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Lavender Hill Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Hill Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender Hill Lavender Essential Oil
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  • 10ml
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This natural essential oil can be used to soothe sore muscles, relieve itchy skin, ease a headache or even banish anxiety and insomnia. Lavender in Lavender Hill has lovingly created a pure and potent lavender essential oil, to give you big benefits in a little bottle. Lavender in Lavender Hill is a socially responsible company based in Cape Town, and committed to creating gorgeous natural lavender products to boost your wellbeing. 

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Benefits of lavender oil:

  • Has a soothing & calming effect
  • Naturally antiseptic
  • Relieves headaches
  • Alleviates insomnia
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Soothes skin itching, irritation & rashes
  • Eases tense or sore muscles
  • Acts as a repellent for mosquitoes & moths
  • This lavender essential oil is locally made using high quality natural ingredients. Once diluted, the Lavender Hill oil is suitable for use on pets and humans.
  • Palm oil-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Natural
  • Vegan

Lavender in Lavender Hill works in partnership with the New World Foundation to uplift the people of Cape Town’s Lavender Hill area. A portion of the proceeds goes back to the Lavender Hill community, and is used to fund job creation and local entrepreneurs.


  • Dilute with carrier oil for a soothing massage or topical application
  • Add a few drops to bath water for a relaxing soak
  • Dilute in a bowl of steaming water for steam inhalations
  • Add a few drops to with water a burner or diffuser, for a calming aromatic scent
  • Put a few drops on your pillow to relive stress & insomnia

Please Note: Essential oils are the highly concentrated active ingredients of plants. They should always be diluted in a base (carrier oil, water etc) before use, and should not be taken internally without professional recommendation.

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


  • Nett Volume: 10 ml


  • Pure Lavender Essential Oil.

Country of Origin:

  • Proudly South African.
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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 123 reviews

118 out of 123 people would recommend this product

26/06/2020, By CT
Great for a relaxing before bedtime bath and good value.
23/06/2020, By Annelie
I was a bit disappointed with this one. It doesn't smell like classic lavender essential oil. And comparing them side by side, you can smell a difference. Would still buy again though
23/06/2020, By Jana
One of the more affordable lavender essential oils.
21/06/2020, By Mimi
A must have all purpose oil
14/06/2020, By Melanie
What an amazing smell this lavender oil has! It's not strong at all and I use it every night in my humidifier for a peaceful sleep. I will definitely have this on my shopping list every month.
08/06/2020, By R
Good quality lavender oil. I love using it in my oil burner.
31/05/2020, By Talent
Allrounder oil
31/05/2020, By Petro
I have found this pure and strong. Helps to put a drop on your pillow for the night. I also add a few drops on a cottonwool ball for use in my cupboards and also shoes for freshness.
29/05/2020, By Alex
Has an authentic and strong lavender scent. Just need a little bit each time
27/05/2020, By Christie
Use it in my bath, always relaxes me.
10/05/2020, By Real
Perfect fragrance
05/05/2020, By Kim
Works great with my diffuser!
02/05/2020, By Charmaine
Love it
29/04/2020, By Tammy
I find lavender essential oil to be so soothing and have loved this scent as a child. I have heaps of lavender in the garden, but love to have the scent in my home. Added bonus = flies hate it.
28/04/2020, By Bronwyn
Smells beautiful and is so soothing, works well with my ceramic burner. Will purchase again.
28/04/2020, By Kayleigh
Smells amazing and has so many uses.
24/04/2020, By Candy
23/04/2020, By Kirsty
Lovely smell
15/04/2020, By Jade
love this
05/04/2020, By Zakie
Love this lavender oil & glad that it's made locally.
03/04/2020, By Marlise
Smells good, but does not stay long
29/03/2020, By Green
Top fragrance
14/03/2020, By Mac
Lovely to use in my diffusor at home, lasts long, only complaint is that the smell is very subtle compared to other lavender oils I have used and so i need to use a bit more to get the smell to diffuse throughout my apartment.
11/03/2020, By Green
I would definitely recommend this. This product is used on my pillow most nights to help me fall asleep or relieve headaches. It does not leave stains on my pillow cases when washed and lasts over a few days/nights. The packaging is also great as I have found that it doesn't leak like some other brands have in the past.

