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White Birch

Leaf Extract

White Birch

Other Name(s):

Betula alba; Silver Birch; Betula papyrifera; CAS# 84012-15-7

Birch trees have a very wide native distribution across North America, Canada, and Europe. The trees are very fast growing.

Is White Birch Faithful to Nature?


White Birch Extract is a natural ingredient with a long history of traditional use in many different cultures. It can be cultivated sustainably in responsibly managed forests without disrupting neighbouring ecosystems.

Benefits: Why is White Birch Used?


White Birch Extract tones and soothes the skin.


White Birch Extract has natural anti-inflammatory properties to promote circulation and reduce redness.

Unique Fragrance

White Birch Extract has a uniquely fresh and mystical fragrance.

Collagen Booster

White Birch Extract may be used to stimulate collagen production and inhibit its breakdown.

White Birch Leaf Extract can be found in select, premium skincare products which use strictly natural ingredients. It is also used as an ingredient in health supplements.

White Birch Extract is made by steam distillation of the pulped leaves or bark, after they are harvested at peak freshness.

Betulinic acid is thought to be responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties of Birch Leaf Extract.

Notice: The information provided here is not intended as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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