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Charities Making a Difference in SA

Love comes in many forms. It has the power to transform the world in a way that nothing else can. Donating to, or volunteering with a charity is an act of love that can make a difference to the world you live in.

At Faithful to Nature we believe passionately in values that change the world into a better, kinder more loving place for all, from us as humans, to our fellow creatures – we are all part of a whole and when we spread the love and respect and show we care, one being at a time, miraculous transformation and healing can take place.

There are so many charities out there doing great things, sometimes it can be hard to know just who to support. Here are a few charities that are close to our heart – some are doing incredible work in our local community of Kommetjie, some are ensuring a greener SA, others champion causes that we care deeply about. We encourage you to find out who is making a difference in your community and share with us the organisations that you support.


Food and trees for Africa was inspired by the realization that the real environmental crisis in this country is centred on people, uplifting quality of life and addressing climate change. They decided that helping local impoverished communities to green unhealthy, denuded and degraded landscapes was the way to go.

They’re the first (and still only) South African social enterprise that develops, promotes and facilitates greening, climate change action, food security and sustainable natural resource use and management. We love that they educate and empower people to create a greener, more beautiful environment and learn how to support themselves by growing food using natural methods in harmony with nature.


This global charity with a local heart provides families for children in need and provide homes for many orphaned and abandoned children so they can grow up in a family environment. They have a network of family-based care villages, family strengthening programmes and community service centres that do an amazing job of being there for vulnerable children that need love and care. We love that SOS children’s villages provide these kids with the chance to shape their own future and experience a loving supportive environment.


The world has lost so many trees over the past decade. Greenpop believes that poorer, barren areas should be as leafy and green as more privileged areas. So, they set about planting trees. This can make a difference not only to how pretty the environment is, but planting trees has a social benefit too, creating a positive change in the way people think and feel. We love that they love to make learning about green living fun as they show you how to get your hands in the soil and reconnect with Mother Earth, share information and bring people together to create their vision of a greener future for everyone.


Emma Geary-Cooke, Joan Bown and Marilyn Hoole were touched by the desperate plight of the dogs and cats in the impoverished area of Masiphumelele and started an organization that could care for the our lovely furry friends. When Emma died in a car accident the name became TEARS – The Emma Animal Rescue Society.

Tears is now located in Sunnydale near Masiphumelele where they have over 50 staff caring for around 300 dogs and cats on site at any given time, providing them with veterinary attention and helping to find them loving homes. We love that TEARS provides love and care for our four legged ones who give us such unconditional love and friendship.


Woman Against Rape was founded by Janine Rowley, who was herself abused as a child. Abuse can be more then sexual, it can be psychological too. The started off by delivering comfort packs parcels to rape victims at police stations.

They now have several other projects to assist victims with counseling being a cornerstone and have a vision to secure a property where they can create a safe space for abused woman where they can have a safe haven of temporary housing and receive counselling . We love that Janine wants to transform “pain into power” and that WAR wants to teach people to exercise their rights by teaching them that they are sacred and no one may violate that right in any way.


The beautiful fynbos kingdom is a national treasure that is not only exquisite but holds many medicinal secrets and supports communities to make a livelihood. By encouraging sustainable use of and protection of this resource Flower Valley Conservation Trust are doing their best to ensure its still around for future generations and that those who make a living from the fynbos kingdom do so in such as way as to be sustainable.

They also run a pre-school education programme for local children and encourage responsible tourism. We love that they are protecting this unique national treasure and educating children about the importance of our natural heritage.


Living Hope are inspired by love. They work with a holistic approach to support those infected by HIV and AIDS as well as other chronic diseases. They have four ministries that focus on uplifting the community in various ways – Living Care provides healthcare support, Living Grace support for homelessness and addiction, Living Right provides HIV education and support and the Living Way focuses on economic empowerment.

We love that Living Hope want to break the despair of poverty and disease and that they have been such an amazing support since a fire broke out in nearby Masiphumelele, collecting donations of clothing, bedding and hygiene products to help alleviate the terrible loss experienced by thousands of people.


The Jones Safe House, near Kommetjie, located in Cape Town takes on abused, abandoned, and neglected children and abused/addicted mothers. They offer a stable, loving home, a safe house where healing can begin for these vulnerable people so that they can grow and flourish and hopefully be safely re-integrated into their families and society.

It’s a labour of love that relies on volunteers and provides for the needs such as doctors, lawyers, social services and educational support. We love that they are making a difference in the community and providing a space of love and support for those who really need it.


The Street Store is a really funky way to help the homeless that started in SA and has blossomed across the world. It’s the world’s first rent-free premises-free pop-up store for the homeless where you can donate and the homeless can collect in a safe, dignified way – and they get to shop for what they really like.

You send out a call for donations in your local community or through social networks, arrange your spot on the street, hang up a poster and there you go! Much better than rummaging in bins. We love that this concept is so empowering for all concerned and bridges the gap between have’s and have-nots with dignity, respect and love.

We would love you to share your favourite charities with us in the comments section below.

With Love from Faithful to Nature

  • Tamara
    Posted at 08:22h, 09 February Reply

    My favourite charities are:
    1. Oasis Haven: a children’s home in Jhb with a focus on getting kids adopted into forever families.
    2. Qhubeka: a non-profit that gives bicycles to people in return for work done to improve their environment or community (e.g. collecting recyclable materials or growing indigenous tree seedlings), or their academic results (kids use the bikes to improve their school attendance). The word “Qhubeka” means “to progress” or “to move forward” in Zulu. Qhubeka also trains up bicycle mechanics to ensure the bikes they distribute get maintained, which also helps create new jobs.

  • Shannon Kenny
    Posted at 10:48h, 09 February Reply

    iThemba Lethu Breastmilk Bank
    and Milk Matters help the most vulnerable amongst us: babies who don’t have access to the nutrition that nature intended for them: their own mothers’ milk. Both organisations provide screened, pasteurized donor breastmilk to babies in need.

    iThemba Lethu Breastmilk Bank, in Durban, South Africa’s first community milk bank, was established in 2001 to provide donor breastmilk for the orphaned and abandoned babies in the care of the iThemba Lethu Transition Home. iThemba Lethu also continue to have the privilege of providing any extra breastmilk to Neonatal ICUs. Donor mothers locally and abroad continue to be part of this amazing, life-giving story.

    Milk Matters, established in 2003, primarily serves premature babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units and is based in Cape Town. Since its inception, thousands and thousands of babies in the Western Cape have received a life-line in donor milk from Milk Matters.

    Alongside these organisations’ passion for saving the most vulnerable lives through donor milk banking, is their active support and promotion of breastmilk and breastfeeding as the natural, normal and optimal nutritional choice for all babies.

  • Alez
    Posted at 08:05h, 10 February Reply

    What a beautiful Valentine’s message!

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