Clever ways to stay hydrated this summer

Everyone knows flowing hair and glowing skin is in part due to drinking plenty of water. But staying hydrated throughout the throws of summer doesn’t necessarily mean making best friends with your Camelbak. You may be well practised in guzzling water, but unless your body has sufficient amounts of the essential minerals required to absorb and use the water to hydrate tissue and organs, you’re really just flushing it all through your system. Think of it as pouring water into a plant that has very rocky soil – it’ll go straight through unless the plant soil also has the compost and nutrients to absorb and retain the water for long enough to feed the roots. Check out these 8 tips that will really help your body stay hydrated and quench that constantly thirsty feeling.

Via the usual food route

Cool as a coconut

Unless you’re allergic to coconuts, like some unfortunate souls are, this low sodium, low carb liquid is going to be your new best friend during the long summer months of sundowners, office parties, celebrations and gentler outdoor activities. It’s a great way to stay hydrated thanks to the high potassium levels and electrolyte love packed inside. Just make sure you’re drinking the organic, preservative-free coconut waters from young green coconuts to get the best benefits. We hear it also makes a great mocktail buddy.

Almighty almond milk

This tasty milk alternative is extremely rich in potassium and magnesium – two of the essential minerals in making sure water can be absorbed efficiently, and is of course made in part with water. Add some almond milk to your smoothies along with the ice cubes to maximise the benefit of both. Also, nut milk ice cream? We approve.

Chomp on chia
The mighty chia seed holds about nine times its weight in water, so by drinking them (presoaked of course), your body can go about its business of digesting and utilising the water before it simply gets flushed out. You’re essentially sneaking the hydration into your system in little omega 3 powerhouses, which is so very trojan of you.

All hail aloe vera water

You might already know that aloe vera is a champ at healing burns when applied topically. But enjoy aloe vera water as a refreshing summer tonic and you have a potassium, iron, magnesium antioxidant-packed drink on your hands, perfect for blending with fruits for hydrating summer sippers.

Vegetables (yep, mama was right)

Moms had a good thing going in giving you the stern eye when you wouldn’t eat them. Especially the ones you used to build forests on the side of your dinner plate. Broccoli and kale are both quite high in H20 and come combined with the mineral and vitamin kick needed to absorb all that water. Oh, and we don’t mean to make cauliflower even more trendy because quite frankly, it’s already got a big head, but it contains up to 92 percent water. Other veggies that top the aqua charts for their high percentile concentrations are spinach, zucchini, celery, radishes, cucumber and tomatoes. Bung all those into a raw summer salad with a tasty dressing of ACV,  olive oil, lemon juice, oh and a good grind of Himalayan Salt, and you’re A-for-away (A for Aqua of course.)

Via supplement game changers

Laird’s Hydration Enhancer

There are only two ingredients in this hydration super mix and they’re freeze-dried coconut water, which you know from above is a beast for its potassium and electrolyte load, and Aquamin™, a mineral-rich, calcified sea algae which adds a bunch of beneficial minerals to every serving. By adding it to your water, you’re again combining the water with nutrients to make sure it’s not just excreted.

Viridian Ultimate Beauty Skin Hydration

These little skin hydration beauty capsules are rich in hyaluronic acid, alpha lipoic acid and patented ceramide-rich Lipowheat™all formulated to help your skin retain its moisture and protect the collagen structure. Add to that a host of other skin saving compounds and you’ve got one serious skin hydration secret agent.

Now you’re all set to tackle summer with your hydration needs happily met and hopefully, you’ll feel it in the fantastic benefits of a well-hydrated body, namely fewer headaches, dizzy spells and exhaustion and more of that dewy complexion you’re after.

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