Earthsap Lavender & Sugar Beet Shampoo

Earthsap Lavender & Sugar Beet Shampoo
Earthsap Lavender & Sugar Beet Shampoo
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This is a gentle but very effective natural shampoo that will strengthen and repair your hair. Made with restorative soy protein and sugarbeet, which is packed with nutrients that promote healthy hair growth, it’s a simply heavenly combination. Lavender oil helps your hair to grow, plus there’s some rosemary and wheat germ in the mix too, to keep your hair supple and healthy. This natural Earthsap shampoo forms a luxurious lather to rival any commercial shampoo, but rest assured it’s 100% non-toxic with no SLS or synthetic ingredients. Suitable for all hair types.


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  • Sugarbeet (beetroot) contains protein, calcium and vitamin B and C, which promote the health of your hair and scalp.
  • Lavender stimulates hair growth.
  • Rosemary soothes dry, flaky scalps.
  • Wheat germ is rich in fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that promote healthy hair growth.

Earthsap’s entire range is affordable and safe to use, made with 100% natural ingredients. That means it’s safe for your family and won’t pollute the environment.

  • No synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine or bleaches used.
  • No animals were harmed to make this product.
  • Non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.
  • Suitable for all hair types.


Purified water, decyl and lauryl glucoside (from coconuts), soy protein, coco betaine (from coconuts), wheat protein, vegetable glycerine, olive oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, orange oil, lemon citric acid, ascorbic acid.

