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Feelgood Health Kiddies Sleepy Sprinkles

Feelgood Health Kiddies Sleepy Sprinkles

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Feelgood Health Kiddies Sleepy Sprinkles
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Sleepy Sprinkles has been specifically formulated for newborns up to twelve months of age, but can be safely given to toddlers and older children alike. Together with a regular sleep routine, consistent night time rituals and ensuring a loving environment, Sleepy Sprinkles can support healthy sleep in newborns and infants. Sleepy Sprinkles is a safe and effective 100% homeopathic remedy that comes in an easy to administer form consisting of tiny granules that are simply sprinkled directly into the mouth where they dissolve easily to quickly help your baby drift off into peaceful slumber while restoring peace in your home once more.

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Natural, safe and effective homeopathic remedy to relax babies and support peaceful sleep

Use Sleepy Sprinkles as a natural remedy to:

  • Gently and effectively soothe and calm babies into peaceful slumber without the risk of synthetic drugs
  • Assist with sleep problems caused by teething and colic
  • Help babies feel relaxed and more secure in their immediate surroundings
  • Help establish healthy, regular sleeping patterns

Sleeping patterns in newborns

If there is one thing newborns have in common it's that they sleep, a lot! Most babies can sleep up to 18 hours a day during the first few weeks and about 15 hours a day by the time they reach their third month. At this stage babies are very light sleepers and need to feed regularly, so will usually only sleep three to four hours in one go, any time of the day or night. So for parents it's usually saying goodbye to regular sleeping hours! However, letting babies follow their own sleep cycle at this stage is an essential phase for their development.

For most parents those first few months are a marked by a lot of disrupted sleep! Luckily by around four months, parents can start enjoying longer sleeps as their baby begins to develop a more regular sleeping pattern as their digestive systems mature and they begin to fall into a routine. By four months babies are able to sleep longer during the night (which generally means a stretch of 8 – 12 hours). While this can come as a welcome relief, don’t be alarmed if your baby initially sleeps like a dream – and then starts waking at night again!

Remember that each baby and each family is different. Some babies sleep through the night from an early age and seem to be able to fall asleep by themselves just like clockwork! Others are still needing to be rocked to sleep and wake up in the middle of the night, causing great exhaustion in their parents, who often feel that they must be doing ‘something wrong’.

Sleepy Sprinkles is free of gluten, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and contains the following proven homeopathic remedies in baby-safe strengths:

Aconite (C30) – a proven homeopathic remedy to soothe anxiety, fretfulness and restlessness.

Cina (C6) – Cina works well for babies that are irritable, 'touchy' and tend to have temper tantrums at bedtime and who often twitch, toss and turn in their sleep.

Chamomilla (C6) – this is a well-known on-the-spot homeopathic remedy used for its soothing and calming properties. Not only is Chamomilla beneficial for inducing drowsiness safely in newborns, it is also effective in calming digestive upsets and colic, soothing teething babies and alleviating feelings of separation anxiety.

Pulsatilla (C6) – is an important nerve relaxant with well-known calming and soothing properties. This homeopathic ingredient is particularly beneficial for fretful, restless and anxious babies that struggle to fall asleep.


Sprinkle a small pinch of Sleepy Sprinkles directly into your baby's mouth 5 minutes before bedtime or during the night if baby wakes up and fusses. May be repeated after 15 minutes if necessary or during the night for up to 5 doses. For toddlers older than 1 year old, see DuDu Drops.


Always consult a health professional if you are concerned or need advice about your baby’s health. Keep this and all medicines out of reach of children.


Active ingredients: Aconite (30C), Cina (6C), Chamomilla (6C), Pulsatilla (6C). Inactive ingredient: Sucrose

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Overall Rating
3.5 out of 5 stars from 15 reviews

12 out of 15 people would recommend this product

06/07/2021, By Jacques
Works great. Its Magic!!! Tried a week without it and then a week with it. Works like a charm. Fantastic product indeed.
16/04/2021, By Darcy
It really worked for my LO, cut out that crankiness before bed time especially with the teething stages.
29/03/2021, By Ray
Works well at times and some nights doesnt but happy with the product
21/02/2021, By Kagiso
I tried it for days on my 6 week old who struggles to sleep and it did not work at all. The little pellets are actually not safe for small babies as my son on 2 occasions choked on them so I stopped using them the 2nd time that happened, which was about 8 days in. For me it was a let down
16/12/2020, By saara
For us it didn't make much of a difference, baby maybe falls asleep a bit easier but he doesn't sleep longer or better. He fights sleep alot so the sprinkles calms him a little to fall asleep. He still wakes every 2 hours during the night and naps max 45 minutes during the day
03/01/2020, By Shans
Love it! Works brilliantly!
20/03/2019, By Sylma
Have only used it once and my baby seemed to not mid taking it. Love that it is a homeopathic product.
10/03/2019, By S
Unfortunately the product did not work for us. Used it from 8 months and Baby girl is 10 monthes and still wakes up frequently during night. There was no difference. It was also a mission to get the sprinkle in her mouth.
28/11/2018, By Pollie
Haven't noticed much of a difference in my lb's sleep. He is 11 weeks and still wakes up a ton at night. Will keep trying though
12/11/2018, By Cara
In our case the sprinkles work very well. My daughter tends to fight sleep quite a bit and at her afternoon nap time she can be very difficult which makes the rest of the evening difficult. With the sprinkles she naps perfectly! I have also used them a few times at night and they work well.
21/09/2018, By Roksie
I got my sprinkles the day I was going to pierce my babies ears..I must say I’m very happy with the product! She was always so fussy I was even scared that now that we pierced her ears we won’t sleep at all! But guess what? My baby slept through the night
18/09/2018, By Cesca
I used these recently after a long haul overseas trip on my 8 month old and he did calm after having them. They tend to be in my emergency arsenal when nothing else works.
06/08/2018, By Lourensia
My baby is 9 months old and unfortunately, I can't say that I noticed any difference.
13/11/2017, By Monica
Works like a charm within 20 minutes on my littlie. Highly recommend them
13/08/2017, By Annette
We find it takes 2 (sometimes 3) doses to work. One just before bedtime and then another 15 to 30 minutes later. Baby is almost a year old now, so we will definitely try the drops next time

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