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If you are choosing to give your body a spring “clean” by way of a detox or diet, please consider the whole picture. What I mean by this is that for the first time ever in recent months, I am starting to feel some peace that is coming from 35 rotations around the sun. I’ve survived my fair share of life shocks and come out stronger on the other end, and more importantly to this spotlight – I’ve learnt the hard way that there is no such thing as a sustainable fast fix. And this applies to the annual spring detox… Please be careful of getting yourself into a corner where you feel that the only way to feel better about who you are is an aggressive diet – they are the flimsiest of plasters.

Apart from looking deeper and appreciating how magnificent you really are, you will benefit from putting your health first. Consider adopting some or all of these quick habits for a gentle and loving detox which will not require you to starve yourself of any of the things you love. I personally engage in every single one of these “health habits” and can attest to how they renew me and keep my body in vital balance.


Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing is traditionally done with bristles but I prefer using String Greens’ Vanilla Bamboo Face Cloth. Sometimes I add an extra factor of luxury in by making the cloth wet and the rubbing in black soap  while I exfoliate my skin. Dry skin brushing stimulates your lymphatic system helping your body to detox. Lymphatic congestion is actually a major factor leading to disease and inflammation so this has massive benefits. Dry skin brushing will also help with cellulite and water retention (I have some a real difference in my skin since starting). Always brush towards your heart.


Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient ayurvedic practice that detoxes the body, whitens teeth and improves oral health. It’s a really simple practise of swishing an oil (usually sesame, coconut or olive) around in one’s mouth for 15-20 minutes, before spitting it out. This is done once a day before teeth brushing. I have personally experienced improved oral health from the periods that I maintain this practice. The CocoBaci 15 Day Oil Pulling Program has been specially formulated with coconut oil and botanicals for a super-effective, conveniently packaged oil pulling programme.


Detoxing Baths

I bath in Himalayan salt almost every single day as part of my “energetic hygiene” as it helps to clean the aura. But it also has amazing benefits in terms of alkalising and balancing the body which in turn, detoxes the body to achieve this. I do mix up my routine with Epsom salt baths  for increased detoxification or I add a few drops of the Bellabaci Detox Concentrate into the bath.


Detoxing Teas

Sipping detoxing, balancing and even slenderising teas is such a gentle way to keep your body topped up with the right herbs and well hydrated. I am constantly trying new teas, but my favourites right now are the Polari Detox Tea and the Sing Fefur Tea Range.



Cupping is found in almost all of our oldest and more revered traditions from the North American Indians, the Chinese, The Egyptians and the Greeks. Archaeologists have found evidence of cupping going as far back as 3000 B.C. Cupping boosts the immune system, stimulates healthy digestion, heals unbalance and obviously helps with cellulite too.


Drinking Wisely

I’m no saint – I love a glass of organic red to celebrate or decompress after a long day. I have learnt however that if I am smart about what else I am drinking, that it is much easier to stay in balance when enjoying the occasional glass of red.

My current favourite non-alcoholic but totally invigorating, detoxing and health boosting drink to indulge in is our newly listed Karkade  which is a natural hibiscus drink that slows down the metabolism of sugar, and thus helps to shed unwanted weight, apart from a host of other awesome benefits like being a great detoxer.

For those who follow my picks regularly you will also know how obsessed I am with kombucha , which ALSO helps with circulation, detoxing, weight-loss and energy levels.
Lastly, a dose of apple cider vinegar  each day, and or before meals will also help to boost your metabolism, curb cravings and reduce water retention.


Indulging in Lemon and Honey

Starting and ending one’s day with freshly squeezed lemon in hot water is a simple but effective way to help keep your body alkaline. I have also just recently learnt that a spoonful of honey in a hot drink at night will help your body kill fat as well as helping your liver to process toxins effectively while you sleep. Raw honey contains an ideal ratio of fructose to glucose, and if we re-supply the liver with honey before going to sleep, we activate the recovery hormones such as melatonin that are exclusively fat burning, rather than the stress hormones like cortisol that store fat.


Alkalising To Stay in Balance

There are two “supplements” I keep handy in my bag to take when I can. The first is the alkaline powder from A.Vogel which has a fantastic combination of nutrients to bring sustained balance to the body as a whole. Rich in anti-oxidants and calcium, you can be sure of good health that comes from your body’s acid levels being neutralised.

The Real Thing Chlorella Tablets are also a “go-to” of mine- especially during the busier festive season which is just around the corner. This power-packed green algae rids your body of all sorts of nasty toxins, including mercury and other heavy metals.


Moisturising Smart

I am very happy with the Bellabaci Cellulite Be Gone Oil  that I use on select areas of my body after a shower. I use it almost every day and its just one of the products that feel like it is never going to finish. And just to keep it real, I do my best to focus on the gratitude I feel for my body when I massage it in. I feel that we are shooting ourselves in the foot if we are thinking negative things about ourselves in the very routines we undertake to look and feel more beautiful.

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