Overall Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars from 82 reviews

76 out of 82 people would recommend this product

19/02/2018, By Hanlie
I love earthsap shampoo!
19/01/2018, By Jeremy
I really enjoy this shampoo, it has a good smell, cleans well and doesn't leave any deposit on my hair. I don't think it lathers all that well but that doesn't worry me because I have short hair.
16/01/2018, By Lianda
I have only used the shampoo for 2 days now,but my hair is already feeling healthy and shiny,it is also more manageable to brush and style,I have very fine hair that breaks easy but sofar I am very impressed with this shampoo.
08/01/2018, By Jo
I have tried many commercial shampoos from the most expensive to the most "environmently friendly" ones and all have left my hair dry and frizzy. I absolutely love!!!!! this shampoo. You don't need a lot and it smells divine. Will never buy any other shampoo ever again!
31/12/2017, By Jackie
Gentle on our family's hair and my sensitive family.
29/12/2017, By Jessie
Unfortunately, I have to say this is definitely not the best vegan shampoo I have ever tried. It smells very nice and I love that it is natural and vegan. However, by the second day after a wash, my hair is already oily again.
27/12/2017, By Ginny
My husband uses this one for his fine, slightly oily hair. Very good.
08/12/2017, By yvonne
Nice product. My hair feel clean and fresh and softer to touch. my natural wave is more curly and shinier. I love it. and it is truly affordable against salon products. not expensive at all.
07/12/2017, By Aasiyah
No. Both shampoo and conditioner is bad
21/11/2017, By Rita
My favourite shampoo - my hair is limp and fine and most shampoos leave it feeling dry and full of static. This is lovely and smells divine. I love that it contains no harmful soaps and chemicals, my 9-year-old son also uses it.
14/11/2017, By Catriona
great shampoo
03/11/2017, By Sue
Love this product. Leaves my hair clean and healthy. Can't do without it!!
28/10/2017, By Mo
this shampoo and conditioner (lavender and sugar beet) is by far the best shampoo / conditioner I have ever used. I'll never use anything else now. I gave some of mine to my best friend to try and she has been hunting for a great shampoo for months, she loved it and it buying it too! Seriously ladies, best hair product I have ever used! and it smells incredible too. The conditioner is the bomb too! Use both
20/10/2017, By Hanlie
Love the smell!
26/09/2017, By Lindsay
I love the fact that this shampoo is light & clear! It doesn't feel like any residue sticks on the hair after washing it off like many other commercial brands do. What I have noticed is that I need to use more shampoo or even wash my hair a second time for my hair it to feel clean. It's not a deal breaker, but definitely something to get used to. Other than that I think the product & packaging is pretty great!
02/09/2017, By Cindy
Love this shampoo. Leaves my hair silky soft. Just wish it came in bigger bottles as I seem to be using it quite quickly on my long hair.
01/09/2017, By Nadia
Very nice Shampoo, leaves my hair super soft and shiny, nice smell
11/08/2017, By Christine
It foams nice, but the foam dries out very quickly and you have to use quite a lot of product if you have long hair. It smells refreshing and leaves hair clean.
06/08/2017, By Melissa
I use this for my four year old and I love the smell. It is also very gentle on her skin and works well on her fine hair.
03/08/2017, By Lindsey
This is the shampoo I use all the time. I wish it had a better price tag. I love that it is chemical free and non-toxic. Smells great and its gentle enough for me.
28/07/2017, By Sonji
This has become an absolute family "staple". Been using this shampoo for 2 years now and no end in sight!
28/07/2017, By Carrie
Lovely smelling shampoo, made my hair feel crispy and dry after using it so I won't use it again but hubby loves it and works well for him.
26/07/2017, By Sandra
I LOVE this shampoo. I have used it for a while now and apart from the fact it ticks all my ''greenie'' boxes, it smells great, is gentle, cleans without stripping my hair and most importantly, is Cruelty Free.
16/07/2017, By P-J
Lovely smell, good foaming ability for a natural shampoo, leaves hair feeling very clean. My wife finds it a bit harsh as she has a very sensitive scalp.
12/07/2017, By Liesel
keeps my hair soft and clean longer than any other natural shampoo
21/06/2017, By Chantal
I love this Shampoo! Cleans really well and I enjoy the smell.
16/06/2017, By KS
Cleans well, easily, makes hair manageable ... hair feels strong yet soft and shiny.
15/06/2017, By Nisaa
amazing , doesn't dry out my hair and is perfect for people with curls.
13/06/2017, By Cobus
First time using organic products and I must say, so far I am impressed and not regretting it for one moment. Leaves my hair feeling fresh and renewed! My hair also feels cleaner for longer and the smell... tops!!
13/06/2017, By Karen
My daughter's student teacher asked her what Shampoo she uses because her hair is always so healthy and shiny, and smells fabulous. A living testimony and a fabulous way to get people on to using natural products.
28/05/2017, By Annlerie
Lovely shampoo - adds a lot of bounce to my hair and has a great fragrance. Will definitely buy again!
24/05/2017, By Jaz
This was the first Earthsap product I tried out, and I still love it! The smell is fresh and the product is gentle to use regularly. Combine it with the conditioner!
06/05/2017, By Aroona
I absolutely Love this shampoo. My hair is always healthier and shinier when I use it. When using other shampoos, I find my scalp gets dry and hair full dandruff, but when I use this shampoo I get none of that! Just beautiful healthy hair. I used to be used to non natural products that gave a much richer lather, but I got used to not having that much later, in fact that shouldn't matter at all, as the results of this product makes up for that.
21/04/2017, By Kel
my hair reaches my waist and is very thick and this is perfect for keeping it shiny and lush instead of a tangled dry mess <3
20/04/2017, By Corien
This is my first vegan shampoo. I really loved the scent of this product. I found that I had to use a larger amount for my hair and it didn't really foam up as much as I wanted. If my hair was really greasy I would have to sometimes wash it twice.
27/02/2017, By Desiree
Hair have been one of my biggest struggle for year... I have gone through so many different products and nothing seem to work...I have also tried sulphate free products.

After a disastrous haircut and I need and I needed to grow it out fast I decide to give the Earthsap shampoo a try which cost the same as the last brand I was was cut above my ears Mid December 2016 and I started using Earthsap shampoo mid January, my hair is now lover my earlobe. This the fastest my hair has ever taken to grow...about 2 yrs ago I stopped dying my hair so I am salt and pepper my greys are shiny and this is the healthiest my hair has been in a very long time...I no longer pin my hair up it has cleared up so many issue for me regarding the state of my hair....only regret is that I did not try this out sooner...