4 stars because it only comes in 10ml :(
03/03/2020, By Melissa
I use it in my diffuser as well as a natural mosquito repellent. I like that the company helps empower people too :)
25/02/2020, By Chantal
Won't buy again - cheaper, but not as potent as other brands.
24/02/2020, By Nikki
Lovely smell!
15/02/2020, By Kay
Love the smell!!
25/01/2020, By Chives
It's got a strong smell, but it's worth a try.
20/01/2020, By Andrea
Was a bit disappointed with this one - it smells more like a tincture than lavender. But while the smell isn't as 'fresh lavender-ry' as I'd like it - it's still effective in my yoga mat spray to chill me out and on my skin for tiny irritations.
16/01/2020, By Reynard
Very Happy with this product, lovely potent scent and very versatile.
10/01/2020, By Lolli
I love this oil
06/01/2020, By alisha
smell is long lasting and strong
29/12/2019, By Helper
20/12/2019, By Sharifa
Very good quality oil. Real lavender smell
17/12/2019, By JaneF
Locally produced, community upliftment project, and a very good value for money lavender essential oil.
17/12/2019, By Ashleigh
Excellent quality oil that perfectly rounds off my homemade facial serum beautifully.
14/12/2019, By Dina
The oil is definitely calming. The smell is really strong and might take some time to adjust to it.
13/12/2019, By Bernadette
Love the smell and also put it in my purifier. very soothing.
11/12/2019, By Celine
Love the smell of this! works so well with a purifier as well as just adding a few drops to your eye mask. I would recommend this
06/12/2019, By Nokhanyo
Smells wonderful obviously and has a wide variety of uses including being a very efficient mosquito repellent
01/11/2019, By Mo
Fantastic oil, never without it - a wonderful all-rounder
31/10/2019, By Nicolette
Sooo Goood! What an awesome product. This is hands down my favourite one. Beautiful fragrance that uplifts you instantly. Pure heaven.
23/10/2019, By Riana
Very versatile, and I love the smell! Have been using it for quite a while.
23/10/2019, By Dineo
Love it
02/10/2019, By ashleigh
Good price for a quality oil. Smells much more pure than the other lavender oil sold on this website. I wish it came in a bigger size because i use this for EVERYTHING!
28/09/2019, By Amban
Excellent quality oil. Smell is great and adding it to washing machine to fragrance my laundry.
17/09/2019, By Britt
Obsessed with this oil, incredible natural scent and great for bath or burning.
15/09/2019, By Katlego
I just bought my second bottle after finishing my first. Honestly, I bought this for a second time because I was very impressed by my first bottle. I use it in an oil burner to add a sense of tranquility to my house. The scent from the first bottle was truly divine, and strong enough to only warrant 4 to 5 drops at a time so the bottle lasted forever. The 2nd bottle however, smells starkly different - has an almost clinical, peppermint undertone this time, and not as long lasting. I add 8 drops initially and always have to add more drops before even needing to top up the water because the scent dissipates so quickly. Disappointing to get a scent so different the 2nd time round. I still have the old bottle so I smelled both bottles to see if this was just in my head, and it really isn't. Not at all what I expected and I am not sure I will spend over R70 to be disappointed again. Wish I could return it for a refund. Will try a different brand next time.
03/09/2019, By Britt
This is hands down my favourite lavender oil ever - the essence is perfect! Been using it on my pillow at night to help sleep - it really is calming! Heavenly!!
21/08/2019, By Helen
My favourite! I've ordered this Lavender oil time and time again
20/08/2019, By lize
Lavender oil is honestlyjust the best. if you have anxiety or struggle to sleep, add a few drops to your pillow and sleep like a baby!!
02/08/2019, By Fee
Lovely. One of my favourites.
15/07/2019, By Tamaryn
Ordered this because I read a study on that found lavender oil to be as effective in the treatment of migraines as the leading pharma drugs. Rub it on your top lip and inhale for +/- 15 mins. This bottle was perfect. Will order again
26/06/2019, By Jena
Love this. Such a relaxing real scent.
26/06/2019, By Jena
