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Earthsap Pomegranate & Soy Shampoo

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Earthsap Pomegranate & Soy Shampoo
Earthsap Pomegranate & Soy Shampoo
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  • 250ml
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Whether you have a bob, a beehive or a buzz cut, this nourishing all-natural shampoo will give you a healthy head of hair. The key to this shampoo is that it works not only on your hair, but right down to the follicles and scalp as well. Pomegranate and soy protein help to repair the hair, while calendula oil and coconut extract restore that much-needed moisture. Gentle, cleansing and 100% non-toxic, this pomegranate and soy shampoo blend from Earthsap is perfect for dry to normal hair.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.
  • Pomegranate strengthens your hair follicles giving, you lustrous locks.
  • Soy protein nourishes the hair and encourages growth.
  • Calendula cares for dry, brittle hair that’s been damaged due to colouring.
  • No synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine or bleaches used.
  • No animals were harmed to make this product.
  • 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • Suitable for dry to normal hair.

Earthsap’s whole range is affordable and easy to make a part of your daily routine, ideal for those who are new to natural products. Developed by microbiologists using the very best natural Ingredients, Earthsap products are safe for your family and won’t pollute your planet.

Purified water, decyl & Lauryl Glucoside from coconuts, soy protein, coco betaine, wheat protein, Vegetable Glycerine, Olive Oil, Pomegranate oil, Lemon Oil, Citric Acid, Ascorbic acid.

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Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 166 reviews

