Londa Bio Bleach

Londa Bio Bleach
Londa Bio Bleach
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This bleach powder is 100% chlorine free and breaks down to oxygen, water and soda ash. It poses no environmental hazards and produces no toxic fumes.

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Price From: R95.00

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  • Colour safe and fabric safe – Brightens colours
  • Continual use will not cause yellowing or graying of cotton fabrics
  • Effective stain removal in a broad range of water temperatures
  • Lengthens time between linen replacement
  • Prevents fabric from becoming yellowed or darkened
  • Does not weaken the strength of fabrics like chlorine bleach does
  • In the laundry, Bio Bleach is used to de-stain, deodorize and whiten and is very effective as a laundry presoak for heavily stained articles

Laundry Applications
For light spoils add ¼ cup with your laundry detergent, moderate to heavy spoils, ½ cup.

Mixing Solutions for Bio Bleach General Cleaning
Bio Bleach solutions will remain active to 5 to 6 hours after which it should be discarded. Unused material may be poured down the drain and will help clean and deodorize your sink or toilet. Bio Bleach solutions are most effective when mixed and used in warm to hot solutions (100 to 150 F)

  • General cleaning: 1 cup of Bio Bleach in 4 litres of warm/hot water.
  • Heavy cleaning: 2 cups of Bio Bleach in 4 litres of warm/hot water.
  • Soaks: 2 cups of Bio Bleach in 4 litres of warm/hot water.
  • Paste: Mix 1-2 cups of Bio Bleach with just enough water to make a paste.

Kitchen and Refrigerators
To eliminate mold, mildew and other organic stains, mix general solution into a squirt bottle and apply with a soft cloth, let stand 10-20 minutes, wipe and rinse thoroughly.

1-2 tablespoons, vinegar as rinse aid is optional.

For septic systems add 1 cup of Bio Bleach to toilet and flush into the septic system twice a week. For toilets, add ¾ cup, wait 15 minutes then scrub. For shower curtains soak in ¼ cup per 4 litres of hot water. For mildew stains soak overnight. For bathtub and shower use make a paste with hot water, scrub with a cloth or sponge, wait 15 minutes then rinse or use.

Carpet, Carpet Padding, Couches and Upholstery
To de-stain and deodorize carpet, start by mixing a general cleaning solution. Remove as much of the dirt or liquid as possible. Spray Bio Bleach solution on the spot, work into area with a brush and let it stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly by pouring fresh water over the spot, then blot with a clean cloth or towel. Vacuum thoroughly when completely dry. (Always test colorfastness before applying the solution!)

Indoor-Outdoor Carpeting, Fencing, Concrete, Siding, Wood Decks
To remove weathered stains from wood decking, fencing, siding and concrete, use a general cleaning solution and apply with a clean lawn sprayer. Let stand 10-30 minutes, scrub if necessary and rinse thoroughly, or, mix a general cleaning solution in a bucket and apply with a broom or brush, then scrub and rinse thoroughly.

Special Note

  • Bio Bleach is not suitable for use with silk or wool.
  • Bio Bleach will not remove rust stains or mineral deposits from hard water.
  • We have not tested every formulation or suggested use listed. The list is strictly for information purposes and a guideline.

