Creeds - Erythritol 500g

Creeds - Erythritol 500g
Creeds - Erythritol 500g
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  • 500g
Erythritol is a naturally-derived sugar substitute that looks and tastes very much like sugar, yet has almost no calories. Erythritol has been used in Japan since 1990 in candies, chocolate, yogurt, fillings, jellies, jams, beverages, and as a sugar substitute. Erythritol is classified as a sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohols, also called polyols, are sugar substitutes that are either extracted from plants or manufactured from starches. Some of the more common sugar alcohol sweeteners are sorbitol and xylitol.

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Price From: R130.00
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Sugar alcohols also occur naturally in plants. Erythritol is found naturally in small amounts in grapes, melons, mushrooms, and fermented foods such as wine, beer, cheese, and soy sauce.

How Sweet is Erythritol?
Erythritol is approximately 70 percent as sweet as table sugar (sucrose).

How is Erythritol Made?
Erythritol is made from plant sugars. Sugar is mixed with water and then fermented with a natural culture into erythritol. It is then filtered, allowed to crystallize, and then dried. The finished product is white granules or powder that resembles sugar.

Why Do People Use Erythritol?
Erythritol has almost no calories. In the United States, erythritol is labeled as having 0.2 calories per gram, which is 95 percent fewer calories than sugar. In Japan, erythritol is labeled as having zero calories.

Erythritol has not been found to affect blood sugar or insulin levels and has a zero glycemic index.

Erthyritol has a clean, sweet taste. People have found that it’s more similar in taste to sugar than other natural sweeteners such as stevia (which can be bitter).

In reasonable amounts, erythritol doesn’t cause digestive upset and diarrhea that other sugar alcohols like sorbitol and xylitol are known to cause. This is because erythritol is a smaller molecule and 90 percent of erythritol is absorbed in the small intestine and for the most part excreted unchanged in urine. This quality makes erythritol unique among the sugar alcohols.

Erythritol isn’t metabolized by oral bacteria, which means that it doesn’t contribute to tooth decay.

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18/12/2015, By Cheryl
Im super happy that I found this..similar to sugar, but totally free of causing any side effects like the jippo-guts side effect that I get from ingesting even small quantities of xylitol! Sad that pretty much all the alternative sweeties I bought here are pretty much loaded with xylitol or so it seems, though xylitol has its benefits too! Stevia is really not high on my delicious list..I like the fact that erythritol has no bitter or weird taste and for me just a tiny amount extra is used when I substitute for sugar, which is over-rated anyway..also this is top quality! Love this product!
10/12/2015, By Mapeta
Great for banters and Ketogenic diet and super affordable. I personally found 1 teaspoon in my coffee lacking of taste but family think its great taste.
14/12/2014, By Matthew
Ok so my reason for its purchase isnt...all that healthy. Were one, so inclined one could safely, effortlessly synthesize ETNn without fear of runnaway nitration.

As far its performance as as a low cal sweetner goes, its an ok choice...seing as aspartic acid is an excitotoxin, saccharin causes crazy insulin spikes (true story),recently linked to obesity, and finally fructose causes fatty liver damage, via colonic bacterial translocation! If i were so inclined , i would rather use xylatol, as it half the price, it is a PREBIOTIC! Which cultivates good gut bacteria.prebiotics somehow manage to blunt out insu#314;in spikes, increase insulin sensitivity. Optimises blood glucose fasting. They also pimp out your colonic butrate other SCFA production(google), check out the new research done on prebiotic type 2 resistant starch (unheated potato flour) , with regards to diabetes
17/04/2014, By Frances
Erythritol is not very sweet compared to Xylitol though. One would have to use double the quantities at twice the price.

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