benefits. It is recommended as part of Dr. Sebi's cell foods. Go look him up!!!
23/05/2020, By Heather
Delicious and sweet dried figs. Moreish
22/05/2020, By Brooke
These are so good! i always take them on roadtrips or flights
20/05/2020, By Suzette
This product is simply delicious! Very tasty indeed. Bought a kg packet, but have just placed an order for another 2 kgs. Unbeatable quality.
20/05/2020, By Verena
The best an tastiest figs!! Always buying them again
17/05/2020, By Dawn
Fresh figs
15/05/2020, By POSH

06/05/2020, By Glad
06/05/2020, By Deborah
I love this product, and so it's difficult to stop digging into the packet. Always fresh tasting and knowing it's full of goodness adds to the dilema.
05/05/2020, By Ronel
So nice to munch on
04/05/2020, By Jurgita
I was a bit skeptical when I ordered these, but oh boy, how much I enjoyed them. It's full of color and flavor. Great for exercising or as a healthy snack during lockdown :)
03/05/2020, By Ash
Such a tasty, healthy snack
02/05/2020, By Thaveshnee
Love this
02/05/2020, By Ezekiel
Very tasty.
30/04/2020, By Abby
One of my favourite snacks to have on hand.
20/04/2020, By Elizabeth
Soft sweet and absolutely divine
13/04/2020, By Leigh
Used these in a red onion and fig tagliatelle pasta dish. Worked out well as they're not too hard and dry, just the perfect texture.
12/04/2020, By Anna
Dried figs has always been my favourite dried fruit. This brand adds consciousness of being preservative and additive free
09/04/2020, By Ann
Surprizingly tasty, sweet and healthy snack.
09/04/2020, By Chanti
Great snack for the lockdown if you can't access fresh fruit. Texture and taste amazing!
01/04/2020, By Anja
These figs taste totally differently from whole dried figs. I think that they are made from the big Adam's fig variety which has an absolutely wonderful taste - this is a wild guess though. The texture and taste is quite unique. If they were a bit more affordable I'd eat them every day. Hands down the best dried fruit product available in ZA.
03/03/2020, By Melissa
Yummy! Used this in a fancy salad and it was delicious
20/02/2020, By Erika
Love figary dried fig it is beautiful in salads and eating it like that. All my friends want to know where I get it from. Can definitely recommend it.
14/11/2019, By rochelle
this is my go-to brand of coconut oil. I use it for cooking, in shakes , to shave and for face masks! I love it.
04/11/2019, By SHARLAIN
Absolutely delicious!
30/10/2019, By Sam
Very tasty
25/10/2019, By Vaw001
My son has been nagging me for figs. Unfortunately the store bought ones are laden with preservatives. Glad to have found such a great alternative. Love that its been sliced! A great snack.
21/10/2019, By Kaneez
Great healthy snack option. Will be ordering more.
09/10/2019, By Austin
Very lovely, very little once dried.
09/10/2019, By Ashwin
Light and crisp.
07/10/2019, By Cindy
A super tasty, healthy treat!
27/09/2019, By Jax
The best figs!!! Very delicious. Love these.
25/09/2019, By Elsa
So delicious. Great service. Will definitely buy again
16/09/2019, By hellen
delicious figs, great size of slices, and so much cheaper then my local health store
09/09/2019, By Andile
It great
26/08/2019, By KK
I bought these to bake with and ended up snacking on the whole packet! Love that these figs are dehydrated (not just dried) so there are no additives or preservatives. Will definitely purchase more in the future!
07/07/2019, By Ali
These are seriously the best dried figs and dried fruit I have ever tasted. Especially like the thin crossway slices.
26/06/2019, By Shaylin
Highly recommend to all fig/dried fruit lovers. Bought this for my mother and her only complaint was that she didn't have enough.
23/06/2019, By Delene
Great snack, love the taste..
18/06/2019, By Dominique
My favorite snack I've bought on here yet. So tasty and amazing that it is all natural. Give it a try if you're not sure, you wont regret it!
Just wish it wasn't in plastic...
10/06/2019, By SHARLAIN
lovely natural tasting dried frigs!
05/06/2019, By Samantha
I lost my mind when I opened the packet. Was fresh and really yummy.
Great healthy snack.
02/06/2019, By Zaynab
26/05/2019, By Emil
Best tasting dried good I have had in my life, and I really enjoy not having any preservatives in my food!
26/05/2019, By Sonja
Love the product. Taste is so nice when you open the bag you cannot stop until it is empty.
24/05/2019, By shumonè
Tasty snack, sweet and crunchy.
20/05/2019, By LeslieC
Straight from the bag, delicious.
16/05/2019, By Mishka
Light crunchy and munchable snack. Surprisingly strange to see what becomes of a fresh fig after drying.
11/04/2019, By Gerda
I was surprised that the figs were cut, but it's perfect!! Love it, so delicious!!
