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Rawbiotics Gut Correct

Rawbiotics Gut Correct
Rawbiotics Gut Correct
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Price From: R103.00
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Rawbiotics are live fermented probiotics that balance and optimize gastro-intestinal tract functionality. With the Gut Correct, Rawbiotics have developed a herbal and live probiotic combination specifically to correct imbalances that lead to digestive disorders such as IBS, bloating, acid reflux, diarrhea and constipation.

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  • Contains Herbal Extracts that work with the live probiotics to address the cause of digestive issues and restore long-term healthy balance to the gastro-intestinal tract
  • Rawbiotics contain 14 strains and multiple classes of beneficial live bacteria fermented at body temperature
  • As a result, and unlike pure-culture (freeze-dried) probiotics, Rawbiotics create a comprehensive probiotic that better survives stomach acid
  • Improves the body’s ability to digest food, use nutrition, and stay healthy
  • 100% natural and GMO free
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Non-freeze dried
  • Soy free
  • Lactose free


  • Adults: 30ml per day (start with 10ml per day and build up to recommended dosage)

Care Instructions:

  • Store out of direct sunlight below 25 degrees celsius room temperature.


  • Available in: 200ml, 500ml & 1 Litre



  • Bifidobacterium animalis, Bi. bifidum, Bi. longum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. buchneri, L. bulgaricus, L. casei, L. delbrueckii, L. fermentum, L. plantarum, Lactococcus diacetylactis, L. lactis, Bacillus subtilis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Streptococcus thermophilus
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Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 476 reviews

