Good Life Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper

Good Life Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper
Good Life Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper
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Good Life Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper

If cayenne pepper (Capsicum minimum or Capsicum fastigiatum) is not the king of medicinal herbs it is certainly a prince among them. Its health benefits are many, varied, and are truly astonishing.

Many from around the world recount amazing results from using cayenne pepper (or capsicum as it's sometimes called) for simple healing as well in the battling and elimination of challenging health problems.

Cayenne pepper powder comes from red hot chili peppers that are not only good to eat but are great for your health. Taking it in powder form, however, is especially potent and powerful.

Where does cayenne come from? The fruit or body of the peppers are dried then ground down, pulped and baked into cakes, which are then sifted to make the spice known as cayenne pepper.

Cayenne pepper has been used for centuries as a medicinal and culinary herb and undoubtedly most just think of them as "those hot red peppers" to be used for spicing up food or to be used primarily in cooking ethnic cuisine, but it is so much more.

Much scientific research has been initiated to validate what naturopathic practitioners have known for years: It can stop heart attacks, nourish the heart with vital nutrients, remove plaque from the arteries, help rebuild flesh destroyed or harmed by frostbite, heal hemorrhoids, re-build stomach tissue, heal stomach ulcers, fortify your overall health, and mitigate the most wrenching of diseases.

It improves circulation, rebuilds blood cells, lowers cholesterol, emulsifies triglycerides, removes toxins from the bloodstream and improves overall heart health. It's even a great insect repellent.

As mentioned, it can also heal ulcers, which seems contradictory considering its native calidity or heat. It immediately equalizes blood pressure in your system, shrinks hemorrhoids, and heals the gall bladder too.

It can be used as a diuretic as well helping in elimination both with urine and with built-up fecal matter in the intestines. It has wonderful, scientifically-proven antifungal properties as well.

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Price From: R40.00

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16/08/2017, By Teresa
Boyfriend swears by the health benefits of Cayenne Pepper (Google it!), so decided I'd buy the Organic version seeing as he uses so much of the stuff - he says the taste is way better than what you buy in the shops, he's feeling healthier and I can personally smell the difference - now replacing all my spices with the Good Life Range.
01/08/2017, By Linda
Nice and hot, a little goes a long way.
19/07/2017, By Kelly
I might be biased but this one seems 10x better than others
05/07/2017, By Courtney
Best cayenne I've had
20/06/2017, By Lea
Very potent stuff - love the colour of these organic products.
01/06/2017, By Nicola
Great flavour
08/07/2015, By Joy-Anne
Our familys favourite spice, this stuff gets used on everything - we especially love it on baked potato skins. You just can compare the taste to the usual spice brands. The flavour is incredible. Top tip - a pinch of this in your cocoa is a great winter warmer.
01/07/2015, By Gillian
I love my Cayenne Pepper, can not go a day without sprinkled on my food, just a little gives such a boost of flavour and burn ;)
04/12/2014, By Jonah
Powerful stuff. Thats all I will say.
23/11/2014, By Margie
Cayenne is part of my daily routine. Try a level teaspoon in hot water with some veggie stock to lift a sinus headache. This is a particularly tasty cayenne. Permanently on my shopping list.
03/01/2014, By Jo
Absolutely, without a doubt my new favourite spice. And I put it on everything from fried eggs, to popcorn, to roast potatoes. It lasts forever too and the taste is incomparable with the average shop bought version: so much better!

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