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Faithful to Nature's Ocean Ally

Stop. Microplastics. In. Their. Tracks.

63% of our clothes are made with synthetic fibres.

When we wash synthetic clothes, microplastics get flushed into our environment, consumed by aquatic life, and infiltrate our water systems - both wild and urban. In one laundry day, a city of 100 000 people washes the equivalent of 15 000 plastic bags into the ocean. Our Ocean Ally protects your clothes and stops microplastics from reaching the ocean by filtering out synthetic fibres - allowing you to dispose of them responsibly.

Faithful to Nature
Ocean Ally

A netted washing bag to reduce microplastic pollution from your home. Suitable for use with liquid/powder laundry detergent.

Only R229

How To Use Your Ocean Ally


Fill Your Bag

Fill the Ocean Ally with your dirty synthetic clothing, zip it closed, place it in your washing machine with your a few other non-synthetic items outside the bag.


Pick Out Microplastics

Once washed, remove the wet clothing from the bag and collect the remaining microfibres that have gathered to dispose of responsibly.


Every Wash Counts

You become an Ocean Ally by stopping one more piece of microplastic from reaching our oceans, conserving our food chain and water systems.

Buy Your Ocean Ally Washing Bag

How You're Making a Difference

The average family will do an ordinary load of laundry once a week.

With every load, microplastics from clothes are flushed out into our water systems.

Polluted microplastics are ingested by marine life, which disrupt our food chain and beyond.

At this point - microplastics have been found in every single form of water, including tap water.

Ocean Ally stops microplastics by catching them in the washing bag for responsible disposal.

Wash by wash, you reduce microplastic pollution and contribute to a cleaner ecosystem.

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