467 out of 476 people would recommend this product

19/02/2024, By Siphiwe
The product didn't have the miraculous effect described in other reviews. I purchased the 500ml bottle and used it for two weeks. While it temporarily alleviated my ulcer symptoms for a few hours after consumption, it didn't heal my gut or my ulcer. I still have the ulcer, and my gut remains unhealed. However, it did provide some relief from the symptoms.
08/02/2024, By Nicholette
This is by far the best probiotic I have ever come across for my husband. It settles an unhappy tummy like no other probiotic we have ever tried. It definitely made a huge difference in bloating, diarrhea and uncomfortable digestive issues that hindered him. This product will always be going with us where ever we go!
03/02/2024, By BrianGL
I have been a long suffering H.pylori sufferer, and although a recent, and more aggressive treatment, including the PPI's, by a doctor friend seemed to stop the frequent pain attacks, it didn't take long and the pain was back. I have used probiotics in the past, but they took a while to work. When I came across this liquid form of probiotics it seemed the obvious choice. I ordered a liter size of the Gut correct. I have been on the product for just on a week and I cannot tell you how much improved my health is. From the second day onwards the abdominal pains all but disappeared. The pain relief is like heaven. This is one product that I will be using permanently. It has been like a miracle for me.
25/01/2024, By Mishy
Best pro-biotic I've taken. I recommend this to everyone. I always say: A healthy gut equals a healthy mind
11/01/2024, By Chanel
So impressed with this Rawbiotic. My gut has never been healthier and my bloat has reduced drastically. Works much quicker and way better than probiotic in tablet form.
26/11/2023, By Beverley
This did not work as well the second time but I think I need to get the daily one.
10/11/2023, By Christine
Excellent gut correct
08/11/2023, By Yolanda
It works . Very Happy with the product
06/11/2023, By Mad's
I recommend this to everyone I know. The Gut Microbes have also assisted with my hot flushes! it's made menopause a breeze!
29/10/2023, By Griet
It really helps me with a very resistant H. PYLORI problem.
26/10/2023, By Sha
When my tummy needs a little extra love, this is what I turn to.
25/10/2023, By Angie
Fantastic product! Had many flare ups of Diverticulitis, even been hospitalized and this has definitely helped. Since being on the gut health and daily gut probiotic I have had absolutely no issues. I have shared with my friends and family and now they are purchasing the product as well and noticing the health benefits.
22/10/2023, By Denise
More natural, than most tablets with more strains. Will recommend
19/10/2023, By Riana
This probiotic stays my favorite.
18/10/2023, By Ali
It’s not the most tasty but my tummy has definitely felt better since using it!
17/10/2023, By IngridB
This is a great product as you know what good cultures it contains.
13/10/2023, By Hanno
We have been using the Rawbiotics range of products for years now. Awesome products. we alternate weekly between gut, daily and defence
12/10/2023, By Anne
Tastes OK but you only drink a shot glass at a time. Beasts having to eat fermented veggies.
12/10/2023, By nats
I use this daily alongside a prebiotic liquid, works wonders for my gut health. Definitely recommend.
08/10/2023, By Naomi
This is absolutely amazing! Will keep purchasing
29/09/2023, By San
Probiotics have changed my life and this one is particularly delicious. My problem was not even obviously a stomach issue but just general poor health and after struggling for months, within 1 week of using Rawbiotics I was like a new person
07/09/2023, By Abz
Best product for gut health. I haven’t gotten sick ever since using this product
05/09/2023, By Vuyo
I could be the weird one, but I actually love the taste. This has really helped with my bloating and my constant nausea.
29/08/2023, By Ponzington
Great probiotic, doesn't taste too bad either.
23/08/2023, By D
I take all 3 varients, change each month. My inflammation level at last blood test was the lowest it has ever been.
22/08/2023, By Jo
I cannot go without this, my daily go-to. Great to debloat and for any tummy related problems.
17/08/2023, By Moe
It worked like a charm. Only bought the small 200ml and it was enough to fix the problem. Taste is not too bad and the dose is small enough to cope even if you cannot deal with it. Now onto the regular product - can recommend this.
17/08/2023, By Nicola
my go-to probiotic - convenient and also tastes a lot better than some of the other liquid ones.
17/08/2023, By Kayla
Great Probiotic, helps with indigestion and feeling better!
12/08/2023, By Magriet
The liquid form makes it easier and quicker to absorb and within a few days markedly lessens my bloating and indigestion.
12/08/2023, By Magriet
The liquid form makes it easier and quicker to absorb and within a few days markedly lessens my bloating and indigestion.
09/08/2023, By Elzane
I bought this for my mom who had constipation problems. It tastes awfull, but it corrects her gut. Will purchase again.
09/08/2023, By Elzane
I bought this for my mom who had constipation problems. It tastes awfull, but it corrects her gut. Will purchase again.
06/08/2023, By KJ
I bought this product based on the reviews and it works amazing I started with 10ml only and felt the difference. I feel much better and no more bloating.
20/07/2023, By D
Does the job, no adverse reactions.
20/07/2023, By D
Does the job, no adverse reactions.
14/06/2023, By Hlengi
I bought the 200ml before committing to bigger sizes. The taste is fine, it started working after a few days of consumption. My gut health is restored.
09/04/2023, By Dustin
I have been using this for a month, and I am really pleased at the effect, I have had a lot more energy and been in a better mood. I have not had any tummy issues since starting using this probiotic, it's definitely a must buy and I will be adding it to my cart every month now
23/03/2023, By Michelle
Bought this to help my stomach problems after antibiotics course. Works fast to regulate digestion and discomfort. I love that you don’t have to refrigerate it. Tastes kind of like a kombucha~ I’d recommend
17/03/2023, By Bronwin
This product has become a monthly staple! It has helped my overall gut issues and also lifted my well-being.
08/03/2023, By Lizé-Mari
This is a product I always come back to. More affordable than most probiotics and lasts long. Would definitely recommend.
23/02/2023, By Janet
I can FEEL how it helps to repair my gut... I followed the instructions for a compromised system, starting with 10ml daily, increasing the dose every few days. I could feel the difference clearly! Very satisfied.
03/02/2023, By Farhaana
Great product! You feel amazing. Definitely recommended
30/12/2022, By Nix
After a crazy year of my daughter falling ill often, I bought Rawbiotics for the whole family to help us rebalance the good bacteria in our guts. Not only does she not get sick as often but we all seem more resistant to colds. On top of this I have read many times that probiotics have a positive effect on acne and I can say in 2 months of taking Gut correct the adult acne and break outs I constantly had are now a thing of the past. I am so glad I decided to give it a try. I will never go without it.
30/11/2022, By Noah
I love this product. It helped me relieve long term constipation and bloating.
23/11/2022, By shameema
Noticeable difference from the first use.
13/11/2022, By Alex
Works well
12/11/2022, By Bonnie
The best probiotic ever. Love the taste
01/11/2022, By Renee
Fabulous product. A big plus is that it doesn't have to be refrigerated. Great for my gut.
18/10/2022, By Eve
Wow Wow Wow... this stuff is amazing!!! I could seriously feel the difference straight away. I never go out without my daily dose now. I haven't any indigestion or IBS in ages. It appears that I now have a happy tummy and haven't personally experienced any side effects.
18/10/2022, By Elaine
It helps to alleviate chronic constipation
20/09/2022, By Leandri
I prefer this product to capsuled probiotics. There's a massive difference in my overall health, and mood. It tastes quite okay as well.
16/09/2022, By San
I haven't used this in a long time, so the difference I'm experiencing now is absolutely undeniable. I've been getting terribly, painfully
bloated by things like red meat and raw red onions, actually so many things, and that's basically gone!
29/08/2022, By Llewellyn
Great product
16/08/2022, By Angie
Really helps to sort out my leaky gut issues
12/07/2022, By Susan
I enjoy this probiotic and it seems to work well.
12/06/2022, By Nicola
Wonderful to add to any meal, and definitely something we all need.
08/06/2022, By Kelly
My husband and I use this daily, love it!
Helps keep the gut regular
31/05/2022, By Rose
I have an aesophegus valve that doesn't function well. This product keeps me off reflux meds!!
13/05/2022, By Primrose
Very good product
13/05/2022, By Primrose
Very good
11/05/2022, By Christine
This product is a great probiotic. It has helped aleviate my frequent stomach pains and the taste is much better than any other liquid probiotic product I have tried.
20/04/2022, By Debs
Already worked wonders for both my husband and I in just 2 weeks. My husband has incredible gut discomfort and this product has made so many differences in such a short space of time. I can highly recommend.
19/04/2022, By Laurinda
Highly Recommend!
Used to suffer from severe bloating and ibs . I’ve been using these probiotics for 3 months now and I’ve noticed such an improvement in my health. No more bloating and better digestion. The taste took some getting used to but I actually enjoy it now!
15/03/2022, By Mohammad
Best probiotic on the market. It really works and helps with IBS
11/03/2022, By Nadine
I cannot live without this probiotic. Made a huge difference to my overall health.
04/02/2022, By Aisha
Absolutely love this probiotic! I have bought it for family and friends who also rave about it. 10/10 recommend!
03/02/2022, By Mmak
Addicted to this product, it works for me. Each month i purchase a bottle of this. Can't live without it.
06/01/2022, By Lolly
This product works for me and I don't even have to take the maximum dosage per day, I suffer from flatulence and high acidity levels and this product alleviates my discomfort.
13/12/2021, By Robyn
Works like a bomb for IBS
13/12/2021, By Robyn
Works like a bomb for IBS
30/11/2021, By Robyn
Best probiotic on the market! It's become a staple in my home. Makes such a difference to overall well being with good gut health.
09/11/2021, By Lorraine
A fantastic product, which has gone a long way to correct and control my diverticulosis. Not bad tasting either!
29/10/2021, By Janine
I love all things Rawbiotic. Myself and my two small kids use their products daily and Im very happy with the results. Taste is fine, a bit sour if you aren't used to it, but after a few times you don't even notice anymore.
22/10/2021, By Carla
Works great, and doesn't taste too bad
11/10/2021, By Mal
Highly recommend it for anyone with gluten, reflux, or bloating problems. Even at a 10ml dose it works fine.
08/10/2021, By Olive
Great product. I only used it for one month so am not sure of the long-term benefits but one of the benefits was that my fragile nails became harder and stronger. Then when I stopped my nails went soft again. I would definitely use it again.
28/09/2021, By Jeanne
This is a wonderful probiotic to use if you have gut problems. It really improved my health.
25/08/2021, By Susan
Great probiotic. Helps heal your gut too.
13/08/2021, By Lisa
I was diagnosed with Gastritis a year ago and have wasted hundreds of rands on products and I was popping PPI's every day like smarties until I found this product which has literally saved my life. It works almost immediately. In a day or 2, your problems are gone. Absolute miracle cure in a bottle.
10/08/2021, By Renee
Thanks to faithful to nature form introducing me to this product.
It has worked wonders with my gut issues.
09/08/2021, By Marike
Love this product!
01/08/2021, By Candice
Will buy again done wonders for my dog and me.
22/07/2021, By Kate
I bought this product for my dad to try and he won't go a day without it. Great for IBS.
16/07/2021, By Jodi
This product sorted my digestive system out in just a few days and I started on the lowest dose of 10ml per day. I deducted a point because of the taste which in the beginning was unbearable but after a few doses I have gotten gotten used to it. Highly recommend to anyone that wants to sort their gut out.
07/07/2021, By Yumna
This is the best product of probiotics I have ever used. Always come back to this one.
05/07/2021, By Carmen
Only taking. It a few days and got sick, have to take antibiotics, I think it's helping. Normally my stomach would be very damaged. Also keeping me regular. Just more liquidy than I expected. With the recommended dose, it won't last close to a month
02/07/2021, By Shady
Great product, using it for about 2 weeks now and really seeing tremendous improvement with bloating, heartburn and excessive belching, a product I would recommend to anyone suffering with gut issues, taste isn't bad either. Will definitely continue using this product.
02/07/2021, By Bev
best probiotic product I have ever used
30/06/2021, By Shauna-Rae
All these products are amazing. I tried another brand which was far more expensive for less and switched back without hesitation. This product is a life-saver as I take high dose anti-inflammatories for an auto-immune disorder. It helps with indigestion, definitely bloating and nausea and heartburn. I highly recommend this product!
26/06/2021, By Verena
Works wonders and I ordered more
23/06/2021, By Judy-Lee
This product is great and has definitely helped my IBS. Tastes like a non-sweetened kombucha.
19/06/2021, By Sarah
Love this product - it works wonders!
17/06/2021, By Karen
Had a stomach bug and recovered quickly using this product
16/06/2021, By Jacky
Excellent product, has really helped me alot with acidity in my stomach especially since I've been so nauseous with pregnancy and is a great way to get probiotics into my diet without too much diary like yoghurt etc.
16/06/2021, By Abigail
Amazing product, very effective! Gut problems gone, everything is improving. I've recommended this product to everyone in my life.
10/06/2021, By A3K
It's one of the best probiotics on the market! Within a week of using it my stomach acid problem was relieved.
10/06/2021, By Verena
This really works!!!!
10/06/2021, By Annie
It's the best product I have found for my mom who has had issues with her gut since her bowel was perforated. Since using this product she has been so much better.
10/06/2021, By buntubakhe
Awesome product
08/06/2021, By Jessie-Lee
Great for people who suffer with IBS/Gluten issues. I have only been taking it for a week and I can already feel a difference. It has really reduced my discomfort (bloating).
08/06/2021, By Erin
Great product. Only 10 days in and there's a considerable improvement with my reflux... will definitely keep this product as part of my life now!!
07/06/2021, By Jen
Great Product, it really works.
07/06/2021, By Romyne
It works for me
30/05/2021, By Jessica
Always good. I like that you don't have to keep it in the fridge. And it works better than tablets.
27/05/2021, By Petra
I really struggled with my gut postpartum and this just sorted me right out! within a few days! can't recommend enough!
23/05/2021, By Leslie
You can taste the naturalness in the product. I am happy with it.
23/05/2021, By Patricia
Absolutely amazing product. Will highly recommend
22/05/2021, By Arti
Great gut healer.
22/05/2021, By NTS
Excellent product
20/05/2021, By azima
Great product, not bad tasting too. The packing dispenser needs to be improved. I kept spilling, it needs a spout. Also maybe a 30ml cap so that we can measure the dosage easily
19/05/2021, By Ash
17/05/2021, By ivdv
Works brilliant!
15/05/2021, By Matilda
Loved the product and it encouraged me to be consistent with taking my multivitamins on a daily basis. Very kind to my gut.
12/05/2021, By Gugu
I've been using this product for 2 months and I have felt a difference. Less bloating & less gastro flare up.
10/05/2021, By Skye
Haven't been using this for long, but so far, so good.
10/05/2021, By Lee
Great product
10/05/2021, By Lee
Great product
10/05/2021, By Lee
Great product
08/05/2021, By sherele
On my second bottle and this has helped my digestion so much. My bloating has improved and the range of foods my body can handle has increased. A must have.
08/05/2021, By Jeaninne
Incredible!! I've been struggling with IBS for a long time and this has made a big difference.
07/05/2021, By Natasha
Day 1, interesting. 8 look forward to the next week days.
05/05/2021, By RF
Finally, less bloating! And better skin!
04/05/2021, By Romyne
I feel great on the days I take a shot of my rawbiotic.
03/05/2021, By Jo
The best probiotic around. No more gut issues.
03/05/2021, By Alexandra
Helped with IBS and constipation.
29/04/2021, By TRACY
After only a few days I felt a complete difference with my bloating. So nice to get dressed not worrying about a bloated tummy. Taste isn't great but one wouldn't expect it to be and at least it doesn't leave an after taste.
27/04/2021, By Demi
This product cleared up my lifelong constipation battle.
24/04/2021, By Hanno
Highly recommended to improve and stabilize gut health - at least im my case
18/04/2021, By Devona
This product honestly saved my life. I have extremely bad IBS and this is the only product I have tried that gives me immediate relieve. It has helped me with immediately taking away severe stomach cramps, the nausea, indigestion, acid reflux. It’s a miracle
15/04/2021, By Constipated Girl
After only a few uses this helped regulate my gut issues and made me feel so much better! Definitely the probiotic for anyone whose needing to regulate their toilet routine
15/04/2021, By SS
great product. It really helps for all gut problems
14/04/2021, By Laurina
Excellent product can surely feel the difference.
12/04/2021, By Gerda
This helped my husband who is prone to gut issues, so much. And quickly.
12/04/2021, By Jo
I would absolutely recommend this product, I have seen a great change and improvement with my gut since I started using it months ago!
10/04/2021, By Tanya
Battle with IBS and this product helps alot and my stomach is not so swollen anymore
08/04/2021, By Naadz
I felt a difference within three days. Most definitely have it in my first aid cupboard
08/04/2021, By Naadirah
Good for your gut; lots of probiotics and it's well priced.
06/04/2021, By Gugulethu
I felt the difference to within a few days. I'm on my second bottle.
26/03/2021, By Jeanny
Literally life changing for ibs
24/03/2021, By MmaK
It works within a few days of taking a few recommended dosages. i feel the difference. i have ordered some more and the rawbiotics for kids for my daughter.
23/03/2021, By Nadine
Definitely improved my digestive system after I was on a strong course of antibiotics for two weeks. Tastes awful, but I'm mixing it in with my smoothies to disguise the taste. Thank you for this great product.
23/03/2021, By Mad's
I have recommended this product to all my friends. I have found that this works well for hot flushes, I take half a dose in the morning and half a dose at night, and since then, I have no hot flushes!
You need to stock up on supplies as I cannot stock recommending.
18/03/2021, By Anne
Definitely works to improve your gut!
18/03/2021, By Susan
I really believe this works well to repair your gut. Even gave it to my elderly mother, who has had a major improvement of her gut health.
16/03/2021, By John
Great for the gut
15/03/2021, By L
Works. Helped me with acid reflux
15/03/2021, By Libby
Best probiotic ever. Everything l ate resulted in heartburn and cramps. 2 weeks after my first dose l am feeling so much better and can even eat normal gluten without painful consequences. Not the tastiest but in a small amount of fruit juice its fine
15/03/2021, By Elsa
Definitely feel a difference in my gut! Not a great taste, but worth it. Side effects: more gas released ????????
12/03/2021, By Deborah
Great product, doesn't taste too good at first but the taste doesn't last very long. And I really feel a difference in my gut. My sister uses slippery elm and she swears by it. When I saw that this product contains slippery elm I knew it would work.
thank you FTN!
11/03/2021, By Lebogang
Great for the gut
07/03/2021, By Zachariya
Helps with my stomach!
26/02/2021, By Carmen
I've been looking for a product so long to help me with my slow metabolism and I am so happy I found it here. For years I've had problem with a slow metabolism and now its finally restored it. Will definitely be ordering again.
24/02/2021, By Kevin
My wife and I use this and I must say it is worth every penny, not that it's even expensive which just adds to the numerous benefits.
18/02/2021, By Al
Awesome product. Feel it working immediately. Definitely one of the best
18/02/2021, By Elzanne
Great product, changed my life. my husband is also using it now and I will buy the kids version for my children when I order again
17/02/2021, By Marian
Not very "easy" to drink - very bad taste.
17/02/2021, By Gail
Excellent product
11/02/2021, By CVDEV
Great product will definitely purchase again. The taste is not so great but you do get use to it. Works wonders
06/02/2021, By Hannelie
I will probably never get used to the taste, but I take it as a quick shot daily for its health benefits.
29/01/2021, By FW
This product literally changed my life! After a gastroscopy for chronic heartburn and reflux with no diagnosis, I was left in constant pain and taking far too many Rennies and having an extremely restrictive diet.

