Free delivery for orders over R400. All deliveries are Carbon Neutral!  Change the way you shop, for Good. Read our Better Product Policy.

Good news! All Faithful to Nature deliveries are now carbon neutral!

Faithful to Nature is proud to be the first major retailer in South Africa to offer carbon neutral delivery to your door. This means that shopping on Faithful to Nature has less climate impact than any alternative — including travelling to the store yourself.

Climate Change is Everyone's Problem to Tackle

A problem that we believe requires more urgent attention and action. We’ve always been deeply focused on the impact of the products we sell, but there’s always room to improve - including the other major source of our carbon emissions: deliveries. It’s our hope that this example will soon be followed by all other retailers in South Africa, for more responsible deliveries all-round.

How Carbon Offsetting Works



With help from The Green House, we’ve calculated the carbon emissions of Faithful to Nature’s deliveries by the kilometre, weight and mode of transport nationwide.



On behalf of our customers and in partnership with the Climate Neutral Group, we invest in projects that reduce emissions equal to our carbon footprint and create a positive social impact across Africa.



We are always trying to minimise our emissions by reducing vehicle kilometres travelled. Our Johannesburg warehouse was opened to minimise long-distance and air-freight from our warehouse in Cape Town.

Shopping Online Can Cut Carbon Emissions in Half

Online shopping reduces the carbon-heavy trips you’d spend going to the store - especially for those in rural areas. In urban areas, you can reduce up to 50% of your travel distance by using a collection point close to home, ideally using public transport to fetch your order.

When organised locally, efficiently and consciously with detailed sustainable operations (like the close warehousing network and carbon offsets at Faithful to Nature), shopping online is the better choice for carbon-conscious individuals.

Small Changes You Can Make for a Big Difference

In a privileged world we’d all be able to offset carbon emissions, but that’s not always possible. Here are some easy-to-implement tips you can bring into your day-to-day life:

1. Eat Less Beef

By choosing more plant-based alternatives or any other meat over beef, you can reduce carbon emissions.

2. Reduce Your Electricity

Switch to more efficient LED light bulbs, avoid excessive heater use, and make sure your geyser is insulated and not set too hot!

3. Change the Way You Travel

Take a trip to the shops on foot, via cycling, or public transport to reduce your carbon footprint.

4. Shop Plastic-free

Use the Faithful to Nature values filter to shop plastic-free items with sustainable packaging and make a difference with every order.

5. Shop Local

Choose to support sustainable local brands for a lesser impact. Eating locally grown food for one year could save the equivalent of 1609.34 kilometres travelled in greenhouse gas emissions.

6. Repair, Don’t Replace

Before reaching for an upgrade, consider repairing your old faithful first. The information and communication industry is fast growing with a carbon footprint to match.

7. Eat from the Garden

The fewer steps your food takes between the ground and your mouth, less carbon is created. Consider starting a garden to grow your own fresh foods - whether private or community based.

8. Fill Your Cart to the Top

Single or small cart purchases contribute unnecessarily to the greater carbon cost of shopping online. When ordering, make sure you’re getting everything you need in one shop.

9. Support Companies That Are Leading Sustainable Change

When any company can call themselves eco-friendly and “green” - do your research and support businesses putting in the real work to become better for the planet.

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