154 out of 166 people would recommend this product

07/10/2023, By Colette
It makes nice foam and works well. Smells nice to
29/09/2023, By Colette
I love the smell and it is a great product so it's a win win
08/09/2023, By Linda
Great product, smells lovely
02/03/2022, By Anne
Does not dry out hair and has a slight fragrance. I enjoy this product.
28/04/2021, By Tasja
Smells lovely but pricey for 250ml
22/04/2021, By Stella
Love this shampoo, my thick, curly hair responds well to it
14/03/2021, By LADY BK
Seems like it's more for normal hair. Didn't do a thing for my daughters dry hair.
23/02/2021, By Sunanri
Smells nice, but have to use a lot for curly long hair. Wouldn't recommend if you need to blow out the curls as it still looks oily.
21/02/2021, By Maegan
Love the smell and it gets nice and foamy in your hair when you wash it. You need to use a little more than you would a non-natuarl shampoo, but I've bought it mnay times over :)
22/01/2021, By Nicole
20/01/2021, By Tash
Dit ruik lekker, my hare voel skoon. Ek sal dit beslis weer koop
13/01/2021, By Maureen
Well priced and vegan. Works well on my coloured hair. Have tried other more expensive brands but always come back to this one! Use with the matching conditioner.
26/12/2020, By Larissa
This product smells great! I love that it doesn't contain any nasty chemicals.
23/12/2020, By Erica
Leaves my hair feeling soft without being dry. For longer thick hair you do need to use a lot of product for one use to make it lather properly. I enjoy the fresh smell.
14/12/2020, By Bianca
No nasty chemicals and works really well for my hair. non-drying like store bought shampoo.
11/12/2020, By San
You have to use ALOT to wash your hair. I have long hair and it works to clean my hair but doesn't make it shiny. It really depends on your hair. Do love that it has no nasty chemicals in it.
10/12/2020, By Thea
Works perfectly for my oily hair, but doesn’t dry it out! My hair feels so soft afterwards & it smells great! I just love the whole range of natural products that earthsap offers!
30/11/2020, By Sonja
24/11/2020, By V
Using it for curly hair (more on the dry side), nice moisturised finish and great smell!
14/11/2020, By Aniline
09/10/2020, By Loli
I am extremely happy with this shampoo! I have used the Earthsap brand of shampoo before - it never disappoints. My hair is soft and healthy.
07/10/2020, By Kirsty
Best shampoo - cleans my hair and leaves it with volume and a ovely bounce.
26/09/2020, By Megan
I have tried different variations of this brands shampoos and for my curly and dry hair this is the perfect shampoo. It's helps keep it healthy and the bottle lasts longer as you don't have to use as much as normal products, in order to get that clean and refreshed feeling.
17/09/2020, By Emma
Gentle and natural shampoo that leaves hair smelling and feeling amazing
17/09/2020, By Emma
Gentle and natural shampoo that leaves hair smelling and feeling amazing
21/08/2020, By Riro
I found the shampoo to be very drying on my natural hair
21/07/2020, By Wilanies
Used it only once on my long thin hair and my hair felt squeaky clean, almost like a soap with no residue. Did not have to use a lot of product as with previous natural shampoos and love the subtly fragrance. Followed with the Earth sap pomegranate and soy conditioner which I will recommend just to detangle and make hair soft again. Will edit review once I have used it more frequently.
16/07/2020, By Nicky
Doesn't work well for my hair. Feels like straw the second it goes on and I can't easily get my fingers through it. I have thick dry curly hair. It doesnt mean it's bad, there's no such thing as a shampoo.thats perfect for every head! I love the matching conditioner.
14/07/2020, By Su
Lathers very well, only need a little, lasts really long.
30/06/2020, By Maureen
Very happy with this product and buy it regularly. Well priced and vegan. Why pay more?
16/06/2020, By Victoria
Love this product. It doesn’t strip your hair or leave any residue. After watching Toxic Beauty, I’m gradually going to move over to natural products for everything.
14/06/2020, By Christina
Been using this shampoo for over a year now and won't ever change back to normal shampoo.
15/05/2020, By Leeanne
Lovely refreshing shampoo. I'm prone to psoriasis on my scalp if I'm not careful, and I've been using this brand for about 2 years now, including the one with tea tree oil, and the conditioners, and not a problem for my skin at all :) Love it!
14/05/2020, By Robin
I absolutely love this shampoo! I was struggling with dry and itchy scalp, but ever since using it, I haven't had any problems with my scalp since. Also smells great and gives my hair lots of shine and body. Can highly recommend it! Just wish it came in bigger bottles
09/05/2020, By Real
Leaves your hair feeling nice and relaxed
08/05/2020, By richard
big fan
26/04/2020, By Candy
30/03/2020, By Caron
I love the smell. It dries my hair a bit, but it's fine if I follow up with a conditioner. Cleans very well
22/02/2020, By Eco
Top stuff
19/02/2020, By BiB
This is an excellent choice if you have chemically treated hair as it will help retain the colour.
14/02/2020, By Concerned
Too good
13/02/2020, By Sandy
I like Earthsap's shampoos and conditioners. This is the second one I have tried - works well!
30/01/2020, By Maja
Been using it for years. Perfect for me.
19/01/2020, By Aid
Job done
04/01/2020, By Lebo
The best in hair washing products.
21/11/2019, By Zonelle
The only shower gel I use these days. Affordable and lovely!
16/11/2019, By Zakiyah
I love Earthsap's range of shampoos. The only downfall is that when I use it consistently, I notice it tends to dry out my scalp. I also have to use it with a conditioner, otherwise my hair tangles easily. Lastly, it doesn't lather very well, but I guess that's because it's sulphate-free. Still a winner in my books!
11/11/2019, By Natascha
Foams well, lasts long, smells great and gentle on my hair. I'm a fan of all Earthsap products!
23/09/2019, By Catherina
I received a sample with a previous order. Lovely shampoo that left my hair clean,soft and fresh smelling. Will definitely reccomend.
16/09/2019, By Melis C
I have a very sensitive scalp, loved that this didn't cause a reaction, no sensitivity or itchiness.
11/09/2019, By Amelia
Our family loves this Shampoo.
04/09/2019, By Jamie-lee
Very cleansing, needs to go with a heavy conditioner if you have dry frizzy hair.
11/08/2019, By Jacqueline
Smells amazing and cleans hair, a warning even though it says for dry to normal hair can be a bit drying
07/08/2019, By Andrea
I bourght the dry hair option for my kids and the oily hair for myself ; I love this product range . My daughters frizzy hair calmed down and is more shiny . My oily hair became less oily . Feels so natural and smells good . After using mine got over a month though it has stopped being so good at reducing my oily ness . Perhaps ones body gets used to it .
06/08/2019, By Michelle
Having used Africa Organics for a year I felt my hair was a bit dry so bought this combo. It is terrible, my hair is like straw with in 1 wash. After shampooing my hair squeaks and already feels like straw. Even when i left in the conditioner it made no difference. It has not got any better and my styling mousse does not hold my curl at all. I am going back to Africa Organics Baobab, after 1 wash my hair is better. I have fine, a bit frizzy, curly blonde hair.
29/07/2019, By G
This product is amazing, leaves my hair feeling nice and clean while providing a good shine and volume. The shampoo goes a long way.
18/07/2019, By Neo
chemicals free hair shampoos are not for my hair type. i have tried several of them without any success. maybe its good maybe its not. im blaming my hair type, LOL!!
14/07/2019, By JD
While I don't have complaints about my hair, I had to use boatloads of it to feel like it's doing the job, and even then it still didn't lather. I'll try something else next. I liked the fragrance, though.
12/07/2019, By Andrie
Good for the earth so good for me. Does what it is supposed to do and I love the fragrance
03/07/2019, By Kyle
Not as moisturising as I was hoping. I prefer the tea tree shampoo in from this brand.
30/06/2019, By Ahmed
Bought it for my daughter. Seems to leave her hair with a shine. Better than a previous product that I purchased.
17/06/2019, By EJ
Like this product and use it and the lavender variant for my kids hair. Cleans nicely and gently without leaving the hair dry. Great value for money as far as natural shampoos go!!
22/05/2019, By Steph
Loved the feel + look of my hair after the first wash. My hair is mostly grey and the shine was amazing. BUT i found out that I'm allergic to Soy so my scalp reacted badly , very itchy. But if that didnt happen i would definitely use this product. Disappointing that the whole range has soy protein so cant use at all. But will definitely recommend to others
17/05/2019, By Retha
To me it is perfect for a shampoo. I have very long hair, but I don't need to use a lot it to cover my hair. It also rinses away easily and my hair feels clean afterwards.
15/05/2019, By Amanda
Glad to hear it worked well for most people but it was not great for me. I had to use a lot and it does not foam well.