Rawbiotics Gut Repair literally got rid of my reflux and heartburn and also helped my chronic bloating too!
26/01/2021, By Reinette
This doesnt have the best taste but it surely works! Very good product
25/01/2021, By kay
started using it for a few days and i feel good already!
24/01/2021, By Sharon
I have been taking this faithfully for years, twice a day for a happy gut. Just don't store it in the fridge - it kills the live goodness of this liquid. Learnt this the hard way!
21/01/2021, By bronwyn
Best product for gut healthy. I have tried alot of other products and this is by far the best
20/01/2021, By Mathilda
Helped with my feeling bloated and swollen and even more for my husband's reflux. Taste isn't great, but you get used to it. Totally worth it
19/01/2021, By Catherine
Helps with bloating
15/01/2021, By Kerri
I take one shot of this every evening and it has made me so regular. A staple item in my FTN cart for sure!
08/01/2021, By Sharon
Absolutely WONDERFUL product BUT your description on the main page when you search for "rawbiotics" is very misleading. It is not delicious AT ALL LOL! Tastes like .... but so worth it!
08/01/2021, By Michelle
Had a tummy bug, drank some of this and it came right very quickly. Would highly recommend it.
05/01/2021, By Jo
I immediately feel the difference in my gut if I don't take this for a few days. It's such a wonderful way of self-care!
23/12/2020, By Susan
23/12/2020, By Susan
Really makes your gut feel so much better Give it a try for a month or so and you will feel the difference!
16/12/2020, By Taryn
Really good product.
14/12/2020, By Naz
I was quite suspect of this when I got it as a freebie in my order once but one week I had a terrible tummy bug and this sorted me out. I now buy it with my orders and the minute I have a sore tummy I shoot one tot oft this and it sorts me out.
10/12/2020, By Carla
As someone who has been suffering from acid reflux for a long time, this has been an amazing saving grace. Restoring my gut health is key to a happy life.
07/12/2020, By Quenene
I bought this to give to my daughter who suddenly started with bad eczema. I read that eczema is a result of the body trying to rid itself of something. Someone suggested I start with repairing her gut. I started seeing a difference after day one of giving her Raw Biotics.
05/12/2020, By Lebogang
Results from day 1
03/12/2020, By Jay-Jay
Important for those dealing with low stomach acid, helps immensely with absorbing important nutrients.
01/12/2020, By Yumna
Can't live without this stuff in my household.
28/11/2020, By Zuleika
Made a great difference to IBS and constipation. Helped heal my gut.
28/11/2020, By Zuleika
Made a great difference to IBS and constipation. Helped heal my gut.
27/11/2020, By Rienkies 8
I cannot rate Rawbiotics Gut Correct very highly, maybe it will improve with time. I suffer with constipation & so far it hasn't helped at all. I've been taking it for a week now.
25/11/2020, By Belz
Amazing product for ppl with acidity issues
23/11/2020, By Dee
Great product, helps with bloating and keeping bowel movements regular.
20/11/2020, By Roseberry
Excellent product - helps with bloating and gas
17/11/2020, By Rissa
Definitely an acquired taste however after some time it's not that bad. It definitely helped me with no longer feelings bloated and keeps one regular.
12/11/2020, By Chanté
Been suffering from IBS for a while now, and I can truly say that this product works! Bloating completely gone and symptoms have improved alot!
11/11/2020, By Kirsten
This help a lot with my wife's bloated stomach. I need to buy more soon.
09/11/2020, By Elmari
This is the BEST probiotics I've ever used! Really saw a difference since the first day I used it. Bloating is better, general health is better. I buy this every month.
03/11/2020, By Yumna
Definitely recommend this product!
03/11/2020, By Youmna
Definitely recommend this product!
03/11/2020, By Youmna
Definitely,recommend this product!
01/11/2020, By Ronelle
My gut seems happier and as you know gut issues influence your whole being. Will certainly keep on buying it.
27/10/2020, By S
Really recommend, I received this product as a sample and I love it . Will definitely buy again
27/10/2020, By Aria2
Order on repeat - the best!
27/10/2020, By Aria
Order on repeat - the best!
27/10/2020, By Shannon
Great product
26/10/2020, By Elize
Work Well!!
26/10/2020, By Elize
Work well!!!
26/10/2020, By Mbalza
Great product, I will continue using it.
21/10/2020, By Tori
100% the best probiotic I have ever used. Highly recommend!
16/10/2020, By Zuleika
It is amazing and has helped heal my gut and put an end to chronic constipation
14/10/2020, By Cand.
I became desperate looking for a probiotic that wouldn’t aggravate my already irritated bowel.
I’ve been taking it every day now for 3 months. I felt a difference within 2 days.
i definitely would not give it to a fussy kid.
14/10/2020, By Neil
Great Product and very effective.Will buy again
14/10/2020, By Phindile
This raw biotic is actually the only thing that has helped with my acid reflux issues. I don’t have those hectic symptoms I use to have before taking this. Love it! Highly recommended
13/10/2020, By Pajer
Great product will buy again.
12/10/2020, By Pajer
Taste not bad at all.
12/10/2020, By shum
Love that is balances my gut. Not bad tasting either.
06/10/2020, By Rock P
A must have that just works got to get big bottles
06/10/2020, By Rock P
Good staff a must have i took the first dose then i could feel stomach movement within 30 minutes .it just works
06/10/2020, By Jana
Received this as a free gift on my first order. Been having a few digestive hiccups and a few days after using this, I really can feel a difference. Will definitely order this sometime in the future!
29/09/2020, By Natalie
Although it doesn't taste like candy floss, I definitely believe it has benefits and is a quality probiotic! Will continue to use for the family.
25/09/2020, By Prishanthi
Will definitely buy again
25/09/2020, By Chloe
Fantastic product
Doesn’t taste so bad and texture isn’t bad either also only place to buy is from faithful to nature they have the widest range of health products for the best prices
23/09/2020, By Arti
I feel the difference in my tummy
21/09/2020, By Belinda
So far so good. Tastes a little like apple cider vinegar but could be worse
15/09/2020, By AKS
Texture of my skin is improving. Could be the probiotic.
13/09/2020, By Andy
Such an amazing product. It has really helped with all my digestive issues and bloating. Takes a while to get used to the taste of it but it’s a fantastic product.
09/09/2020, By Michele
Lovely product. I've been searching for something to reduce my stomach bloating, IBS and neutralize the alkaline medium in my tummy. I've also noticed that my skin looks noticeably better after using this product for only three weeks.
06/09/2020, By Natalie
Can't live without this product.. Definitely recommend this.
04/09/2020, By Liesl
Great value for money product which has steadily improved my gut health over a 3 month period - no more acids, bloating and cramps. It’s easily absorbed, and taste doesn’t taste unpleasant either
25/08/2020, By Sylvia
This stuff is fantastic. Since using it I go to the loo more regularly and I am sure my energy is better already. I think my tummy is finally able to absorb nutrients properly again!
23/08/2020, By [email protected]
Simply the best ptobiotic out there
22/08/2020, By Stacey
For me this wasn’t an overnight fix, but a slow but steady improvement. Has helped to dramatically reduce bloating, I think it is also helping clear my skin. This probiotic is the best value for money I’ve found, with a high quality too.
20/08/2020, By Brenda S
Bought this cause I couldn't find the digestive support pills that are sold here on the FTN site and I must say this works much much better than the pills I've been taking. I now can eat all the foods I wasn't able to eat before, I am so happy with this product.
19/08/2020, By David
This is easier than pills and it makes a difference. Recommended.
19/08/2020, By Zan
Just ordered my 2nd bottle. It definitely makes a difference, and works out cheaper than tablets. I even heard that it was prescribed to my friend by the skin expert she is seeing.
18/08/2020, By Lily
We've been using this for about 1.5 months and it's made a pretty noticeable difference in bloating. It's not a quick fix but we've incorporated it into our daily morning routine for slow and steady improvement in gut health.
10/08/2020, By SV
I felt a difference after 3 days of using it, not a great taste when added to water but the benefits are worth it.
09/08/2020, By Simonne
Had / have the worst gut issues during pregnancy and this sorted it out 100%
07/08/2020, By Yumna
Great product.. No more bloatedness!
06/08/2020, By Chantelle
This stuff is a must have and an absolute life saver husband had diverticulitis out of the blue and had to be hospitalised just when we went to lockdown in April. We're drinking the normal probiotics afterwards and Iberogast for discomfort and bloating. After using this a few days there is already a huge improvement. It is also much more cost effective.
05/08/2020, By Teresa
A fantastic product. Almost no more bloating and far less acid reflux.
01/08/2020, By Tanya
Feels like my IBS has been cured! Amazing product. You get used to the taste very quickly.
30/07/2020, By Annaleen
Absolutely a must have product I can't live without!! I had a liver resection 3 years ago, also removing my gal bladder. This product helps a lot with my digestive system!!
29/07/2020, By Sam
Fantastic product!!!! I will definitely keep purchasing this product as it has made a difference from the first time that I have used it. It is useful for all types of digestive ailments like acid reflux, constpation, bloating, etc.
29/07/2020, By Sumari
Started using this during pregnancy, and could feel and see the difference. Clearer skin and less cravings. Healthy gut, healthy body.
28/07/2020, By Gabi
Really great product. I can definitely feel a difference when I take this regularly
27/07/2020, By Leslie-Ann
Amazing product!!! Could feel a different in my stomach by second day.
23/07/2020, By Mike
Excellent probiotic, I have noticed definite improvements in my digestion since starting with this product two weeks ago. You might notice an increase in symptoms at first with a bit of extra flatulence but they diminish after the first week.
16/07/2020, By Nicole
Don't like the taste but would like to get used to it sounds like a great product.
16/07/2020, By Ann
Much easier to get the probiotics in this way than trying to eat fermented foods on a daily basis. It tastes like yeasty apple cider vinegar to me...not difficult to drink.
13/07/2020, By Deborah
I have been using this for several months and think it is a great option that isn't too expensive for a daily probiotic.
10/07/2020, By Maria
I started using this product two months ago to improve my gut health and manage hormonal acne. Very happy so far!
09/07/2020, By Catherine
This is my first liquid probiotic vs a capsule ... and so far myself and my gut are loving it! :)
29/06/2020, By Nqubeko
Seems like a powerful product so far this 1st week....only time will tell.