Love this. Such a relaxing real scent.
11/06/2019, By Melize
So pleased that I got this oil. Amazing quality at a low price and much better than the ones I got at the pharmacy. .
10/06/2019, By Amanda
Excellent quality
10/06/2019, By Vanessa
Great value for money! Second time I am buying this oil as it comes at a great price and the quality is very good.
18/05/2019, By Busisiwe
Few drops in humidifier and i sleep like a baby. No more sleepin tablets
06/05/2019, By Queenie
This is the smell of our life every evening! A few drops in a small bath goes a long way to feeling warm and contect, physically and spiritually.
18/04/2019, By Lorette
Lovely oil
13/04/2019, By Nebbs
I used this to massage my scalp and add into my shea butter to mask the smell, my God!! It is heavenly. Absolutely love it.
09/04/2019, By Marelie
Lavender oil has made such a big difference to my scalp. If that's not enough, the scent is simply heavenly. Relaxation in a bottle.
06/04/2019, By Valerie
Lovely natural fragrance
27/03/2019, By TheOak
Shooting smell and lasts forever!
26/03/2019, By Robyn
My favourite oil thus far.. relaxes you immediatley.. love this product.
13/03/2019, By Chanel
Great product. I mix it with my Shea Butter and use when my skin is especially dry, I use it as a spot treatment for my acne and apply some to my pillow now and again to sleep better.
11/03/2019, By lize
I love lavender oil! I use it in my hair, combined with coconut oil and I normally add 2 drops to my pillow if I struggle to sleep! Best!
08/03/2019, By Lorraine
I could never be without my Lavender ess oil! Dozens of uses all great.
01/03/2019, By Taryn
I use it every night before bed. I dab on my wrists and hands then take deep breathes holding them to help me relax and settle for the night, it works almost every time.
25/02/2019, By JH
Great oil for your diffuser!
10/02/2019, By Becs
My go to lavendar oil
07/02/2019, By Zakie
who doesn't love lavender oil? This seems to be the standard price, even though, I'm always hoping to find a cheaper good lavender oil with good quality to it. But yes I really enjoy this.
04/02/2019, By Jen
Love that it's local, high quality and affordable.
03/02/2019, By Samantha Jayne
Lovely EO for so many different uses. I mix in a drop with my facial oil when I feel the need to accelerate scar healing, and also love adding a few drops to my bath. Very strong so a little goes a long way
24/12/2018, By Nina
lovely smell, using this in my face oil along with rosehip and peppermint. Amazing improvement in just 2 days
13/12/2018, By Liesl
Smells really nice!
great for itchy skin also!
03/12/2018, By Mo
Love it, always have it on hand for everything from sunburned skin to laundry that needs a little lift!
02/12/2018, By Valerie
Lovely!!! Will order again.
07/11/2018, By Bonita
Ah, I just love this EO. I bought it to use in a Castille lavender shampoo for my dry scalp and so far, it's amazing! I love how my hair smells and even added a bit to my bathwater for some relaxing me-time.
04/11/2018, By Gabrielle
Awesome, very strong lavender smell, but no reminiscents of alcohol. More of a spike lavender than a French lavender
10/10/2018, By ragani
Nice soothing scent.
08/10/2018, By Jessica
Good value for money - cheaper than most other ones Ive seen. I use this in my baby's bath at night time,
lovely smell and relaxing too.
02/10/2018, By Elmonix
Great product with an amazing smell
25/09/2018, By Nicolette
This essential oil is fantastic, really good quality and very good price. I am adding a drop to my evening facial oil and loving the aroma just before bedtime.
10/09/2018, By Samantha
Great product. Love using this in combination with other ingredients for homemade fabric softener. As well as adding it to my bath for a wind down.
06/09/2018, By Ulfah
I am currently on my third one in about 3 months, roughly. Really like this product. I use it on pimples, I add a few drops of this and vinegar when cleaning the tiles, I use it to wash my silk pillows so I dont need to add any harsh chemicals, I use it on my hair (apply it about a day before I wash my hair, straight to the root and then a little throughout the hair) makes my hair very smooth and shiny without any oily residue.
02/09/2018, By Chelsea