Oxygen, distilled water, soda ash

Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 69 reviews

69 out of 69 people would recommend this product

17/10/2017, By Annette
I have a toddler and hence A LOT of stained clothing to wash (food, dirt from playing in the garden etc). Soak the stained items in a little of the oxy bleach dissolved in hot water, for 1hr. Then add them to your normal cold wash in the machine. Stains gone!
08/10/2017, By Tracey
I got this sample and was not sure what to use it for. Read other reviews and have tried it on old stains on clothing and as a cleaner in my bathroom. Going on the shopping list now.
07/10/2017, By Mandy
Absolutely the best natural bleach I have used.
29/09/2017, By SunStar
Really effective with many uses. Very happy.
25/09/2017, By Sanet
I got this as a sample a few times and loved how it worked, so I decided to purchase it. I've mixed some in with my Eartshap washing powder and it works great at removing just about anything. It removed mud from my jeans and cotton shirt, and it also significantly lightened an ingrained mascara stain on my pillow case, just with going through the wash, no soaking. I use it for both my lights and darks and I haven't had any colour loss. I've also used this to clear my bathroom sink's drain and remove an activated charcoal stain from my white marble kitchen tops. I will continue using this product.
16/09/2017, By Nina's Mom
Brilliant. So much better than buying Vanish from the shops.
13/09/2017, By Maureen
I only use this (so far) to whiten my chopping boards and it works very well. I just sprinkle a little on a damp board and leave for a while. All the veggie stains removed :).
11/09/2017, By Hilary
Good quality, no smell, lasts along time, works well and is environmentally friendly.
21/08/2017, By Ronel
Amazing product. I would highly recommend it for just about any cleaning use.
15/08/2017, By DG
Lovely to have an 'eco friendly' bleach. I use it specifically for my cloth nappies and it works well.
07/08/2017, By Lidia Hunter
Fantastic. I had a white blouse with stains. Even tried normal bleach, and it stayed. One soak in "Londa Bio Bleach" removed it! My dish cloths have never been so white!
29/07/2017, By Renee
I use this on my washing and in my dishwasher. Works wonderful.
16/07/2017, By Kerry
I use this to clean the stains out of my sink and bathroom and find it works really well, without that toxic chemical smell of commercial bleach. Also great for removing clothing stains.
14/07/2017, By Nathalie
A fantastic product, been using it for months now, so glad I found it.
13/07/2017, By Lehana
Great for removing food stains on kids clothing.
07/07/2017, By Ann
Living on a farm with water that comes from a dam, my washing has always come out dull and had totally given up on buying any white clothing or linens. Have used kgs of various brands of "whiteners and brightners', which have not worked and turned clothing yellow. Londa Bio bleach has changed everything, literally. I have white cotton tops and bras that are still white. my general washing comes out really and truly brighter and bad stains have disappeared. I have used it to take out stains in tea and coffee cups, carpets (both sisal and persian) very successfully. I have even used it easily clean and revitalise my old Balau wooden deck surrounding the swimming pool.
26/06/2017, By Ciske Kruger
I love this product, it works like a dream, but what I love more is the social awareness and willingness from Londa to assist Nazareth House Cape Town with the children's needs. For every 25kg that Faithful-To-Nature.co.za places with Londa, Londa Products of Gold will deliver 1kg to Nazareth House. And they have delivered!
10/06/2017, By Marie
Works very well in my bathroom and has a fresh smell that does not affect my nasal passages!
04/06/2017, By Han
Love love love!!!! Has taken stains out of clothes that no other detergent has managed to remove. Highly recommend this product!!! Thrilled that I can use it as dishwasher detergent as well!
04/06/2017, By Lorraine
Perfect for clothes and dishwasher. I have been using it for three months in my dishwasher and have replaced the rinse aid with vinegar. My dishes have never been cleaner and the interior of the dishwasher is always clean and no bad smells. Also cleans toilets. Will not use anything else.
03/06/2017, By Lyn
I received a sample and used it too soak stains out of light clothes and for tea stains in tea cups and it worked great. I'm sure I will find many more uses for it too!
31/05/2017, By Des
This is my favourite laundry product by far - I use a bit with every wash as it is great for stains and doesn't bleach colours away. I've noticed that my laundry is cleaner, without using tons of the product, and it's perfectly safe for the environment.
25/05/2017, By Nirvana
Good product. Just gone a bit expensive. I use a little in my dishwasher as a pre-wash. Used it to "bleach" my chopping board too
25/05/2017, By Nirvana
Good product. Just gone a bit expensive. I use a little in my dishwasher as a pre-wash. Used it to "bleach" my chopping board too
24/05/2017, By Kim
This product is really great. We use it to clean toilets with a septic tank and as a pre-soak for laundry. Then we water the garden with it. Clothes come out white and bright. Removes stains
09/05/2017, By Deri-Anne
Takes out ingrained stains with soaking. And noticeably brightened the colours in my wash.
09/05/2017, By Deri-Anne
Takes out ingrained stains with soaking. And noticeably brightened the colours in my wash.
22/02/2017, By phumla
My daughter has just started with grade 1 and her uniform is white. You can just imagine when she comes back from home the state she usually is in and I just took my scoop of bio Wash in hot water and soaked her soaks and school dress and the results are so amazing each time... This is a product to have for all the moms out there as it just cleans up all the dirt and the garment is not ruined at all.. #Definitely #Recommend it as it also does not contain palm oil in it...
17/01/2017, By Maria
Love this product, and have already re-ordered a few times. I put a small scoop in loads needing a bit of extra attention (especially my toddlers clothes), and it has successfully removed almost all stains. White clothes especially come out looking very nice and bright!
06/01/2017, By Lorraine
I received a sample and soaked my husbands white shirt in hot water over night and then washed the shirt with Triple Orange Laundry Detergent.......the shirt is so white it is almost hard to look at. A new addition to my FTN shopping list.