So far so GOOD
17/06/2020, By Aaliya
Could feel a difference after just 3 days. Helps with bloating and chronic diarrhea and my skin has improved a lot!
16/06/2020, By Gina
The Rawbiotics Gut Correct has really helped to restore my gut microbiome after taking antibiotics in February. Have also noticed an improvement with my hormonal acne.
15/06/2020, By Nicole
Had to get used to the taste but it works really well. I have gut issues and this really has helped with my stomach problems.
12/06/2020, By TazzyD
I love this serum. I haven't been able to find a serum that doesnt make my face oily or breakout. Its winter now and my skin is super dry. This does the trick and absorbs right in. I love it!!!
11/06/2020, By Merissa
Working well so far. The taste isn't bad. I definitely recommend this.
10/06/2020, By Melisha
The only product to completely work and restore my gut, 100%!
05/06/2020, By m
works wonderfully to get your gut functioning again. i had struggled with very few bowel movements as well as constipation, and this helped so well.
04/06/2020, By DIANA
My 11yr old daughter and I both take this for daily gut health. I alternate between the Daily balance and the Gut correct bottles for variety
01/06/2020, By Karien
Helped restore healthy gut function.
31/05/2020, By Glynnis
Love it, it’s an official staple in our home.
31/05/2020, By Penelope
I have found that the rawbiotics probiotic has provided a lot of support in recovering our gut health.
31/05/2020, By Talent
Nice once used to the taste
29/05/2020, By Victoria
Best probiotic on the market
28/05/2020, By Stephanie
Quality, economic, natural probiotic. Taste a bit like apple cider but not unpleasant.
28/05/2020, By Fazila
On my 2nd bottle. The taste takes getting used to but the benefits are immediately felt. Soothes the digestive system and colon.
27/05/2020, By leah
Love this product.
23/05/2020, By Amori
Absolutely love this product.
My wife swears by it.
We have tried many gut products and this is by far the most effective.
Taste is pleasant and it is vegan.
22/05/2020, By Stash
Used it for a week now, drinking it first thing every morning. It works! My digestion and bloating is much better! Probiotics are great and this one I'd definitely recommend!
21/05/2020, By Samantha
This product does make a difference to digestive disorders. I've been on it 3 times on and off now.
19/05/2020, By Stella
I've been suffering with IBS for nearly 10 years. In the first week of taking Rawbiotics I already saw significant improvement! It has really helped with the bloating. Now, my husband takes it too and WOW!
18/05/2020, By Malikah
I have been using this for about a week and can already feel a difference in my gut. Will definitely continue using this product.
11/05/2020, By Meagan
This works well!
11/05/2020, By Lynette
The minute I run out of this product I panic because a day without it I can feel IBS creeping in. I love it and will definitely introduce it to my son.
11/05/2020, By Jenny
I can really feel the difference if I am not taking this product. It really does work wonders
05/05/2020, By Taryn
Taste is not as bad as I thought, little bitter and sweet and smells yummy. Had a few side affects like an initial headache on day 2 and stomach cramps, thereafter have felt great and no more bloating! The key is to have it around the same time each day.
05/05/2020, By Lisa
I'm on my 4th or 5th bottle of this now, our household won't be without it!
05/05/2020, By Lilly
I have chronic acid reflux, can't believe how much this stuff has helped me thus far. A + :)
04/05/2020, By Irma
I’m about a third into the bottle and so far I’m happy with it.
04/05/2020, By Sarita
Great product! Taste a bit like apple cider vinegar but not as strong. Has helped a lot with bloating so I would recommend this.
02/05/2020, By Victoria
Absolutely incredible product. Have noticed a massive difference within a week of using this product. Well priced nothing wrong with the taste and super effective 10/10 in my books.
29/04/2020, By Shanelle
Just started using the product for my entire family. The smell and taste is not good which is expected but if you mix it with a little juice it really helps. You do get use to the taste. Very effective for any digestive issues and really assists to clean the gut.
29/04/2020, By Robyn-Lee
I can’t go without this stuff. It does take getting used to but 1 year in its normal and it reduces bloating helps my body digest things better even when I’m eating that which I’m not supposed to
29/04/2020, By Tammy
I use this product religiously. It has worked well for me.
25/04/2020, By Martine
I just started using this, but I’m hopeful that it’ll work wonders. Terrible taste, but that’s expected.
25/04/2020, By Kirsten
Took a tablespoon of this every morning for a month and unfortunately I didn’t notice a difference.
Sad it didn’t live up to the hype.
24/04/2020, By Nix
If you're interested in the gut microbiome and mental health (yes, the state of your stomach affects your thinking) then a probiotic is a definite - I give this a thumbs up
20/04/2020, By Teron
a great product, I just wish that the taste was better
20/04/2020, By Neo
Within 7 days of drinking this Gut C I developed Mouth ulcers. However I didn’t stop, I hv noticed improvements, abdominal pains, sleeping patterns, skin . So I’ll give it a chance, usually take my dose b4 bedtime /evenings. But from today I’ll take the normal 1 in the morning then Gut C in the evening.
16/04/2020, By Abilene
Works great, worth every cent!
15/04/2020, By Michelle
So glad that I stumbled upon this amazing product at the Shongweni Market. This is my 3rd bottle now. I have IBS and this product works better than anything any Doctor has ever given me or recommended to me.
13/04/2020, By Monique
I believe in probiotics but I can't say I've noticed anything different since using this (or any other probiotic for that matter). Tastes like your average liquid probiotic and i'll always be drinking some or other probiotic, but I prefer the health booster one as it's a bit cheaper.
13/04/2020, By Glynnis
I’ve tried a lot of probiotics and this has been great for my gut and fairly inexpensive compared to other probiotics on the market.
10/04/2020, By Riaan
1st month on this and my IBS is under control. I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from IBS.
06/04/2020, By Tay-Ann
It works just right. My UTI is now cleared.
04/04/2020, By Bronwyn
A very good product. I add it to my smoothies and my family don’t even taste it. Really helps digestive issues.
31/03/2020, By Aneesa
This stuff is amazing! I am wheat and gluten intolerant and have to take Probiotics daily which costs me R400pm. I have had great results using Rawbiotics. Less inflammation, regular bowl movements. No stomach cramps. The taste is not for the faint hearted. I add a tablespoon of water-juice mix to it. I find taking it every night helps me a lot.
29/03/2020, By Premilla
Since using this, my digestion has felt better than it has felt in years. I don't mind the taste and I prefer this to swallowing a tablet. I will definitely continue to use it and plan to order my 2nd bottle soon.
27/03/2020, By Telsa
I've bought many bottles of these. Great product.
24/03/2020, By John
This product does amazing work, it cleared my eczema in one week, has no side effects. It's a wonderful product working in a natural way!
18/03/2020, By Brenda
I can't stop using this, the results have been too good. I haven't had an IBS-imduced nightspasm since starting on this, and haven't had so much as a cold either.
13/03/2020, By Duané
After having IBS-D for many years, this product literally changed my life! It reduced my bloatedness drastically and before using this product I would have used the bathroom 3 - 5 times a day, now I only use it once or twice maximum, which is a huge change for me! I have barely any cramping and I feel lighter. Just after 3 days of using this product! Very very impressed!
12/03/2020, By Biggles
I have had irritable bowel syndrome on and off for thirty years. This is the first product that has really helped and I now only have very mild symptoms occasionally. I wish I had discovered "Gut correct" years ago.
04/03/2020, By Go
02/03/2020, By Anzet
Impossible to comment on the efficacy, but it's an easy probiotic to take. I mix it with fruit juice (50/50) and it tastes like a kombucha.

