Our homes are filled with dust mites. These microscopic creatures produce allergens in their droppings, some of which destroy the linings of our lungs and others which induce an allergic reaction. Dust mite droppings a"> Our homes are filled with dust mites. These microscopic creatures produce allergens in their droppings, some of which destroy the linings of our lungs and others which induce an allergic reaction. Dust mite droppings a" />

SoPure MiteFree Spray

SoPure MiteFree Spray
SoPure MiteFree Spray
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Mitefree Dust Mite Spray prevents the allergies caused by dust mites. Please note that this is not a pesticide, it's a highly effective natural allergen spray that also kills viruses, bacteria and fungus. Spray this ultra-pure allergy relief formula onto beds, mattresses, pillows, soft toys, curtains and upholstery - it's even mild enough to spray in baby's cot.


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Our homes are filled with dust mites. These microscopic creatures produce allergens in their droppings, some of which destroy the linings of our lungs and others which induce an allergic reaction. Dust mite droppings are very light are easily be stirred up, creating a cloud of allergens in your home. The reaction to the allergens can be severe, with symptoms such as itchiness, red eyes and hay fever. Dust mite allergens are also one of the most common triggers of asthma attacks. The allergic reaction caused by dust mites could also be mild but persistent, putting your body in a constant state of subtle agitation. This affects your sleep, concentration and general sense of wellness, and has even been shown to cause ADD symptoms in children.

Mitefree Dust Mite Spray effectively neutralises the allergens produced by dust mites. Spray Mitefree Dust Mite Spray onto your bed, carpet, mattresses, couches and other places where dust mites accumulate in order to free your home from the substances which cause allergies. Mitefree Dust Mite Spray also has disinfectant properties to destroy any harmful bacteria it comes in contact with. For additional protection we have developed a Mitefree Laundry Additive to use when washing your clothes and bed linen.

Mitefree Dust Mite Spray does not kill the dust mites, it only neutralises the allergens which they produce. Merely killing the dust mites would be futile, since the decaying remains of dust mites are themselves allergenic, and killing them still would not prevent the allergens in their droppings from irritating people.

Mitefree dust mite spray is scientifically formulated and approved by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) to neutralise dust mite allergens. It is approved as non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and bio-degradable. Mitefree is safe to use in adults’ and children’s beds as well as in babies’ cots and cribs. Since they started using Mitefree Dust Mite Spray, many people have found that the quality of their lives has improved tremendously. Because their bodies are no longer suffering from allergies, they no longer have sleep problems, they breathe better and they enjoy their lives more.


  • Ensure surfaces are clean before spraying. Shake well before use.
  • Spray approx. 50cm from surfaces. Do not saturate.
  • Leave sprayed surfaces to dry for 30min. Wash hands after use.
  • Apply weekly for best results. Store out of direct sunlight.


Avoid contact with skin & eyes. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.


Naturally derived & biodegradable fruit & coconut extract, biodegradable quaternary ammonium compound, fragrance & purified water.

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4.3 out of 5 stars from 22 reviews

22 out of 22 people would recommend this product

07/12/2018, By Lisa
Great smell, has helped my allergies slightly, and any improvement in my case is great!
03/12/2018, By michelle
Great product, I spray my beds, curtains etc.
13/11/2018, By Erika
Very gentle scent from essential oils which dissipates rapidly. Very helpful addition for people suffering from dust mite allergies. I carry a travel bottle of it as well for work trips and holidays.
23/09/2018, By Sonja
Great product, especially for all allergy sufferers!
03/09/2018, By Kathy
Got this for my grandson who has a mite allergy and it definitely works. Will be buying it again
27/08/2018, By Debs
I think this really works and is fresh. The spray trigger broke so can't use it till I get a new bottle.
28/06/2018, By Liné
Great product. I will purchase it again. It has a very clean and fresh fragrance.
28/06/2018, By Bavisha
I bought this for my bestie as she has severe sinus attacks. This spray has helped ease her morning struggles drastically.
20/06/2018, By Nicole
Works well and smells nice. No complaints here!
11/06/2018, By Olivia
Have loved this product for years! Best to travel with and ensure that hotels beds, etc are kept mite free!
09/01/2018, By Jacolette
this product definitely seems to be working. even our dog stopped scratching :)
08/10/2017, By J

Refreshing smell and seems to work as itching is less now during sleep
19/09/2017, By Sue
Despite reading that a number of reviewers experienced issues with the spray bottle before, I really had no issue with it. The spray smells quite sweet, but does wonders! I used to wake up during the night with a runny and stuffy nose, but since starting to make use of the spray I have experienced significant improvement and now sleep through!
04/04/2017, By Jenna
This spray gets used up very quickly. After fairly spraying down my mattress just once, the bottle was nearly finished. If you expect to reapply regularly, order a few bottles.
07/02/2017, By Piera
This works well - definitely less issues with allergies. It does seem to disappear at an alarming rate, though. Perhaps look at the design of the bottle to make the spray action more effective, and consider a larger size.
28/08/2016, By Michael
Fourth time buying this product - the bottle used to leak but this has been resolved. The product works well and curbs my allergies - can recommend
29/10/2015, By Cheryl
Great stuff! Have found that the first bottle I used has made a difference in the allergies my boyfriend and I suffer from. Happy to say that my sinuses feel much better after using this, and its great to give the mattress protector a disinfecting spray between washes! Good to mist this on curtains and in corners and closets too. A more simple bottle like one which has a plunge top spray nossle mechanism-used commonly for linen mists etcetera-would correct the dribbling nozzle which I also experienced!
14/10/2014, By Michael
I must agree with earlier reviewers, the product is great - used it and by allergies have quietened right down but the bottle mechanism does dribble and it does seem to be evaporating at an alarming rate. Please fix this as it is the only thing letting you down!
24/06/2014, By Juanita
I suffer from really bad allergies. Started using this product and it really does make a difference. Also smells really nice.
19/03/2014, By Alexandra
I am very allergic to dust mites and I think this product has definitely helped me. I love the spray bottle, and have had no problems with it. In fact, I kept an old spray for my home-made spider spray because it is so fine and covers so well.
03/03/2014, By Judith
Im unsure how well this product worked as most of it evaporated before i was able to properly use it.
18/12/2013, By saffyre
This is a fantastic product there is no doubt about it, it dose what it says it dose and completely soothes my extreme dust allergys. However I am not impressed with the spray bottle as it has a tenancy to dribble rather than spray thus wasting quite a bit and can become costly to keep replenishing, perhaps consider a stronger spray nozzle?

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