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Better Earth Dishwasher Gel

Better Earth Dishwasher Gel
Better Earth Dishwasher Gel
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Price From: R119.00

Finally a natural, bio-degradable gel for machines. Only add salt if and as directed on your particular machine. You only use a large teaspoon per load so it will last a long time – about 70 washes. Of course it also means that you could hook up your dish washing to your grey water system if you have one as the waste water is safe for gardens.

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The Better Earth Auto Dishwasher Gel does not require additional rinse aids / salts to keep your dishwasher clean. It contains water softening agents in the form of Sodium Citrate. This softens the water and binds to heavy metals. It also has low foaming surfactants (Decyl Glucoside) which help clean the dirt and prevents droplets forming and staining the dishwasher. If you live in an area with very hard water you can add salts but it is not necessary for most areas.

The Better Earth range is now certified by Beauty Without Cruelty.

Water (Aqua), Sodium Silicate, Glycerin, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Borate, Decyl Glucoside, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Citrus sinensis (Orange) Peel Oil*, Xanthan Gum, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Asphalatus Linearis (Rooibos) Leaf Extract*, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil

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Overall Rating
3.6 out of 5 stars from 68 reviews

46 out of 68 people would recommend this product

14/02/2022, By Chantal
The best all natural dish washer gel!
31/01/2022, By Melis
It doesn't clean and leave residue on all of the dishes....
07/11/2021, By Sarah
Sorry to say, I sit with 2 litres of this dishwasher gel for a while now, it does not work, at least not in my dishwasher (Bosch), even after several attempts. This is my first No to a product sold by FtN. Whenever I see the bottles, I get irritated ... today was one of those days and I thought I should write an honest review, hoping that they can improve on the product. Rewashing is thus a waste of water too.
02/05/2021, By Andrea
I've found this brand top be the most effective truly green dish washing liquid. And lekker local small friendly business too!
30/04/2021, By Terry
I was surprised at how little needs to be used with a wash. I use it with a rinse aid though.
27/02/2021, By Bijoux
I only bought this to be kinder to nature so I didn’t expect any miracles. It cleans fairly well. It’s still better than regular products that are destroying nature so does it really matter if it does the job as well as all those chemicals or not? I say no, it doesn’t matter. Give it a try and sleep better at night knowing that you’re doing your part at looking after nature and it isn’t that expensive either compared!
18/01/2021, By Noelene
I wasn't impressed with the gel as my dishes weren't cleaned sufficiently as with my previous product I used. Very disappointed as I wanted a more eco friendly dishwashing product.
09/12/2020, By Danielle
I like this product. Dishes are clean after use. Don't forget to shake the bottle before using at it tends to separate.
12/10/2020, By Courtney
Does not clean nicely at all. All dishes are left with streaky stains, some don't clean at all. All leaves a terrible residue on dishes. All dishes need to be cleaned or rinsed for a second time after a load.
28/08/2020, By Lizette
13/08/2020, By Arisa
I am happy to use it.
However, it may batter to use with rince aid.
I use it with DIY rince aid and works very well.
07/08/2020, By Candice
We are currently using this product. It works really well, smells nice and feels good to be using a South African product that is healthy for us and the environment.
30/07/2020, By Ocean
Good one
09/06/2020, By Goodness
Well packed
28/05/2020, By Rock
Does last long
05/04/2020, By Blue
Undetected dirt
01/04/2020, By Winner
Exciting new item on the market
24/03/2020, By Gillian
Unfortunately this product did not work well for me at all :(
17/12/2019, By Yvonne
Didn't clean the dishes properly and left a feeling of dirtiness
29/09/2019, By tamaring
Cleans dishes really well. Has a great smell too. Love that the dishwasher doesn’t have a sickening chemical smell at the end of the load.
29/07/2019, By Maureen
Absolutely does not wash well. Dishes are left dull and with some residue of food on some items
05/02/2019, By Ava
It worked fine for me, the dishes were clean and coffee stains came out easily. I used it on a regular (non-eco) dishwasher programme.
04/02/2019, By Allan
Stuff is utter rubbish. Tried washing dishes in the dishwasher but dishes stay dirty. Tried a few times but after 3 washes of the same mugs and plates and cutlery its just easier to wash by hand. An utter waste of money.
07/12/2018, By Lisa
Works really well! Clean toxin-free dishes every time! :-)
01/12/2018, By Ronnie
More grey water for my garden, more savings
19/11/2018, By Nikki
Good product
21/10/2018, By Wilma
We are very happy with how well this product cleans, without having to wash on a longer cycle. We only rinse our dishes beforehand if excessive food is still on the dish, otherwise the key lies in packaging your dishwasher well.
This product also lasts long (we wash daily). So for us a very economical option that’s eco friendly!
12/08/2018, By Lorna
Product is quite thick and doesn't seem to mix well - left a sticky residue in the detergent dispenser in my dishwasher.
26/06/2018, By Me
After reading all the positive reviews I thought I'd give it a go...sadly the glasses came out dirty every time. Really didn't get the feeling that it did a good job of cleaning the dishes.
23/04/2018, By Sybrandus
It works fine, but I add a bit of water to bottle and shake it well before every use as the detergent does get stuck once in a while.
28/03/2018, By Vanessa
I love it. It works well despite our hard water.
23/02/2018, By Arettha
Product is not working for me. I tried it 3 times and my dishes is still dirty. Very disappointed.
19/02/2018, By Rentia
I have tried & tested various environmental friendly products for the dishwasher & better earth definitely by far the best. I do prefer the 500 ml, as it last very long & gel gets a little gooey towards the end.
01/01/2018, By Ingrid
I haven't looked back after using this dishwasher gel - lasts a long time and works great.
22/12/2017, By Jan
A disappointing purchase. Tea and coffee cups still have rings inside after a wash.
23/10/2017, By Ursula
I rinse all of my dishes before putting them into the dishwasher and I have also added salt again (which is not a requirement as per the instructions) but still my dishes are not clean properly. At this rate I may as well wash them by hand...... very disappointing.
22/09/2017, By Tania
I have been using this for years and am really happy with it. Although I do rinse off dishes before running them through the dishwasher. It's great value for money as a litre lasts a long time.
15/09/2017, By Jessica
SO this is my second review on this product. Previously I had just started using it and it seemed to work perfectly. Very soon after I reviewed the product it revealed its true colours. Extremely disappointed in this product. It barely does it's job. Coffee stains on cups, glassware comes out cloudy, doesn't clean dishes properly. Horrific! I've tried using 3x the recommended amount, adding rinse aid (even though they tell you its not necessary), adding Londa's Bio bleach, pre washing the dishes. It's useless. Now it only gets stuck to the soap holder and doesn't even get absorbed. Sticky crap. Won't purchase it again, ever.
24/08/2017, By Tara
I've been using this gel in my washer over the last few weeks and I'm actually really happy with it. Our first few washes had 1 or 2 items that weren't cleaned properly, but just be mindful of the state of dishes you put in your washer before starting the load - a few dishes might be dirtier than others, in that case just give it a rinse before stacking and it'll come out clean, or don't overstock your washer! A few of the previous reviews made me a bit skeptical before purchasing but all those negative comments are invalid in my eyes (clearly not doing something right on your side, or my machine is a boss).