Will buy again.
27/02/2020, By nadia
My mother stole my entire bottle after shr tried it a few times, its that good !
27/02/2020, By nadia
My mum stole my entire bottle after she tried it a few times, its that good !
27/02/2020, By nadia
My mum stole my entire bottle after she tried it a few times, its that good !
24/02/2020, By Ash
Love this product! After lifelong IBS, the attacks are definitely less frequent and, as a surprise bonus, my nails have never looked better.
18/02/2020, By Lili
This works well with the Agave pro/pre biotic. Definitely feel less blocked.
13/02/2020, By Eranthe
Great probiotic! Love that the bloating is gone and my gut is healthy again!
12/02/2020, By Nikki
This product is amazing, the whole family uses it.
29/01/2020, By Megan
This product has honestly changed my life! Cannot go without it. My gut is the happiest it's been. Would read the instructions though, do not consume after 60 days.
28/01/2020, By Zizo
Works very well, keeps me regular. Since using it, I've also noticed increased energy levels and clearing of my skin.
20/01/2020, By Gabby
Works great! I took this before and during antibiotics and I had no tummy issues. Foods that usually effected my digestion negatively no longer do. It worked better when I took it just before going to bed at night.
20/01/2020, By archilulu
Much better taste than some of the other brands of liquid probiotics. Seems to be working quite well - when we ran out, I ended up with an upset tummy. As soon as I reintroduced it, my gut was doing better
12/01/2020, By Bianca
Made a huge difference when I was coming off the pill. My gut never worked better! With a combination of healthy diet and exercise, this was a great addition to my morning routine!
03/01/2020, By C
My husband has been taking this product for just over a month. It has reduced the frequency of his IBS attacks.
02/01/2020, By Kyle
I am not so sensitive to this as I am to some other fermented products.
01/01/2020, By Preba
Glad I found this product. Assists with digestive issues and definately improves overall health. Would recommend to all experiencing ill health.
28/12/2019, By Helper
24/12/2019, By Kirsty
Really helps so much! I started this when I had a tummy bug and the relief from having it was incredible.
23/12/2019, By Kay
As a lifelong sufferer of IBS and stomach issues, this probiotic has changed my life. This is my 3rd bottle and I'll continue using this... Probably forever.
23/12/2019, By Alexandra
Best probiotic I’ve used. I love the taste, but then I like apple cider vinegar and kombucha.
22/12/2019, By Nokhanyo
Has helped with a whole range of digestive issues. I don't mind the taste. Kinda reminds me of kombucha
18/12/2019, By Deb
I use this once a year to restore my gut, then switch to Daily Rawbiotics to maintain daily health. Good to use when eating habits have been poor and to assist body in coping with unwanted bacteria and candida.
18/12/2019, By Deb
I use this once a year to restore my gut, then switch to Daily Rawbiotics to maintain daily health. Good to use when eating habits have been poor and to assist body in coping with unwanted bacteria and candida.
17/12/2019, By Kb
From being constipated(going to the loo after 2 /3 days) to twice daily bowel movement in less than 2weeks of taking this magical product..was so bloated with nothing realy helping and. Now I hv no more of that... loving it.. this is the best ever..
15/12/2019, By Liz
Great probiotic that actually works
14/12/2019, By Carmen Hoff
It takes like Apple cider vinegar that’s been in the sun but it’s definitely bearable. Taste goes away quickly and the product definitely works. Much less bloated than I used to be.
02/12/2019, By Tammy
Tastes slightly vinegary but not horrible. I was worried it was going to be nasty but it's not nauseating. Seems to be helping digestion and bloating so far.
30/11/2019, By Sonja
It support any dis-ease in your overall health- does not make me go toilet after I drink it , so if you got a good stomach and are a regular everyday on the loo , this product is stil super good for you ????
30/11/2019, By Aaliya
helps my gut, allergies and bloating.... helps eczema too
28/11/2019, By Mr Hankey
Poofect from start to finish...Tastes like liquidized old socks, which is funny because that means that old socks are pretty palatable. It does it's job and gets your gut back to doing what it was meant to do...Totally recommend.
22/11/2019, By Este-mari
Tastes better than other liquid Probiotics! Just wanted to know how many IU's of Probiotic strains it contains?
22/11/2019, By Amori
Not bad at all, however I use mine to make Kombucha. Will definitely purchase again.
22/11/2019, By Amori
Not bad at all...... I do however use mine to make Kombucha. Will definitely purchase again.
21/11/2019, By Busi
absolutely loved this product, 500ml wasnt enough will go for 1L.
20/11/2019, By Sherene
This is a great product at a very reasonable price.
Helped with bloating & digestion
19/11/2019, By Kerstin
Since using this product, I must say I have experienced less heartburn and bloating. I assume it’s the product as I haven’t changed anything else! So it’s working for those two problems.
18/11/2019, By Bernadette
received this as a sample and have since bought three bottles. it works for me. love it.
18/11/2019, By Maz
I don't mind the taste and it seems to be working really well for my stomach.
18/11/2019, By Jackie
It's really been invaluable since I was diagnosed with a haitus hernia.
16/11/2019, By AIMEE
After struggling with tummy issues for the last few months, I felt a drastic improvement within 2 days of starting this product. Taste is very neutral and will be taking this on an on-going basis.
16/11/2019, By Robyn-Lee
This product definitely definitely assists with gut issues I’ve struggled with my whole life.
14/11/2019, By Nissa
First "probiotic" I've ever used that really did the trick during a course of antibiotics. Am using it daily now to sort myself out from a trip during which I had an upset tummy.
08/11/2019, By Jo
I've been taking this for 2 weeks and I'm not sure that I have noticed much of a difference
07/11/2019, By Luna
I can definitely feel a difference.
06/11/2019, By Lu
I am actually enjoying the taste and this has reduced bloating so much.
05/11/2019, By Mystical-P
Helped with bloating and contipation
31/10/2019, By Britt
I was a little infrequent in terms of using this so I didn’t feel great results ;however I will purchase it again. The taste isn’t so bad, tastes slightly better than apple cider vinegar.
28/10/2019, By Monique
I didn't notice anything different when i tried this one out one time over my usual efficient health booster probiotic, so i'm not sure what i'm getting for the higher price of this one - i went back to efficient health :)
25/10/2019, By Adene
This definitely helps ease the bloat. The taste is not bad at all.
24/10/2019, By Niki
I suffer from bloating and IBS. At the same time as starting to use the Rawbiotics Gut Correct I also became mindful of my diet as I believe the two go hand in hand and I have definitely been having less IBS and bloating symptoms. I am on my second bottle (1ltrs) already and definitely expect to continue using it.
23/10/2019, By Becca
My whole family is now on the gut health train. Only downside of Rawbiotics being the taste - masked with some kefir water or kombucha and it goes down no problem.
16/10/2019, By Fran
We use this on a daily basis. Can recommend.
11/10/2019, By TR
Still trying it out. So far so good.
10/10/2019, By S. J
Will be my go to prodiotic
10/10/2019, By Magenta
Great product! I struggle with stomach aches and bloating, this is a definite win for me!
08/10/2019, By Cindy
I love the Rawbiotics range! Both gut correct and daily has been effective!
27/09/2019, By Lizette
Great product. My husband's says his stomach already feel the difference and much better. Thank's that is a great product
26/09/2019, By Lydia
Great product. Can really feel the improvement.
24/09/2019, By Morgan
Incredible. My husband used to go through a bottle of Gaviscon a WEEK - we could simply not have enough in the house. The doctors prescribed a bunch of pills, nothing made a substantial difference. We got this as a free sample (thank you FTN!) - 4 months later and not even a Rennie in the house. Phenomenal product. Cant recommend it enough.
19/09/2019, By Ms Andy
Have seen some improvement. Better than all the pills I have gotten from the pharmacy. Tummy issues seem to be getting better.
13/09/2019, By Nicole
Got the free sample gave it to a friend who was battling with IBS for years ! Was life changing. Got 3 more bottles, let her alternate between Daily and Gut and I tried Gut Correct. Feeling much better and less bloated if I don’t take it regularly I notice the difference. Got for my kids too.
13/09/2019, By Sibs
After two bottles, I haven't noticed a great improvement
06/09/2019, By Kerry
I've suffered with chronic IBS for almost 7 years but since taking Rawbiotics (I alternate between the Gut Correct and the Daily) my stomach has never been better! :0)
30/08/2019, By Gretha
Not convinced
30/08/2019, By Mieks
After just a few days of using this product I have noticed a massive difference. I have always struggled with constipation and bloating. I could never use supplements such as psyllium husk etc. as I would suffer from extreme bloating. Constipation and bloating is no longer a problem if I take this probiotic daily. I already ordered 2 more bottles. I cannot recommend this probiotic enough!
27/08/2019, By Riana
My husband often has trouble with IBS symptoms, so I ordered this along with my regular rawbiotics. Since taking this regularly, he definitely has less flareups, which leads us to conclude that it is helping him.
05/08/2019, By Lauren
I am not sure about this product. The verdict is still out.
30/07/2019, By Jianine
Bought this on a special. Pleasant tasting, easy to use and it seems to be helping for my digestive system.
24/07/2019, By KATHY
I bought it for my daughter who battles with gut problems and she is so happy with the results. It has eased the intense pain she has at times and now even manages to eat some bread on occasion. Thank you for this wonderful product!
22/07/2019, By Cherie
My husband’s heartburn is gone! Fantastic product.
12/07/2019, By Jo
I have had gut issues for many years and I am convinced that this stuff is helping. My symptoms are greatly reduced since I have included it into my daily routine
12/07/2019, By Patricia
This is an amazing product. Just ordered my second 1 liter bottle. The taste is fine, and I try not to miss a day. The shelflife is is excellent. My skin is less inflamed. Definitely addressing my inflammation. And I a regular as clockwork.
12/07/2019, By Rex
By far the best probiotic on the market.
11/07/2019, By Carol
Mild pleasantly flavoured, very effective probiotic. And reasonably priced too!
10/07/2019, By No Nickname
A good product it tastes foul but works a treat
09/07/2019, By Samantha
I received this as a sample, works really well.
I have had a stomach infection and this has helped reduce the bloating and pain considerably
06/07/2019, By Kerry
This product really helps to aid digestion issues.
05/07/2019, By Britt
Have been using this for a few weeks and already feel the difference. I feel like my bloating has improved significantly. Really is a great product for those with stomach problems.
05/07/2019, By Richard
Excellent product for anyone with stomach issues. Taste is sour..a bit like apple cider vinegar..but not unpleasant. Works pretty much straight away. Will not be without it
02/07/2019, By Chantelle Muller
This will cure anything you got.. works like a charm to heal you within a few hours and also keeps you healthy and energized .. got the daily as a sample struggled with terrible stomach bug ..nothing helped not even antibiotics .. me and my husband and kids drank this next day we were fine.. UNBELIEVABLE!! THIS SHOULD BE IN EVERY HOME IN SA ..
28/06/2019, By Chrissy
Still the best probiotic I have ever tried, especially compared to over the counter capsules/tablets.