I will not purchase again as it's not value for money.
14/05/2019, By Carly
It works so well. I used it liberally and it lasted like 5 months. And my invincibility. Ask all the bleach.
24/04/2019, By RM
Love this range. I just wish you could buy in bigger bottles!
25/03/2019, By Cat
I have a sensitive scalp and most products irritate my skin, cause dryness and itching. I have tried a LOT of products over the years. Earthsap is fantastic and very fairly priced too. No more dry and itchy scalp!
25/03/2019, By LJP
Love this shampoo!
26/02/2019, By Carmen
Pricey but one of the better products I tried out.
17/02/2019, By UmmHurayra
Nice product however had to use a lot to clean hair
04/02/2019, By Kirsten
Love the Earthsap range. New to the shampoos but love the way it makes my hair shine and feel weightless.
03/02/2019, By Wium
Great shampoo. Has a fresh smell to it.
27/01/2019, By Sonja
Lathers well, and smells great. Provides enough moisture, but doesn't leave my hair oily.
25/01/2019, By Maureen
This is now my go-to shampoo along with the matching conditioner. Good value for money, doesn't dry my tinted hair out and I use very little each time.
04/01/2019, By J
Not so fond of the smell but it works wonderfully!
03/01/2019, By Carly
It smells amazing. My hair feels amazing. Its light and fluffy and I can promise you it has none of those chemicals you find in shampoo's in store. It feels natural and I have no problem with dandruff. Because it contains no sodium chloride, which can often cause that. It cleans without stripping my hair of its natural oils. The shampoo does exactly what it's suppose to do. The rest is up to your life style and hair treatment.
27/12/2018, By Charmaine
I think I repurchased this shampoo 4 times. My 4a/b hair won't accept any other shampoo on this earth.

