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Cetearyl Olivate

ester of cetearyl alcohol and the fatty acids from olive oil

Cetearyl Olivate

Other Name(s):

Sorbitan Olivate; CAS# 348616-34-2; CAS# 223706-40-9

Cetearyl olivate/Sorbitan olivate are very often used together. The primary ingredients used to make these substances are olive oil, cetearyl alcohol (a natural fatty alcohol) and sorbitol (a natural sugar substitute). Cetaryl alcohol occurs naturally in coconuts amongst other things and sorbitol occurs naturally in berries.

Is Cetearyl Olivate Faithful to Nature?


Cetearyl olivate/Sorbitan olivate is a naturally derived ingredient with many benefits for skin and hair. It can be made using sustainable raw materials and is readily biodegradable.

Benefits: Why is Cetearyl Olivate Used?

Effective Emulsifier

Cetearyl olivate/Sorbitan olivate helps water-based and oil-based ingredients mix together.

Gentle Moisturiser

Cetearyl olivate/Sorbitan olivate moisturises the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. It also enhances the texture and feel of moisturisers.

Sleak Conditioner

Cetearyl olivate/Sorbitan olivate can help to detangle hair and give it a smooth slip after conditioning.

Natural Alternative

Cetearyl olivate/Sorbitan olivate is an olive oil based alternative to polyethylene glycol (PEG; made from petroleum).

Cetearyl olivate/Sorbitan olivate is used in many natural personal care products like sunscreen lotions, moisturisers, lotions and hair conditioners.

Cetearyl olivate/Sorbitan olivate is made by combining cetearyl olivate and sorbitan olivate. Cetearyl olivate is made by reacting cetearyl alcohol with olive oil fatty acids and sorbitan olivate is made by reacting sorbitol with olive oil fatty acids.

The cetearyl component of Cetearyl olivate/Sorbitan olivate may be derived from animal fats. Vegans, strict vegetarians and those looking to reduce their consumption of animal and animal byproducts may wish to avoid this ingredient unless it is certified vegan by an accredited third party organisation like the Vegan Society.

Cetearyl olivate/Sorbitan olivate is biomimetic. That means it is extremely similar to the natural oils present on human skin and hair.

Notice: The information provided here is not intended as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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