17/11/2016, By Megan -lee
Works well, totally surprised me!
08/10/2016, By Leigh
I have been buying this for years... I love it but very sad about the price increase - why??
09/09/2016, By Lume
After receiving a sample of this product I knew I had to buy a bag of this stuff. And it did not disappoint! This product is really worth the price. It makes my white laundry look brand new.
20/07/2016, By Deona
Never thought Ill wax lyrical about laundry products, but this delivers on every claim. It passed the tea stain test with flying colours. I love how it revives the fibres in older towels and yes, it brightens the brights and whitens the whites. Happy.
30/06/2016, By Sarah C
I love this alternative to bleach and use it to soak my white clothes and anything I need to get super clean. I also put a scoop in with my white washing to give it a boost. I do however think it makes the clothes a little stiff and perhaps I need to use a fabric softener if I add to my washing. But all round I am very happy with this product - and the packaging which is simple and easy to discard. My biggest irritation since switching to earth friendly detergents is the lack of
e-fill type packaging - every time I buy detergent I am left with another form of hard plastic container!!
30/03/2016, By Michelle
I liked that it was a safe bleach for my girls nappies. It did help with some of the poo stains, but not all, sometimes I had to paste it to get good results on the poo stains.
20/02/2016, By Terry
Kind to clothing, kind to my hands, superbly effective with no lingering bleach smell. Recently removed grease stains on white jeans, so thrilled. Highly recommended.
18/02/2016, By Samantha
I love this product! I find it works wonderfully for soaking clothes and my reusable personal care products, and I also use it for removing stains in my tea mugs. After trying this I would struggle to use regular bleach again.
29/01/2016, By Maritza
I add this to every load of washing (with Better Earth Laundry Gel) and never have issues with stains. It also does not fade colors.
27/01/2016, By Bronwyn
Wow! Works better than i expected and is much kinder to linen and clothes than normal bleach. Works really well for other cleaning applications too.
15/12/2015, By Marieta
Londa Bio bleach-excellent to replace all laundry aids with peace of mind. At last I can order white organic linen! White is the new green!
06/11/2015, By Jean
Amazing stain removal. Use it on all our laundry!
30/10/2015, By Naomi
this is great for getting those stains and dirt out of my kids clothes after a soak in the Bio Bleach. and whats an added bonus is it works like magic in the dishwasher! yay- no more nasty chemical dishwasher tabs needed
15/10/2015, By Marie
Londo Bio-bleach is a fantastic product! I use it in my dishwasher (no rinse aid required), with my laundry, to clean my toilets, etc. I bought some new white school shirts for my daughter almost two years ago and they are still brilliantly white - unlike the old ones which I washed with regular washing liquid and which are grey by comparison. Although Bio-bleach has improved them too. Can recommend highly enough.
06/10/2015, By Angeline
I love the fact you can use this with coloured items as well. Very effective!
31/08/2015, By Chantelle
Cleans white laundry effectively , used as a soak , white clothing came out whiter and brighter. Gentle on skin when scrubbing , and non drying. Will definately be buying a 5kg for my next order. :-)
04/08/2015, By Cindy
This is a totally amazing product. I have a very adventurous little girl of almost 5 who comes home from preschool filthy. For those really stubborn stains I soak her clothing in a bucket with Bio Bleach and hot water and the dirt practically lifts off the clothing. Be careful here with fabric that may run. Otherwise I add some to my laundry liquid in the washing machine, particularly linen and towels which just seem so much cleaner and fresher.
19/07/2015, By Pier
I have been using this product for years now instead of commercial dishwasher tabs. It works like a bomb!
19/05/2015, By Marike
I love this product and am so glad that you guys now stock the 5kg bag because I use it for all aspects of household cleaning.
I am so glad to find an environmental and animal friendly alternative to Vanish and it works just as well, if not better, for stain removal and keeping my whites and colours bright and stain free and the fact that its septic tank friendly is one huge added bonus! Use it for anything from laundry to cleaning grout - its the best.
18/04/2015, By Nici
I can stop telling everyone about this stuff! My colours have never looked so vibrant! And white clothes are super bright! Plus it smells great and has no bad chemicals. I love it!
19/02/2015, By Monique
I love what it does for my white washing ! I use it with Pure Simple Castile Liquid Cleaner for great results.
31/12/2014, By Natasha
The Bio Bleach works well, dissolves quickly, and does not have an unpleasant scent. I use only cold water in my machine and it still brightened whites.
23/06/2014, By trish
I have a problem with curry stains on clothes, kitchen surfaces and dish cloths. Nothing gets these out as well and as completely as bio bleach. My husband gets stains on his work shirts regularly and if the base colour wasn white I was stumped. Yay......for this wonderful product. Thank you so much faithful to nature for sending me the sample. Will definately be ordering some in the future.
01/04/2014, By JL
The sample of bio bleach works very
19/01/2014, By Annari
I got this bio bleach as a sample with my previous order. What luck, tonight I spilled red wine on one of my cardigans - I got a chance to use the bleach! I added it to my washing powder and waited skeptically...but as I removed it from the washer the stains were completely gone. So happy right now! Thanks #FaithfulToNature. What a great sample this was!
23/10/2013, By Bronwin
cant praise this product enough, where has it been all my life! Versatile, cost effective, great results. Amazing
31/07/2013, By Marianne
This is a staple in my cupboard. A little goes a long way.
18/10/2011, By Diane
Works really well in my dishwasher, and I didn't even use any vinegar for rinse aid.
24/09/2011, By Felicia
So far I am enjoying this product, no more harsh bleach anymore!
03/09/2011, By Nirvana
I bought this product initially to use on bathroom mildew. I used it as a spray and it works quite well for that purpose but not as well as normal commercial products (but I prefer the bio bleach for safety and ethical reasons).