Please don't discontinue it.
26/11/2018, By Verity
Doesn't lather at all and takes a lot of product to feel effective.
04/11/2018, By Sonja
Pleasant scent, and leaves my hair soft.
27/10/2018, By Phyllis
Washes well and works for dry hair as well as leaveing the hair soft. I have no skin irritation with this shampoo like I do with store bought products. The whole range is good.
08/10/2018, By Sasha-lee
I was looking to change from chemical to green but having thick,curly hair I was a bit nervous. I love the fresh fragrance but I do find to get a good lather you need to wash twice. It was also assisted me with my dry scalp problem.
02/10/2018, By Kelly
A good shampoo which cleans well, but leaves my hair feeling slightly dried out.
23/09/2018, By Kasia
Leaves my hair feeling soft and clean without the heaviness of store-bought shampoo. It smells amazing too!
11/09/2018, By Marzy
This shampoo is the shampoo I have been looking for my whole life! It is absolutely amazing and works on my usually oily hair. I also do not have to wash so often and it does not dry out my scalp.
It smells wonderful and feels amazing. Do it, just try it - chances are you will love it too.
07/09/2018, By Elmo
I love that this is a toxic free product and it makes foam, it also makes my hair feel great, soft and lively. Smell is fantastic
02/09/2018, By Vina
Shampoo smells lovely, gives good foam (unlike most natural shampoos) and my hair feels clean and light. Seems good at removing product build up. This is now my new regular shampoo.
28/08/2018, By Taryn
I had really high hopes for this shampoo as I love most of the Earthsap products, but it is definitely not for dry hair. It made my hair feel like straw. I used it in combination with the matching conditioner (which is lovely) but I would not use this again.
20/08/2018, By J
I purchased this because of the good reviews; it was my first foray into natural shampoo. It smells nice and I'm delighted it works for lots of people.

My long, thin, straight, oily hair didn't do well with this shampoo. It was difficult to work the shampoo into my hair, and it after each wash it would be tangled and straw-like. The conditioner helped, but the result still wasn't good.