08/04/2019, By HP
Like the taste
05/04/2019, By Lauren
I could eat the whole packet - so yummy!
02/03/2019, By Clair
Taste amazing and even look like figs.
15/02/2019, By Shireen
Wish I had a storehouse full
07/02/2019, By Maddi
No sulphur dioxide makes these a great snack and gift to those who also like something sweet and healthy. I love them!
31/01/2019, By Pamela
Decidedly yummy, and great with cheese.(esp mascarpone and walnuts)
27/01/2019, By Alex
Not too sweet and never just one piece but very very satisfying
26/01/2019, By Claudia
The most delicious dried fruit snack!
21/01/2019, By Verena
Just the best treat ever. Packed with energy!
20/01/2019, By Mart
Lovely texture and natural sweetness!
26/12/2018, By Jess
Suffice to say I include them with every order I place. Absolutely delicious!
21/12/2018, By Monica
Amazing as a snack or used as an ingredient baking biscotti :-)
05/12/2018, By Cindy
Lovely, naturally sweet treat... you'll want to finish the whole bag at once ;-)
26/11/2018, By Bee
So delicious. My favorite dried fruit snack.
25/11/2018, By Evlyn
My favourite dried fruit snack
25/10/2018, By Debbie
These are great! I love the textures between the skin and the seeds. They are pretty sweet and make a nice little snack for when I am looking for a sweet treat.
18/10/2018, By Dominique
So yummy. Could just eat these all day. So happy you supply these so thank you!
07/10/2018, By Natalie
Wow so delicious!!! will def be buying again. bought for my folks as a healthy snack as well.
24/09/2018, By Verena
Got this as a gift and so excited that I can order from FtN now!!
Just amazing dried figs without preservatives and the most delicious taste!
24/09/2018, By Verena
Got this as a gift and so excited that I can order from FtN now!!
Just amazing dried figs without preservatives and the most delicious taste!
11/09/2018, By Rebecca
I love how tasty and sticky the are!
08/09/2018, By Cobie
My absolute best when it comes to dried fruit. And to know that it is sulphur free just adds to the goodness.
25/08/2018, By Tandy
I bought these for a family member - she said she will never be able to eat "store bought" dried figs again; these are amazing according to her! :)
10/08/2018, By marlise
this taste is amazing! second time im buying these.
30/07/2018, By Aj
Great product and very affordable. And best of all, Sulphur free!
24/07/2018, By SHARLAIN
16/07/2018, By Mieke
Super yummy and great texture. Added it to my homemade granola and it was the perfect sweet addition.
08/07/2018, By Cindy
It's the first time I've tried this and I LOVE it! Will definitely get it again.
06/07/2018, By Me to you
Bought some for the Grandparents as well for a Health snack
04/07/2018, By Belinda
Super tasty and flavourful!
27/06/2018, By Letitia
I love these figs as a snack especially the crunch from the seeds. I'm so glad I took the bigger bag.
26/06/2018, By Me
Surprisingly delicious! Would definitely recommend!
01/06/2018, By Jenny
I really enjoyed these tasty dried fig slices. Very more-ish and a real treat.
30/05/2018, By Ferris Bueller
Tastes Fresh and tasty. Seems to last for a fair amount of time too
28/05/2018, By Henriette
I love the crunch the seeds make. Very nice.
26/05/2018, By Sue
We eat them as a lovely snack regularly and also put them chopped up in our home made museli
07/05/2018, By Mary
Bought a small packet of these figs. They are delicious! Will certainly buy large packet from now on
23/04/2018, By Yolanda
Amazing, especially when dipped in almond butter!
22/04/2018, By itsme
Just reordered these! Combine with Macadamia Nut Butter or Almond Butter for a delicious snack - addicted!
20/04/2018, By Melani
Delicious and good for you. what more could you want :)
19/04/2018, By Pieter
Tasty dried figs without the bad stuff!
18/04/2018, By Jeannie
A nice product that I will buy again.
26/03/2018, By Estrellita
Love these for a mid-morning snack!
14/03/2018, By Jessie
I love these fig slices. They are delicious and the best I've ever eaten. They're very satisfying especially if you have a sweet tooth like me! I'm hooked!
03/03/2018, By Nats
Lovely as a snack!!! always looking for alternatives or some variety.... this is great
02/03/2018, By A
Love love on my fifth packet
30/01/2018, By Carmon
These fig slices are delicious! A perfect addition to a smoothie, yogurt, salad, or simply on their own. I bought my first pack last week and already need to order some more. The texture is lovely a real treat. These will become a staple in my office.
14/11/2017, By Margie
Enjoyed the figs, made a lovely snack
23/10/2017, By Abigail
These are yummy, not too sweet but I love the texture - not too moist or chewy, just easy to eat. Love the beautiful packaging too, would be nice gifted.
14/10/2017, By rochelle
My favourite brand of figs. Love the texture and taste.

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