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Essential Oil


Other Name(s):

Cymbopogon martinii; CAS# 8014-19-5

Cymbopogon martinii is native to the Indian subcontinent and parts of modern China. It takes about three months from seed to harvest when grown in good conditions. It can thrive in quite poor sandy-loamy soils and can tolerate a wide range of soil pH. It is however a very thirsty plant requiring 1000 - 1500 mm of rainfall per year.

Is Palmarosa Faithful to Nature?


Palmarosa is a natural ingredient with a long history of traditional use and scientifically proven benefits. It can be farmed sustainably and further processed safely without polluting the environment. Palmarosa essential oil is however, a powerful ingredient and should be used wisely.

Benefits: Why is Palmarosa Used?

Sweet Scent

Palmarosa has a sweet, bright and floral scent reminiscent of rose geranium.


Palmarosa Essential Oil can balance sebum production and give the skin a moisturised, glowing texture.

Treats Acne

Palmarosa Essential Oil has natural antiseptic properties making it suitable to treat acne prone skin.


Palmarosa Essential Oil has natural antimicrobial and antiparasitic properties.

Palmarosa can be found on store shelves as a single ingredient essential oil but is also used extensively as a natural fragrance ingredient in perfumes, skin care, hair care and other cosmetic products.

Palmarosa essential oil is typically made using the leaves, and inflorescences of the freshly harvested plant. It’s extracted by steam distillation.

Palmarosa containes a high percentage of geraniol which is the same ingredient you find in rose geranium oil, this is the reason why their fragrances are similar.

Notice: The information provided here is not intended as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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