But try it for yourself, different things work for different people. It's good for body wash if not for shampoo. :)
16/08/2018, By Joy Christine
I've been looking for natural hair products that is Paraben free and good for colored hair. The shampoo and conditioner has lovely scent. It lathers well and leaves the hair soft and clean.
08/08/2018, By Carmen
This product has a lovely smell and is super refreshing. The Earthsap range is very affordable and works well!
05/08/2018, By Julie
I like this shampoo and conditioner because its totally natural, its great value for money and it works. The shampoo lathers well for a natural shampoo and it cleans well. The scent is not over powering. Our whole family use it.
02/08/2018, By Dani
It's a really great shampoo - cleans well & smells great. I will definitely buy it again.
26/07/2018, By Hemisha
I love this product - smells great and does the job. The only problem is traveling with the bottle as mine often leaks if not kept upright.
25/07/2018, By Liz
I've tried numerous organic & paraben free shampoos and conditioners over the years and this one is the best so far. The shampoo foams well and leaves the hair clean. The conditioner leaves my hair soft and tangle free.
22/06/2018, By Ria
Hair feels healthy and smells amazing
26/05/2018, By Michaela
I love this shampoo and its subtle scent, which does't linger after my hair is dry. My hair feels squeaky clean after using, however I'm not sure whether it is this shampoo or the pomegranate and soy conditioner that leaves my hair quite greasy once dry. Although my hair is definitely more dry than normal (and the shampoo and conditioner is for normal/dry hair types) Ive used it twice now and tried to wash the conditioner out thoroughly but was still left with an oily residue once dry.
20/05/2018, By Madelein
Love the smell. I have thick hair so need quite a bit to have a nice foaming effect.
03/04/2018, By Eureka
First shampoo not foaming, but second application very very much, will use less next time. Loved it
14/03/2018, By Claire
Very happy with this product. Cleans well. Leaves hair smelling fresh and looking clean, shiny and soft. A little goes a long way. Have found I only need to wash my hair once a week now since using this shampoo.
05/03/2018, By Nero
Hair feels amazing after using it, it makes me realize how harmful commercial shampoos can be. I give it 4 stars as I find it does not foam up much.
05/03/2018, By Julie
Out of all the natural shampoos, I like this best because it lathers well and it has a nice subtle fragrance. And its a good value for money option.
05/03/2018, By David
I love Earthsap products, and this shampoo is no exception. Lathers up nicely. Leaves hair feeling soft and smelling lovely
02/03/2018, By Amy
Firstly, this is a lot more expensive than your normal drug-store brands. BUT it is organic and smells great. (Although my hair doesn't have a smell when it dries)... anyway it has kept my hair clean and works well. My hair is naturally good and low maintenance though.
16/02/2018, By Caron
Did its job but nothing to write home about.
30/01/2018, By Gilly
Delighted to have found this product together with its matching conditioner. It's a real treat and I will definitely recommend it to friends.
29/01/2018, By Lady Bug
Has a drying effect but smells lovely. Not great for dandruff prone scalp.
25/01/2018, By Phyllis
Lovely shampoo. Lathers well and rinses out living hair soft and manageable
11/01/2018, By Cobus
Smells great and leaves hair soft and full of life. You don't need to wash your as often after using Earthsap shampoos and conditioners. a Friend of mine used this a few times and had the same opinion. Love it!!!
27/12/2017, By Mandy
Lovely shampoo! Smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling full of moisture.
24/11/2017, By Cobus
Loved it. Leaves hair soft and clean. Must have
27/10/2017, By Sabi
A great shampoo with an awesome smell
22/10/2017, By Leeanne
My husband liked this shampoo. It has a nice smell and is very moisturizing
22/10/2017, By Lee
My favorite one of all the natural shampoos! Smells amazing and leaves my hair soft and clean. love it!!!
22/10/2017, By Presha
works perfectly. i have naturally soft and straight hair so i do not use conditioner (only about once every few months) so this shampoo is perfect all on its own.
04/10/2017, By Jessica
Excellent shampoo! I have been using this shampoo for two years and have convinced my friends to start buying it too -we love it. It has a nice gentle smell and washes hair well. What more do you need! Also, it's local!
14/09/2017, By Meagen
Tried this product first at a friends house and immediately felt my hair feel lighter! Pleasant smell and the fact that its environmentally friendly makes me so happy to keep using this and similar products!
10/09/2017, By Bronwen
Smells delicious and leaves hair tangle free!
09/08/2017, By Elna
I started using the shampoo and conditioner a short while ago and can honestly say that it is an amazing product. My hair feels soft, healthy and conditioned.
08/08/2017, By Nickola
I have fine and dry hair and this product works well for my hair type. It leaves it clean and soft, yet not limp. It smells fantastic but it does not leave a strong scent in your hair. (I use it with the conditioner)
31/07/2017, By Ginny
I have been using Earthsap shampoo for a few years now, and with curly wild hair I at last feel that I have found a natural product tha leaves my hair feeling soft and clean.
23/06/2017, By Gaby
Great shampoo, lathers well on the hair and great smell. however I find that my hair gets oily quicker than before. I am going to buy the Lavender one to try it out.
26/05/2017, By Kelly
i have long thick curly hair and i cant say enough good things about this shampoo. its not hard to wash out and it leaves my hair shiny af
11/03/2017, By Taryn
This shampoo lathers well and leaves my thick dry hair, shiny and moisturised. Reasonably priced as well. Love the fact that only natural oils are used to fragrance the shampoo.
09/01/2017, By Steph
This shampoo made my hair grow really fast. It smells lovely but leaves no smell behind once hair has been rinsed. It did cleanse quite well but sometimes found that my hair was a bit oily still close to the scalp in some places.
18/12/2016, By Anet
The shampoo smells nice but unfortunately made my already dry hair drier still. It also dried my 8-year old daughters long hair, leaving it brittle and tangled. Even after using the conditioner. It seemed to also remove the colour from my hair... Never again.
25/11/2016, By Yolanda
Thank you so much for the product. I both mine at pick and pay. Today when I washed my hair it had a lot of oil on because of a mask washing my hair there was no foam it was runny I never though it would clean my hair from the oil. I love it my hair is still soft for bleached hair.
26/09/2016, By AROONA
I unfortunately did not have a good experience. I found this shampoo to be rather
unny and did not give enough lather. I would rather stick the Sugar beet shampoo.
22/09/2016, By VanessaL
It cleans my hair very well. Even though I have very long hair, I don have to use more than about two teaspoons per wash. It doesn lather that much, but Ive convinced myself that it doesn matter, because my hair always ends up clean. I figure the crazy lather from usual shampoos is helped on by weird chemicals. So Ive made peace with the less lather, but like I said, it cleans my hair with just one wash.
24/08/2016, By Elzane
Bought the conditioner as well - helped a lot with eczema.
Will buy this product again.
18/08/2016, By Maureen
I had previously ordered another more expensive shampoo and matching conditioner from F2N and was not particularly impressed with them. I thought I would try this brand and I am very happy that I did. Hair in improved condition, I am only using a small amount and I will be buying it again. Also bought the matching conditioner.
12/07/2016, By Seqel
Initially I was skeptical because it hardly lathered and my hair felt rubbery and dry in the water, but when used in conjunction with the conditioner, my hair has never felt as soft and full of body. Second time I washed it, it lathered really well. Use a tiny amount now as my hair ends up oily if I soak it in conditioner and my hair is so dry and damaged from dye. Frizz also became minimal .Highly recommended.
07/07/2016, By Olivia
This shampoo has done wonders for our family. Our hair feels and looks amazing. Our hair grew faster than ever before and we all agree it must be the shampoo.
30/06/2016, By Shelley
I love this shampoo. It not only smells incredible, but it does not dry out my hair or scalp. It is one of the best natural shampoos I have tried and it is not bad value for money.
09/05/2016, By Mia
I have enjoyed using this product but found I was getting itchy scalp. When i reviewed the ingrediants list i see it has wheat protein. I am gluten intolerant and would recommend that you place a warning on the shampoo that this product can disagree with those with a wheat allergy.