19/06/2019, By Catherine
This is one of the best products for gut health restoration. I highly recommend it.
17/06/2019, By Mariska
I have used so many probiotics for my IBS in my life but this product is the only one that made a difference! Love it!!!!
09/06/2019, By Brynna
I received this a sample with my order and I love it! I have used many different types of probiotics before, and this one has helped the most!
08/06/2019, By megan
Not a great taste. Didn’t notice any improvement or positive difference
07/06/2019, By Cat
Love this product! The taste takes some getting used to, but it is worth it.
07/06/2019, By Lulu
I have not been using it for very long, just over a week, I suffer from SEVERE ACUTE IBS-diarrhea, even though my problem has not disappeared, it has calmed down a bit, I am hoping that with time the situation will improve more. It does taste bad, but it is bearable, I take a shot glass full in the mornings before I brush my teeth, it tastes MUCH worse if you brush your teeth first :-)
04/06/2019, By Mariske
I was given a sample and was at first a bit unsure about whether I liked the taste or not but then got used to it. I noticed a difference with my tummy issues and plan to buy this with my next order.
28/05/2019, By Bavilicious
This for me and my husband is a miracle product! We are now onto our third 1l bottle and we feel lighter with no gassiness and bloating. And we eat lentils and beans every week so that says a lot! And now my sister and mum are taking it too and feel so amazing.
28/05/2019, By Tegwan
No more gas.
27/05/2019, By Lucille
Not sure why but this product didn't seem to do much for me. I look at other reviews and everyone seems to love it. To be honest, I will probably just stick to the probiotics in tablet form.
23/05/2019, By Schalk
This product is absolutely amazing. If you are having any problems with your gut, this is the solution(besides a healthy diet of course ;))
21/05/2019, By Rex
Excellent probiotic.
20/05/2019, By Girty
I don't struggle with the taste at all and have been very pleased with the packaging and shipment of the product.
*First got the "daily" version as a sample
15/05/2019, By Candy
I bought it for my mother who suffers with her gut. Unfortunately she said it tasted very bad and couldn't finish her bottle.
14/05/2019, By Nichole
Love love love!! So happy, feel healthy and regular!
14/05/2019, By Hentia
I have IBS and this products has changed my life. I feel better, my stomach digests food better and when I do experience a flare up the effects are minimal compared to previously. Can't start my day without my tot. Don't mind the taste at all - really not that bad and you easily get used to it. Love this! Hopefully it will also keep any flu or viruses away!! Thank you for changing my life for the better Faithful to Nature!! xx
02/05/2019, By star
This product has really helped dimish and reduce bloating, I suffered from this for years and always felt uncomfortable. Since taking Rawbiotics on a daily basis I can eat normally, I don't fear bread or carbs and just feel happier and lighter.
20/04/2019, By Denona
Not crazy about the taste but it works for my IBS and it is natural!
12/04/2019, By Shirley
Life changing product.
04/04/2019, By Yazra
Can't live without it
04/04/2019, By Dani
I am so happy I found this product for my leaky gut. It takes a long while to heal but its a start thaks to faithful to nature.
03/04/2019, By Rushana
I have been suffering from IBS type of symptoms and this is the only product that had a huge impact. I've tried the more expensive probiotics and natural drops but the results were small. I have been buying this product on repeat
30/03/2019, By Gifto
I have just ordered my 2nd bottle today. I suffer from chronic constipation. I have been taking this product every morning on an empty stomach and now I go everyday to the lavatory. I started by taking it at night but there was no much improvement for me so I changed to mornings, now it works wonders when I almost gave up on it.
28/03/2019, By Jonathan
No more upset stomach
27/03/2019, By Karen
I have tried everything. This is the only product that has help me. Love it.
15/03/2019, By Lisa
I received a sample of this in my previous order and was skeptical about trying something new. I've struggled with various stomach disorders for the past 15 years. After reading the reviews I went on to try the sample, which led to me immediately ordering a full size. It is the first time that I can remember going a full week without any IBS symptoms or night spasms!
15/03/2019, By Kath
I've only been using this a few days, and was using liquid probiotics before. I have terrible IBS and haven't had any issues. It took 2 days for me to adjust to the product, but really impressed so far
12/03/2019, By Cricket
I suffer from chronic IBS and every day is a struggle when it comes to any form of digestion. I've been using gut correct for about 2 weeks and I've already seen a major improvement, my discomfort and bloating is down and I generally feel much better after a days meals. Definitely a winner!!
11/03/2019, By Riana
By now we all probably know that probiotics is the way to go, because good health starts with good gut health. Got this as a sample, and used it - the taste is quite okay, and it's easy to take; I always take it on an empty stomach and follow it up with a glass of water. I generally feel good, and my digestive system works well. I guess it works! :-) Only question I have regarding this, is how one can compare it with other probiotics, which always (as far as I know) say how many colony forming units each serving contains. This only names the species (and say how many there are), and the figure of "beneficial cultures' in mg. I wish I could compare it with others that are usually e.g. "20 billion colony forming units per dose".
04/03/2019, By Sam_S
I cannot explain the insane difference in my energy levels and bloating since I started using this! I'm also sleeping better. Highly, highly recommend it :)
20/02/2019, By Heather
This is an awesome natural way to maintain a healthy gut. I highly recommend it.
17/02/2019, By H
Awesome product my kids use it as well
07/02/2019, By Michelle_
I have been battling with my stomach so badly for so long. Especially after the christmas period. Terrible bloating, cramps and other not so nice IBS symptoms and since taking this product for a week now I feel like a different person. I even had legumes for lunch yesterday and felt no horrible cramps etc. I have honestly tried everything - including the very expensive probiotics that cost over R700 and this has done so much more than any of those others have done. Taste is sour but I chase it with a bit of water and its really not bad - not like some of the others.
06/02/2019, By Charms
It tastes amazing, and just to know that it is giving me all the friendly bacteria, makes me smile. Goodbye bad bacteria!
04/02/2019, By Jo
Absolutely love this! Definitely seeing results in terms of bloating and stomach issues, if I skip a day I feel it!!
30/01/2019, By Pat
I used it only for a month. I would buy it again because its a natural product.
25/01/2019, By Juliana
I've been using gut correct for a year now and my IBS is a thing of the past. I take it with me wherever I travel. No more pain!
23/01/2019, By Priya
I suffer from IBS and this is the only probiotic that has helped me. Its amazing and if by some odd chance I forget to take it.... I really feel the difference in my body.
21/01/2019, By Kylie
Bought the daily and I love it! Now trying the gut one as I struggle with candida
21/01/2019, By Veganshmegan
If I could give this 10 stars I would!! I have been using this now daily for months. I alternate between this and the Efficient microbes. Both work so well! I have Crohns disease and this changed my life literally... I'm symptom free!
18/01/2019, By Mel
This is probably the 4th bottle I have ordered and it is honestly the best probiotic I have ever tried.. Not only did this completely get rid of a few pimple congestion I had on my forehead, which means I had an problem with my digestive system, it also keeps them at bay!! !So this product is PERFECT to get my gut healthy and happy.
It is cheaper than most products and it works better for me than the
Efficient Microbes Health Booster.
Also, a little goes a LONG way!So stoked.
Thank you Rawbiotics :)
15/01/2019, By Annelies
Great probiotic. Prefer the liquid over capsules. Especially the Gut correct works well for me. Feeling way less bloated.
13/01/2019, By Tania
This is a very good product. The smell and taste is a little bit stronger than the Rawbiotics Daily because this contains more herbs, but I highly recommend both.
08/01/2019, By Monica
I started using this product late last month and I am so impressed! I don't look pregnant anymore. I can't wait to see what it ill do for me in a couple of months. As for my husband, he is back to being regular and is loving this product so much!
07/01/2019, By Chantell
This product works great, felt a difference the first week. Not so pleasant taste
24/12/2018, By Kylie
Works almost immediately, but tastes so bad I almost can’t handle it.
19/12/2018, By Cat
Onto my second bottle; can feel it is working, great product and not too bad to take
15/12/2018, By Tessa
Amazing product, can't be without it xxx
10/12/2018, By GCRoberts
Immediate relief. awesome product,
19/11/2018, By Nikki
This product has made a huge difference in my life, works very well!
14/11/2018, By Lucinda
After just 3 days already notice my tummy not so bloated
13/11/2018, By Tessa
Love it <3 you have to get used to the taste but over time it gets better. I recommend doing as told by the label and starting with 10ml a day and gradually increasing to 30ml as even with 10ml it is really helping with digestion xx
13/11/2018, By Lauren
A great product for balancing the gut.
11/11/2018, By Lariska
My grandmother has IBS and it works wonderful for her.
06/11/2018, By Cat
Fabulous product felt the benefits almost immediately
06/11/2018, By Charlene
Best vegan probiotic by far and I have tried a few, strange taste but you get use to it quickly. If you struggle with IBS I suggest the Gut Correct, I can even feel the difference if I accidentally forget to take it in the morning. Really good product.
04/11/2018, By Lidia
First time user, and already feels a great improvement.
01/11/2018, By Julie
I decided to try Gut Correct for my IBS. I've never looked back since. No more pain.
01/11/2018, By Anonymous
I got this in my box as a sample. Was pleasantly suprised really helps with my tummy sensativity as well as my ibs.
30/10/2018, By Ally
The smell and taste is not very amazing, but it works well. I can already feel a big difference.
28/10/2018, By Levett
Best pro-biotic by far!
25/10/2018, By Michelle
It tastes good too.
19/10/2018, By Moonie
I have tried quite a few well known expensive probiotics, veggie cap forms, powder to liquid, but this brand REALLY REALLY works the best and is also VERY affordable!!
I would highly recommend this product to people who is seeking some help with their gut. The results is promising!!
10/10/2018, By Cass
A little thicker than the Daily product but seems to have the same effect. Have already recommended to people and will continue to do so.
07/10/2018, By Ava
06/10/2018, By Nadia
Happy to take a liquid for instead of more pills. Well priced probiotic.
13/09/2018, By Cat
I think I have found the perfect probiotic, not my favourite thing to take but I can handle this one and I am already feeling the benefits
06/09/2018, By Wendy
I've tried many probiotics and none have treated me well. I was at the verge of giving up until I tried this one.Thank goodness I have fiy found the perfect one.
31/08/2018, By Florence
I received a sample from F2N and didn't use it because my IBS is a bit demanding. I gave it to someone whom I found out was only having a bowel movement every second week to try. I'm happy to say she had two bowel movements the first day she used it :-D She is still taking it and seems to be regular for the first time after many years :-)

