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Ozone Hemp Seed Healing Gel

Ozone Hemp Seed Healing Gel
Ozone Hemp Seed Healing Gel
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  • 25ml
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This brand-new skincare treatment from The Ozone Company combines the healing potential of O3 (ozone gas) with the nourishing properties of hemp seed oil. The versatile Ozone Hemp Seed Healing Gel is designed to address a wide range of skincare concerns from including rashes, blemishes, insect bites, eczema, psoriasis, and even scarring. Embrace the potent yet entirely natural approach to addressing common skincare complaints with the Ozone Hemp Seed Healing Gel.

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Benefits of ozone:

  • Antibacterial
  • Antiviral
  • Antifungal

Benefits of hemp oil:

  • A rich source of omegas
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant, prevents free radical damage
  • Promotes regeneration of skin cells
  • Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal

How it Works:

Ozone gas is a powerful, activated form of oxygen (also called enriched oxygen or O3). Healthy cells in the human body thrive on oxygen; however harmful bacteria, fungi, parasites and microbes are anaerobic, meaning they can't survive in oxygen. Therefore, applying ozone topically to the affected areas of the skin will kill off these anaerobic organisms, without affecting healthy cells.

Ozone helps to treat a wide range of skin conditions, including: Acne, athlete’s foot, bed sores, blisters, boils, burns, cold sores, eczema, insect bites, psoriasis, recent scarring and wounds. It is more potent than chlorine and hydrogen peroxide - but so much gentler.


Test the ozone gel on a small patch of your skin before use; a very small population of the world may have an allergic reaction to ozone as it is very strong.


Hemp Oil, ozone gas

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Overall Rating
3.6 out of 5 stars from 29 reviews