i have had to change products since.
21/03/2016, By nessa
Initially shampoo does not lather much however after 2 washes lathers well and smells great. Works beautifully for my daughters hair.highly recommended
30/12/2015, By Tanya
I bought this and the matching conditioner. It lathers really well and you don have to use too much. I will definitely buy this combination again,
24/11/2015, By Carla
Enjoy the smell. Leaves my hair feeling clean light :)
10/09/2015, By Johan
I love the smell and feel of the shampoo but after using it my scalp feels a little dry. Will be trying another one in the range, maybe this one isn for me
07/09/2015, By Esme
After having used this shampoo (and its equivalent conditioner) for a couple of months, my hair gets fewer split ends than with other, conventional products. Even though my hair is soft, shiny and healthy, this product is not so effective for frizz-control (I live next to the ocean). I also find that I have to wash my hair twice in a row and twice as often to get (and keep) my hair really clean.
01/08/2015, By Danelle
Amazing! I have thick, wavy hair. Left my hair feeling soft and manageable. Would definitely purchase again... Plus its chemical free!
24/06/2015, By Pamela
This is a great shampoo, I have type 4b natural hair so i was looking for something sulfate free, that wouldn dry my hair out. This shampoo cleans really well and lathers well. Left my hair soft, even before putting in the conditioner. Will definitely purchase again.
15/06/2015, By Zeena
Product. My hair feels clean and soft and is more manageable and it lathers well.
11/06/2015, By Angelique
By far the best shampoo - and Ive tried many! Im also very happy that its an animal cruelty-free product. It leaves my hair feeling soft, manageable and shiny. Great for sensitive scalps.
10/06/2015, By Sam
We have been using this product along with the conditioner for a number of years and it is an absolutely MUST in our house. It smells lovely, foams well and leaves your hair clean and healthy. Another great Earthsap product :)
30/05/2015, By Rachael
Firstly, the scent is amazingly fresh and fruity! With other green shampoos my hair has felt very dry once rinsed and I have always felt like I had to use conditioner afterwards. I didn get that dry feeling with this one (although I did still use the conditioner). A little amount lathered up lovely. Will definitely buy again.
22/04/2015, By Gaby
Lovely product. Left my hair feeling better than it has for years!
18/04/2015, By Nici
Of all their shampoos I like this one the most. It smells divine and foams perfectly, leaving my hair clean and soft and smelling awesome.
07/04/2015, By Anva
I have been on a search to find a suitable natural shampoo for the last 2 years and while this one wasnt perfect, it would be my second best go to shampoo. i bought the soy and pomegranate conditioner as well. I have fine but curly hair prone to frizz and breakage so it was quite a challenge. This product left my hair clean and soft but with a sticky residue that no amount of rinsing can get out.
25/02/2015, By Chantell
loved the smell
Foams wonderful
Leaves hair squeaky clean

