Lifematrix MCT Oil 500ml

Lifematrix MCT Oil 500ml
Lifematrix MCT Oil 500ml
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This is one of the latest natural supplements to catch the attention of all those fitness fanatics out there. Lifematrix MCT Oil helps to improve energy levels and helps your body to burn fat, making it a great performance-booster and a healthy weight management supplement. MCTs are fatty acids that bypass the normal digestion process – meaning your body instantly converts them into pure energy! More MCTs in your diet means more calories burned, which means less fat, more muscle and all-round better performance and health. Lifematrix gives you an MCT supplement in a pure, easily absorbed form.   


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Why add MCT Oil to your diet?

  • Improves the body’s metabolism of fat; assists with weight loss
  • Helps to build lean muscle mass
  • Improves absorption of food & nutrients
  • Improves metabolism & regulates appetite
  • Combats digestive problems
  • Promotes healthy liver & gallbladder
  • Improves energy levels & sports performance
  • Provides nutritional support for athletes
  • Ideal for those on the ketogenic (keto) diet

MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are found naturally in coconut and palm kernel oils. They are mainly made up of caprylic and capric fatty acids. Your body metabolises MCTs in a unique way – as soon as they enter your bloodstream, they’re immediately absorbed by the liver and converted into pure energy. That means they won’t be stored in fat cells, and a diet rich in MCTs will help you significantly increase the number of calories you burn.

Lifematrix Pure MCT Oil is clear and odourless, with a mild pleasant taste.

Recipe for power-packed MCT coffee:

  • Brew 1 cup (8oz) coffee using filtered water and organic coffee grounds/ beans
  • Add 1-2tbsp Lifematrix MCT Oil
  • Add 1-2tbsp unsalted butter/ ghee
  • Blend for 20-30 seconds until smooth & foamy (like a latte)

From bodybuilders to business leaders, more and more high performers are starting their day with this potent energy-boosting brew.


Pure MCT oil

Please Note: Lifematrix MCT Oil is made from palm kernel oil, which is sourced from Malaysia where the manufacturer complies with the RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) guidelines.

Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 44 reviews

42 out of 44 people would recommend this product

30/08/2019, By Flitz
Was recommended this by a friend to use, I use it in my coffee
15/08/2019, By Birgit
The oil has no taste. Goes well with cereals or smoothies, salads or veggies. It gives me energy and does not make me hungry for ours
15/08/2019, By Birgit
The oil has no taste. Goes well with cereals or smoothies, salads or veggies. It gives me energy and does not make me hungry for ours
15/08/2019, By Karin
Great product. Been using it for a while to add to the 'bulletproof' coffee with grassfed butter for better focus, productivity and to aid in intermittent fasting, works great. I have even tried the brand bulletproof mct oil, the brain octane oil, and didn't see the difference in effect between this one and the fancy brand one.
04/08/2019, By Milly~Vanila
This stuff is made for champions, I have been on it for 8weeks now and still going strong. But I need a durable blender that can handle hot liquids currently I am on a third one. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Drinking only bullet proof coffee and skipping breakfast allows u to be more productive as you get more work done before mid-day.
08/06/2019, By megan
Great In bullet coffee
29/03/2019, By laryssa
Good mct
12/03/2019, By Simon
Been using for a few years now add to my coffee to keep the hunger away
25/02/2019, By Rick
Great product to use
04/02/2019, By Rowena
I enjoy using LifeMatrix MCT oil. It keeps me full for longer than a meal without it. I plan on trying the coconut one too
15/01/2019, By Olwen
Would prefer a less processed version - plan on trying the coconut version
10/12/2018, By Emma
Blends well with coffee in a Nutribullet, make s a creamy coffee, yum
25/11/2018, By Mandla
It works, i feel i can do a extra rep or two during workouts.
19/11/2018, By Kirsten
Add it into my coffee every morning and give me the extra boost that I need. No digestive issues. Prefer the more natural coconut one which was out of stock for a while.
24/10/2018, By Pat
Highly processed. Has nothing to do with any natural coconut oil. I would go as far as saying that it is a potentially dangerous product
19/10/2018, By Struan
This is a wonderful anti microbial. It is great in bullet coffee too
15/10/2018, By Birgit
This oil is my favourite. I use it instead of butter on Sourdough bread. Keeps me filled for hours
20/09/2018, By Beata
Staple of my morning coffee
16/08/2018, By Joy Christine
Beneficial to use and aids digestion. It does not smell bad and has a great source of energy.
19/07/2018, By Birgit
Regulates cravings and appetite. Also feels like smoothing joints intestines
04/07/2018, By Dedre
I was advised by a friend to try this as a lubricant and can confirm that it works☺ Safe for sure
15/05/2018, By Daphne
I've been using this product for 2 months and find it very beneficial. I use it in smoothies mainly. It is easy to digest. Does not have a smell, and above all it is very healthy.
08/05/2018, By Tandy
I add this to coffee or breakfast (oats / muesli). Works well to keep the joints happy and great for energy
29/03/2018, By Ria
Great for those on a keto diet as its a great source of energy
05/02/2018, By Fria
I drink this every day and it definitely helps to keep me more satiated. I'm going to try the pure coconut oil one next!
22/01/2018, By Jackie
Great product, already I feel my energy has increased, I'm sleeping better and not craving sweet stuff like I used to.
12/11/2017, By Bronwen
I have been using this now for almost 3 months and the results are amazing. I noticed a dramatic improvement in my energy levels. I don't crave sweet things anymore and it gives me the energy I need to do workouts on an empty stomach (just add 1 tbsp to my black coffee in the morning) I bought one bottle the beginning of September and I am still using the same bottle. It lasts a long time! (has lasted 3 months) will definitely keep using this.
If you are on a low-carb diet or ketogenic diet this is a great way to get your fat intake in without having to eat fat per say and also to build your calories as making up calories can be difficult.
06/10/2017, By Tracey Joy
I have purchased all the different fragrances. But this was my favourite
04/10/2017, By Tebogo
I love this.
I've recently started the ketogenic lifestyle. And I have this in my bulletproof coffee or maca in the morning, and it keeps me full all day. I also have more energy, and my thoughts are clearer. I can concentrate better.
Excellent product.
24/09/2017, By Jeremy
It's not fully clear what percentage of fatty acids is inside this brand.
It surely is not doing all that u are saying it does like straight C8 (caprylic acid) products do. i have tied to look everywhere here and u are not making it clear to me.
14/09/2017, By Bronwen
I did a bit of research on this before buying it. I read that one should start with 1/2 tsp or 1tsp for a week and slowly build it up to 1 tbsp. (1/2 tsp the first week, 1 tsp the second week and so on and so on until you reach 1 tbsp). This is because it can cause stomach pain and upset stomach if you are sensitive (like I am) to new introductions into your diet.
I started with a 1/2 tsp for a week now and so far so good. I must say that all my cravings stopped. I stopped craving chocolate. I also seem to have less of an appetite (not totally gone but definitely diminished) and I find I have more energy throughout the day.
I have anemia at present so it is helping with the fatigue.
I did notice some slight stomach pain the first two days I took it, but it was very slight and is gone now.
I will continue to use this and increase the dosage.
I'm interested in seeing further results from it.
12/07/2017, By Nasreen
MCT oil allows you to consume less amount of caffeine through out the day
05/07/2017, By Michelle
I love this product!! have been using it for a month now, I really had a problem with painful joints, since I've been using this product I can really feel a huge difference! And it boosts your energy as well
03/07/2017, By Zeek
Very good product! Works wonders for my energy levels
08/06/2017, By Jason
Cannot imagine being without this great oil again. Mixed with my organic Aeropress coffee and unsalted organic butter in the morning to provide the most awesome bulletproof coffee, keeps me going (and full) till mid afternoon.
08/06/2017, By Linn
Great product! Can add it to almost anything, very effective and easy to use!
05/06/2017, By Jenna
A pure and efficient way to get MCTs into the body - keeps hunger pangs at bay & it seems to really boost clarity of thought - would really recommend this
03/06/2017, By Anne
I love coconut oil and any other coconut products, so decided to give this a try. I ave noticed that it gives me energy and keeps hunger/cravings away throughout the morning, so I don't start snacking before lunch
04/10/2016, By Mila
Tastes great in my Bulletproof coffee!
18/08/2016, By Malie
It works well for bloating.
12/05/2016, By Shelley
And I can wait for the other results, could do with a trim waist :)
22/01/2016, By Zia
I bought this product for my husband, as he has sleep apnea which reduces his ability to stay focused in the day. He gets very tired and battles to concentrate.

Hes used all kinds of products, Multivitamin supplements, fizzy booster tablets, etc. Not much helps.

He says that he can definitely feel an improvement when hes had some of it
19/11/2015, By Gugu
Perfect! Just perfect!

MTC oil is perfect if you can stand the smell of coconut oil in your bullet proof coffee.(it serves the same function - I googled) After 3 days of using this on my coffee found myself with so much energy I cleaned the house and the laundry at night! Then woke up and didn feel like a drag! I would recommend this even for anyone!
31/10/2014, By Lila
I love this! It works SO well in our Bulletproof coffee.

Gives you energy and mental clarity for hours. Love it!

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