I use a tiny bit just to rub into my scalp about and hour before washing my hair also VERY LITTLE HAIR FALLOUT.
11/10/2016, By Tamar
i will never use salon products that cost an arm and a leg on my hair ever again. this shampoo is truly great, my hair felt a bit dry but once you use the conditioner my hair felt amazingly clean and soft. for a natural shampoo it lathered really well and there is no build up or residue left behind that leaves you rinsing your hair forever. my hair feels soft and shiny i have been raving about it to my friends and family. the price is just the cherry on top repurchase is definitely in order
04/10/2016, By Natalie
Love this Shampoo. My hair feels baby soft and super clean.
Smells so lovely and fresh, foams beautifully.
Would love if we had an option to purchase a bigger 400ml bottle for both myself and my hubby to use.
24/09/2016, By Karin
This feels good, is foaming beautifully, cleans well and makes hair soft shiny. Great value as well.
15/09/2016, By Talitha
Really prefer this shampoo above the Grapefruit and sugar-beet one.
16/08/2016, By Jennifer
It smells nice, lathers well and my hair feels cleaner for longer. I have tried 4 other products so far and like this one the best.
22/07/2016, By Ray
This simple shampoo works very well on fine, long hair. You will need to use a bit more than you would have done with big brand shampoos, and while this doesn foam a lot, it certainly cleans very well. It has a strong lavender fragrance.
30/05/2016, By Sarah C
Lovely product and use matching conditioner, would be nice in bigger bottle size though! I have to order 2 at a time OR available in refill sachets? I have long blonde quite dry hair and was initially worried that the products were not moisturizing enough, however I think I was just used to nasty commercial conditioners and shampoos leaving a residue in my hair which tricked me into thinking it was moisturized! My hair is soft and silky.
25/05/2016, By Maureen
I bought this for my husband who is not vegan but gets bought vegan products anyway. he says it works well, smells great - he is not one for going overboard with compliments but says yes buy this again.
16/03/2016, By Stacey-Lee
I am very impressed with this shampoo. Since swapping over, my hair has a natural shine to it and I no longer suffer from the chemical build up which I was experiencing from the supermarket brand shampoos. I definitely will continue to use this product!
06/03/2016, By Mieke
I dont even have to use conditioner anymore! Lovely lovely smell and great feeling, this is my all time favorite!
04/03/2016, By Edi
First non-toxic shampoo that cleans my hair well. Its not super bubbly/soapy but bubbles do not equate clean (commercial conditioning to make us think bubbly soaps clean better than non bubbly). The smell is decent, rosemary isn my favourite essential oil but goes well enough with lavender.
04/02/2016, By Mary
This shampoo is gentle and has a very pleasing scent. Beforehand, I was a little concerned that it might not clean my hair effectively, since I have fine hair that quickly becomes oily. However, it was perfectly effective in cleaning my hair without stripping it. The price is also very reasonable, making it great value for money. Ill be buying this again and recommending it to friends.
02/02/2016, By Genevieve
As someone with an oily scalp I love that this shampoo takes care of your scalp and doesn way hair down at all. The smell is awesome and really has staying power!
05/01/2016, By AROONA
Used this product for the first time and the results are great! Hair feels cleaner and healthier too.
14/11/2015, By Stanley
This shampoo is really excellent, makes ones hair soft, shinny and clean
13/10/2015, By Kathleen
Really nice shampoo! My hair stays cleaner for longer and is shinier! Happy customer, highly recommended!
14/09/2015, By Christin
I have been using this shampoo for about a year now. I have very fine, soft, straight, long blonde hair. I use the shampoo and matching conditioner and get nice volume when I blow dry my hair, with no additional product use.

My only complaint is that the label rubs off the bottle after a few days sitting in the shower. Its a bit messy.
05/08/2015, By Margot
Really happy with this shampoo! Smells greats,cleans my hair well, leaves it nice and soft too!
04/08/2015, By Tanusha
a gentle sulphate and silicone free shampoo and a result of perfect curls! Cleared up my dandruff too, no more itchy scalp
30/07/2015, By Kerryn
Shampoo works well for my hair
17/07/2015, By Varsha
my hair is still adjusting and i am still figuring out the right amount for my thick hair. like the scent combination and it is not too strong. hair feels quite clean after but i think my hair needs a good treatment anyway.
24/06/2015, By Francesca
I have used this shampoo for about 6 months however Ive found it does not leave my hair clean for as long as other products. Its a lovely shampoo but a little too soft for my normal hair.
29/04/2015, By Janine
I just received my order from Faithful to Nature. Immediately had to use my new products. This shampoo is delicately fragranced and smells great. It foams up really nicely and I was able to wash my waist-length hair with only a small amount. Consistancy is nice and thick - Ive found far too many natural products are a bit runny. Will definitely purchase again.
25/03/2015, By Zainab
makes my hair feel soft and clean though the scent isn very strong and fades quite quickly! other than that would highly recommend!
18/03/2015, By Lana
Shampoos always leave my fine, coily hair drier than the desert and I was a little hesitant to use this. The strong smell really scared me, because I thought it would be harsh. Not at all. It left my hair clean and, surprisingly for me, soft and tangle free. Usually only Bentonite clay cleanses so gently.