Thank you ever so much!
28/08/2018, By Bree
I have been using this for a week, and I can already see the positive results; bye-bye capsule probiotics!
12/08/2018, By Ashleigh
Discovering the importance for probiotics I now make sure I take probiotics in its most natural forms on a daily basis. With this product I always have easy access to getting a dose of probiotics if I haven't been able to get from my food sources.
12/08/2018, By L
My husband loves this supplement and it's been great for his gut health. Personally I don't like the taste but my husband raves about it.
03/08/2018, By Kim
Works ok. Prefer the daily version.
30/07/2018, By M
From the first day I felt a massive difference in my body. I felt less sluggish, tired, bloated, uncomfortable and gassy. Now, after 2 weeks, I can't imagine life without it anymore....even my jeans fit better due to my tummy not being so bloated anymore. Also noticed that my feet don't swell as much during the day (especially in high heels) after I started using this.
28/07/2018, By Juliana
This product has helped my IBS tremendously. No more pain not even from my trigger foods.
20/07/2018, By Dom
Great, less bloated after a few days, I also like the sour cider type taste.
02/07/2018, By Donnaé
Not as good as other that I have used but still good. Helps a lot for indigestion and heart-burn.
01/07/2018, By AV
A little gem for your gut. I was going through a really rough patch and after taking this for 3 days I immediately felt less bloated, nausea and generally felt much better. I used this in conjunction with a tumeric supplement for the 1st two weeks but then only relied on this to keep my digestive tract feeling normal.