I recently bought this product and is my first time. I love the calming smell and the effect it has on my scalp.
07/08/2018, By Veganshmegan
I really didn't like the smell of this compared to other brands
07/08/2018, By WBK
Not as strong smelling as other brands.
28/07/2018, By Zukiswa
Massage my aches and pains away. Also drp a few drops in the satchet
25/07/2018, By Maninie
Best value lavender oil!
11/07/2018, By Lara
I use this lavender oil in my diffuser while I'm winding down for bed. It's calming and helps me fall asleep easily. Be very careful with lavender oil if you own cats though; it's toxic to them!
03/07/2018, By Nozie
Mixed it with my shea butter (Isivuno Unrefined Raw Shea Butter) and it smells lovely. I also use it on my pillow, (just a few drops) and I get some beauty sleep from using it
30/06/2018, By Getruida
i like to drink lavender tea at night as well. helps me sleep after a busy day
18/06/2018, By Terri
Very soothing and relaxing. Helps me sleep better and unblocks my nose. One of my favourite essential oils
22/05/2018, By Sabrina
Lovely calming and refreshing smell. I add lavender and tea tree essential oil to rose water and rooibos and camomile tea to create an awesome toner.
06/05/2018, By Cassandra
Lovely - exactly what I wanted
05/04/2018, By Kylie
Smell is a little overwhelming, but works wonders in the bath !
30/03/2018, By Ria
Soothing and relaxing lavender oil
23/03/2018, By Healthy Girl
let's see if it works!
23/03/2018, By Carina
Bought it to put on the Lavender Hill Eye Mask, which loses it scent quite quickly. Works great on there and also in bathwater for relaxation.
05/03/2018, By Maria
I really like this product. It has helped relieve my headaches and helps my husband sleep better after stressful days.
05/02/2018, By Fria
If you struggle to sleep, mix the oil in a spray bottle with water and spray on your pillows. The smell relaxes you.
15/01/2018, By Mimi
The best lavender a good it
27/12/2017, By Kirsten
Intense smell that added a wonderful aroma to my homemade body creams.
18/12/2017, By Hidayah
Love the aroma opens up the sinuses,will def be buying this again
11/12/2017, By Karin
Happy to find this product at good price. Fresh smell. Very useful in many ways.
05/12/2017, By Tracey M
Currently using it at bedtime as a mosquito repellent and it works like a bomb! Just love the smell.
28/11/2017, By Melissa
A more affordable product but good quality.
24/10/2017, By Jessica
I used their Lavender essential oil in my diffuser and it works wonderfully.
20/10/2017, By RUTH
A few drops in the bath, a few drops on my pillow, a few drops in my burner = bliss
16/10/2017, By Nicolla
My daughter loves this toothpaste! She won't use anything else and I feel comfortable knowing that Pure Beginnings use the best ingredients and that the toothpaste is safe to swallow!
03/10/2017, By Jenna
Have to amend my review re the body cream - after my disappointment with my first body cream , the manufacturers kindly sent me another one free of charge - really did not expect that - so thank you very much lavender hill . The second tub received was MUCH much better - can really recommend. .
03/10/2017, By Jani
I love to use this oil in my bath salt. Perfect after a stressful day!
07/08/2017, By Jenna
Oh my gosh - I ordered & received the special offer of a body cream free but what a disappointment ! ! it was half empty & smelt old - almost not a hint of lavender in it !!!! was so upset - it seemed as if they had sent me somebodys old & half used container HOWEVER that said I love the lavender essential oils & I will continue to support them as they are a admirable community outreach.I will also try some of their other products.
02/08/2017, By Lelanie
This lavender oil smells better than other common brands, really lovely.
28/07/2017, By Nads
Good quality
22/07/2017, By Jennifer
Absolutely love the smell! Great service and real quick delivery! Very happy customer
11/01/2017, By Shari
Very good product. Smells great and is gentle to use.
06/11/2016, By Abigail
It smells devine. I rub a little bit on my wrist in the morning and it helps when Im stressed.
26/01/2016, By ashleigh
Very good quality oil. It did leak a little in transit but otherwise its perfect!

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