Ive also used a scoop when washing my white laundry and it works very well to remove stains and brighten up the whites (used cold wash setting)

Finally I decided to try it in my dishwasher and I was completely amazed! At the moment I used just less than 1/8 cup (30 ml) in total for the pre-wash and main wash and use vinegar as a rinse aid. This product gets the dishes extremely clean. I have been using a dishwasher gel recently and it had major trouble with getting rid tea and coffee stains and also for some reason some of my stainless steel cutlery was turning this weird brown colour. The bio bleach got rid of the tea/coffee stains and made my cutlery shiny again. The other problem I’ve had with commercial dishwasher powders and tablets and even the gel I’ve been using recently, is that whenever I wash anything that has curry on it, the curry bits would end up stuck inside the glasses and mugs. I always thought that was because my dishwasher wasn’t very efficient but since I’ve been using bio bleach it hasn’t happened once. Bio bleach also cleans dirty pots much better than any product I’ve ever used and even then it’s not perfect so I still soak my pots and pans. My only problem with the bio bleach is that for some reason my glasses don’t shine very much but this isn’t going to stop me from using it. I am actually willing to go out and buy frosted glasses/tumblers just so I can still get the other benefits of using this product in my dishwasher. Because of the failures with other products in the past and my lack of faith in my dishwasher I’ve been using it on the Automatic mode and on extra hot. I will be trying using the bio bleach on the other modes (without extra hot and on the quick setting) soon.
16/06/2011, By Griselda
Really brings out your colour in your laundry! Thought this was just something printed on the paper, but tested it and it does! Works GREAT with my dishwasher and cleans even the dirty pots! Wonderful!!!!
12/05/2011, By Colleen
This product really works! Soaked outdoor furniture covers, which were spotted with mould, for a few hours in this, and they came out beautifully clean with all the marks removed.
14/04/2011, By Debbie
We had a glass of red wine drop on our tiles recently which stained the grouting purple! I made a paste left it overnight it completely absorbed the stain, unbelievable! I swept it up afterwards as it was dried out again re-used it it in the shower. Amazing stuff.
02/03/2011, By Sue
I love this product and am so glad that you guys now stock the 5kg bag because I use it for all aspects of household cleaning and was flying through the smaller bags.
I am so glad to find an environmental and animal friendly alternative to Vanish and it works just as well, if not better, for stain removal and keeping my whites and colours bright and stain free and the fact that its septic tank friendly is one huge added bonus! Love it!!!
20/02/2011, By Bridgitte
LOVE this product. So much better than vanish! Will not look back :)
19/02/2011, By Adele
I am thrilled! This product has given a new lease on life for some much loved and much worn pieces of clothing, no need to buy new bedding and the my favourite white toe sneakers are as good as new.
13/02/2011, By Amanda
Wow! This is an amazing product - I just put my daughters dirty white school socks in the washing machine with this bleach - no rubbing, soaking or scrubbing, and they come out clean!
25/01/2011, By Natilee
I'm really enjoying this product! It works great and it's the first natural product I've found that works really well in my dishwasher! Will definitely be buying it again.
24/01/2011, By Jean
I love this product and use it in every aspect of cleaning in my home - and it really really works. Superb for even pets bedding

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