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Good For The Ground Biodegradable Compostable Film Bags (small)

Good For The Ground Biodegradable Compostable Film Bags (small)
Good For The Ground Biodegradable Compostable Film Bags (small)
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An exciting, new and unique home packaging option is now available: Good for the Ground’s biodegradable and certified compostable film bags for kitchen and home use. Ideal in the kitchen to pack fresh vegetables, sandwiches, meat, leftover cheese or in the home to store buttons, first aid supplies and any number of other items. 

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The Good for the Ground packaging is non toxic and will not leach harmful chemicals into contents. Made from environmentally friendly material formed from starch, Good for the Ground bags are a sustainable solution to protect our resources and environment. Under controlled composting conditions they breakdown completely within 45 days, taking a little longer in landfill sites. Its unique property extends the life of fruit/vegetables and is ideal for freezing.

The crisp film of the bag "holds the fold" so you can simply fold over, and clip with a clothes peg or sticker. 10 stickers are conveniently supplied in each pack of 10 bags.

Please Note: The pack of 100 does NOT include stickers.

Winner of the Real Simple Magazine’s Green Innovations Awards in April 2008.

How are Good for the Ground Bags Made?
The Good for the Ground 30 micron bags are made from PLA (Polylactic Acid), a polymer derived from starch. This starch is derived from corn, sugar cane, straw or wood, all annually renewable resources. Unlike conventional packaging film, Good for the Ground bags are not made from petroleum, a finite fossil. In fact the whole production process reduces the use of fossil fuels. PLA film is derived from annually renewable resource, plant material, which gets its energy from the sun and carbon dioxide, from the air. The film is produced in France and imported into South Africa where the bags are made. The sleeves, sleeve design, packing and distribution is all done in South Africa so this is a 90% proudly South African product.

Good for the Ground and the Environment
PLA is fully compostable. In a correctly managed composting conditions (at 58ºC) PLA turns into water, and carbon dioxide, in just 45 days. PLA degrades twice as fast as newspaper and three times as fast as regenerated cellulose film and wood. Conventional petroleum-based plastics do not decompose at all. While CO2 is emitted during breakdown this is partially offset by the CO2 removed by the growth of the starch ingredient used to make PLA.

Good for the Ground film is certified as compostable by the European standard Din Certco (Reg No 7P0043, 7P0080, 7P0079)

Composting Logo is Internationally Recognised.
Waste management is part of our everyday life and Good for the Ground bags make this process feel less ‘wasteful’. Either put into your own compost heap, or even better encourage your local municipality to set up compost facility, thereby providing an alternative means of managing municipal solid waste.

Food Safety
Good for the Ground bags are physiologically harmless and non-toxic to humans and animals. The film is manufactured from materials that comply with the EC lists of approved Ingredients, the US FDA food contact regulations and the food contact regulations of most countries around the world where such regulations are in force.

Good for the ground is an attractive alternative:

  • Can be used in the freezer
  • Water vapour permeability to keep bread and pastries crisp
  • Can be heat sealed
  • Extends the shelf life of fresh products by several days
  • Resistant to oil, fat and Alcohol
  • ‘Breathability’ for keeping salads fresh
  • Aroma barrier keeps taste in
  • Dead-fold properties make it easy to seal
  • Good twistability for wrapping sweets

Food Ideas
Bread, vegetables, fruit, cheese, sweet wrappings, dried goods

Office Ideas
Magazine covers, window envelopes, overhead films, document sleeves

Other Ideas
Wrapping for flowers, soaps, candles, gift bags

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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 22 reviews

21 out of 22 people would recommend this product

10/02/2021, By VERONICA
Just great. Small size but just perfect for freezing or storing small things.
14/12/2020, By Rowena
Really handy little bag that are composable! Good for the earth
09/12/2020, By Jenna
Works well. Fits about half a slice of bread
01/10/2020, By Nicky
Very good product. Can now store and freeze food without guilt of using plastic!
27/07/2020, By Ocean
Up to scratch
08/06/2020, By Goodness
Better option
28/05/2020, By Rock
Nice size
14/04/2020, By Lou
Great quality and even better for the environment.
17/01/2020, By Support
Eco friendly
17/11/2019, By Lorindi
So much happier knowing you have a part in saving the planet. Love the stickers!
17/11/2019, By Lorindi
So much happier knowing you have a part in saving the planet. Love the stickers!
24/06/2019, By Elizna
Using it for frozen food and composting afterwards - very nice!
03/06/2019, By Sue
I must admit that I was expecting something a bit softer than this, something that resembled a bit plastic wrap. It's more of a firm plastic, but will still be very useful. So glad to make the switch over to biodegradable products.
08/04/2019, By P r
Being PLA, not sure that this product is suitable for home composts.
19/01/2019, By Gabriella
Very crisp sturdy bags! Isn't affected by the moisture of the food kept inside and lasts well in the fridge.
13/12/2018, By Megan
Really worthwhile product that does what it says. Can even use as packaging for homemade biscuits etc as gifts. Comes with sticker to close.
08/05/2018, By Tracey
Love these bags and that they can be chucked in my composter with my veggie trimmings
03/01/2018, By Clare
These bags are amazing! They keep all sorts of foods fresh and crisp and don't get affected by the moisture in the fridge at all. So happy!
30/10/2017, By llika
Perfect for wrapping leftovers/takeaways. But would really like to use them to buy groceries and take out garbage.
02/10/2017, By Bandi
I ordered “small bags” but exact dimensions
weren’t mentioned. The illustration is helpful but wasn’t on website at the time I ordered.
30/09/2017, By Jolandi
Looks and feels exactly like cellophane bags! Super cool! I'm looking forward to different sizes and types - bigger bags or some similar to "Zip Lock" bags would be great.
23/08/2017, By Tracey
These bags are great, being a composter freak its perfect

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