Taste isn't awful but will take some getting used to.
26/06/2018, By Candy
Heard great reviews about this product, so I bought it for my mom who suffers with gut problems. Hoping for positive results.
21/06/2018, By Helene
Great product. Our whole family could feel the difference this product has made to start the process of restoring our gut.
20/06/2018, By Leani
I have been struggling with being bloated after meals and my stomach making embarrassing sounds for years now. Since I've been using the gut correct I have noticed a dramatic change. I don't feel as bloated anymore and, forgive me for saying this, but my bowl movements are much more regular for a lack of a better word. Absolutely love it!
14/06/2018, By Sam
Really helps with constipation.
06/06/2018, By Nadia
It works!! Do what it says on the bottle. The taste is almost like it's got a bit of iodine in. It's very mild so even my husband has it.
24/05/2018, By Jackie
A bit disappointed really, I haven't noticed as much of a difference as I did with other brands, but then you don't need to take as much so it lasts longer.
13/05/2018, By A3meyer
After many procedures and doctors, I was finally diagnosed with IBS, which caused me incredible pain. Even though I've tried standard pharmacy probiotics and I'm following a strict diet, I still got occasional pain. Since I started taking this daily, my IBS pain has subsided, even if I eat some of my trigger foods! The taste is almost like kombucha...a bit bitter, but very bearable!
26/04/2018, By AV
My digestive system was really struggling for about a month. Cramping, flatulence, nausea and all the rest that goes with gut imbalance. I started using this along with the Solal Curcumin and after 3 days could start feeling a difference. After about two weeks almost all my symptoms including the nausea that plagued me throughout the day disappeared.

Would definitely recommend this product as it does the job and is friendly on your purse/wallet.
10/04/2018, By Honey Bunny
Excellent stuff! Worth every cent. Easy to add to smoothies after blending. Even palatable neat or in water. Will always buy this!
10/04/2018, By Elf Elfa
Good stuff! The day I didn’t take it I had the same old irritations so will keep on and hopefully restore my flora over time. Will definitely keep this on hand as a rule now. Also very well priced compared to other liquid probiotics I’ve bought.
03/04/2018, By Nick
Tastes nice and does what it says
16/03/2018, By Natanya
Been taking it for a few days and it is definitely working! Convenient to take and tastes fine.
13/03/2018, By Carina
I've had quite a problem with constipation and irregularity, but this cleared it right up. A 1l bottle lasts about a month which makes it great value for money.
14/02/2018, By Shaleen
I am a person that always suffers with constipation. I tried this product a few days ago when I was really struggling, and have noticed a great difference. I would honestly recommend thus product. The taste isn't so great, but that is to be expected.
12/02/2018, By Veganshmegan
From the first day I noticed a dramatic difference in my digestion and elimination. This is the most effective probiotic I've ever used.

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