This gel works like a dream!
16/08/2017, By PJ
Very disappointed with this product, cups come out with coffee rim stains still, glasses are clouded. Even tried using more than the recommended amount and different dishwasher settings without much success.
15/08/2017, By Kaeli
I was really hoping that the reviews about not cleaning properly somehow wouldn't apply to me, and optimistically bought the large size bottle. No such luck. On the first run, dishes came out almost as dirty as they went in, despite using more than a tablespoon.
I wish it worked, so I can support a natural product. I would prefer not to use the heavily scented commercial powder, but this is not the answer.
30/06/2017, By Jessica
I recently switched over to this natural & eco-friendly dishwasher gel and I must say I'm impressed. The only thing that I would suggest is that if you have any sticky/ burnt/ oily residue on any dishes to just give it a proper pre-rinse, as every now and again there would be one or two dishes not completely cleaned. Hasn't stained any of my dishes. Leave sufficient space between dishes as this one is not as forgiving as commercial brands that still manage to clean properly despite poor dishwasher packing.
27/06/2017, By Lumi
I have used this for years now and when I run out I get the commercial tablets, so I do have a comparison. I have always found this product to work really well. Being a gel it is easy to dispense. Our dishes go in really dirty (why would I clean them before dishwashing them ?!), and the majority of the time they come out great (there is the odd occasion not perfect, but this is owing more to our lack of prepping the dishes before loading.)
20/03/2017, By Rene
I am very satisfied with this product. Great smell, and cleans well. It does not work alone, though, in my machine. I add salt and vinegar (as rinse aid) to soften the water further, but we do have exceptionally hard water so I will not blame the product. :)
01/03/2017, By Claire
I was really hoping I had finally found a natural dishwasher detergent that actually worked but this leaves a residue all over my dishes and especially glasses. Ive tried different settings and nothing helps...
28/02/2017, By Tandy
I have been using this product for a few years and am so happy with it! Whether I use a 30 degree wash or 60 degree wash, my dishes etc. come out clean and without residual grime. 1 bottle lasts about 2,5 months, with doing a load every 1-2 days.
03/02/2017, By Petro
Does not disolve, leave dishes with white residue.
02/11/2016, By Debbie
I don like giving bad reviews but the gel does not dissolve, even on a long, high temp wash which I only do for large loads. Dishes don always come out completely clean often have large, hardened lumps of the gel stuck to crockery. I previously used another natural product which was perfect but sadly I wouldn buy this again. :(
29/10/2016, By Caroline
This product is amazing. I am careful to clean well before I load the dishwasher as I like clean dishes but this product takes a teaspoon per load and lasts me months. Ive been using it for years.
11/08/2016, By Tracey
I so wanted to love this product, but the sad reality is I feel like it was a total waste of money. I tried everything, even tripling the recommended amount you are supposed to use, but nothing worked... even on my longest, least economical wash, the dishes were dirty every time (and I painstakingly rinse everything before it goes into the dishwasher). Overall, definitely not recommended. The search continues...
03/02/2016, By Tanya
Very good value product. Works really well when you use vinegar as a rinse aid.
22/12/2015, By Tiffany
I am very happy with my purchase. You don have to use much at all and my dishes are squeaky clean.
04/08/2015, By Jessica
Mixing this product 50-50 with pure castille soap produces a perfect mix to clean dishes every time, better than any conventional product!
25/02/2015, By Chantell
lovely clean smell but didn get the job done.

