Theonista Ginger & Rooibos Kombucha

Theonista Ginger & Rooibos Kombucha
Theonista Ginger & Rooibos Kombucha
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  • 330ml & 500ml

Kombucha is a slightly effervescent health elixir made from tea and living cultures. Theonista kombucha is a tangy & potent brew, much like the kind you’d find in North America or the UK. This is considerably less sweet and has a much stronger flavour than most other South African brands.

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Price From: R32.00

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Like other fermented foods, kombucha is extremely rich in probiotics and active enzymes. There are myriad purported health benefits of kombucha, from improved digestion and metabolism to boosted immunity, healthier skin and hair, and liver detoxification. Such anecdotal claims have been reported for thousands of years by kombucha enthusiasts, and there is a growing body of scientific evidence that supports the health properties of kombucha specifically (not to mention an abundance of existing evidence in favour of fermented foods).

Because of its potency, it is recommend that pregnant women and children under 12 seek guidance from a health professional before consuming kombucha. There is no established recommended daily intake amount; that said, it is suggested that 250-500ml (half a bottle to one full bottle) per day is a good start.

A NOTE ON SUGAR: Many people who are trying to reduce their sugar consumption have expressed concern over the fact that kombucha is made with sugar, but you simply can’t make kombucha without it. The sugar is added to feed the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), not you. Besides noting that Theonista uses raw unrefined evaporated cane juice, it is important to understand that that sugar is an essential component of the fermentation process and is converted from sucrose into a variety of other compounds which make kombucha what it is. Sugar serves as food for the SCOBY, the mother culture that is responsible for converting the starter liquid to the final product. The residual sugar left in kombucha after the scoby “digests” it varies from batch to batch but at the end of the fermentation process, only a trace of the initial sugar remains (less than orange or carrot juice, for comparison). A shorter fermentation time yields a much sweeter, higher sugar product.

Small clumps or sediment may form over time ; this is a sign of raw, living kombucha. Strain if desired or shake gently to mix but be very careful when opening the bottle as kombucha is naturally carbonated and vigorous shaking may cause leakage.


Theonista raw kombucha (filtered water, organic rooibos, non-GMO unbleached evaporated cane sugar, active cultures), fresh pressed ginger. Absolutely no added colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Overall Rating
4.9 out of 5 stars from 19 reviews

19 out of 19 people would recommend this product

04/09/2017, By Chantal
Love the taste!
06/08/2017, By Joande
Awesome taste, just love the fizz.
11/07/2017, By Lauren
Great tasting, not very sweet and has a nice fizz.
01/07/2017, By Ryder
The most delicious taste.
28/06/2017, By Deborah
This is my first foray into kombucha so I was a bit nervous but it tastes similar to homemade ginger beer. I enjoyed the taste and have not had gut flora issues since drinking it.
20/06/2017, By Roxanne
Love the strong ginger flavour
03/06/2017, By Nora
I loved this kombucha. It is refreshing and the hint of ginger is lovely. Would definitely recommend it.
26/10/2016, By Johanna
Love the taste. Not too strong ginger taste. It has a long shelf life and is a great, healthy alternative to fizzy drinks.
11/09/2016, By Asha
This was the first kombucha Ive ever purchased. I was initially a bit wary about the taste so just bought one bottle. I was blown away at the flavour and was immediately disappointed that I didn buy more! Its refreshing, tasty and the perfect alternative to
egular fizzy drinks
23/08/2016, By Trevor
Drinking Kombucha has changed my life - My stomach is so much better
16/05/2016, By Megan
Everyone should drink Kombucha, and this one tastes amazing!
05/04/2016, By Samantha
Delicious, definitely one of my favourite flavours!
20/11/2015, By Corina
this one is my go to flavour

morning, noon or evening
energy without the jitters
cool drink without the sugar
fizz without any chemicals
shelf life without E numbers
best enjoyed ice cold

can go wrong with this product
its the nicest tasting gut medicine ive come across
20/11/2015, By ali
really raw and really yum
18/11/2015, By Melanie C
Could (and probably should!!) drink this every day!
18/11/2015, By Warren
I absolutely LOVE this entire product range. Being someone that has suffered from health issues and turned to nutrition for the answer, I love how Theonista has created an amazing range of delicious flavours, is by far the biggest kombucha brand in SA, but still retains all their authenticity and bottles everything by hand the old school craft way. Thanks for the great products and keep up the great work!
14/04/2015, By Helen
I wasn expecting to enjoy this as a lot of people told me Kombucha was vile. I love it, but I guess it is one of those things you either love or hate. It is on the pricey side...but will definitely through one into my basket when ordering in future.
09/09/2014, By Astrid
This is delicious! Was a bit concerned (all good things, isn always delicious). I am on a detox for 21 days, think this will help a lot.
20/05/2011, By KT
This really works! I used it for 2 days and immediately felt less bloated. Its just a bit pricey to use every day.

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