Our favourite greenies share their ultimate holiday essentials

The festive season can be a manic time of year. There’s a little bit more of everything and it all seems to move that much faster. If you’re not well prepared, you can easily get swept up in the churn and excess of it all. We asked some of our favourite greenies for their must have holiday season essentials and discovered a nice array of tips including everything from prep to preening.

1. Plant Love

For Sarah Graham, much-loved cookbook author, writer, recipe developer and TV host, composting comes in tops as a holiday essential.

“Our composter is working overtime at this time of year, giving us amazing organic fertilizer for all our plants. “

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2. Plastic-free foodies

Khaya from Waste Less Africa says her festive season must have are Fresh Bags.
“Christmas time means a lot of eating in my family. My FreshBags allow me to still create delicious dishes waste-free. Instead of buying fruit and veggies packaged in plastic I can purchase them in my bags. FreshBags are perfect for putting bread, pastries, pasta (The Wild & Waste-Free Co-Op) and bulk sweets (Food Lovers Market) in too.”

3. Blitzing nutrition

The girls behind Wellness in the City, Marisa and Nicole, are all about the journey to optimum health and wellness. For them the festive season couldn’t be done without their Nutribullet.

“We use ours daily for smoothies, braai and salad sauces and rich creamy desserts. The Nutribullet is perfect for those post-workout morning breakfasts, beach day juices and festive season fillers!”

4. Comb-ly manners

Brett Thompson, Program Manager for Beyond Carnism in Berlin, formerly from the Fry’s Family, says the festive season for him is also a bit about getting his grooming in check for all the imminent socialising.

“This Christmas I want to comb things over with the family because… that’s what it is for right? So I have my four eyes set on the Hairy Eye Beard Bamboo Beard Comb to keep the “face fungus” in check and remove any leftovers that I can shave for later.”

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5. On the go beverages

Maxine, blogger, traveller and health food recipe blogger over at Sugarfree Sundays, says her travel mug is her constant on the go companion for festive busy seasons.

“I use it for coffee, tea, and even smoothies sometimes. The festive season is usually such a busy time so I often end up having my coffee on the run, and my travel mug is perfect for that. Also, being the coffee lover that I am, I buy coffee a lot, so I like asking them to make it in my mug for me instead of taking the takeaway cups, just to do my little bit for the environment.”

6. Clever shopping

For Shannon Goodman a.ka Journey to Zero, the festive season is a reusable bag must-have time of year.

“I think we all do a lot more shopping than usual during the festive season which also means more single-use plastic bags! So whether I’m buying food or Christmas gifts I always make sure to use a reusable bag like the Hemporium Shopper.

Here’s to getting through the festive season in one happy and earth-mindful piece.
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