Excellent product, Earthsap :)
07/10/2014, By Ansie
It has a nice smell and leaves my hair feeling great. In the beginning my hair was more oily than usual, but that has now improved. I have to apply and rinse 3-4 times to get to a point where it starts to foam and I feel that my hair is clean (I wash every third day). Otherwise, a good product.
12/09/2014, By Karen
I used to get very dry, itchy and flaky scalp from using
ormal shampoos, and since using this shampoo as well as the conditioner, it is a thing of the past. I also love the smell and consistency. Ive tried the pomegranate one, but prefer the lavender and sugar beet. Will definitely recommend this one.
09/09/2014, By sasha
After trying many brands of natural shampoo, I finally got around to trying this, and Ive never looked back. This shampoo leaves your hair balanced, soft and manageable- not dried out, not weighed down -just right. I have fine, frizz-prone hair, and Ive found that since I started using this, my hair looks smoother. The price is great, but I find it superior to all the expensive brands Ive tried. Ive been using this for at least 6 months and would recommend it to anyone!
18/08/2014, By Hannah
Loving the products, this shampoo = no more itchy scalp and breaking out in hives
21/07/2014, By Mizelle
This shampoo although it foams well (one star) and smells nice (the other star) left my hair oil and limp on the second day after a wash even if I skipped the conditioner!!?!
Hearing good reviews on the Victorian Garden range I will try that next, but my last option if that doesn work will be the baking soda and apple cider vinegar routine.
23/05/2014, By Viana
This variant works really well for me. I prefer it to the pomegranate and soy variant.
15/02/2014, By Annari
It keeps quite long and it smells divine! Gentle cleansing for my very damaged hair.
09/02/2014, By Suzanne
Lovely, gentle but deep cleansing. And a lovely, clean fragrance to boot.
27/11/2011, By Ilse
I used this shampoo and conditioner for the first time a few days ago and I absolutely love it!! I have really uncontrolable thick hair, that dries out quickly and I always had to use additional silicone to "tame"my hair and add shine. Which caused product build-up like you wouldnt believe. That is a thing of the past, my hair is soft, moisturized (not needing to use anything additional) and contolable. I love it!
19/11/2011, By Angeline
Love love love what it does to my hair! Much prefer it to any other natural hair product! Converted.
24/10/2011, By Tanya van Niekerk
This one smells great but unfortunately didn't work for me. I have fine, dry hair and this left my hair feeling sticky and mousy.
25/09/2011, By Jennifer
Thin consistency and hardly foams at all, but leaves my hair shiny, soft and manageable. An added bonus is the lack of frizz (and my hair tends to be very frizzy). Great value for money too. My only complaint is that by the second day following a wash my hair is flat and greasy, whereas with other shampoos my hair has only needed to be washed every third day.
08/09/2011, By Diane
The Earthsap shampoo and conditioner are wonderful. Much better than Giovanni!
19/08/2011, By Su-Ann
I thought that this shampoo foams fine, cleans well and rinses out easily. I am very happy with it.
15/08/2011, By Amanda
Smells lovely and although quite thin and not foamy, did clean my hair very well. Only complaint: my hair dried out quite a bit although the dry winter climate probably also played a role.
23/06/2011, By Liesl
This shampoo has a lovely gentle fragrance, but does not provide the "luxurious lather" as referred to on the product description, but it is still an effective shampoo. But I am not phased, it last way longer than other organic shampoo's I have used. My hair is soft and shiny and people have commented on how healthy is looks. Overall I'd say it's a great value for money and get's the job done.
29/05/2011, By Ronel
Love this product. Not only Vegan, but smells wonderful and works well! I am very impressed by the Earthsap range. Thank you for making a wonderful, natural, cruelty free product range :)
08/05/2011, By Wayne S
I bought shampoo from the Earthsap range recently, and I am not happy with the consistency. I have to use a lot of the stuff to get any kind of lather which will make me roar through the stuff in no time. I have previously used Victoria Garden and I could use very little of the stuff to foam like crazy. I decided to try something different, but will revert to Vic Garden again.
30/04/2011, By Jessica
I like this product. It is affordable and despite not foaming as much as conventional shampoos it is effective and my hair is clean and healthy. Thumbs up!
07/03/2011, By Dominique
I love this shampoo! Great texture and smells lovely
04/02/2011, By Marinda
I used the Earthsap shampoo & conditioner for the first time today, and although it is not very foamy (I am also used to Victorian Garden) I have to say I love what it did to my hair! I used to have to choose between frizzy hair or flat and limp hair. Now for the first time my hair is soft, shiny, bouncy and full of body without being frizzy. If this will be the result every time, I am sold, even if it doesn't foam all that much.

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