Dished and cutlery didn seem shining and clean.
I had to rinse everything really well before washing and I that is too much effort for me.

I resorted going back to commercial product.

Will try different product next time.
07/08/2014, By Gail
This product is great. You use very little of it to clean an entire dishwasher full of dishes. The earthy smell takes a bit of getting used to initially, but the product works very well.
23/04/2014, By Petri
Although I like the idea of using an earth friendly product, I have to admit it does not clean the dishes as well as my usual cleaner. I really battle to get my glasses to shine (our water is very hard) and adding salt does help - for awhile. It last a very long time though.
28/01/2014, By Heidi
Does the job , but is not great. Failed the lasagne dish test. Will try Earthsap next
31/07/2013, By Marianne
Such a great product I won try an alternative.
11/12/2011, By Tracy
Cleans very well and smells lovely. Can compete with any commercial brand on the market. The only disappointing thing is that if you leave it to stand in a cupboard for too long, it becomes thick and gluggy, almost like a solid lump. Anyone else experience this?
23/11/2011, By Nirvana
Update: I received my replacement bottle and it works great! Dissolves beautifully and works well! Love it!
09/11/2011, By Griselda
Does leave your dishes sparkling clean, but has trouble cleaning dirty pots.
23/08/2011, By Mia
I agree, this product cleans really well. I find that if I shake it before each use it helps. When it gets really think I add a little water and shake hard!
20/07/2011, By Giselda
The dishwashing liquid leaves my dishes sperking clean!
11/07/2011, By leisl
I'm impressed - cleans glasses really well and pretty much passed the lasagne dish test - only left a few bits behind.
28/06/2011, By Nirvana
This product wasn’t dissolving properly in my machine so I contacted the company and they were very helpful. Apparently I got a dud product so they are going to replace it (Great service!). In the meantime I add a tablespoon or so to a cup, add some hot water, dissolve/mix it and then throw it into the machine (I use the Quick setting with no pre-wash). It works just as well as any commercial product and has a nice smell. The two main things that I love about this product is that it does not leave white streaks or cloudiness on my dishes ever and when I pour drinking water into my glasses there is no soapiness/bubbles!! Will definately buy it again!
31/05/2011, By Sylvia
Just fab! We were very sceptical but we put it through the lasagne dish test and it passed with flying colours!
29/04/2011, By Santie
Love this dishwasher gel. It lasts ages, but the last bit in my 1L bottle is going thick and dark - isn't doing anything to performance though.
31/03/2011, By Harriet
Love it. It's very economical, as it lasts for ages. The smell is lovely and it cleans just as well as anything else I have used.

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