Would recommend to use with conditioner and not just shampoo.
03/02/2015, By Marlize
Love this shampoo, lathers really well, makes my hair and scalp feel clean and fresh. Love the smell and texture. Packaging is a little drab, but its just packaging... Note: You have to use the conditioner along with the shampoo. The shampoo alone leaves the hair feeling dry and tangled. The conditioner and shampoo combo works great together.
03/01/2015, By Mika
Works great for my dry, curly hair. No complaints :)
24/11/2014, By Nelle
My hair feels sqeaky clean and nourished after I use it
28/05/2014, By Amber
Really like this shampoo, smells great leaves my hair clean even though it doesn foam up a lot, but it does foam a bit. Have been using it for 2 weeks, my blonde hair does seem to be slightly greasy the next day but I might just need to get used to it or use more or wash twice, I will experiment and see
23/05/2014, By Viana
This version didn work so well for me. I much prefer the lavender sugar beet or tea tree version.
31/03/2014, By Rhianne
I purchased the Shampoo and conditioner almost a week ago and cannot believe the difference it has made to my hair. My hair is so light, clean ,shiny and more volume as well. best shampoo and conditioner ever. Thank you.
13/08/2013, By Leeanne
LOVE LOVE this shampoo. It smells great and leaves my hair feeling clean and soft.
12/12/2011, By Ronel
Love this shampoo. Will be using it regularly.
06/12/2011, By Su-Ann
This shampoo adds great shine to hair. However, it is very watery and I would rather pay more for a more concentrated product - I am going through too many plastic bottles with this one.
05/12/2011, By debi
i find this shampoo a little runny. i lose some of it between my fingers before i get a chance to get it onto my head. love the smell and the results that it gives though.
02/10/2011, By Anel
I have quite dry and curly hair and used to use quite expensive shampoos and conditioners to keep my hair healthy. I decided to give this Earthsap Pomegranate and Soy Shampoo and Conditioner a try... and I'm never looking back. My hair feels light, fresh and soft. It foams a little (just enough to help with the washing), and smells divine.
26/06/2011, By Cathy
I love this Shampoo! Very fresh and clean smelling and lathers well, have ordered it again as I don't want to run out....
19/06/2011, By Jolette
I loved this shampoo & conditioner. My hair is shiny, silky and bouncy and I quite like the fresh smell. I've gotten so used to the clean fragrances of organic products that drugstore products are starting to smell much too sweet and synthetic to me. The consistency is slightly thin, but it does foam and clean nicely. I will be buying this again. The conditioner is also very nice.
09/04/2011, By Liesl
Cleans gently with a lovely lather. I am impressed! I wash my body with it too!
27/03/2011, By leisl
I agree - lovely shampoo but much too runny!
04/02/2011, By Heather
Great shampoo, the best chemical free shampoo I've tried. I use it with pomegranate conditioner. My hair type is normal.

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