21 out of 29 people would recommend this product

28/06/2023, By Jamie
I bought this to help treat a ringworm infection. I took a risk and it didn't pay off, plus its way too expensive for the amount of gel that you get. Also, it's very difficult to apply and use because of its consistency. It has a VERY intense scent that's hard to get rid of. My clothes smelt like this product for months after using it and it took quite a few washes in the washing machine to get the smell out. When I received it the gel was leaking out of the container too. I wont be purchasing this again, especially because it didn't help with the infection either.
09/10/2022, By Lis
For the product itself I give 5 stars. I wanted to test it out for a while before I left a review. I used it as a face cream at night because I was curious and wow, I really see and feel a difference in my skin. It's firmer and bouncier? and my skin looks more alive since using it. I have tried way too many products and I can definitely say that this works with hydrating and overall evening of the skin. HOWEVER the smell is potent, but not that bad for me (hence the night cream and not day) and the packaging is a little finicky, but for the results I don't mind at all :)
24/08/2022, By Lindiwe
This healing gel/oil was the biggest waste of money. Not happy with it at all, there should be a warning that the oil absolutely reaks. Nothing can cover up the frustrating, neausating smell. I got this to help with eczema but I am unable to find out. Annoyed that I put this stinky stuff on my skin, I threw it away after one use.
20/01/2022, By Karen
I've used this before, the product is excellent. However, this delivery arrived leaking with no seal in place. Even the little white plastic inside top was missing (the previous jar definitely had that).
04/02/2021, By Ruzanne
Smell is very very strong. I get a headache from it. Almost like it smells like commercial insect repellent.
It has not done anything for my tinea versicolor, unfortunately. Still have itchy skin and it's not faded either.
27/01/2021, By Aysha
Some of the product had leaked out when I received my parcel.
The smell of the gel is quite potent, even vaguely nauseating, and does not wash off the hands easily. The label advises to store below 10 deg celsius so I am storing in the fridge.
I bought it to try on persistent hidratenitus lesions that had not healed for months. I've been using it for about 5 days now morning and night. Slight improvement as the area seems to be less painful and with less selling. I'm not expecting instant results given that I have been suffering for so long, but so far it appears to be making an improvement but not enough to rave about it yet.
11/11/2020, By E
We have been using on molluscum contagiosum and have seen a reduction in spread and the ones that burst or are scratched heal quickly.
02/04/2020, By Peach
The product is amazing. However the packaging could be upgraded and the new lid still leaks. I received my parcel with most of the packaging soiled with the gel.
04/11/2019, By Ntombi
this product did not work for eczema rash. i didn't see any results until the whole bottle was finished, but rash came back after bottle was finished.
07/10/2019, By Hassina
Amazing product for eczema. Healed my sons and daughters eczema and relieves the itching immensely! We cannot live without this!
25/09/2019, By NS
POTENT and healing
05/07/2019, By Sauda
This is a good product, despite its strong smell and thick texture. I have purchased it twice. On both occasions however, quite a bit of the product had leaked. Especially on the second occasion, when I open my package I found that the lid was cracked. So I was a bit disappointed. The product itself however is really good.
07/05/2019, By Marietjie
I am really getting more and more impressed with this little miracle ointment. I've previously wrote on my sore throat which it sorted out from the outside. I somehow hurt my knee which even affected my ankle and heel. Tried other ointments which helped a bit, but didn't really heal anything. Been using Hemp ozone on my knee and ankle and I think it is healing it once again by being absorbed through the skin. Don't feel my heel pain anymore and my knee is definitely MUCH better and I think almost healed. WOW !!
14/03/2019, By Sarah
This is a very highly concentrated ozone product. It is very effective in healing scars, warts, bacterial, viral, fungal infections. The smell is very overpowering and the consistency very thick and sticky, i personally cannot use it on my face. I would recommend the jojoba ozone gel for your face as jojoba is a carrier oil so sinks straight into your skin. Jojoba oil is also very similar in structure to your own skin sebum. my daughter uses this on her face for pimples and they clear up really fast. I also use it as a mask a couple of times a week. It is excellent for oxidising you skin.
01/03/2019, By Marietjie
Had a sore throat a while back and used this as a cream on the area. It seems to absorb the healing power from the outside as well. Really got rid of my sore throat for that's all I used. The smell didn't bother me with this at all and I decided if it bothered someone else they could say it to me. Nobody said anything.
07/02/2019, By Louise
I stabbed my hand with a knife by accident. My whole hand was swollen and it was bleeding. I rubbed the gel onto the wound as well as on the back of my hand. By the evening, the swelling was down and 2 days later the wound was closed and almost completely healed!
31/01/2019, By Marietjie
I mix a little of this ointment with the African potato cream and I promise you it makes a difference in my lower back pain. I only use it when in pain though.
11/01/2019, By pikapeek
the smell is quite intense but all in all it worked well
10/07/2018, By Marietjie
Really does smell weird, but hey if it works it works. Will have to see in a bit for I've used it one time currently. Maybe will be able to give a higher rating after a while.
23/10/2017, By Sam
This product is great for burns scrapes and even warts. I have in my medical box in case of emergencies. Sam
10/10/2017, By Elzie
Good for any sore.
11/08/2017, By Lindsey
Strange smell and the product itself did not do much for my skin. I was a bit disappointed as it is pricey as well for the size that you get.
11/07/2017, By Carol Anne
very effective. The hemp smell is strong but not as bad as some of the reviewers imply in my opinion - I have got used to it quite quickly & can use it on my face. Its a natural scent of hemp & this is the strongest version of the 3 product choices - because only hemp oil can hold this concentration of ozone gas. It is very thick & sticky & does not solidify in the fridge as the other 2 do, so is quite messy to work with. But if thats the price of a VERY effective product, so be it - I will handle it. I also keep the olive & jojoba gels for different applications.
10/07/2017, By Anne
I found this product to be the strongest of all 3 types, thus working quicker. I use it for ANY bacterial related problem and any virus. Its best to keep it in the fridge to last longer. I always have a jar in my fridge.
10/07/2017, By Chav
Firstly the smell you have to get used to. It's a 100% natural smell. This stuff works better than anything a doctor has prescribed me. Also much FASTER. I have used it for various different needs including blisters - gone in 2 days. Vaginal infection - also felt a much quicker relief than the creams out there. I have used it for eczema on my child - huge relief! This stuff works!
26/05/2017, By Arthritic
Firstly the smell of the product is quite pungent and stays for a while. Secondly it is too thick to apply as a gel, it does not have the right consistency.
14/04/2017, By Kymberlee
I try to use this product but i simply cannot bare the smell. It has to be used far from your face since its so strong and it lasts a long time. I will try it out and hopefully adapt to it.
26/09/2016, By Kk
I tried to use this on my face for acne and blocked pores but it was unbearably pungent and extremely rich. The richness was not too much of a problem, but It is quite thick so was difficult to use even for the OCM. I did notice that my pores started to unplug ...the 2 times that I used it but i couldn’t continue use because of the smell.

I think if you are using this product away from your face you would get great results with it.
30/12/2015, By Antonia
This product worked well, I was impressed by the results that I got after just one week. I eventually gave it to my sister.I discontinued use because l just couldn stand the smell. It was so strong too pungent and it lingered on my fingers even after use. I didn think I had a sensitive nose but apparently I do.If you are sensitive to smell, don consider using this product. You will not like it.

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